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    • Kung may partnership ang MUO at Telemundo, MERON din syempre ang ME/MPE at KF. He, he, he… Korek mader?

  1. What’s the problem(s) with Miss Earth and Miss Philippines Earth? SOO… MANY… like DOMs flooding the candidates’ events.

    Try to watch Critical Beauty Salon’s (YT) online discussion on Miss Earth together with two other Filipino pageant aficionados. They spilled a lot of things. AND YOU WILL KNOW WHY ME is ALWAYS BASHED.

    Another thing a newbie candidate can learn from joining MPE is to enhance her singing skills by… I AM THE WOMAN of the EARTH…

    • Truths. Lots of DOM nakakaloka. That’s what I like with Bbp kahit papaano and other pageants they stay away from DOMS.

    • Matagal na yan friend (cherette). May video pa akong napost dito noong panahon pa ni Aling Fabian, dinala ni mama San kasama Ang vacklang vugaw with the Top winners pumunta sila sa lungga ni matandang mayaman and you can read the the kind of voice and rhyme of words na kapatid sila ni miss minchin and stepmother of Cinderella hihihihi. What about the “parang high sa drugs and nawawala sa room Yung candidate kapag gabi” issue hihihi.
      It’s so sad dahil maganda pa naman sana Ang Miss Earth Basta huwag lang hahaluan ng kademonyuhan😳😱🙄😆 cherette.


  2. So in a way magandang training ground ang Miss Philippines Earth for other pageants. Matuto ka rito on having an advocacy, styling, branding, & pasarela among others. If you do well in this pageant, you may try BPP, MWP and MUP after.

  3. I’m rooting for:

    Jerimi Nuqui a Lakan Dula descendant…
    Needs a better stylist…

    Charisma Rama a Chola descendant…
    She needs to lose weight….

    And Christine Cadiz a Don Pedro Mojica descendant…
    But she is in great need of braces… sayang naman! 🤨

  4. Ano ba ang kabutihang maidudulot sa pagsali ng isang BAGUHANG kandidata sa Miss Philippines Earth?

    SAGOT: Magandang indicator ito kung sasabak pa ba siya sa ibang national beauty contests.

    Kung HINDI ka mananalo (even as runners up) sa MPE, lalong LILIIT ang chance mong manalo sa BPP, MWP at MUP. Ang tanging magandang salihan ay ang Mutya Pilipinas ni Cory Quirino dahil pare-pareho lang sila ng quality ng candidates ng MPE.

    Kung maging runner up ka sa MPE, tataas ng KUNTI ang chances mong manalo sa BPP, MWP or MUP ranging from 25-50%. As far as my memory serves me right, only 2 MPE runners up won titles in BPP. Nadia Lee Cien Shami (Bb. Pilipinas-International 2007) and Chanel Thomas (Bb. Pilipinas-Supranational 2017). The rest nahirapang makapasok even as semi-finalists. Yung iba hindi na sumali pa sa BPP at MWP dahil alam nilang malabo talaga.

    So yardstick ang MPE for newbies in national beauty pageants. Magandang umaga sa lahat.

    • I agree with the analysis, very circumstantial. Isa ka na talagang alamat, my Dear Paul.

      At ano naman ang masasabi mo sa pagsasalita ng certain Martinez of MG Mode Communications na, bagama’t nag-sorry s’ya kay M5 and he is willing to make amends and collab with him, pinandigan n’ya pa rin that Michael’s created gown for Nova Stevens arrived late and did not fit Nova’s. Gusto pa n’yang palabasing sinungaling at unprofessional si M5.

      Qiqil nila ako ha. Mga unprofessional at certified users. Sana talaga lahat ng well-known designers sa buong mundo ay mai-red flag ang grupong ito para wala ng magbigay ng libreng gown sa kanila. Para matuto silang maglabas ng pera. It’s not M5’s loss, after all. It’s their’s.

      That’s all.

      • Correct Ana! You are always precise with your commentary. At gigil na gigil ha. Thanks and good morning to you. He, he, he…

    • Carlene Aguilar ex-Earth was successful in Bb and MW … I hope Rabiya joins MW in a couple of years and she will give Pinas the second MW crown !

    • I think Ariella Arida also competed at MEP in 2012. Am not sure how high she placed. But we all know she won Bb Pilipinas Universe in 2013, in a very competitive class at that. But you’re right, she’s the very rare exception.

      Has Tito Norm interviewed Ara already for PN? That might make an interesting question, as to what Ara did to adjust her performance from MEP to Bb Pilipinas to take her to the next level.

      • Thanks SQ, Pete and Jaretwrightlover for the UPDATES. Nakalimutan ko na sina Carlene, Venus at Ariella. Good noon to the three of you.

      • @ SQ I think she was Ungkol’s special guest at that PN’s pre-MUP Finals episode last year. She was, if I recall correctly, among the former MUP’s who were on-site (BCC ‘bubble’) at the time. 🙂

        But yeah, it wasn’t about her strictly and (I will be honest) I was unable to watch…

        Venus, Carlene, Ara, Chanel… Seems the TALLER MPE alumnae are the ones that cross over?

  5. Just when you thought we ran out of beauconeras, then suddenly here you are with… 68 candidates of Miss Philippines Earth?!


    If MEO is that serious staging a pageant with a very decent number of candidates, I wish they would instead do it on a live stage and not via online. If MUP did it in its first run, the more MEO could capably do it after having done pageants for more than 20 years! Wit ko betcha by golly wow ang online pageant. So cheap. Kakalerket hensen yun.

    That’s all.

    • Safety first Mader. MUP has to stage it because of money. MPE is not that desperate.

