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  1. Parehas silang na karma

    Si Michelle 5 alam naman nyang mayaman na sya. Nakaka angat na sya sa buhay. Sana man lang kumuha sya ng Pilipino na model para isali nya sa campaign nya pero waley. Mahilig sya sa puti at itim. Hindi rin sya I love my own my native land. Kitams 3 years ng dinamitan ang MUC ng libre pa ha… pero wala kang narinig na dinamitan nya Pinay.

  2. Lunes na ulit. Ano ang latest sa BLOOMING lovelife ni Mr. Tinio? He, he, he…

  3. Parang gustong maging international celebrity ni Nova. She is taking ADVANTAGE of the controversy. But still she remains a PANGIT. Right Ana? He, he, he…

  4. Guys, sabi ko sa inyo it’s a trap… kulit nyo
    Ayan na…. pinost na ng mga media outlets…
    Naglabasan na ang mga racist na Pinoy na nanglalait sa ganda at kulay nya haaays sa comments section….
    Ang tatanga grabe ng mga kababayan natin… haaaays… Iscreenshot nya uli yan… tapos ipost nanaman nung impakta sa vlog nya paawa effect….
    Tsk tsk

    • @ Closer2Fame Gud Mon AM in Manila and Sun PM in Canada. 🙂

      What did media outlets post? Mr. Blogger’s ‘lab’ life (as per @ Thomas)?

      I agree. The world could use more PPE’s right now. But, Earth needs to find a way to make these environment-friendly/low carbon footprint while complying with all relevant international pacts on trade and trans-border labor/manpower… You can’t get more ‘woke’ than that. G!

      • @Closer

        No, I am talking about Nova’s reply…
        And now dami tayong kababayan na nang-aalipusta sa kanyang pag-mumukha at kulay…

  5. Mga Pinoy din naman kasi ang nag-hype diyan kay Nova!

    All the way from the start hindi ako nagandahan sa kanya!

    Hindi siya fit sa description ni Abuela Osmel na “Barbie doll painted black”! Que Naomi Campbell nga hindi ako nagagandahan eh, sa kanya pa kaya! Hindi siya Tyra Banks or Gabrielle Union or Liya Kebede no!

    Mga paandar niya, daming loopholes,

    Nung pumunta siya sa Ethiopia, sabi niya after 21 years daw mami-meet na niya mother niya eh 26 years old na siya so ano yon? Just like that, pinasakay siya ng Nanay niya sa eroplano at the age of 5 to travel to Canada and live on her own!

    Kaya nauso rin yung salitang “ambag” sa pageantry! First by Cary Santiago for the NatCos of Gazini kasi nga naman puro pro bono tapos mapipintasan kaya siempre masakit para sa designer! Ang mga designer din kasi dapat may pre-emptive action, itigil na yang mga pa-sorpresa, reveal na right away! Para right there and then, ma-absorb mo na yung criticism! And kung isuot nung ward yung creation and nadala ng maayos, fan ang sopla hindi yung designer!

  6. Nanganak na ang issue/controversy. Another Filipino designer posted a bad experience with the people behind the Miss Universe Canada Organization. This time it involves Rian Fernandez, Siera Bearchell, Marta Magdalena and the MUCO.

    • Huh! Paul, ano ito? May iba pa pala, at this time involved na si Lu Sierra Bearchel? Lol. Kakalorka Mercado.

      That’s all.

      • @ ana. Only Sierra Bearchel is mentioned. Lu Sierra has nothing to do with this. Huwag padala sa emotion. . Nakakaloka. Ha ha ha

  7. Guys, the Canada team is doing this on purpose to provoke the Filipino netizens to react with triggered racist ad hominems against Miss Canada. Their main purpose is to make us look like bullies on social-media thus making us look bad in the international fandom and the eyes of the MU org… The Canadian team may be plotting to send an Asian delegate next year to be the token Asian in the predictably Latino dominated semi-finalists of Miss Universe edition in Costa Rica. And who else would be their biggest threat for them to reach TOP 5? The Philippines of course…. Divide and Conquer is the oldest game in the book and we should all not fall for this trap. The ISSUE is THEIR UNGRATEFULL FINGER-POINTING ATTITUDE AND FOR THROWING M5 UNDER THE BUS AS AN ESCAPE GOAT FOR THEIR LOSS and NOT the beauty of her face nor the color of her skin.. Let us refrain from giving racist remarks against her because that is what they want us to do.

