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  1. PATCH MAGTANONG – the number one choice for MUP 2021!
    AHTISA MANALO – the number two in the line up!
    STEFFI ABERASTURI – the number three na pwede!

    Leren Mae Bautista – to Miss World Philippines dahil pwede siya sa Miss Tourism Philippines
    Emma Tiglao – to Miss World Philippines, bagay sa Supra or Reina Hispano-Americana
    Resham Saeed – matuto munang ngumiti at maging charming
    Samantha Lo – sa Mutya Pilipinas kung tanggapin siya ni Cory Quirino
    Gazini Ganados – magtayo ng sari-sari store at karinderya sa Talisay, Cebu
    Isabelle Galeria – mag-apply bilang nurse sa US or Europe at mag-asawa ng Caucasian katulad ni Ana

    Bella Ysmael – ipadala kay Angkol Fabian sa New York para mabigyan niya ng title na Miss Philippines New York.

    • @ paul If Patitay, NOW! NOT next year… Tell Atty. NB of MUPO to find a way, PLEASE. 😦

      I would switch Tising and Step. I-reserba niyo si Tising for AFTER the Telemundo contract! Field Step after Patitay.

      Rabiya Top 20(1), Patitay Top 10, and Step Top 5. THIS is the PROGRESSION MUPO NEEDS to keep their bottom line above the water for at least until the mid-term…

      Tising, Final 3. 🙂

      I WOULD SO GO TO GAZINI’S LITTLE BUSINESS-WHATEVER-IT-WILL-BE the next time I am in Cebu… I would ask the cute Cebuano waiter to request an audience with the ‘Owner’. I would ask her to sign my copy of what would be by then her TOP-SELLING autobiography.

      USA na lang sina Galleria at Bella. @ Fabian Reyes will be HONORED/THRILLED to treat them to a nice round of tea-&-treats at his secret New York enclave which he will NEVER EVER reveal to us… Besides, Thuzar Wint Lwin will be a model in NY. Imagine a fashion editorial shoot of the three ladies, in an article about the ancient treasures of ASEAN now in the possession of wealthy-if-secretive individuals in the West.

      • Okay Flor basta ikaw. But until now asa na akong wine and cheese? Char lang. he, he, he…

      • @ paul I haven’t forgotten, and I would SO love to share that moment with you. 🙂

        @ Norman ‘Di po ba ay may grape vine kayo sa balay ni mo? Namunga na? It’s grape season now; murderous heat is exactly the trigger for the harvest in Northern Luzon orchards… Ambag po kayo ng ubas… Now, all we need are crackers/biscuits and perhaps some nice jam and breads…Our little picnic is steadily become a buffet. Baka puwede i-sponsor ni Boss MG of MUP?

  2. With Telemundo in the political economy equation of MU, and with a Latn American country as host, the odds are gargantuan for any MUP delegate. I believe the way to buck the odds is to send an unabashedly Southeast Asian or Oriental beauty archetype who is extremely confidently beautiful as she has sterling credentials. If we have to send someone with a winning edge, I think the differential advantage should be in the contrasting look (in a sea of blond and brunette white Latinas) and the mental brilliance of an accomplished woman and community leader. Right now, only Patch Magtanong comes to mind.

    • Hindi po sya interesado Scorg, not at this time daw po Scorg

    • @Scorg

      True, but she could become a wasted beauty if sent this year since the consecutive host country would be in Latin territory… Her highest possible placement at MU this year could be a runner-up. Hopefully she would not be too old or married by the time Asia would host MU again…

      I believe we have a greater chance of placing high on 2022 at Peru which has a significant Japanese, Chinese and Polynesian population aside from the usual Latino mix… Peru as a host would be a great transistion when Asia regains the upperhand…

      • @Scorg

        I do agree that we should send our best bet….
        But I would like to send someone whos either very Asian looking or very Latina w/ all the qualities of a winner. W/ the Asian look… she would be a standout in the TOP … or as a gorgeous Latina, she could gain the support of the Audience… Meanwhile although Patricia embodies a true Filipina beauty in body, mind and spirit…. She could be polarizing to the audience…. hence I don’t think she would be favored enough to win at Costa Rica or Peru… nway, thats just my opinion
        .. but I do understand that as of now she is technicaly our best bet.

