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  1. Send someone who is multilingual, Spanish definitely included. 💃🏻🙋🏻

  2. How do we beat the formidable present pro-Latina pivot of Telemundo-MUO political economy playbook? In the next MU edition in a Latin home court, Costa Rica, my hunch is that any of these countries will be in the Top 10: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina– Latin America’s richest and most populous countries. This will definitely be a booster for profitable sales of media rights and accompanying adverts on replays or pay-per-views.

    • So, what is the best strategy that we get to be in the Top 10? I believe it is not so much about sending a Latina clone as to sending someone who, as MUO disclosed in the last edition about who they are looking for, “connects well with people”. By people I read it to mean the telenovela- watching criwd, not the well-heeled socialite, the very market base of global pageantry. That said, I believe that despite the huge reservoir of ravishing women the Philippines has, the one who will stand the chance of getting recornized in the MU derby in Costa Rica is she who has, and exudes, an innate connectivity with ordinary folks.

    • It would perhaps help if the advocacy is akin to Gazini’s two years back—care for the elderly. Costa Rica is vigorously positioning itself as the world’s premier retirement haven for expats. A contender who speaks intelligently about care for the elderly would definitely endear herself to the local community as well as to the government who promotes meaningful retirement living in the tranquil shores of Costa Rica.

    • @Scorg

      I believe the girl who could uplift our powerhouse status is one who could open Miss Universe to a bigger market than the Latino community… A bigger market like China which I know they have been trying to penetrate for quite some time now…. The Philippines is actually one the main source of China’s recent race improvement project to diversify it’s gene pool… I believe Peru being MU host in 2022 is not final. Ms. Brazil who’s an actress in China landing 1st RUp shows that MUOrg is also leaning towards China’s economic boom.. Same with having a Korean and Indian judge this year… Much like when Japan became the highest Economy more than a decade ago… We should send a girl who could potentialy crown her successor in China, Macau or Korea… It’s also possible that Telemundo also wants to penetrate the Chinese Market… much like how they reached us Filipinos through their Telenovelas..

      • @C2F: You’re correct! While Latin America is Telemundo’s natural market, the broadcasting giant is also very nuch present in Africa and Asia. (Oh, Marimars and other Mexican telenovelas are all over te place sheepishly lip-synching pidgin English or local dialects) But I’m positive that to ensure good payback on its investment on MU’s broadcasting rights, it has to make sure Latinas are in the Top 5, so that sales of media rights on replays and pay-per-views are optimised. I have to agree with you that the pivot to Asia may come after the Peru edition, the country with a sizable Chinese, Japanese and Korean population and investments. So for now, I have a very low expectation that the MUP rep will win it this time in Costa Rica. So far, to my mind, only Patch Magtanong has a good fighting chance to buck the formidable odds in Costa Rica.

      • If we send Patch this year… then Who shall we send when MU hosting returns to Asia? We need a MUP who’s at least at Par with Catriona and that is none other than Patch… unless Liza Soberano considers joinning for a sure win which I highly doubt she would consider.

  3. If it’s someone who still has to develop her communications skills to Cat or Pia standards, then many don’t have time to prepare – unless they are very quick learners matched with excellent mentors. She doesn’t have to go through a talk show host to win, that’s for sure. 🙋🏽If MU is in search of a candidate with equally strong physical and intellectual appeal, we have some who are nearly ready by December.

  4. Another thing to bear in mind, guys. DO YOU LIKE AN ‘ALL-STARS’ EDITION?

    Last year and for its maiden offering, MUP did just that with A&Q veterans like Gumabao, Lemonon, Pangindian, Perez, Smith, and Malinao (after all, her roots are, pun intended). Throw in cross overs like Amelinckx and Hakkenson, and it got all too clear NOT ALL CAN BE PLEASED.

    These posts are, AS ALWAYS, meant as tools to gauge the market (us).

