10 comments on “Rachel Peters: Happily Pregnant

  1. Sana maging maganda o guwapo ang anak nila. Hindi pa naman kagwapuhan si Migs Villafuerte. At ang gulo pa naman ng pamilyang ito – anak at apo versus ama/lolo.

  2. I am happy for both of them. I understand they have to postpone their wedding because of pandemic but I hope they will tie the knot soon. It is ok to have a simple civil wedding ceremony because of pandemic. Grand church wedding will happen after the pandemic.

  3. i wonder if rachel is planning to enter politics soon. u know, #lucytorresfeels, while we’re at it, I’m sure there are a number of beauty queens turned politicians.

  4. Guys, kung sinuman sa ‘tin ang expectant din, share lang, ha? At nang ma-feature din ni Blogger.


    This is OUR COMMUNITY. Safe tayo dito. Good night from Manila. Signing off for now…

    (Boss Tinio, ipasadya na barong na isusuot sa Christening ng Tagapagmana ng CamSur. To which designer will you entrust the JOURNEY of this garment? PLEASE incorporate into the embellishment a reference to the shark, which manifests as a tattoo on the father-to-be’s thigh. It shall serve as the heir’s ‘guardian of dreams’ and ‘servant warrior of ventures’. It doesn’t need to be a literal fish form. Even embroidery and/or beading suggesting the fin and/or teeth will suffice. Auguri!)

      • @ kevinkevins Good to hear from you again, fren! 🙂

        Just in : CamSur will be inherited by a QUEEN.

        (Go to ‘Rachel Peters’ YT canale…)

        @ Norman

        Yeah, the shark motif… Refer to the Chanel 2018-19 Cruise. On the dresses and blouses are a blue ‘zigzag’ print evoking either (dorsal) fin or teeth, depending on the trajectory of your whimsy. If baby shower or wedding will be along the coast, this can be a beach shirt for less formality. Pair with shredded jeans for more youth, less tanders…

        ‘La Pausa’.

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