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  1. As far age is concerned who are qualified for miss world because I think frontrunners are 27 years old already?

  2. Diba nagpa-screen dito anak ni Vince Pinto?

    Hindi nakapasa?

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Kindly refer to @ Jorden’s thread, immediately below, po…. 🙂

      • Umali pala apellido ginamit nun? Kaya pala di ko na-recognize

        Naka-taxi mode kasi ngayon karamihan ng Flight Attendant kaya nakakapagtaka,

        Even Dindi, ngayon niya lang naisipan mag-comeback which I’m sure she wouldn’t do if she’s not on taxi mode

    • Buti naman at natakot sumali yung yellow supporter…
      .. Dun sya sa Binibini sumali, for sure she’ll be the next Mariel De Leon!

  3. so what happened to Jasmine Umali? I remember her screen a little while ago and I find her interesting!

      • @ Norman Yeah, me too. Aaaww… We wish her all the good things. 🙂

        Blogger, I wonder if you could convince the reigning Aliwan Digital Fiesta Queen to try for a BIGger Nationals. I assume her contract with the radio station organizer will end this year.

        You featured her in PN’s. She’s from Butuan, right? She played the piano in the forest for Talent.

        She is incroyable (French for ‘incredibly’, I think) PRETTY. She was under KF, no? Excited much!

        (How about Alana Rhedey? Does she plan on giving Nationals another go? ‘Baguio’ sash again?)

      • @ Norman Replace one Jazmine with another Jasmine. 🙂

        Maybe ‘Central Luzon (Region 3)’ AP for MUP 2021?

        Runner-up to ‘Butuan City’ (mentioned here, ADFQ 2020). A former Miss Midori Clark who, if I’m not mistaken, made clear-in-a-comment that she’s open-&-eager for a BIGger National.

        (You like ‘mayo’ on your sandwiches? So do I, po.)

        (Barring age ceiling issues both at MU and with her camp, she could also postpone up to after Telemundo’s contract expires to maximize her prospects. Otherwise, MWP 2022 na.)

  4. Super Weak Batch. We should clap after this. We have not sent any decent girl after Catriona in MW, who got what she deserved ( Top 5 of MW )

    • Who got what she deserved? YES. None other than best pageant crown there is, MU. And she won it in a PHENOMENAL way which might never be duplicated in many years to come. 😜🤪😜

      • Catriona nay have won MU with pressure and Philippines sash. But she was so Megan Young 2.0 copy in Miss World. I don’t blame her, Aces and Queens is to be blamed for forcing her to behave like a nanny and not be herself in Miss World.
        But I don’t blame Julia Morley or Miss World organisation too. Why will I crown someone who is not authentic and is being fake ? I already crowned original Megan, why crown a copy of hers ? So yes. I think the hate we Pinoys have for MW is unsubstantiated. And its of No use. Miss World Organisation is flourishing and so are their winners. Giving 7 million dollars cash prize to the winner is no joke.

    • Ang oa nang 7 million prize sa winner. Saan ka galing dyan na figure na yan? And eeew to Julia morley na super close sa China ( of course dahil sa pera) pero China currently is ethically cleansing it’s Uighur population. For the sake of money. Well all of this organizations are just facade naman.

  5. It is a weak batch. Set your expectations na mga bakla. Huwag masyadong umasa. I can’t understand the hype for Dindi Pijares…

    • @ Furla Long Chorn She’s a sentimental favorite for those who know WELL her BBP journey, po.


      • @Flor Tula I understand, go lang sa favorite mo. I don’t bash anymore hahaha

      • Ay grabe ms chinatown so sabihan si ganiel na sumali sa Ms 5-6 singh urdu. Sadly ni Wala nga syang 5’6 tall

  6. This means our Ungkol of Pageantry can FINALLY feature his ‘chickens’ at PN’s! 🙂

    E1S5 this Sunday will be SamBer. Afterwards, the ‘winding road’ series for BBP can resume with another four… So, since July pa naman ang MWP, kahit E3 or 4…


    T2 N, naalala ko tuloy na sinabi mo noon na Ann Porxild is most happy to grace the coronation finals… Kasi si ZT, ‘di nakarating sa MUP 2020… At least this time, a queen can be present.

  7. Three sets of Gloxi for Ganiel so that she will grow 3 inches more. NOW!

    • Paul di Lang height problem. Watch the audition in live not edited pic

    • @paul. Is Gloxi really effective? What we see on TV seems anecdotal. There is no clear scientific evidence that it increases the height of the adult especially that the growth centers of the adult bones are already closed .I would tend to believe it does in teenager. Adult means male more than 21 year old and female more than 18 year old. The only effective method I can think for adult is Lisarov procedure. This procedure involves fracturing the bones in both thighs, put lisarov fixators and allow both fracture edges to connect. This procedure lengthens the bones of the thigh. But this is highly invasive and I do not recommend this. He he.