  8. I cannot believe that these designer gowns made by famous couturiers for delegates from different countries are being done pro bono ? When Barraza made gowns for the previous Pinas delegates, for example MJ Lastimosa, were those pro bono too ? … I have always assumed that if they use big name designers, they better come up with deep pockets cause it’s gonna cost them… This is a revelation !

  9. My thoughts:

    1. Yup. Gamit na gamit ang mga Pinoys at si MC in Nova’s journey to Ms. U. From the racist / bashing kuno (to gain attention and pa-awa effect), to her “magnanimous reaction” to the bashers (to show how queenly she was), to MC’s gowns (beautiful gowns if I may say, na free pala , at free delivery pa!), and to the corresponding buzz it created prior to the pageant.

    2. Majority of the gowns worn during the pageant (be it during preliminaries or finals) are all beautiful. It really boils down to the girls and element of luck to be chosen as Top 21 or Top 10. Stop blaming the designers if so and so didn’t make it to Top 21 or Top 10.

    3. Considering the buzz and the papansin antics of Ms. Canada, she deserves the El Tocuyo award. Big Karma. I really think injustice was done to Ms. Nepal and Ms. South Africa.

    4. Having said that, unnecessary disasters could have been avoided if handlers were diligent enough (ex. The ill fitting, albeit stunning headdress of Rabiya during Nat Costume competition). Talaga? Hindi nyo sinukat days before? Duh.

    5. One (Furne) and Five (Cinco) gowns were beautiful. But so were the other beautiful gowns worn by other candidates.

    6. On a totally related note, may lab life si Norman? Wow. Wasn’t it just weeks ago, he replied as a comment that he’s been missing sex for more than one year now? Lol. Hmmm. Tracing his interactions with some people the past weeks. These are the suspects:
    Jonas Gafud,
    Jojo Bragais,
    Manny Halasan,
    Furne One,
    Rain Dagala.
    Tita Lavinia. Lol.

    Who’s your bet for Tito Norman?

    World Peace.

      • Wow. China Oil. I googled him. Is he the Joey Salceda look-alike? Hmmm.. Type pala ni Tito Norman, tall, dark and …

        World Peace.

      • @ Thomas ‘Pacific islander’ ang benchmark given to us… They’re not very tall, are they?

        ‘Ay, matangkad nga pala si Asi Taulava… Universal peace! 🙂

      • Si Adam Genato mukha ring Pacific Islander. Lagi rin silang nagkikita (physically) ni Norman. He, he, he… Si Flor ginugulo-gulo o nililigaw kayo kung saan-saan…

      • Pacific Islander ba ang clue? Wow. Parang Tom Babauta yan!!! Or Dwayne Johnson.

        Si Adam Genato , hindi naman yan Pacific Islander. Pwede pang PAcific Tuna. Lol.

        Let’s just be happy for Tito Norman. Hindi na sya alone. After all,

        Norman is an Island.

        World Peace.

      • Ahh.. Pacific Islander ba ang clue? E di ala Tom Babauta yan from the movie Waikiki or Wayne Johnson.

        Si Adam Genato , Pacific Islander? Ang layo a… baka PAcific Tuna. Lol.

        Let us just be happy for Tito Norman. He is not alone anymore.

        Because I believe ….

        Norman is an (pacific) Island.

        World Peace.

      • @ Thomas The SF Admin for Foreign Correspondence is a Pacific island(er). Okinawa(n). He looks Japanese, don’t you think so? 🙂

        (I’ve always daydreamed of going there…And got within a hair’s width of doing so. Fate is a b*tch.)

    • @ Thomas Grabe! Lahat po ng tao’ng ‘yan, virtually lang ni Ungkol nakausap these past weeks.

      You TOTALLY missed the prime suspect. But even then, no proof of live contact exists. 🙂

      (Admin will now compress the relevant files para ‘di na maungkat pa. Don’t worry po. We will keep our lips ‘tikom’ from now on… Basta, po, feature niyo ‘yun’g alleged ‘great beauty’ ‘pag OK na.)

    • Kalurquey naman yung blogger. Iba din!! Pasavogue ha!! Hihihihi! Dibale nang mawaley sa prediction basta busog ang anez 💓💟💗.

