4 comments on “Notable crossovers to Miss Philippines Earth 2021

  1. Dok has a Kevin Liliana ~ Franceska Taruc thing going.

    For me, her best photo to date was her Swim Glam at MUP. Stretched out poolside, Kurleto vibe!


    (May Regionals veterana na mukha’ng tagapagmana ng korona ni Shane Tormes. She got BOTH Swim and Evening Dress ‘Best’ citations! She might be half-Indian, reading her surname. PRETTY.)

    • (Cont.)

      Also hoping for a slot tomorrow is Chella Falconer of MisOr, another Nationals veteran.

      Last year’s Elemental Court had only one noob, right? The Aussie-Pinay? Kumusta na siya, Tito?

    • (Cont.1)

      Mi gran apologies to Chella Falconer. Wrong pageant. My mistake. 😦

      Otits, GANDA ni Baeyens sa Announcement of the ‘Colorful’ 2021 Roster! She will succeed Maynigo for the ‘Baguio’ sash/AP, po? 🙂

      WIFI couldn’t cope. Hanggang “E” lang naabutan ko… Hayst lang… Please make a post na lang.

      Two “D” cities – Digos & Dumaguete – sounded promising. I’m very happy my “C” city got in. G!

  2. Life has a way of moving forward. The show must go on. I am excited about MEP. In this group, Hitomi Akiyama is my favorite

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