    • @C2F, @Anakis: We all agree that the odds are formidable for a non-Latina to win in the next MUP. But it is still better to give our best shot, rather than to concede right away at the starting blocks. What will have become of MUP’s “Phenomenal Woman” bravado if we send only a typical delegate whose best may not be good enough for the Latina audiences. Win or lose, I think we should send our utmost best.

  3. This time coukd be seen more as an advantage than a disadvantage. We are able to see right away the candidatas of other countries as December draws near. We could send a representative who is either experienced in pageants, or a newbie who is an absolute stunner of a Filipina – and we do not have any shortage of those. 🙆🏻 We just need to relax a bit and let the pageant gods grant or deny our wishes. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. Lauren is very diligent and dedicated .
    And she has form . Some people say she’s a provinciana … but I don’t think so . She is very classy and feminine and does not have the ‘rawness ‘ of Rabiya

      • @ paul Related to Megan?

        O’, don’t get confused… I’m asking you about Lauren. I’m not reacting to @ Fabian Reyes’ error.

      • Yup Flor. She is the younger sister of Megan Young. Maayong hapon gikan sa Mindanao.

  5. Enough na of Leren. Mejo outdated na eh, and I agree with some of the comments here, parang kulang sa drive, matamlay. I am bot a fan of Ahtisa but I will go for Ahtisa rather than Leren.

    Leren, you have an international title under your belt. I think that is enough. Time to start a new career.

  6. In my opinion, Bella is more suited for Miss International. Pauline, agree she more of Miss World Philippines. Billie – if MUP wants to generate attention and buzz, Bille is the most probable if I am going to handpick. Yung bitter…over age na ata.

    If MUP intend to hold a pageant for December edition, they should lean toward the veteran. Who can eat the Latinas alive?

    1. Emma – My only reservation is she might just blend with the Latinas, but beauty wise, she is at par with the latinas.
    2. Leren – She has all the goods, my only reservation is will she stand out? Parang iba ang feels ng Latin, I remember during the 80s, and 90s when we send Ffiipina type of beauties sa Laitn America hindi nila bet eh. Usually swak ang PInay looks pag caucasian countries ang host countries. So I have reservation with Leren
    3. Patch – Give her a break…..maybe next time bata pa sya
    4. Athisa – Kaya na ba nya? Is she ready mentally the pressure? Also let’ give her enough time. But mas feel ko si Ahtisa kaysa Kay Leren, but wala sya nung drive at determination na naramdaman ko kay Leren. Pahinga muna sya, next year na.
    5.. Si Sorsogon – Feel ko mag stand out ang oriental beauty nya. I love the styling pag heart Evangelista styling nya
    6. Stefi – Hands down kaya nyang makipag laban sa mga Latin. Saw her perfromance sa Miss Cebu.
    7. Inday Aliza – I really feel mas suited sya sa Miss Supranational but i feel hindi talaga sya bet ng MUP as organization.

    As of the moment if I am going to pick a winner or recommendation given the buzz na Latin country ang host country and with the new format. My top bets are:

    1. Bille
    2. Steffi
    3. Emma

    According to tita Lavinia baka daw handpick ang for MUP for 2021 sa December at tuloy competion for September pero for December 2022 edition. If that’s the scenario.

    I will campaign for Bille for December 2021.

    For December 2022 edition either Miss Sorsogon vs Emma Vs Steffi – Ill be happy kahit sino sa tatlo

    • @ Fabie 🙂

      (@ Chezka, nag-morph na po ang fren niyo. ‘Variant of great interest’ na siya.)

      1) Basta payagan ng EagleBroadcastingCorporation ang super-long-leave-sans-pay niya if ever.
      2) Yup. If this were hosted in Europe, pak! Like her Globe finish, like Margie in Athens.
      3) Patitay is 28 next year, po. Kaya medyo concerned ang faneys…
      4) Tising cannot be older than 23 atm, if I’m right.Yup. PLENTY OF TIME.
      5) We are open to another Han Lay or Thuzar looker? If so, G! Mdme. Heart will puso.
      6) Kindly refer to @ Nakakalurker’s reply to @ paul below. Pero kung stage presence lang, G!
      7) Or, is it possible that it was MUPO’s SPONSORS that don’t like her?

      Umiiwas ang madla sa posibilidad na mag-BBP si Bella kasi nga sigurado’ng may makukuha ‘yan on plain and simple n*, as is widely perceived.