  10. Ayan na nga, Paul. Sumagot na si Nova Stevens sa post ni Sir Michael Cinco. Grateful daw sya to both MG mode and MC sa kanyang pageant career. Pero she never expressly said, “From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for dressing me, Michael.” Instead, pa-cool pa ang post ni bakla. Nakakairita!

    Bakit kase isisi kay MC ang pagkalaglag n’ya sa Top 21? Eh, hindi talaga s’ya maganda. I am not her fan. Inuulit ko, s’ya ay PANGIT. Pangit, pangit!!!

    That’s all.

    • Synonyms Ana:

      unattractive, hideous, plain-looking, unlovely, displeasing, grotesque, horrid, exotic, unconventional, etc. he, he, he…

  11. Lessons learned from this controversy

    1. Be gracious in defeat especially in competetion where selection of winner is subjective.
    2. Always be grateful to people who help you in your journey. A sincere word of gratitude is priceless.
    3. Give Respect to whom respect is due especially to a person who has carved a niche in the society.
    4. Building friendship is as important as winning a crown. What good is the crown if if the queen has few allies.
    5. There are 3 sides of the stories, the sides of the opposing parties and the truth.

  12. Nung nagpost ng racists daw mga pinoy towards Stevens ang daming pinoy na nagtanggol kay Nova Stevens kesa nakakahiya daw mga kapwa pinoy.
    Itong sunong na babaeng ito professional user.
    Hindi sya kaasama sa top 21 prediction ni tito Norman and nagcomment ako na tama si blogger dahil hindi nmn tlga sya maganda at mukha syang binud buran ng kiwi sa katawan.

  13. With this controversy (at naglabasang pictures/videos), may NAPATUNAYAN. MAS MAGANDA ang 2 GAWANG GOWNS ni Michael Cinco for Miss Canada KAYSA sa 2 GAWANG GOWNS ni Furne One for Rabiya.

    Another thing, if you have a TALLER candidate (at least 5’8″), a LOT BETTER (easier) to dress up. SO Patch Magtanong for Miss Universe 2021.

    • @ paul Kawawa din ang mga designers kasi siyempre kailangan din nila mabuhay… ‘Di naman puwede’ng lahat sagot nila or abono nila. Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g local designer na featured sa SIE1 ng PN’s. She did her best to keep her business afloat and her employees paid. Their staff and seamstresses depend on them; entire families’ welfare are on the line!

      Patitay is lucky she commands a solid-loyal-MASSIVE following that will make her a most attractive prospect for more prominent designers to make her wardrobe. We recall Ito Curata’s (+) ‘matcha tea’ confection at MI 2019…

      (… I also liked the jade-green number she wore for the Prelims. Go google ‘Strongylodon macrobotrys’ and you’ll understand. Who made that? GORGEOUS! She looked like ‘La Force’ the character in the end credits of the Dior 2021 Primavere-Ete HC. In English, ‘STRENGTH’.)

      But I go back to what I said before – MONEY.

      Pity poor candidates that dread the prospect of sourcing designers with only the hope even one would be generous enough to propel their determination to compete. One of the current front-runners at BBP was the subject of a post here, that her family was reluctant to give her their blessings for a second attempt at the Big Dome because they did not have sufficient financial means, that she initially did not plan on re-joining so soon precisely because she wanted to first work as a model so she could earn enough to fund the second attempt herself.

      I will no longer provide clue… I think you know who she is, being one of your faves for BbPil-Intern.

      As for Nova, naipit kaya siya? Nalagay sa alanganin between this fiasco between MUCanadaTeam and M5? I don’t believe she intentionally hated on M5. As M5 said so, she looked perfectly happy.

      M5 expected more from the Canadian organization. Dapat lang. But if it’s any consolation to Romania, Czechia, and Mexico (YES!!!), they can count on more blessings from him. You think?

      • Bb. Pilipinas-International 2021 – Hannah Arnold

        Flor ito kasing si SMA daming kagagahang ginawa noong 2019. Gazini Ganados, Resham Saeed and Samantha Lo DID NOT DESERVE their Bb. titles. Dapat ganito (SANA) ang nangyari:

        Miss Universe Philippines – Patricia Magtanong (or pwede rin si Julia Saubier)
        Bb. Pilipinas-International – Vickie Rushton
        Bb. Pilipinas-Supranational – Hannah Arnold
        Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International – Samantha Bernardo
        Bb. Pilipinas-Globe – Emma Tiglao
        Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental – Leren Mae Bautista

        Mag-agawan lang sa 2 runners up sina Ganados, Saeed, Lo and Abesamis.

