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  1. Si Gerry Diaz (BDO executive and Aces & Queens Member) ang LOVE INTEREST and/or PARTNER ni Norman?

    • I hope this person “measures up” to the standards of Tito Norman who prefers a pacific islander. Go! Go! Go Tita N!

      • Wala pa outright denial hehe

        🛳⛴🚢 this loveteam so much


      • @ Norman Maayo’ng aga.

        We wish for you ‘creative ferment*’. 🙂

        * – from Tiffany & Co.’s tribute to Elsa Peretti, which meant ‘to be surrounded by and be in the company of individuals that make you realize your full potential’.

      • Keri lang Tita. Bask in his strong and loving arms who I believe “measures up” to your expectations.

  2. Norman,

    Sino ba sinasabi ni BDO Manager na na-convince daw nila sumali sa MUP?

    One of the “beautiful faces” daw? Maureen Wrob? Liza Soberano?

    Alam ko alam mo’to!

      • @ Norman You had a guest on PN’s who mentioned of this Bank Manager…. whom you follow.


        Bakit parang ang arrive, may romantic angle, po? Are you in love? When will you introduce us to the lucky… BDO branch? I’ll bet it isn’t in Paranaque City. Ganyan talaga… Malayuan ang peg.

      • Flor yung bank executive ng BDO na member ng Aces & Queens? Na active rin Miss Bicolandia. I can’t remember his name but his face is very clear in my mind. Parang magkaedad lang sila ni Norman. Siya pala ang LOVE INTEREST ni Mr. Tinio. Bagay sila.

      • Settle the score Tito N. Is he or is he not ❤? Yiheeee may kinikilig

    • Both Liza and Maureen have kulang sa height. Just like Rabiya. Kailangan uminom ng 3 sets ng Gloxi to be able to compete with the tall and sexy Latinas.

    • Both Liza and Maureen have kulang sa height. Just like Rabiya. Kailangan uminom ng 3 sets ng Gloxi to be able to compete with the tall and sexy Latinas. At least 5’8″ ang height.

  3. Sa December na nga talaga sa Costa Rica gaganapin ang MU 2021 sabi ni Jessica Newton!

    Habang gaganapin sa Puerto Rico ang Mess World, resign na si Denise Quinones as ND ng MUPR!

    Si Poleng naman spotted sa NY Stock Exchange dahil isa pala sa founder ang bilat ng isang cosmetic brand!

    Suot ni Chelsi Fernandez yung yellow gown na suot ni Catriona sa Coronation sa Colombia, juiceko! Majestic!

    • Whoaaa…. Costa Rica… hmmmm….
      We need to send someone who ideal for the Latino audience if Peru would host the following year after CR…Chelsea Fernandez looks promising… but if we send an ideal Filipina representation like Patricia Magtanong, she could be the token Asian in the top 5.
      But again, if we send a part Latina, she could at least land 1st RUp…

  4. Miss World gives :
    1. 7 Million Dollars CASH Prize
    2. Unlimited sponsored trips to London for an year
    3. A house with Julia in same building, its upto a girl if she wants to live in London with Julia or do commercial assignments back home. Megan stayed for 2 years in London with Julua
    4. All gifts from sponsors, including Car of your choice, wardrobe and make up.

    Now, are we sending a girl of this caliber to Niss World. NO.

    We call it a cooking show but we fail to see girls are judged for more than a month, everyday.

    We said Indonesian ND made Catriona lose and Indonesia will win the MW crown soon, it has been 4 years, Indonesia didn’t win
    We fail to see how Catriona was pressured to not be herself and behave like Megan. Maybe, just maybe Catriona would’ve won if she was herself like she was in MU.
    MU might seem grander, but admit it, MW is undiably richer and better.

    • You failed to know that several ND’s in the past were chatting on facebook saying that MW is a cooking show. That the nite of the even Hulya invites dinner to the NDs she wants and that’s when they know that their rep made it to the semi-finals

      • @ Chuva Chuhu I just realized it takes ‘skill’ to be a MW ND/licensee. 🙂

        (Siyempre, you don’t want to look like the pathetic-naive iconoclast at that round table. I get a sense of the kind of boss Mdme. JM is… ALV is SO C-O-O-L.)

