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  1. Marami kong friends na tivoli!

    And by tivo, meaning, boy cut, denim and jean, sneakers, nakabukaka umupo!

    Ang usual balahura joke ko sa kanila, “Oh ano? nagpa-bottom ka nanaman! Ilang inches ng dildo nanaman ang pinasuot mo sa jowa mo! Puke ka!”

    And there are those lesbiana na most of the time, nakakaaway ko!

    Those who wear slacks, female-looking and wear make up!

    In a corporate world, matataas ang ere nila to the point na akala nila kaya nila magpantalon but most of the time kulang-kulang pa rin ang corporate skills! The type of lesbiana who I always wish na ma-rape ng mga construction worker! Don’t get me wrong, I have admiration for female CEO who were able to balance motherhood and corporate life in a world dominated by men!

    I belong to the LGBT but that doesn’t necessarily mean I support every “individual.” Sorry to say pero mukhang sa helacha ng pagmumukha ng babaeng ‘to, mukhang hindi ko makakasundo! Usually, if I found someone unpalatable to my taste on the virtual level, there is a 90% chance na hindi ko magugustuhan on the ground level!

    • Sounds like, hater ka lang talaga sa mga TIBO…
      U had a bad experience with one hence you assume that all of them are like that…. Don’t be a hater madam!

      • Actually dear! Not one but four!

        And yun ang napansin ko, I don’t get along well with them! As compared dun sa mga lantad na Tibo! I don’t generalized them. It’s just so happen na may certain characteristic sila na hindi ko gusto na right away kahit nakatalikod ako eh nanunuot agad sa buto ko! Sometimes its their opinion or management style or the way they blend to a group na talagang na aalibadbaran ako sa presence nila! And ganun din sila saken! And huwag lang din kami magpapang-abot dahil hindi ako mangingilag makipagsampalan o makipagtadyakan sa kanila!

        I have strong personality! Ang tawag ko sa mga ganyan is “Closet Kings”

        Tawag naman ng karamihan sa mga katulad ko is “Barbie”!

      • Grabe naman experience mo….
        Sound like childhood trauma on both sides of the fence.. You guys remind each other of something repulsive that you learned as a child….

        Before ayaw ko din sa Tibo, when they act like they are in denial of having a vagina.. then I realized some effeminate gay men feel the same way with having a dick… and then I saw Laith Ashley who I thought is a gorgeous guy but turns out he has a vagina and then I saw Cameron Michaels who’s a beautiful muscle man who cosplays as a girl…. I also met a girl whos feminine, proper and confident who turns out to be born a man…. I heard their life stories and seems like they all had childhood traumas due to their parents hating on something they don’t really know because society dictates them to do so… and this hate is copied and now well ingraned in their children upto the point that the child hates him or herself for having the qualities that their parents are terrified of…

        Now I think Beatrice Luigi Gomez should win so she could use this platform to tell her story.. The more we all become famillar with her, the more we would be able to understand & tolerate people like her… and the more we would be able to learn to understand & love ourselves…

        Funny, I totaly understand how you feel because I am a hater too… that is one of the reasons why I love following pageants… I can’t wait for that inspiring girl who teaches us all how to love ourselves.😉

  2. who was Miss Biliran at MUP? Maybe someone like her who looks different when in a group. Someone who looks less clay-molded as an MU winner. Miss Biliran could be a good follow-up to Rabiya, but she most probably gained the ire of MUP after the competition 🤭😁😒🙄🤣

    Luigi sounds okay; only a weensy bit of self-editing and she can talk her way through most interviews, I guess.

  3. To answer the question to Ms. Beatrice Luigi Gomez, here’s my version.

    What makes you beautiful?

    Being beautiful does not confine alone to a specific standard defined by many. Like what all mothers see in their children, each woman is beautiful in her own unique way no matter how big her nose is, how chinky her eyes are, how tall or small she would become, for I believe by zealously taking a space in the society makes every woman, like me, beautiful. Thank you.

    That’s all.

  4. I DO NOT KNOW IF SHE CAN SURVIVE the GENDER BASHINGS FROM ALL CORNERS of the Republic of the Philippines IF EVER SHE WINS the MUP title. KABOBOHAN nga ni Maxine Medina at Gazini Ganados at KAPANGITAN ni Karen IBasco, HALOS PATAYIN na SILA ng PINOY BASHERS. Currently, Nova Stevens is continuously being attacked by Pinoy haters. How MUCH more the Philippines sending a LESBIAN candidate to MUP. I just cannot imagine… LORD!

    • Iba naman yung “Bobo” sa “Lesbian”…
      It’s like comparing apples and oranges….
      Coincidentaly, most lesbians are known to be quite inteligent… I’m sure Beatrice’ critical thinking would give her the thick skin to brush off any kind of bashing, even those from her own country…

    • Hi Paul.

      You just cannot imagine it? Well dear, start imagining it. You are not only underestimating Luigi ‘s character but you are also underestimating the Filipinos by saying she will be bashed. Most of the pageant fans belong to the LGBT sector. I think she will be celebrated pa nga if she wins.