    • Angkol Fabian the major problem with Ruffa Nava is – she looks OLD. Mukha na siyang may apo. So her MAJOR challenge is HOW to look young and fresh. PLEASE guide her.

      • Lol, she has strong presence on mn stage
        Her limitation is hercomm skills

  8. I haven’t followed Miss World Philippines that much before but in a way, I’m looking for a panacea over the not so positive results for the country in the recently concluded Miss Universe. Moving on and looking at the photos of this year’s MWP candidates, it’s rather slim pickings. However, the few standouts look facially gorgeous and my eyes are particularly drawn to the grid that includes the ladies with designated numbers 59, 39, 62 and 38. Of the four though and in my personal view, the one that potentially fits the mold for Miss World is 38, with the right styling of course to polish the rough edges. She appears non-intimidating (hopefully naturally friendly to effectively engage in charities), sweet with “princessy” demeanor – attributes that may catch the eye of the “family organized” MW once she sets foot on the very first day in Puerto Rico.

    Based on videos posted online, I found out that her name is Joymayanne Barcoma and she has a Youtube channel. She joined a few school-based and local pageants but never got to be in the big leagues (which is a plus factor because unlike MU that prefers well curated and seasoned ladies, Julia Morley seems to favor “untarnished” non-veterans lately).

    There are a few interesting things I’ve noted in her videos and photos. She is a fairly good commercial doe-eyed model, obviously pretty with and without make-up. She did several sporty hosting gigs for SM Southmall, Motoworld, KSwiss, etc. and her English accent sounds almost neutral. She can definitely carry a tune (I saw videos of her singing Lea Salonga’s “The Journey” and Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You”), hence, I’d say that that will probably be her talent for the competition. I still have to gauge whether or not she possesses the so-called “quiet unperturbed confidence” that Megan, Manushi and Vanessa have (that seems to be the “X Factor” for MW). That will surface as the competition progresses. I’ll be keeping an eye on her and those other three ladies I mentioned without prejudice to other pleasant surprises along the way.

  9. I like #37, who is she, Ganiel laki ng mukha or sa pic lang 😅

  10. Will someone sponsor a set of Gloxi to Ganiel? She BADLY needs 2-3 inches more because she is pandak.

  11. Weak batch. Huhuhu. Top 40 at best tayo nito sa MW unless lakarin ni ND.

  12. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have scrutinized each of the photos above and find Trisha Martinez (54) endearing, striking, and gorgeous. She has a good registry on camera and from afar, albeit the fact that her nose is bigger, her teeth are also bigger, and she looks beefy up close. I ​am curious about this girl, and I can’t wait how she progresses as the MWP pageant goes on.

    Dindi Pajares looks refreshing now. It’s good that she has rested for a while and comes back stronger.

    And what happened to former Miss Manila Kathleen Paton? She looks haggard and stressed! Is she just poorly styled or has her beauty deteriorated?

    Ganiel Krishnan is styled well. Her TV Patrol stint has helped her to be at par from others, and if she maintains such look and bearing, she can easily run away with the MWP crown.

    Admittedly, this batch is neither weak nor strong. That’s why it would be a good opportunity for Ahtisa Manalo to have submitted her entry in the Arnold Vegafria national pageant. She could effortlessly win MWP! I won’t advise her to wage a beauty war with The Bea Patricia Magtanong in the next MUP! The whole pageantlandia would be hurt because either of them would only be wasted!

    That’s all.

    • Another insightful observations from you – Ana Winter-Lund. And correct – Ahtisa Manalo should have submitted her application for MWP.

      • Thanks, Paul dear.

        Hindi kase talaga MU prototype si Ahtisa. At least kung sa Miss World s’ya rarampa, malaki ang chance na mag-win s’ya ng korona.

        Oo nga pala, Paul. Nag-resign na si John Cuay, a well-known fitness instructor who was responsible in making the bodies of Shamcey, Janine, Ara, Pia, etc. va va voom and in winning form. Ano kaya ang dahilan? Hindi kaya dahil hindi s’ya nasunod sa kanyang work out plans for Rabiya? Kita nga naman na hindi ganun kaganda ang boodey ni Rabiya. Hmnnn. Intriga lang.

        That’s all.

      • Ana baka nagkagulo na ang bagong group ng A&Q. John Cuay was a member of the original batch. Baka hindi niya kasundo ang current members of the group. Hay na lang.