        Just like what one of us said before, if the pageant boss likes you, you don’t decline. To do so might even be disrespectful.

        In any case, that may be the way they like to do things and if we do not like it no one is obliged to stick around… Kaya lang ay dahil may clout ang sash natin kaya she is doing her utmost to get on our good graces. Now we realize how awkward Andrea Meza must have felt when she came to Manila in 2017 as Princess… The live Press Conference was inundated with animosity… 😦

  5. Maglalaban na naman si Ruffa at Dindi?
    Parang BbP 1993! Ruffa G.- MWP, Dindi G. – MUP

    Good luck sa inyong dalawa
    Ruffa Nava at Dindi Pajares

  6. facially, maraming maganda. the question is do they have the genuineness the reigning Miss World exuded?

    yan ang di natin nakikita bakit nanalo si Miss Jamaica. while I agree with some commenters here that her beauty is not the standards of beauty pageant, I think Julia Morley is looking for someone who is genuine.

    hoping our country will get its second blue crown.

    • @ Lireo Lahat naman, gusto AUTHENTIC. Why would anyone want otherwise? 🙂

      ‘Yan din ‘yun’g sinabi ni LS, to questions as to why judges’ and fans’ choices differ.

      ‘The judges see things fans don’t’, said she.

      But to add, Mdme. JM is looking for someone who can do the charity rounds and look credible. And that’s only possible if the person is GENUINE. I realize now that probably the Head2Head is structured precisely to weed out those who are simply serving rhetoric.

  7. kasing ganda dapat nung reigning MW ang ipadala
    pero super talented kumanta lol

  8. Off topic
    Has the post about Rabiya’s gown been taken down?

  9. Meh….
    Parang mas malaki pa chance natin sa Mr. World…
    Appoint Michael Comaling for either World or Supra…

    • @ Closeer2Fame If Boss ALV successfully negotiated for Comaling’s appearance with Mayor Gomez of Ormoc City, then the pentathlete will make a surprise debut on Day 1. It was that way with Saliba; to the best of my knowledge, the softballer never endured a single casting/screening and just showed up… 🙂

      May mga ilan’g matino-tino sa recent Screening… The one for World can take time to rip himself silly as matagal pa naman ‘ata’; siguro naman uunahin ni Mdme. JM ang Puerto Rico this December… ‘Yun’g pang-Supra, dapat ‘good-to-go’ or ‘pageant-ready’ (physique-wise) kasi nga August na.

      Ang LotY 2021, kaka-release rin lang ng 50 nila.

      • @Flor

        Puro hipon naman nag audition.
        Me mga konti ok yung face kulang naman sa gym….

        IMO, sa current roster, si JM Mendoza lang pogi…. And that’s for Filipino standards….
        Internationaly mas type nila exotic…
        If Michael Comaling joins… He’ll surely place at Mr. World and possible Top 3 at Supra.

  10. Sana matuloy ang nakatakdang patimpalak dahil mahirap ang sumabak sa patimpalak sa December 16, 2021 doon sa Puerto Rico kung kulang sa pagsasanay at paghahanda. Limang buwan ay hindi sapat na paghahanda pero hindi ako mawawalan ng pag-asa sa ipapadala ng Pilipinas

  11. I wish some outstanding candidates in BBP were able to join this pageant. There is yet no official word from BPCI about its looooong stalled pageant, and with the COVID 19 still raging in Japan (in fact seriously endangering again the opening of the Olympics this August), pessimism mounts if BBP will atill hold anytime soon. The candidates have waited for over a year, spending time “watching trains pass by”. MEP and MUP trains have come and gone, The second MUP train is soon coming. MWP train is a station away. Meanwhile, some MU-, ME-, and MW- caliber candidates of BBP are still waiting on the sidelines.

    • What’s will all the train references Scorg? For a while I thought you were going to sing : “Time, I’ve been passing Time watching trains go by, all of my life…”

      Seriously, me thinks something rotten is going on in the state of Denmark. Why all the delay? BPCI can do it virtual ala Ms. Earth if they really wanted to. They can even stage their own private contest if they are constrained with budget or worried about covid spread. Heck, they can even appoint na lang winners.