    Kung matunog ang manok or bagets pa, reserba muna. Such as Galleria, AsNTM, Manalo, 3V and Aberrasturi (here). MALIBAN NA LANG KUNG ‘URGENT’ (Ysmael for lack of time or Bautista due to age concerns.)

    It may be wise for MUPO to consider how TPN/MUTO did it…Only a FEW BIG stars per edition, with the collective sentiment simply revolving around that handful. Poonlertlarp, Singh, and Drouin in 2017. Drouin, Somnprommas, Docekalova, and Wang in 2019. Singh, Obdam, Kunsorntornrut, and Stewart last year. NOT MORE THAN FOUR (4), perhaps. But to be able to do this, MUPO must be astute in negotiating with camps, managers/handlers, AP’s, and even sponsors (who themselves may have their own early favorites). So EVERYTHING can be timed nicely.


    I will go ahead and assume Bella will be appointed for Costa Rica 2021. No stress! 🙂

    My 4-BIG-Pick for the 2nd edition of the stand-alone MUP will be Leren, one of the current RU’s, Beatrice Luigi Gomez (kasi dapat may pantapat kay KT na aalalayan daw ng The Camp), and the KF veteran I allude to in my comment below (not Samantha Bernardo, OF COURSE).

    Everybody else will be starlets (lesser heavenly bodies). Like Skelly, Paola Ortega, Sasha Tajaran, and Doktora Adee, they endear themselves to the fans in their own special ways and provide colorful side stories to the main objective.

    • Sorry, Flor, who is KT?

      And, is the KF veteran you are alluding to, Emma Mary Tiglao?

  5. She should join Bb. Pilipinas instead.
    She’d probably do well or even win PH’s first Ms. Grand International title.

  6. I want her for MWP. Don’t get me wrong. She is worthy of the MUP crown. However, chances of her winning MU is slim considering the circumstances. While I agree that MW is lutuan, she could be preferred by Chef Julia.

  7. Steffi is beautiful! Wala naman puedeng mag-dispute nun unless wala silang taste!


    Strike 2 na tayo sa Miss Universe ng beautiful face! Gazini then Rabiya!

    Nakakainsulto pa sa lahat yung shupit na mukhang manga eh tabla lang ang naging resulta sa pinadala natin then a year before eh bonsai pa!

    Kung gusto ng MUP na makabalik sa Top 3, they need to look more than just a beautiful face!

    Ilang veces na ba pababalik-balik si Jonas sa America kausap ang mga exec ng MU at nakapanood ng live not only of MU but of other pageant as well so by this time alam na niya dapat kung ano hinahanap ng org but at the same time calibrating with what the major sponsors are looking for!

    Ako sa totoo lang gusto ko magtayo ng sarili kong pageant din, something unique! Tatlong title lang ang gusto ko masulot! Reina Hispanoamericana, Miss United Continents & Reinado Internacional del Cafe and I will name the pageant BELLEZA FILIPINA! And I will only choose 12 candidates na talagang piling-pili na tipong ang masasabi ng fans, ang hirap pilian!

    • She’s not the smartest and tallest either. Basta here in Canada you can spot a girl who looks like her in every corner. Typical mestiza. Syempre gandang ganda ang nga pilipino dito kase hayok sa mestiza. What is considered beautiful here are Slavic/Nordic beauties.

  8. Wow. Only at number 5 and yet I have seen beautiful, possible front runners already.

    What a beautiful and interesting face. This is a face with character. Promise me never to remove or hide those beautiful face moles. And she can talk too. Also, not that it matters anymore in pageants but Norman, what is her height?

    If the succeeding girls to be featured will be at the caliber of the past 4 featured, then this year will indeed be a tough, high-quality batch. An embarrassment of riches indeed we have in the Philippines.

    I believe in not adding anymore salt to recent injuries, but I can’t help but say, if only we sent a more qualified girl to ….. Oh well.

    World Peace.