      Maxine, Gazini, Karen and even Rabiya gracefully survived all the bashings. Why cant Luigi? And there is a big difference dear : Luigi is aware and has accepted her sexuality. Therefore there is nothing to defensive about. She will even wear her gender preference with pride. Now being called “bobo and pangit” are all subjective traits that no one should accept – – and yet the above mentioned ladies survived that experience.

      World Peace.

  5. Just like Jazzy Luna below, my dearest Paul has reservation on the winnability of a girl who is openly and proudly fluid in her sexuality. I find a little consideration on this debacle. Much as the Miss Universe Organization widely embraces diversity in its candidates, some still have doubt that MUO doesn’t want its Miss Universe brand ambassador exposed to gender-based spectators and will always safeguard any gender biases that might be thrown at her. However, the MUO’s juxtapose stand can be taken with a silver lining as it significantly did a leap of faith in accepting Angela Ponce, a Spanish transgender, in its MU 2018 edition won by our very own Catriona Gray. That alone will suffice to conclude that MUO does not box its concept of an empowered and confidently beautiful Miss Universe. MUO transcends. Neither does it vilify. My two cents.

    That’s all.

  6. The photo in swimsuit is stunning. She looks like an Amazona. And look at that hair. How tall is she? Or is this just one of the magic tricks of photography? judging by the video clip, she’s not taller than the hosts.

    I hope there will come a time that gender preference will be as “normal” as possible. That it will not either be used as a media mileage advantage, will not be asked at all or even be declared by anyone. That to declare one is lesbian or gay is as boring as saying I am a Gemini (and people’s reaction is “weno naman ngayon?”).

    Ms. Spain came out as lesbian AFTER the Ms. U competition. Ms. U also had a transgender delegate in the person of wait, another Ms. Spain. Hmmm.

    I think that Spain and the Philippines have always had a good relationship with each other. We were colonized by the Spaniards – – we have their culture in our traditions even up to this day, and I think the Philippines is also very welcoming with LGBTs, and I don’t see any problem with that at all. Lol.

    The life of LGBTs – – is very sad. But they’ve always taught themselves to look for the beauty of it and look in the beauty of the faces of gays and lesbian and to be grateful. If MU-Philippines can teach pageant fans to be grateful, we can have an amazing world where negativity cannot grow and prosper, and gays will have smiles on their faces. Lol.

    On a totally unrelated note : How sad that Rabiya and her BF have separated already. Please confirm.

    World Peace.

    • @ Thomas Kaibigan, I will Rate one Down, ha? Not because I disapprove of what you’ve just said; on the contrary, I want to be you, po… How? 🙂

      I rate one down kasi I am saddened by your last statement. Not the ‘World Peace’. Because if true, then it confirms what we’ve suspected all along – love is much more elusive than peace. 😦

      I have always advocated for the inclusion of one’s astrological profile in the Introduction, together with vital statistics and interests. At the very least, it provides indication of one’s birthday. Para per month, mayroon tayo’ng ‘celebrants’… Parang sa office, ang saya ‘di bala? Birthday leave ang peg.

      (Hayup ka! ‘Pag faux news ‘yan’g break-up na ‘yan, ibibilin kita sa mga diwata, sila bahala sa ‘yo.)

      • @ Norman ‘Ay si Mr. Tinio, alam na natin birth month niya. At, ka-petsa ‘ata si AM*, if @ Fabian Reyes is right.


        (* – a Filipino actor now in his ’50’s, like Blogger. Has two kids with wifey-former-MUP. #Bagets.)

      • Thanks Norman for answering Luigi’s height. But you did not confirm if Rabiya and BF have parted ways (he deleted all their photos in his instagram – – PEP. Lol)

        Flor sino si AM?

        Albert Martinez?
        Agustin Marvin?
        Alfie Manido (naging ngo ngo. Lol)

        Ahhh…here’s to the old times and the best of new ones? Here’s to a song of glee? You mean, may past si AM at NT? Naku, what will Herbert B. And JC Bonnin say about that? Lol.

        World Peace.

      • Tomas parang kaedad mo talaga si Flor Tula. So 80s LIKE RICOMAMBO, BODY, BODY DANCER & the like.

      • Hindi a, nag google lang ako ng clues nya. Hehe. Ang mukhang mag ka age si blogger at si Flor.

        World Peace.

      • @ Thomas ‘Yun’g tinutukoy ko’ng AM, wala sa alinman’g ibinigay mo’ng mga pangalan.

        BUT, ‘yun’g isa’ng ibinigay mo, nakita ko in person. AS IN, special guest siya nu’ng nag-birthday ‘yun’g pinsan ko long ago. 🙂

        As for the deleted photos of Rabiya on Neil’s IG, I suspect it’s UPON ORDERS BY… (beep!).