      Oh well, as the song goes : “I think they’re gonna need sometime. All they need is time. And it’s telling me it might not push through, all of their Life.” Lol.

      World Peace.

      • @Thomas, @Ana: The reference to the train song is correct! MU trains were “Express Trips” to be on track with their annual calendar. ME train took the less exciting virtual route but at least it was still on time. MW appears to be on a last trip mode, so the country barkers (NDs) are busy hawking the trip to potential passengers. At least by now, 45 “Fresh Filipinas for the World” are on board. Meanwhile, as BBP’s “together We Heal” bravado is getting to be “Together We Heel”, we can just console ourselves by humming the song “I think they’ll gonna need sometime…” I just hope it will not turn out to be a swan song.

  12. The target schedule seems fine. But of course, if another Covid-19 surge comes along the way in July, it may be postponed again. It could be possible since wala namang ginagawa ang government natin para talaga agarang mawala ang virus sa bansa. Sa ganitong bumababa na ang bilang ng may virus, it’s a good opportunity na i-mass swab testing tayo para ma-isolate na ang may mga Covid-19. The contact tracing is also horrendous.

    Ang BbP yata, dahil sa kaka-extend ng coronation night date, nai-eliminate na ang mga candidates due to age restriction. Siguro hangang sa anim na lang ang matirang kandidata, sila na ang automatic na mag-uuwi ng mga korona. Eh, ‘di natapos na ang pageant. Kakaloka.

    That’s all.

    • @Ana, and to the consternation of some MU-, MW, ME- caliber candidates who missed the opportunity of carrying the country’s sash in these contests.

      • You are correct, Scorg. Vicky Rushton is the classic casualty. Nakaka-lerlette hensen.

        That’s all.

  13. I already lost interest in this pageant to be honest. Sa socmed nalang ako mag aabanag. And besides Senyora Hulya had already a country to crown in mind.

  14. Binibining Pilipinas coronation also July 11… GMA news. SamBer apparently announced during her home coming

  15. @ Jonalyn Hernandez, your Mercury Retrograde did wonders. Lalo’ng umiwas ang BBP. 🙂

    This now means VACANT ang June. SAYANG ANG ORAS! Dapat kahit papa’no, may activity. 😦

    Poor Bb.’s! Mercedez Pair in particular comes to mind… How’s her mother in Hong Kong?

    August ang Supra. Mukha’ng ‘Team 20 Days’ na naman ang peg ng makakukuha ng Poland campaign.

    (Delays mean only the more financially stable candidates will last… Wala’ng laban ang mga girls!)

      • @ Norman By Supra tradition, the new queen sashes the new king. So, after 11 July na nila simulan ang REALITY SHOW (that’s what the organization said it would be, right po?).

        Tama’ng-tama! Ang MoF 2021 daw, August. Kung gusto nila, banggain nila. After all, boys like to roughhouse. 🙂

      • @ Norman Blogger Boy, si #14 LEVEL UP from his (first?) Nationals two years ago. And the facial hair cliched the deal! 🙂

        Si #11 ‘yun’g ‘bordado’ng’ mala-Nelson Banzuela. Looks good-to-go if Supra were tomorrow.

        Si #8 for sure maayusan pa. Mas pulido ng kaunti si #14 sa kanya, but that’s expected kasi nga…

        I REALLY hope ‘Marinduque’ and ‘Naga City’ make the Roster though they missed this last live screening. You know who they are. And both were featured in PN’s.

        Around the World, the boys have begun to stir… Maybe they can warm things up this June while the ladies take a break from ‘hostilities’? Feature a few more for S5, please… Many thanks, Sir.

  16. Why are we having the finals or the pageant itself ?
    We Pinoys only keep whining and calling it a cooking show. And yes, everytime our girl does not win ( Read – Catriona ) , we will not see our own mistake, that we sent a Megan 2.0, but will rather do the easier thing.
    Anyways, the batch is super Weak. We are clapping in Miss World this year, very deserving.

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