    • I don’t know if Patch Magtanong will still join MUP. At 27, she’s in her last year in pageantry, and she just recently joined a law firm after expressing in an interview that she’d rather give others a chance to represent the country. With MUP happening so soon, she probably wouldn’t have sought time-consuming employment if she intended on joining another national pageant. Regardless, MUP will still be crowded. Isabela Galleria, Steffi Aberasturi, and potentially Alaiza Malinao could be gearing up for the nationals, and possibly this year’s MUP runners up too. But I feel both Ahtisa and Bella are better suited for Miss World. Their interest might not be in this crown though.

      • Thanks for the info, Alyssa. I am still hoping though that Patch will give beauty pageant one last shot. She is the Tamaryn Green caliber that only another Catriona level can slay her chances in Miss Universe. Patch’s X factor is overflowing. All essential qualities of a beauty queen roll in her.

        That’s all.

    • I think Ana that the Binibini crown assignations have always been spot on. There’s a reason why Ahtisa or Patch were not given the MU assignment and it’s because they simply don’t fit it, or if you’re a glass half-full kind of person, they fit way better elsewhere (though they ruined Pat’s chances when they overdid her in contrast to the winning but much more subtle and coy styling they did for Kylie).

      So yes, Ahtisa would have been a perfect fit for Miss World – the sweet, regal bearing Miss World mold has never changed. But she’s young so she has years still to think about it which also means that maturity may alter her features and that soft, sweet face may still get the sharp, modelesque angles expected of a Miss Universe candidate.

      But Pat for me is done unless she’s done a really drastic make-over.

  13. Toni-Ann Singh has become the longest reigning Miss World will crown her successor at the Miss World 2021 which will be held on December 16, 2021 at the Coca-Cola Music Hall in Puerto Rico. Miss World Puerto Rico Aryam Díaz Rosado is a TV host and a model and tall 5′ 10″. I hope Philippines will send a high caliber representative at the pageant.

  14. Mukhang mabibilang lang sa daliri ang mga magaganda sa batch na itey. Well, too early to judge pa naman. so good luck ladies. 🙂

  15. For the first time in FOREVER…

    Walang Front Runner sa MWP, every year kasi alam mo na sino MWP from day 1

    Krishnan might be the 1st KF candidate to win MWP

    Pinapayagan na pala sa NCR ang pagtitipon ng more than 40 people? Buti hindi na Raid ng IATF


  16. Norms, will you do a breakdown of the girls per camp? It looks like KF might be taking the top plum this time with Krishnan…

      • @ Norman You know THE ONE you dedicated a post to, that you said was the subject of much speculation whether or not she would join MWP? Well, she isn’t in the Official Roster here…

        … Which means she has either retired from pageantry (like CMT) OR will be ‘Laguna’ at MUP’21.


        Feeling ko, after ‘ghost month’ na nag-re-resume sina Boss JG… Anyway, hangga’ng July pa ‘ata si Ate Ibyang sa ‘Tate.

        (Since MIlo(2x) org has not been heard from to date, I guess that means the Malaysian-Filipina 1st RU will be appointed to be Ibyang’s successor to MUP. Kung sa bagay, ‘yun naman ‘ata talaga gusto niya. The arrangement worked out for her in the end. Good for her!)

  17. Facial wise maganda sina:

    1. #29
    2. #37
    3. #38
    4. #56
    5. #59
    6. #60
    7. #62

    Yung iba hindi makita ang number.


  18. Pieces of Advice to few contenders:

    1. Ganiel Krishnan – Uminom ng Gloxi para tumangkad ng 2-3 inches. NOW! Right Packaging.
    2. Ruffa Nava – How to look young and fresh para hindi magmukhang lola. Right Styling.
    3. Kathleen Paton – Develop communication skills and enrich knowledge bank. Right Styling.
    4. Dindi Pajares – Develop communication skills and enrich knowledge bank. Right Styling.
    5. Tracy Maureen Perez – Develop communication skills and enrich knowledge bank. Right Styling.

  19. Mukhang walang mananalo sa listahang ito. Dapat sumali si Ahtisa Manalo.

    • Crown contenders in this batch, at least for me.
      Anne de Mesa-World
      Dindi Pajares- Supra
      Riana Pangindian- RHA
      Kathleen Paton- Eco Int’l
      Ganiel Krishnan- multinational
      Ruffa Nava- Tourism
      Tatyana Austria- eco teen international
      Just wondering why is Umali not included in the roster.

      • My DEAR SERGE PLEASE PUT little details to each of your choice for the titles. Thank a LOT.

      • Sorry Paul. This is not intended as a reply to your comment. Nagkamali Lang po. Pagpasensiyahan mo na ang matanda. He he he.

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