11 comments on “Miss World Philippines 2021: KF-14; A&Q-9

  1. Unlike MU, Miss World has a preference for “cultured” ladies. So bagay nga rito si Bella Ysmael.

    • Well, Bitch does have the pedigree to prove how cultured she is…

  2. Dindi and Ruffa.. there are times that we should let go of a dream and realize that they may not meant for us in the first place. Sorry!
    I love Tracy Maureen Perez❤️❤️❤️

  3. UNSOLICITED PIECE of ADVICE to Dindi Pajares: You tend to look exotic like Abesamis and Galeria. So PLEASE LESS of EXOTICISM. DO NOT FOLLOW the STYLING (make up, hairstyle, etc.) and PACKAGING (modelesque, very ASEAN looking, etc.) of Aya and Isabela because you cannot WIN a title. Try to look universal – an amalgam of Asian loveliness, Latin sexy vibe and European regality. It’s a bit difficult to achieve but can be practiced.

  4. Well I hope Aces and Queens Team will train their candidates rigorously, if they intend to bring home the crown. So far Tatyana Alexi Austria is the tallest among A&Q ladies. She is young 17 years old, tall 5′ 10″ and she competed at Supermodel International 2020 in Thailand but she failed to capture the crown.

  5. ‘Loko ka, Blogger, ‘ah. 🙂

    You also grouped by Region. Heads up to MUP AP’s? Or, will Boss ALV sash by provenance?

    (I hope KF will give MUP a try na.)

    Manushi Chillar (2017) was the last Asian MW, no? Mdme. JM hopefully hankers for oriental fare again… 🙂

    Guys, I think Alvin Patrimonio would make a SUPER host for this edition. If not, who you like?

    • (Cont.)

      ‘Yun’g Danica Dilla, kahilera facially nina Malka Shaver at Micca Rosal. 🙂

      Ba’t parang tanders ang styling ni Ann Palmares? Anyare? 😦

      ‘Yun’g 26 (KF) has a Kelley Day aura. Puwede siguro’ng Princess…

  6. Anyare kay Ganiel? Send her to Miss Multinational since MWP usually sends the short girl there.

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