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  1. Norman’s singing ability is a revelation in this episode. He has good voice quality and he can carry a tune.
    Sam’s deep passion for performing arts started since childhood. She had been a competetive gymnast and a member of dance troupe during highschool and college respectively. The artist in her was on full display during MGI.
    Her MGI experience was interesting.
    I can tell that the candidates had lots of fun on and off the stage.
    One thing is sure, Sam made our country proud.

      • @ paul I felt even at BBP 2019 that SamBer could be MU caliber. I had comments to that effect.

        Look at it this way, yaman rin lang at both KF sila – swap SamBer and Gazini.

        Let’s take it step-by-step. And I hope Admin doesn’t block this because it was, after all, the same BBP playing field both ladies competed in two years ago. 🙂

        1) For sure, either would have expressed themselves clearly at the Preliminary Interview and at the very least would have made the initial 20-Cut on Wild Card.
        2) SamBer would have hurdled the Opening Statement! This was where Gazini encountered snag.
        3) Swim will be a cinch for SamBer and goes without saying.
        4) She advances for Evening Dress.
        5) She could proceed to Question Round. Now, bear in mind she shares that possibility with Maeva, Fahsai, Fred, and Birta (France, Thailand, Indonesia, and Iceland respectively). But as we know, from that selection only Paweensuda advanced.

        So yes, I agree and not agree with @ Fabian Reyes. In any case, a higher placement, all thanks to acing step # 2.

        I am not hating on Gazini. I hated on Patitay (Admin can confirm). And at the time, there was a post about mulling between Gazini and… Emma. I sided with Emma. I felt at the time Gazini should be Runner-up first for more prep work and polishing. That’s it.

        (And we had comments recently that Gazini would have been a better option THIS year. But to be fair to Rabiya, none of us knew how things would pan out. And Ilongga put up a GOOD FIGHT.)

    • Never yan mananalo sa national level with her very weak comm skills. Nagmakaawa lang kasi kaya napadala sa MGI. lol

      • @ Anonymous

        (I realize Angkol likes to be wanted/needed. And he got that affection from SamBer, the ONLY Bb of the 2018-19-20 season who risked EVERYTHING for his acceptance! If I were him, I’d appreciate the gesture, too…

        One of us long ago commented that at the core Mr. Nawatt Itsaragrisil is really a humble pageant fan like all of us. And he resents it when folks belittle the efforts of his hard-working team. It certainly didn’t hurt that he liked SamBer as far back as 2018; perhaps he saw something of himself in her? In any case, she tied with Kelley Day to give the best finish of the ‘Philippines’ sash for 2020, and MGI was undeniably that year’s best show.)

        SamBer played smart. Sensing perhaps she stood no chance in any Nationals, she brought her case directly to the ‘Supreme Court’. And won. Yes, I said BPCI was bypassed by this candidate and disenfranchised by their own principal. But when something like this happens (and it also happened with Rowee and Deliart/Globe), then it points only to their organization. I’ve said as much and I am not the first to do so. This is nothing new. BALL IS ALWAYS IN THEIR COURT.

        Her comm skills is immaterial. If it were, Angkol would have disowned her outright. He’s not shallow and we can agree on this. The gimmicks all made him money. And we all had fun. 🙂

        You can finish a bowlful of traditional Filipino fare in under forty (40) seconds? What if that turned out to be STEAMING-HOT ‘La Paz batchoy’ or ‘pancit lomi’, sans fork or spoon? Yup! ‘Higop’ only.

        I can’t. 😦

      • I disagree…she has proven herself that she has good communication skills in an international pageant. Her grammar may not be perfect but she has grit, passion and something in between her ears unlike you.

  2. What a great interview again Tito Norms! I really enjoyed the part when you let SamBer describe her quarantine experience…it gave me an idea of how hard and extra-challenging it is to be in a pageant during a pandemic. SamBer, you are truly an inspiration that if you are passionate about something you got to be determined to make it happen! All the best on your endeavors! 🙂

  3. Samantha has truly evolved to the woman that she is today….a woman of calm and substance. She may not have won the first MGI crown but she truly got my respect and admiration. kudos to you Queen Sam for representing our country so well in just a short time.

  4. Another GOOD news but not for Philippine pageantry. Laura Lehmann is already married with Von Pessumal. They tied the knot early this year. So hindi na sya pwedeng sumali pa sa BPP, MUP, MPE o Mutya. He, he, he…

    • @ paul Mrs.UP… I just hope the Application is still in effect. 🙂

      In similar fashion, the sister of Amanda Obdam’s primary school classmate in Phuket is heavy with the heir to lands on the southeastern tip of Luzon island.

  5. I caught a mere whiff of the interview proper. Something about God… 🙂

    The ‘Legend of SamBer’ is now completed. Now remains for telling, and lessons to keep.

    Next door, Ivan Gunawan has just crowned Aurra Karishma’s successor. And by how MU panned out this time, it seems my dear sweet Angkol’s aim to elevate Grand to TOP3 Major Pageant looks attainable in the medium-term. 🙂

    (I’ll bet the 70th MU will STILL be insipid, the fantastic host country’s nature its sole salvation.)

    For now, I think it wise for BPCI to entrust the Thai-based campaign to KF. They’re on a roll!

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