        Dapat TAMA ang placements ng titleholders otherwise…

        By the way Flor, Milyonaryo NA sina Cinco at One.

  14. Michael Cinco’s impalpable lips are as brave as his statement.

    Tama ako when I critiqued Nova Steven’s silver gown during the preliminary competition of MU. It did not match her skin. Mukha s’yang isdang nasunog na ibinalot sa foil. Hindi pala ‘yun ang gown na d-in-esign ni Sir Michael. Diumano, the gown the latter designed for Super Nova was ill-fitting. Paano naman kase, ipagpilitan ang 23-inch na waistline, kung 26 naman talaga ang bewang ni Stevens. So, sinunod lang ni Sir Michael ang gusto ng Stevens team. Kaya ‘yan ang nangyari.

    All of us critiqued Sir Furne One’s yellow gown worn by Rabiya kase nga hindi s’ya impacting from afar. Pero tahimik lang si Sir Furne. It’s either hindi talaga s’ya patola o kaya tinanggap n’ya ng buong puso ang criticism ng pageant fans, o kaya dahil hindi naman ganun katinding bashing ang comment natin. Kaya I love Sir Furne Amato. Sana hindi s’ya magsawang bihisan ang candidates natin.

    As regards Sir Michael, i understand where he is coming from. Hindi pala-rant and magaling na Dubai-based Alpha fashion designer, pero nakakapuno nga naman ang ginawa ng Team Canada. Mga walang utang na loob. I’ll make abang sa post ni Sierra Bearchel kung ano ang masasabi n’ya.

    Ang saya ng pageant. Indeed, I love beauty pageants.

    That’s all.

  15. So SAD for Michael Cinco. Mabuti pa ang LOVELIFE ni Norman BLOOMING! Good morning to all.

    • Ay taray nemen!! Sherep sherep na palagi ng gising ni blogger niyan. Para kanino ka bumabangon guirrl? HAHAHA!

    • @ paul I’ll say, DAMI’NG flowers dito sa lugal ko at the moment. 🙂

      Prutas, mayru’n din… Kahit wala muna’ng mga piyesta dahil pandemya, we remain FECUND.

      Sa’n ba ‘yun’g sasayaw para magka-baby? Sa Bulacan ba ‘yun? Ipa-TIKTOK na lang kaya para lahat tayo magluwal ng buhay?…

  16. Well Michael Cinco is Michael Cinco. You cannot put a person who worked hard to achieve his dream down by ranting in socmed.

    Besides, though the gown matters, nasa pagdadala at pg ppresent pa rin ng candidate
    yan. Kahit sobrang ganda ng gown kung hinde madala ng maayos ng candidate, wala din.

    Sobrang gamit na gamit si M5 sa issue na to, libreng PR sa team ni Miss Canada.

  17. Cool.

    What about the Gathercole NatCos, all 21 kilos of it? What will happen to it now? Where is it, po?

    ‘Yun’g NatCos ni MUCameroon na gawa nu’ng bata’ng fashion student sa CLSU? WHAT??!!

    Does Boss ALV have an in-house designer (like Andrada at MUP)? AS EARLY AS NOW, ihanda na ‘yun’g concepts for our Supra bet’s OOTD’s… Tandaan, SUMMER in Poland tuwing Agosto. 🙂

    • Yung National Costume ni Rabiya, dalhin nila sa probinsya Flor. Linggo-linggo may pa-contest both females and transwomen. So parentahan nila para mabawi ang nagastos sa paggawa. He, he, he…

      • @ paul May nababalita’ng kinuha daw ng VS si Inday Ibyang. Janine Tugonon 2.0? 🙂

        Kasi daw, impressed ang mga taga-VS sa NatCos performance niya sa Florida…

        Nakapasok ka na ba ng VS store? Ako nga, ni minsan dili… Nahihiya me. 😦

        I think the ones who should have the final say on the fate of the costume should be RG’s (+) staff/assistants/apprentices who finished it… If Boss JG/MUPO didn’t pay for it they have no right keeping it.

        Have a peaceful Sunday!

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