      Pauline? Simple lang naman sa MWP – basta gusto ka ni Boss ALV at OK lang sa ‘yo mag-artista.

      Kimberley? Already got a Shiseido job; she said so in a past feature. And, may TV series pa!

      So, of your Top Bets, I’ll go with Aberrasturi and Hakkenson. Tiglao, malabo; super-busy na siya.

      (* – eight-letter word beginning with ‘n’, kasi nga Roxas siya.)

      • High Five Furla! At least pareho tayo ng feels. Steffi talaga o Billie at the moment.

      • @Florera, lampake kung maging tutubi man si chimp. Wag lang sya mag morph into bangaw at di ko talaga sya tatantanan hampasin hanggang madurog sya!

  7. ALWAYS REMEMBER that NORMAN HAS DONE PR (public relations) WORK for Leren Mae Bautista during her stint at Bb. Pilipinas. Probably he is doing it again for the lady.

    Good morning to all.

    • @ paul Good Wed AM, dear. 🙂

      I have not been around here long enough. But I can say that if Mr. Tinio has done PR work for any of the ladies, it is because they have been GOOD PERSONAL FRIENDS FIRST.

      Leren, Jehza, Eva, Chelsea, Rachel, Aya… Even JJC, who like Leren already had an international crown in her bag prior to joining a BIGger contest (MWP). That dinner was misinterpreted (grabeh).

      You know who I want to give MUP another try? Paola Madarieta Ortega! Nice girl. Even Amelinckx!

      • Flor, Ortega and Amelinckx have very SLIM CHANCE of winning MUP. DOON sila sa MWP, BPP or even Mutya DAHIL MARAMING TITLES na pagpipilian. PLEASE MANANG FLOR HUWAG NATING IPAGSIKSIKAN ang mga KANDIDATANG MALABONG MAGWAGI sa MUP.

        BEING GOOD FRIENDS with those LADIES DOES NOT (NECESSARILY) MEAN THEY ARE (really) EXCELLENT CANDIDATES. PROVEN & TESTED – AYA (& GALERIA), EVA, JEHZA, or even Rachel. Chelsea?! Sino sya? Leren Mae? I have (some) RESERVATIONS on her becoming a MUP titleholder (personality wise).

      • Paul , Pauline won almost every single special award so she’s appealing to the sponsors . She already speaks well . She just needs to learn how to formulate her response effectively . And this is easy since she has already the English facility

  8. Bella >> Billie for MU 2021 . They are the only ones I can see doing well at MU.
    Pauline needs a lot of work on her body and pasarela but she should be ready in 2y or so

    • Bella is MORE SUITED for Miss World. She lacks in facial beauty and cannot compete with the South American girls in terms of sexiness. But JM will surely love her ballet performances.

      Billie? The MU organization is (I think) NOT yet ready for a bisexual/lesbian MU titleholder.

      Pauline should go to Miss World Philippines because she has better chances of winning a title (8 ba naman).

      FOR the NEXT MUP titleholder, we need a tall, sexy & pretty contender who at the same time can effectively communicate on and off stage. Steffi Aberasturi is one of them. Ahtisa Manalo is another one. I just hope Patricia Magtanong will give another chance to pageantry this year (last hurrah).

      • Hoy grabe kayo kay Patch hindi pa sya nakapractice since passing the bar. Uunahin talaga nya ang pageant kesa sa 5 years of study to get her law degree? Common guys 😂. And to add pa Miss Universe Malaysia I just recently knew na barred pala Malaysian muslims. Only chinese indians western mixed race non muslims can join.

      • @paul Have you seen Steffi’s Q and A at Bb Cebu? Quite disappointing. I have more confidence in Ahtisa in that department; although, Steffi’s presence cannot be ignored.

  9. I suddenly remembered Desiree in 1984. Many were doubtful of her, even to the point of laughing at her looks. But then her scores suddenly kept advancing, all above 9.0. Yes, she only got up to 3rd. Yes, she wasn’t a perfect speaker. But sometimes it’s your personality which comes through. Just sharing. 😘

  10. so let us have the possible strong MUP2021 contenders list by year of birth …

    1993 – Leren , … any more ?
    1994 – ? ? ?
    1995 – ? ? ?

    do we prefer the younger ones join in 2022 or 2023 instead ? … ?

