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  1. Well, related na rin siguro sa Post kahit pa-pa’no… 🙂

    Venezuela opted for a 6’2″ Dubai-based ‘mulatto’ (looks combined European and black African) model for Mister Supranational. But nope, imo not quite in the same league as Gabriel Correa.

    His being based in the Middle East, however, could be his advantage in terms of ease of mobility.

    There was a post in a pageant page that tagged RL’s Angels… Is Lacanienta’s first male ward? Paano ‘pag lalaki ang i-tre-train? Not pasarela, after all guys ‘just walk’… Grooming? ‘Eh, model na so siguro nemen alam niya na kung paano. Or, does Lacanienta make suits on the side? Hidden talent? Or, RL will launch its menswear (line) soon? Anybody knows, respondez si’l vous plait. Ty.

  2. Norman bakit hindi interesado ang mga commenter mag-react sa post na ito? Anyway, andito ang aking 1st Pick for MWP 2020/2021:

    Miss World Philippines – Anne de Mesa or Asha Gutierrez
    Miss Supranational Philippines- Asha Gutierrez or Anne de Mesa
    Reina Hispano-Americana (Filipinas) – Emmanuelle Vera/Kathleen Paton/Ruffa Nava
    Miss Eco International Philippines – Tracy Maureen Perez/Reziah Famorcan/Natasha Jung
    Miss Eco Teen International Philippines – Tatyana Alexi Austria
    Miss Multinational – Ganiel Krishnan/Megan Campbell/Kathleen Paton
    Miss Environment International Philippines – Pauline Robles or Mika Leonardo
    Miss Tourism Philippines – Ganiel Krishnan/Dindi Pajares/Riana Pangindian/Ruffa Nava

    • @ paul Interesado, po! ‘Yun’g selection ko, kasi, du’n ko inilagay sa previous post.

      I am happy to say we agree on one (1) Pick.


      (‘Yun’g isa’ng candidate, hawig ang styling kay Aurra Karishma. Quite ’80’s Gerone O… Bumagay naman, at maganda si girl.)

      (Alam mo? Pakiramdam ko, DALAWA (2) ang ilalabas na edition ni Supra ngayon’g taon… We are aware of the upcoming Boreal Summer edition this August. PERO, puwede rin’g mag-revert to regular Winter programming come December… In other words, GUMAYA SA MU…

      … And how, you might ask, I came to such a notion? Let’s just say that time is very tight, and there remain untested titlists from 2018-19, both female and male, na puwede’ng isabak agad. That means ‘yun’g mananalo ngayon, maaari’ng sila ‘yun’g pang-December! Kaya if you might notice, parang ‘di gaano’ng apurado si Boss ALV. Kung sa bagay, as the year progresses and assuming we are successful in containing the spread of the ‘bug’, it should be operationally easier by then. Just my one cents.)

      • Okay Flor basta ikaw. Mas maraming pageants, mas masaya. Marami ring balitaktakan. He, he, he…

        Flor huwag na lang wine, Mountain Dew na lang. My most favorite soda dahil umaakyat kaagad ang sugar level ko pag pagod ako.

      • @ paul Oh, no worries, hunny… Whatever works for us. ‘Dew’ is a ‘standerd’ – ‘standard for tanders’. 🙂

      • @ paul Happy Sat! Hope ur plants are holding up well to all the thunderstorm activity there atm.

        ARDF, I want to be assigned to an International… Am willing to trade for… Whoever gets the 9th title/crown! Filipinas Pariwisata? Or, is that Princesa Primera?

        (I’m not ready to trade Pajares. As far back as at BBP, she already had Indian fans.)

  3. Other delegates who have very good chances of winning if they play well their cards are:

    1. Emmanuel Vera – good for Reina Hispano-Americana;
    2. Kathleen Paton – good for Miss Supranational or Miss Eco International;
    3. Megan Deen Campbell – good for Miss Multinational; and
    4. Ganiel Krishnan – good for Miss Tourism Philippines.

    Candidates who are also facially beautiful are – Ria Siozon, Joy Barcoma, Natasha Jung, and Danica Dilla.

    Dindi Pajares, Riana Pangindian and Ruffa Nava should exert efforts in right styling and packaging to be able to snatch a title.

    For Miss Environment International, ewan, hindi ko pa alam kung sino bagay dito.

  4. Of the 9 girls from A&Q, 4 have excellent chances of winning titles at MWP. They are:

    1. Anne De Mesa – Miss World Philippines (matutuwa si Norman because Anne is a Thomasian);
    2. Asha Gutierrez – Miss Supranational Philippines;
    3. Tracy Maureen Perez – Miss Eco International; and
    4. Tatyana Alexi Austria – Miss Eco Teen International.

    At risk si Dindi Pajares of losing if she continues to project as an EXOTIC looking candidate.

  5. #6 Shaila Rebortera – Miss Millennial Philippines 2018 debah Tito Norms?

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