        (Basta, trust the process, that she is in good hands, that love though more elusive than peace is probably much more resilient. And while the latter can be manipulated, the former under trained eyes and hands retains its value longer, like precious rare metals that will never go out of style because they have transcended use as mere backing for gaudy stones to become the stuff of space-age electronics.)

      • @ Norman Good day, Boss N. Huwebes na pala… 🙂

        Are you contemplating a third (3) Cebuana for your phenomenal roster? ‘Yun’g ka-agency ni Gazini sa Cebu? You had her in a post on your FB page some time back, around the same time as Jaoud.

        Kasi, assuming Step will be ‘Mandaue City’ and Luigi (here) ‘Cebu Province’, ‘Cebu City’ will be…

        (She resembled Lemonon somewhat in that photo. Chinese surname.)

  7. With Jonas Gaffud at the helm, we expect that girls with beautifully likeable face will secure a safe spot in MUP. I agree to this first criterion. If we send a girl with a weaker look, then our 11-year semi-final streak in MU will put into a halt. After all, hard work and sheer determination can easily be ingrained in our MU rep, but beauty of face cannot. Then, you might say, “Nareretoke naman ang mukha para gumanda!” Yes, that is if you go under the knife in Korea or America. Not here in the Philippines. Sorry.

    That’s all.

    • Agree sa cosmetic surgery here in the Philippines. Yung kay Rabiya ang TAAS ng pagkalapat nakakaloka. At ang rhinoplasty dito di pantay ang butas sa ilong.

      • Na-overdone ang retoke kay Rabiya. Maganda ang rhinoplasty n’ya in one specific angle, and that is when she is looking on her right side in a photoshoot. Pero kapag ang headshot n’ya ay medyo nakatingala s’ya, bumabakekang ang nose n’ya. Yung veneers n’ya, masyadong perfect kaya naging boring ang smile n’ya. Masyado kaseng pantay ang puti ng kanyang mga ngipin hanggang gilagid, kaya fake na fake ang dating. Kapag natural ang teeth, may kislap ang kaputian, parang pearly white. Di hamak na mas maganda si Rabiya nung time na kinoronahan s’ya as MUP.

        I hope na ang next MUP winner, kapag maganda na ang mukha at ngipin, huwag ng i-retoke. Look at Venezuelan candidates at MU, overdone sila masyado kaya nawawalan sila ng glow. Lotlot madalas.

        That’s all.

  8. An exotic beauty with a body to die for. She would be a frontrunner for sure.

  9. Miss Myanmar Universe 2019 Swe Zin Htet is a lesbian and competed in Miss Universe 2019. I am not sure if Philippines a predominantly Catholic is ready to send a lesbian to compete in Miss Universe.

    • @Miss Queen Wanabe

      Hmmmm weĺl, that kind of controversy could propell her to the Top…. Spain is also a Catholic dominated country and yet Miss Spain 2013 who’s an “out” bisexual landed as MU 1st RUp ..

  10. I love her… She has the face, height, body & personality….

    With the right styling, her beauty can compete with the Latinas…

    With the right trainning she could reach the TOP 5 of MU and nail any polarizing question hurled at her!

    I hope our local pageant politics favors her….

  11. I can see her potential and she will make history to be first lesbian to win the crown of Miss Universe Philippines. I hope she will encourage her partner in life to join also the pageant. LGBTQ for the win.

  12. Nothing against the LGBTQ community, but I wonder if her self-confessed bisexuality (lesbianism?) will keep her from snagging the crown, just like Billie Hakenson?

  13. I got a Parul Shah x Alexandra Faith Garcia vibe. In a good way.

    25 yo? Tama lang. All this ‘age ceiling’ concern is stressful.

    So if ever, she gets ‘Cebu City’. ‘Cebu Province’, ‘Mandaue City’, ‘any other city’, etc… How many sashes will ‘Cebu’ get this year, Blog Ungkol?

    What makes me beautiful?

    I surround myself with kindness and compassion. I get PLENTY of that on Norman’s Blog. With enough time, all that goodness rub of on you. And you become. Domo arigatou gozaimasu! 🙂

    • With Jonas Gaffud at the helm, we expect that girls with beautifully likeable face will secure a safe spot in MUP. I agree to this first criterion. If we send a girl with a weaker look, then our 11-year semi-final streak in MU will put into a halt. After all, hard work and sheer determination can easily be ingrained in our MU rep, but beauty of face cannot. Then, you might say, “Nareretoke naman ang mukha para gumanda!” Yes, that is if you go under the knife in Korea or America. Not here in the Philippines. Sorry.

      That’s all.

    • Erratum. … rubs…

      @ Ana Winter-Lund Korea ba, ‘ka mo?

      See? That’s another good argument for the MAPI brand to be offered to the ‘chaebol’! 🙂

      (I want that tall and ruggedly-handsome Korean actor with the deep voice in ‘CLOY’ to host… He looks like those post-WW2 Cantonese actors who whipped us ladies into feverish frenzy… Y-U-M-M-Y.)

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