  11. clapper na ulit ang Felepens sa MU
    like SA
    tagtuyot is coming

    kahit sino pa padala nyo
    sawa na ang MU sa gimik ng Pinas
    umay na

    pero dahil gagamitin ang fans
    pasok sa voting or tough 21

  12. Yes yes yes and yes please!!!!!
    I can still vividly recall her Miss Universe worthy perfomance at Miss Globe.
    And her ads for JB shoes at this year’s MU telecast left me in awe with her beauty.

  13. According to the stars, Leren Mae Bautista will bring home another international crown!!! Mabuhay ka Leren!!! ❤❤❤

  14. Pwede siya kung pagandahan at awrahan sa stage lang ang labanan. Kaso waley siya personality, walang impact pag pinagsalita mo na, halatang konti lang laman ng brain. In short, magmodel nalang siya. Same here. She’s NOT PHENOMENAL.

  15. at 27, anu na ba na achieve nitong babaitang to outside of pageantry. if waley, then hindi sya shortlisted, nothing phenomenal..

  16. She’s my sentimental favorite, beauty-wise. She’s a professional and a student of the game.

    She NEEDS to develop a bubbly and engaging personality. Being cosmopolitan, which is the same comment that I had for Queen Rabiya. She’s a bit more probinsyana for me still but she needs to start socializing with Maxima and Kylie. Those two are my standards when it comes to being confidently modern Filipina….

  17. Kung may tinatawag na know when to peak. Kailan kaya yung know when to give up or stop. Ilang beauty pageant ba ang dapat salihan ng isang babae? Hindi porker kinaya ni Pia ng 3 tries at kinaya ni Catriona mag cross over, applicable na sa lahat. Bakit wala akong naririnig sa mga profile ng candidates na toh na I dream of joining all the available pageant in the world the universe rather. May nagsabi I want to be a teacher for future architects, yung Isa to come up with own line of organic scents, pero saan? Ilan sa kanila ang natupad yung mga sinulat nila dun sa mga sinalihan nila. Ilan sa kanila ang tuloy tuloy pa din ang advocacy nila. Ilan sa kanila na nag claim na Pinay sila pero ng maubos ang opportunity sa Pinas, goodbye.

    • My dear!

      That is exactly the reason kung bakit hindi na tumatalab ang mga pakulo ng mga training camp! Kahit yung pagiging Bond Girl eh hindi pa rin nangyayari!

      Alam na ng mga Alpha pageant mga phony gimmick ng mga Pinoy kaya expected na na hanggang Top 21 or Top 40 lang muna tayo!

      Unless may sumulpot na isang 25 years old na dalagita na naging successful na sa kanyang career or passion at isinabak sa pageantry, doon pa lang ulit manunumbalik ang glory days ng Filipinas!

      • I don’t want to preempt Tita Norms, but that description you gave could match a potential candidate for this year’s MUP.

        Clue #1: Hindi kontesera.
        Clue #2: 25-year-old, 5’9
        Clue #3: Triple V

        One of the most promising aspirants, in my opinion.

  18. Maganda siya!

    But just what I’ve said during Rabiya’s time, lalamunin din .’to ng mga Latina on stage!


    How do you like Kelsey Merritt for MUP or Ashley Subijano?

    • Try naman sa iba, si Herlene Budol Hipon Girl, matangkad, sexy. Jam Magno pwede sa Grand International.

  19. Leren should join fun shows like Eat Bulaga for hosting. Eat bulaga is class in terms of hosting. So she will be more animated and interactive. She should develop that fun and spontaneous character. I like Leren a lot! I really want her to shine!

      • @ Renato They were from folks who dislike Eat Bulaga.

        I agree with you on the noontime show. After all, the brand would not have persisted for so long if it did things incorrectly. Sure there were a few slips over the years, but no one’s perfect and the show has only gotten more streamlined ever since. Still relevant. Still relatable. Still fun. 🙂

      • @Flor. Thanks.

        But like Maine, and super beaaaauuutiful Isabelle Daza. I think they have been okay there.

        There is genius in Eat Bulaga. If not, maski sa other noon time shows wag lang sa type of Wowowee.

  20. Leren Mae Bautista is one of my favorite Filipina beauties who has ever graced a beauty pageant stage. Her stunning dusky look is too exotic to be ignored. I thought she is in the league of Miriam Quiambao, Maria Sovietskaya Bacud, Desiree Verdadero, etc. If she were only a well-spoken lady who can walk the talk, then I’d love her to represent our country in the next edition of Miss Universe.

