11 comments on “Cynthia Thomalla lets go of her Miss World Philippines dream

  1. Baka naman kasi MUP talaga ang tinatarget ni Thomalia. I wouldn’t mind. It will be the battle ground of the veterans in the next edition of MUP

  2. Tracy Maureen Perez and Dindi are my top contenders for now

    • Same. Tracy for World, Dindi for Supra. A lot of fans think that Tracy is for RHA also.

  3. Hello Sir Norman, may updates na po for Mister World Philippines? Thank you po!

  4. Hello Sir Norman, may updates na po for Mister World Philippines. Thank you po!

  5. Being a ravishing beauty is not a guarantee that one will win the blue crown. The reigning Miss World is not exactly an ethereal beauty. It would always be a hit or miss. Dependent on JM’s astute decision- making. Just my take.

    • True. JM looks for a self assured beauty with that subtle confidence to take it over the world. She might crown a princess like beauty like Rolene or a sultry diva like Priyanka. It is the star quality which matters.
      Our first Miss World winner, Megan can be a Victoria’s Secret model, and a top model with that face. But alas, we keep only overhype Miss Universe.

  6. I was surprised why she decided not to join. She has all the best qualities, young, tall 5′ 5″ and beautiful. Her experienced as a Miss Eco International 2018 winner will surely help her easily to capture the crown of Miss World Philippines 2021. Try next time.

    • 5’5 tall??? She looks short on one of her pictures with that ridiculous tacky shoes she was wearing.

  7. She or Ahtihsa should have come this time.
    Super Weak Batch. We should clap after this. We have not sent any decent girl after Catriona in MW, who got what she deserved ( Top 5 of MW )

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