  9. Oh my God, hands down Steffi of KF!!!!

    @tito Norm any news about the clause ng MUP about girls from other camp? Sabi ni tita Lavinia kaya maraming KF girls nag back out because of that clause

    • @Garga

      TRUE! If JONAS would not allow a trully desserving girl from a rival camp to win MUP then he would create division among Philippine pageant fans that could potentialy ruin them as franchise holders.

      • Matagal na siyang sira Madam. Huli ka na sa balita. May chance pa though. Magpaka-humble na siya at magpakumbaba.

  10. Jonas, listen.
    U already have a winner .
    Next yr, it will be Pauline’s turn . Just train her well.
    BTW, does anyone know why Rabiya was not body -ready for the competition ? This was very very UnA&Q!

    • Not body ready? She gained weight in a good way. She is definitely more competitive body-wise than MUP. Pakita mo body mo Lola bago ka kumuda. Ang tataas ng standards!

  11. Bella has gone through the competition already .
    And she did really well
    Her not winning the pageant just boiled down to the org’s ’preference at the time. Looking back at the competition. , I believe Bella was the best in the opening statement as well as in the 2 rounds of the Q and A… my opinion .
    I wonder what would happen if Michelle G was the representative. She would have probably cancelled out her look alike Andrea Mesa .
    As it turned out , The declamatory finalists Brazil and Peru ended up cancelling each other out paving the way for Andrea’s win.
    Bella is calm and collected and classy and very very articulate. Her humble demeanor will surely be endearing to the MU judges and organization

    • Michele will probably break our streak. All of the Top 21 are walkers. Michele’s walk is so bad.

      • Yes, I learned that pasarela is something you can’t ace overnight . But don’t you think it would have affected Andrea Mesa knowing they resemble each other ?

  12. She’s not any taller than the receptionists so she must be 5’1” -5’3”
    Bella for MU 2021!

    • @Fabian

      I know you are just saying all that to stir the pot…but i’ll take a bite of whatever crazy meal you are servin… Steffi is at least 5’7″ which is 5 inches taller than your bets… 🤣🤣🤣

      • Lol!
        I wasn’t trying to stir anything . It was my first reaction the moment I saw the video .
        I highly highly doubt she is 5’7.
        But we will find out for sure once MUP 2021 starts rolling .
        BTW , Wynwyn is not 5’1” . She looked just fine next to the Latinas.
        Bella is not 5’1” either . She is a few inches taller than Rabiya .

      • @Fabian

        Bella is not taller than Rabiya…
        Stop lying to the audience… my gawd!

  13. If she only few inches taller at 5′ 6″, I will guarantee that she will win the crown easily. Let us see and wait what will this Australian Filipino beauty will bring to the pageant.

    • @ Gabriela So, tama nga ‘yun’g entiende ko du’n sa ‘cryptic’ ni Ungkol Tito.

      The one from ‘down under’ is Aberrasturi. The ‘Cebuana’ is Gomez. 🙂

      So, she’s 5’4″…. Same batch at Bb. Cebu as Lo, no? Si ‘gigantic’, ano’ng height?

      I think MUP-CebuProvince is so far the tallest of them all. 5’8″? Perez & Piczon, maybe 5’6″…

  14. The face and the body that can compete side by side with the Latinas. I just hope she can communicate well so that will have a good chance in winning the MUP title (first) to be able to represent the country in 70th edition of MU. Good luck my dear.

      • @Fabian

        Proof?! Don’t try your black propaganda on Steffi…
        Stop pushing Bella Yshmael… FYI, Bella’s muslim Lebanese ancestry would never be favored by the Jewish owners of IMG specialy right now that Israelis are currently bombing the Gaza strip… And Pauline’s Belgian heritage would also not be favored unless she’s half black, the Belgian King’s massacre of their African colony would never be forgoten by Black people special now that the Black Lives matter movement is at it’s peak… Intiendes? 😆

      • C2f , do you think IMG cares ? If at all, the IMG wants to make sure prejudice of any kind does not happen in the pageant because it will destroy their image.
        Besides, This is a beauty contest . And in the US , it is considered a form of entertainment with some light advocacies on the side . They don’t delve into the realm of politics .

