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  1. Ruffa Nava might be extremely very good for Supranational

    Krishnan is going to be good for any one of these , World, EcoInternational or Multimedia

    Pajares for EcoInternational
    Vera for Mutlimedia

    I don’t have anyone for Reina Hisp , maybe de Mesa but I really don’t have any clue about her

  2. Based on the M5 issue, I now see what the Canada team is doing… They now think that having a Filipino designer is no longer beneficial since Miss Universe re-established it’s Economic ties in the Americas and they no longer have a need for the Filipino sashfactor (except for the media milleage) since we are no longer as favored since the next couple of years would be held in the Americas…. But wait till Asia hosts again… I’m sure those Chinese & Korean investors could easily outbid those Latino… Peru may not be the final destination after Costa Rica…. I can’t wait!

    For the meawhile

    • @ Closer2Fame Asian investors will eloquently demonstrate ASCENDANCY by STILL crowning a rep from the Americas if she is deemed most deserving. 🙂

      Peru… Ano ba’ng mayru’n sa Peru?… 😦

      Kung Chile man lang sana, there’s Chilean (sea) bass, the wine, and the port city of Valparaiso*.

      (* – “… I want to go… to Valparaiso. Take a slow boat… Seeing those pictures in a magazine is enough to make any girl dream…”, went the song.)

      OK, so it’s Costa Rica 2021 and Peru 2022 because of the Telemundo contract. Which means the Nepal hosting is pushed back; kung sa bagay, it will give Kathmandu more time to prepare, so cool.



    Faves like Thomalla and Umali withdraw their MW bids. A ‘great beauty’ was successfully coaxed by A&Q to try for MUP (as per @ ClaiRe IbbeTson). Tomorrow afternoon, MPE 2021 Roster reveal.

    LAST WEEK OF MAY ~ ENTIRE MONTH OF JUNE vacant… Is “ghost month” early this year?

    Looks like MUP 2021 will be the clear recipient of the leftovers. Baka kaya karamihan ng mga HUCC’s reserved na for AP accreditation? IIlan na lang ang up for grabs… May mga ‘target’ na!

    • Flor si UMALI bata pa pero MUKHA ng NANAY. As what I have said before, parang matulad sa nanay niya na sali nang sali noon (late 80s to early 90s sa Mutya ng Pilipinas, Supermodel Philippines and Bb. Pilipinas) pero hindi talaga nanalo. UMALI is SOO… OVERATED JUST LIKE AYA Abesamis.

      Thomalla HAS an ATTITUDE. Di ba kasama siya sa nag-body bashed kay Catriona noon together with OTHER KF girls?

      Great Beauty/ – either si Patch Magtanong or Ahtisa Manalo. Wala ng iba.

      Good morning to all.

      • @ paul Maayon’g aga, Dude. 🙂

        Manood ka mamaya ng PN’s. Support natin si Blogger lagi.

        Pa-jab ka rin tulad niya para maka-travel-travel ka muli. Malay mo, mag-meet up kayo nina @ Cool Brew sa Panglao next month… Bezos y abrazos! Will send my ‘blessings’ for your safety.

      • @ paul (Cont.)

        No rush on Ahtisa. Bata pa… ‘Pag sinabak ‘yan, whether MWP or MUP, good-as-guaranteed win.

        I saw a comment somewhere (on socmed) that Patitay is (open) to “give that chance to others”. I get the sense that there’s bargaining taking place… Things are very ‘fluid’ at the moment, you can almost feel it in the still-stagnant-muggy May air.

      • Flor naturukan (Astraxeneca) na sana ako last thursday but at step 3 ay hinarang ako dahil hindi pa raw kasama ang mga may co-morbidity. The day before I was told that I am already qualified.

        Ayoko ko munang mag-travel kahit nabakunahan na ako because being vaccinated is not a guarantee. Kahit birthday party or fiesta, marami akong kaibigan nagsisi after attending public or even private events.

        Thanks. Good morning.