  6. I’m Filipino who left the Philippines 16 years ago but I can’t help but to feel really sad reading some of the comments here maligning a homegrown beauty pageant organization which is well-respected by other countries and remains to be one of the biggest in the game.
    Is this how the Filipino mentality has grown? Come on people, we can do better than this.

    • @Justpassingny: Pathetic, but this is a sad commentary of Filipinos. It is not only crab mentality but vestiges of colonial mentally. We raise howl when Filipinos win ME despite the obvious winning edge, but we are silent when USA wins MU. The most bashed beauty queen in recent memory, Karen Inasco, was a very deserving ME winner, and the bashers leading the social media assault were Filipinos.

      • @ scorg You saw the memes (ostensibly made by Filipinos) when Olivia Culpo looked puzzled as she beheld the results card at the recent MU?


        I don’t think the wins of Chelsi Smith and Brooke Lee were contestable. Both seemed well-received by and large. That being said, surely Olivia was not entirely lacking merit, any more than Andrea Meza did. Andrea herself had been to Manila before (2017) and thanked M5 for the gown he made for her even though unworn; CHARACTER counts a lot everywhere, regardless.

        MPE is lucky because it has a loyal local following, something I doubt the other BIGS’ Nationals currently have in their own countries! @ Fabian Reyes said so before… I’ll leave it at that.

      • @scorg – Karen Ibasco proved to be a worthy winner but her passing the muster in the looks-oriented swimsuit round defied reason, which could and would have been avoided had Carousel announced that interview scores and behind the scenes behavior was carried over all the way to the top four. That move would have made Karen’s win – and Athena Imperial’s podium finish in 2011 – more understandable

      • @Caroline: And there’s the rub. Part of colonial mentality is our preference for Western beauty archetypes. Karen is of Oriental mould. She was mercilessly bashed by pageant freaks for her looks, when she, a physicist, was obviously a cut above the rest in intellect. This preference for Western beauty stereotypes unravel yet another manifestation of colonial mentality– beauty is seen only through the physical lens, not also through the more progressive yardstick of cerebral and core values, which the colonial masters for centuries did not want to admit of their subjugated subjects who innately possess them.

  7. Why is Hitomi Akiyama not in the list? She would have been a frontrunner. She is my number 1 pick.
    My other choice is Louise Theunis.

  8. I just hope it’s not gonna be virtual!

    May chica na gusto bilhin ni Anne ng Thailand ang Miss UNiverse! Siya yung sugar Mommy ni Clint na ngayon eh si Kirk naman ang humalinhin! Na madalas nasa Felepens dahil aliw siya sa mga artistang Pinoy! In-offer na daw sa kanya dati!

    Bet niyo ba?

  9. 68 Candidates? Tinalo pa ang 50 States ng Miss USA. Tapos pag na lolot subok subok ulit next year. Juliet juliet… Cheret 🙂

  10. That is a lot of candidates. I wish they would just narrow it down to like 30-40 so it isn’t too crowded especially given that they probably only have their eyes on a handful of ladies.

    But I guess, for the sake of PR and enthusiasm, they can claim there’s more interest in ME than other pageants…

      • Adee is a whiff of fresh air iin Philippine pageantry– beauty, brains, core values. Much in the mold of Karen Ibasco, who even after her reign remains a staunch advocate of nature preservation.

  11. KAHIT 200 PA ANG OFFICIAL CANDIDATES ng Miss Philippines Earth, few lang naman din ang interesado dyan which include the ME owners and staff, candidates themselves, their families, relatives and friends. Sino pa? Norman Tinio, Adam Genato, Tita Lavinia and the like.

  12. Pakyawan!!!!

    Para kunyari sa kanila pinaka madaming applicants

  13. OhMyGosh…. Wa’ man si ‘Cindy Kurleto, M.D.’. 😦

    G. Blog, she withdrew last minute? Y, po? Since she’s a doctor, I assume it’s critical (urgent)…

    But from your 10-Pick, I’ll go with Al-mamari of Atimonan, Quezon Province. Shane’s town mate?

    “Colors of the Earth” ang tema ngayon’g taon. Will there be ‘color’ teams instead of the elements Water, Air, Fire, and Earth? You like ‘lila’ (purple), ‘dilaw’, ‘bughaw’, or ‘kahel’ (orange)? Comment below.

    • CR_P!!!


      Sources : ’24 Oras’ show business segment and ‘(Beep) of Pageantry’ YouTube canale.


      Blogger, bangon na. Pa’no po ‘to?!! Ano’ng gagawin niyo ni Direk GR for that episode?

    • As always, sa ‘Beauty of Face’ (sans make-up) magkakaalaman.

      Medyo heavy-handed, but after all it’s virtual so the intent was to register strong in photos.

      Faux lashes, hair extensions, garish contact lenses. 😦

      Last year, Mindanao was practically shut out; I think Ilyssa Mendoza put in the highest finish (Top 8 or 10?). They were so invested in their virtual bids that it was a joy and a heartbreak at the same time. I recall an online chat which included bloggers from different pageant sites/pages that shared this sentiment. Hopefully with Sugbongcogon*, they penetrate the Court this time. 🙂

      * – same batch as Tempra at MKuyamis. And like the EcoTeenInt hopeful, an early fave back then.

  14. Parang di ko nabasa sa listahan si Dr. Adee Hitomi Akiyama? Daming mga Plantitas.
    BTW, dapat City of San Fernando, Pampanga tapos ang San Fernando City, La Union siya

  15. No strong candidate. Unplaced in ME 2021 is good for the brand.

    • Correct ka jan! Pageant fans all over the world have NOT yet forgotten the face of Karen Ibasco.

      • Saw her in person..akala ko talaga drag Q. Sa MOA nka heavy evening/pageant make up considering it was lunchtime, leather micro mini and leather boots….tsk tsk tsk…that’s all! (Borrow ko muna sis Ana ha!😉)

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