        And are you sure her dad is a Muslim ? I work with a Lebanese who is a Catholic .

      • @Fabian

        I NEVER said Bella’s Dad was moslem…
        -Ancestor VS Dad…. HUGE DIFFERENCE..
        Stop putting words in my mouth…

        You can stir the pot all u want.. Your bets would never win MUP…. 😁

  15. Her face is like Pia and Catriona combined…
    Eto yung kumbaga sa sabong e wala pang talo!
    Pag ito na snub pa ng Miss U ay naku… Katapusan nyo na! Mapapamura talaga ako pag ito hindi umabot sa Top5!

  16. She is with-out any single doubt beautiful!
    It is impossible for the Latinos to ignore her all natural beauty…. She definitely won the genetic lottery and that alone could hopefully land her in the TOP5 of MU…
    She is a clear standout even right next to the recent Miss Universe edition of Latina Queens… She’s the most beautiful compaired to theall the TOP 21… Train her well and she will deliver!…

    Steffi Aberasturi is Miss Universe Philippines 2021!

  17. ‘Ah, so ‘eto pala ‘yun’g kapatid na BEAUTY din…

    Universal Blogger, sino po ang AP ng ‘Mandaue City’? When will Piczon endorse her sash to Step?

    If she wins MUP, I’m getting ‘Best in 2nd Runner-up’ in the International*. Otherwise, ‘Best in 1st Runner-up’ to….**.

    (Let’s do this first… MUO instructed ND’s to submit names of reps for the 70th edition by… AUGUST. Yup. VERY, VERY LITTLE time. As it is, hanggan’g June pa si Inday Ibyang sa ‘Tate… So, kailan mag-pa-pageant sina Boss JG? SAME TIME/MONTH as MWP & BBP??!! Of course not…

    … Which highly suggests that for December, Bella might be.)

    * – 71st edition, 2022. Peru daw, as per @ Closer2Fame…?

    ** – definitely not 3V. I personally am gravitating towards the other Cebuana, Step’s successor at the Regional, making it a “Last2StandingforCebu” scenario. Leren might be “Best in 2nd Runner-up” following her Global conquest.

    Tising? Bata pa. Mukha’ng ire-reserba pa nga muna para ‘di agad mailabas lahat ng bala ng A&Q.

    Patitay? @ paul, I’m not very hopeful… Mukha’ng nga’ng career calls. And good for her. Auguri!

    I think I know whom Mr. Tinio might give his endorsement to next. In reliable fashion, the lady is a personal friend of his. She is a tested veteran. KF ANNOUNCED THAT THEY ARE JOINING THE MUP FRAY FINALLY. And for me, she is so far the only one at that camp that can match, if not exceed, Samantha Bernardo’s stage ‘antics’. She is none other than,… the 1st Runner-up to the jasmine of Bataan that was herself 1st Runner-up to the digital fiesta queen of Butuan City.

    @ Chezka Are you bewildered enough already, honey? 🙂

    • @Flor

      I don’t think Peru as a host of 2022 is final…
      There is still a great chance that it will return to Asia or maybe Las Vegas, Nevada… either location would work in our favor.

  18. Age-wise, it’s now or never for Steffi.

    I would love to see her compete this year. It would make the competition more exciting! It’s only her communication skills that leave much to be desired.

    • @ Madame X Hindi pa naman ‘ata sobra’ng age ceiling si Step. Maybe 25~26?… 27 at most.

      Now considering what @ Baby Nica (above) just said,… I GET THE FEELING ‘HINDI PA’… KF will initially ‘field’ a ‘trial version’ consisting of current stock and any noobs that pass their on-going Screening… Copying A&Q’s strategy at BBP right now, where they fielded relative ‘freshies’ like Cinderella, Carina, Babista, Shaira, and one-more-I-cannot-recall-atm-I’m-really-sorry, with Hannah as ‘cake topper’ as their first ‘post-JonasGaffud’ line-up for the Big Dome.


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