  5. Post ni:

    Michael Cinco

    It is common knowledge, I believe, that I am a very positive person. I never go into rants as it is just not me. I try to find humor in any adverse situation that I think warrants my time and attention. And the need to comment. I don’t normally respond to unnecessary social media rants or any negative criticisms about my work but this one caught my ire as it seems to put uncalled for blame on my team week after Miss UNIVERSE. The audacity of TRUTH to be told when it is bereft of it..
    Now this is for you to the whole Miss CANADA Team Migüel Martinez, Denis Martin Davila, and Miss CANADA Organization and your ungrateful Miss CANADA Nova Stevens. You have been spreading fake news about me and my team being unprofessional days before the pageant but I chose to be quiet and calm. But this time, I need to stand up for me and my team, as it is just so UNFAIR!
    In my whole career as FASHION DESIGNER I have been bashed and criticized a lot of times by many fashion critics and sometimes fellow designers hurl insulting comments on my designs but I deemed them hazards of the trade and just took them all with a grain of salt. But this time I strongly take offense as it involves my team and my credibility. Not to mention, the eventual realization that I have been used and SCAMMED by these low lives PSEUDO GLAM TEAM…
    1. FIRSTLY, the gowns arrived on time. Or how could you have sent me photos and videos of her wearing them, showing how the gowns perfectly fitted her, days before each event. You even posted a video of NOVA in her last fitting and she was happy. You were forcing me to make Nova’s 26” waist line to be cinched to 23”, which I obviously didn’t heed even if you said that in pageants, comfort doesn’t matter. But PLEASE dont say that her gown was ill-fitting.
    2. SECONDLY, the insinuation that my team was trying to sabotage her win, is just absurd. Her life story was supposedly inspiring and I even went out of my way hiring a team of world-class photographer to shoot her in my couture gowns at a world-class location in Dubai just to give her extra publicity mileage and create for her a balance of glam and luxury as opposed to her humble homecoming in Africa. And everything was PAID FOR BY ME. Did you get that?
    THIRDLY, if it doesn’t add up to you, then i’ll add Miss ROMANIA, Miss MEXICO and Miss CZECH REPUBLIC who all wore couture gowns from my latest collection in Preliminaries. Sadly, it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Let me just add that they are endlessly thankful. The new Miss UNIVERSE Andrea Meza of MEXICO who was not able to wear my gown at either nights, even took time to send me a THANK YOU message right after her coronation. Miss ROMANIA Bianca Trilsin even sent me a video message and was very grateful and is even planning to come to Dubai next week to meet me and THANK me personally. Miss CZECH REPUBLIC was so humble and honored to wear my gown. Former Miss Universe 2017 DEMI-LEIGH TEBOW was so gracious to send me video greeting and thanked me for the gown she wore. But for NOVA and your team, not only have I not got a curt THANK YOU but even seemed so upset with me for being eliminated in the pageant. AM I THE JUDGE?
    STOP blaming me for Nova’s not making it to the Top 21 in Miss UNIVERSE. In fact, she did not wear my gown to the prelims as you were earlier posting that she will wear another gown. And now YOU’RE TELLING ME that her PRELIMS GOWN KILLED HER to advance to the finals. Am I to be blamed for that?
    I dressed up most A-List HOLLYWOOD Celebrities, Royalties and wealthiest clients all over the world and they only have ONE RULE in fashion…IF THE DRESS DON’t FIT, DON’T WEAR IT!!! SIMPLE AS THAT. GET IT??? And mind you all of them know how to say THANK YOU…
    And LASTLY, here is the real TRUTH TO BE TOLD…YOU and your team have been USING me for the past 3 consecutive years to dress up your candidates WITHOUT PAYING ME ANY CENTS! You don’t even pay the courier or any other charges. A SIMPLE THANK YOU NOTE FROM NOVA, YOU AND YOUR TEAM would have sufficed. But you don’t have the grace and decency to do that. YOU ALL ARE UNGRATEFUL, VILE and professional USERS. Next time don’t ask me or any FILIPINO designers to dress up your candidates. Ask your Canadian designers to showcase your works in world stage…I DON’T NEED YOU in my career. Dressing up your candidates WILL NOT HELP MY BUSINESS and I was just very KIND to you coz i thought YOU ARE MY FRIEND…STOP scamming FILIPINO designers…HOW DARE YOU…SHAME ON YOU and your whole CANADIAN Team…#sorelosers #moveon #lifeisnotallaboutMissUniverse

    From Mak Tumang:

    Mak Tumang is with Manny Halasan.

    Fact: Around 3 kilos lamang po ang HEADPIECE at hindi 15 kilos! Sana po yung totoo lamang na impormasyon ang ilalabas naten, let’s not spread fake news. More so, let’s not sow hate, negativity, and divisiveness. Masyado ng magulo ang mundo. Peace and love to all.
    Manny Halasan
    Rainier Joseph Dagala

    • It goes to show why Nova did not make it through
      The judges saw something

      • @ Fabian Reyes And so did @ Cool Brew. 🙂

        Our Panglao friend clearly has an EYE. Admin, problema lang sa competing blog server siya, no?

        (Please guarantee that Carol Joy Veronilla won’t ‘el tocuyo’ at Magandang Pilipinas, unlike her Sud Afrikan clone at the recently-concluded MU. Poor WW! Baby boy was devastated but is being brave about the whole thing by expressing full support and love for his raven-haired beauty.)

    • I am about to post Michael Cinco’s tirade against MU Canada’s ungrateful, vile and professional users Team. This is the kind of issue that puts trigger in me. That’s because I love to know the things that hound between the fashion designer and a beauty queen in a beauty pageant.

      Grabe pala ang attitude ni Super Nova. Kaya pala hindi rin s’ya nakapasok sa semis. From the very beginning, I saw something underneath her skin. Ginamit na na n’ya ng bongga sa issue ng social media bullying ang mga Pinoy. Pati ‘yung kanyang past story ginamit n’ya pa for media mileage’s sake, pero lotlot pa din. I love black skin, pero pangit talaga ang mukha ni Canada. As in pangit.

      Michael Cinco should have learned from this. Such a brave designer. I love you, Sir Michael.

      That’s all.

      • Ana marunong ka palang gumamit ng salitang PANGIT. Akala ko ako lang. He, he, he…

  6. Here we go again. ABS-CBN being a bully. I have worked in the advertising/events industry in the Phil for a number of years. Juday’s Ploning tinapatan ng Star Cinema movie, Aldub’s spliced ads before, threatening a company (Coke) they will not air their ads if they get models from the other network etc.

  7. Holding 2 major pageants on the same date is counterproductive. One has to give way.

      • @ serge Assuming the same venue (SMART Araneta Dome), why not they do it earlier (June or early July) gayon’g may Official Roster na sila? Finishing sooner will give our Supra rep more time to prep. 🙂

        So, ayaw nila’ng earlier than 11 July, puwede’ng later… It could be a prior reservation of the venue for up to mid-June by some other party kasi nga dapat 27 June ang BBP… (4 July is a Sun, too).

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