8 comments on “IG Account recovered!

  1. Was your account hacked? What did they do? post anything or deleted something? Did u change password with a difficult password now?

  2. Good Sunday tidings indeed! Shadenfreudes should be banished on the face of this earth, not platforms whose sole objective is to celebrate beauty with the rest of humanity.

  3. What a great news! It’s time to celebrate. Perfect timing while I am listening Celebration by Kool and The Gang.

  4. Congratulations!!!

    I have an idea. Re-brand yourself as the strict, no non-sense pageant guru, then combine your name (Norman) with your job title (pageant mentor)

    Pageant, Norman, Mentor = PageantORMentor! Lol.

    World Peace.

    • Or since TItoTINIO , you can change it to TITINIO! joke.

      World Peace.

  5. Need to ban extremely foul sex terminologies
    I don’t even know how they meet your standards

  6. Ang saya naman, po. 🙂

    Credit will go to the new queen of Miss Ilocos Norte, whose crowning prompted the flow of energy that facilitated the recovery, maybe?

    In any case, have a peaceful weekend!

    (I will now listen to Barry White’s “Love’s Theme” to celebrate.)

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