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  1. Si Angelica Famorcan, MWP’21 #33 ang 1st RU ni Robson sa Miss Pampanga

  2. I’m putting my bet w steffi. Very commercial ang beauty (may hawig Kay yaya urusaya) 5’7 tall. Parents are both halfsie so filipino culture pa din

  3. yung iba pampadami lang pero ang laban nkay Abersturi, Bella ( kung pwede sya sumali), Ahtisa and Malinao lang.
    Kahit si Galeria malabo sa top 5

  4. She sounds really good . Very feminine
    We don’t have to worry about day-to-day personal grooming and styling
    With proper training

  5. I remember her during Miss Millennial Philippines 2019 – she was 1stRU. She represented Pampanga. She stood out when she would be a guest during the months-long process. Magsling magsalita, very personable and knowledgeable, at hindi mahiyain sa TV. I wish she’ll try her luck with MUP. She’s articulate in Tagalog, English, and Kapampangan. Sabi nya during her MMP stint, sabi nya she wants to pursue law even after she’s graduated from Business Management Bachelors degree. She knows her Filipino roots well since she grew up in Pampanga, and she was already doing charity work back then, so hindi sya forced para lang sa pageant.

    Actually, the 2019 edition of MMP had lots of untapped gems – Anabelle Mae MacDonnell of Lanao del Norte, Nicole Borromeo of Cebu (the eventual winner), Gwendoline Soriano of Pangasinan, Eloisa Jauod of Laguna, Chella Falconer of Misamis Oriental, Sharon Idone of Iloilo, and Nicole Grescini of Aklan.

    • @ Bee ‘Eager Beaver’ MacDonnell was the subject of a past post, for the 2019-20 Season (before the Pandemic). Falconer can hopefully, too, give it another go. 🙂

  6. Actually there are a lot of qualified hopefuls from that Miss Millennial batch of Robson. I have watched the finals and most of the girls are very promising.
    Angela Robson will definitely a top 5 finalist if not the winner.

  7. Ergo, Cca Spcf is the AP for BOTH ‘Pampanga’ and ‘Angeles City’. Thanks for the info, Pageant Uncle. 🙂

    Last year’s Nicole Silvernale was also SEXY. We apparently have a template here… Must be something in the food there that makes the girls go BOOM.


    I was thinking last night, who could continue MUP-Aklan’s liquor calendar. Not just Ms. Robson here; we now have a few (other) options… Guys will also dare not defy the likes of 3V and Luigi.

  8. Why not consider someone who knows how to speak Spanish or another foreign language besides English. After all, the target has shifted towards tanew (e.g.Latin American) standard. 💃🏻

    • Not needed, even many Latin reps have stopped using Spanish
      on MU stage
      What we need is someone who can speak English fluently , something we haven’t seen in the last 2y

  9. I have no clue as to who Steffi and Angela are … so no comment , … instead , I got some pahabol remarks on MU2020 after watching it again

    I just noticed how excellent the speaking voice of Dom Rep is … she sounds great, she would be a much better co-host to Mario Lopez instead of the dull Olivia Culpo , and for sure, Dom Rep would be more energetic and she speaks English good enough

    So if Telemundo wants to attract huge audience, get two Latins for host and co-host but please…. ensure that the semifinalists have at least four delegates from Europe next year , … France cannot be the sole token representative of the whole Europe region ….

  10. Her showbiz exposure and multiple pageant experiences will be helpful . Winning against Gazini and Basiano early on In Her pageant career is a good sign.

    • this info caught my interest. which pageant si defeated Gazini at Basiano?

    • Some Private School AAP .
      Sharifa won and Angela was first runner up
      I don’t know how Gazini and Basiano placed

    • THROWBACK: Mutya ng PRISSA 2017 winners
      (Private Schools Athletic Association)
      Winner: Sharifa Akeel (Region 12)
      1st RU: Angela Robson (Region 4)
      2nd RU: Gazini Ganados (Region 7)
      3rd RU: Gabrielle Basiano (Region 😎
      4th RU: Rizza Bernardo (Region 4B)

      • Kung ganito ang standing Sharifa Akeel nalang ulit… mukhang maylaban pa siya sa next MU Edition.

  11. I will not be surprised if the turnout for this year’s edition will be exceptionally high. Last year, since it was the inaugural edition, I’m sure there was hesitation, with many girls choosing to observe first. The win of a national-pageant-newbie at the relatively young age of 23 must have inspired some to think, “If she can do it, so can I!” Then with Rabiya reaching 1.8 million followers (Andrea Meza is at 2 m), it goes to show that the Philippines is really a Miss Universe country, with an unparalleled platform given to the country’s representative. I’m sure many of these soon-to-be-candidates want as many Instagram followers, as well as endorsements, and access to the entertainment industry.

    If the rumors are true then the 2nd edition of MUP will have the following as candidates: Victoria Vincent, Maureen Wrob, Angela Robson, Emma Tiglao, Leren Mae Bautista, Steffi Rose Aberasturi, Diana Mackey and Bea Luigi.

    Girls that are most likely not participating include Alaiza Malinao (farm life), Ahtisa Manalo (too soon), Patch Magtanong (law firm work), and Billie Hakenson.

    With regards to Bella Ysmael and Pauline A., I don’t have sufficient information to put them in either category.

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