    In all honesty, I have been longing to see a unique Filipina beauty competing in Miss Universe. ‘Yung Miriam Quiambao level sana who is poised, regal, slender, dusky, and gorgeous.

    That’s all.

  21. If Ahtisa or Patch won’t join this year then Leren is a sure TOP 5 at MUP…. Leren’s threat for the crown would be A&Q’s Maureen Wroblewitz who is surprisingly a good speaker during candid interviews…. The beautiful KF girl from Cebu, Steffi Aberasturi who never lost any local pageant…. And if KF’s Samantha Bernardo would still be allowed to compete even though she’s turning 29 this November, she would be a formidable force even if MUP is A&Q’s turf…And if, the CAMP’s Aliza Malinao would join again, she could complete the TOP 5 as a 2nd-4th runner-up.


  22. If Ahtisa or Patch won’t join this year then Leren is a sure TOP 5 at MUP…. Leren’s threat for the crown would be A&Q’s Maureen Wroblewitz who is surprisingly a good speaker during candid interviews…. The beautiful KF girl from Cebu, Steffi Aberasturi who never lost any local pageant…. And if KF’s Samantha Bernardo would still be allowed to compete even though she’s turning 29 this November, she would be a formidable force even if MUP is A&Q’s turf…And if, the CAMP’s Aliza Malinao would join again, she could complete the TOP 5 as a 2nd-4th runner-up.


  23. Puede. Why not. The winner should learn how to speak beautiful Spanish sentences. Yo ti amo Costa Rica, etc. 😳 Learn beautiful Spanish songs (3songs), she can sing the song in live TV baka maimbitahan mga vecks or sa mga events. Learn the culture of Costa Rica, etc.👑 cherette lungs.

    • Kung ganun Wyn-Wyn Marques ang pasok jan, dahil she won over Latinas crowd years back.

  24. ‘Eto na! Mr. Norman is begun to spill his ‘wishing tea’.

    Master Tinio, more than anything, we your readers wish for your ‘creative ferment’. Refer to past post… 🙂

    Leren Mae for Costa Rica. Well, blogger and beautiful lady are long-time friends… G!

    (Ilan kaya ‘to’ng #TurningPhenomenal na ‘to? Obviously, if ever, may mga nakaabang na’ng AP.)

      • @ Norman Maayo’ng aga, po. 🙂

        I think I know at least two more; you’ve dedicated at least two posts for one recently. Bikini, right?

        (Leren gives the same vibe as some recent MU bets from Europe – Romania, Iceland, and Czechia to be exact. Reading comments so far, it suggests she might have to be more like Great Britain and France, both of which shared with our own rep the First Penetration…You go figure. Close naman kayo sa kanya. But don’t get me wrong, po. I said before that even without any make-up, ‘MUP-Laguna’ is beautiful! My reference is that photo of hers you used in an early post on BBP Hopefuls – seated at the surf, in yellow bikini, squinting-smiling into the sun.)

      • (Cont.)

        I think we can all agree, if recent BIG winners everywhere are concerned (such as Porxild, Bint, Zozi, Toni-Anne, and Abennah whom you personally knew and met with), that what pageant organizations want now are REALLY NICE girls. @ Fabian Reyes said, “the nice girl (Andrea Meza) won”. Now, he’s in the USA and he most probably saw what we here halfway around the world failed to see – WHAT COUNTS AS ‘NICE’ TO THOSE MU JUDGES. 🙂

        We’ve discussed this before – the winner must never ever say or do anything that could potentially cast the organization in a bad light. Indeed if you’re nice, the bad guys look even worse! ‘NICE’ is the bling that burnishes brands with that inescapable-undeniable pull of gravity everyone savors.

  25. Among the rumored crossover applicants, I don’t see her as the possible winner. As a runner-up? Certainly.

    Her candidacy will definitely make the competition more exciting so in that regard I support her.

    • @Madamx

      True! Her highest placement could be 1st RUp…
      Unless, pumalpak yung 4 sa Q&A which is impossible.

  26. Kung balik dating format patayyy. I love leren pero what is her original skin tone really? Is she mestiza or morena? Base on her high school photos she is morena pero ngayon sobrang puti nya (as in gluta white). Tas magpapatan. Diko gets. She’s pretty.

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