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  1. The stories of Myanmar, Curacao and Canada were truly extraordinary stories.

    The messages of Singapore, Uruguay, and Israel were timely and very important.

    Myanmar & Curacao were successful in moving up in the competition and I wished Curacao was able to enter the Top 10 , and possibly crowned , but destiny intervened … the destiny of Mexico and Telemundo in this year’s pageant , but I am sure Paula Shugart knows this will not be sustainable going forward. They can’t afford to lose fans outside of the latin market

  2. If we want to win again at MU… We need to add more economic/business value to our sash…. We can not beat Telemundo nor the viewership of Mexico and Brazil but we can help/support MU to penetrate the Chinese market… We need to make sure that the next venue would be Macau/China instead of Peru/Costa Rica… so that we could send a girl who could be Miss Universe’ perfect ambassador to the Chinese people.

    Some say Michelle Dee, some say Michelle Gumabao some say Julia Saubier…. but none of them is ideal for me IMO… I think we need a girl with a bigger Celebrity status and can surpass or at least at par with Catriona’s peeformance……

    Any more suggestions?

    • If we send a delegate who’s on the same level as Cat, then that’s all we’d need. All that bullshit you said about China would be irrelevant, because her “peeformance” would suffice.

      Also, if MUO wanted a “perfect ambassador to the Chinese people”,then why wouldn’t they pick someone who’s actually Chinese? A Miss China taking the crown would generate a buzz in China bigger than any Miss Philippines ever could.

      • @Charot

        Uhmm no…. Cat is indeed one of of our best delegates but she also joined at the right time and one of the most ideal host country for a Filipina delegate and for her as an individual…. The Thai audience already love her prior since she aleady several TVCs in Thailand prior. if the venue was in the Latin Americas, her highest placement would have been 1st runner up.

        Meanwhile, as for your 2nd theory… I don’t think that is even plausible since a lot of countries hate China… A Miss Universe from China could potentialy be catastrophic. For starters, their rep is unpopular to the Western audience or any country who hates China like the US and India… the Miss Universe org could lose sponsors and they have to quickly find new endorsement deals that only targets the Chinese market with the risk of losing fans from their existing turf. Another thing, a Chinese delegate is rarely fluent in English or famillar with American culture..How is she suppose to act all charming during interviews in the US for starters where her ethnicity is literaly hated? Their recent delegate spoke English, but none of the fandom even listed her in their predictions, she also recieved a lot of Boos during prelims, probably from Filipinos. Would a Chinese winner be apreciated by the Spanish viewers of Telemundo? Of course not. Therefore, if Brazil won, she’s someone Telemundo viewers could be proud of but could also gather sponsorhip/endorsement deals from China since she is already a D list celebrity in China. But since MUorg just signed up with Telemundo, what betterway to cement that relationship by crowning a winner from their main target market- Mexico, the largest Spanish speaking country in the world with Brazil, the most populated Latin country in the World as 1st runner-up.

  3. May mandate na daw sa mga ND na by October dapat maka-select na sila ng representative for the December edition!

    So pag nagkataon, shortest reign si Andrea!

    Pero keribels na rin kasi siya lang naman ang nakagawa na halos double Miss World-Miss Universe title ang napanalunan aside from Helen Morgan!

    Kung ang Binibini eh urong-sulong ang date ng pageant, eh eto pa kayang MUP na magi-screen palang ng aplikante! Kung makapili man sila ng candidate, eh kung itong si Rabiya na ang haba ng preparation, hindi pa rin nila na-prepare ng maayos, ano pa kaya na barely 3 months lang ang prep!

    Sa July pa daw ang balik ni Rabiya sa Felepens! Baka hanapin muna niya si Papito sa Land of Milk and Honey! Habang si Jam Magno naman eh blocked na daw sa TikTok!

  4. Irespeto po natin ang naging desisyon sa Miss Universe. Kapalaran po talaga ni Mexico na manalo. Mahirap pong kalabanin ang tadhana. May MWP at BbP pa naman para kay Rabiya. ❤

  5. Filipinos can sometimes be very disrespectful to the winners of any competition specially when their expectations are not met. This is sad!
    Peru was not even the 1st RU to say the least for us to claim that she should have been the winner. For f’s sake, she only finished 3rd overall.
    To be honest, if Peru did join Miss World I doubt if she could achieve what Andrea had as 1st RU.
    That’s all!

    • Paanong match? @babynica Please…..mas gusto ko naman yang si Andrea kaysa Kay Bitter Michelle Gumabao.Heller

      • history sana yan sa MU kung sila yung nasa top 2. Parang boxing lang haha.
        Kidding aside, napaka diverse na talaga ng mga nanalong MU since IMG took over.

        Speaking of MG, infairness ha kahit ampalaya sya sa result ng MUP 2020, ng post pa rin sya sa IG storoes ng support nung time na lumalaban si Rabiya

  6. well, it’s going to be a boring year until the next edition of MUP2021 and MU2021… in the meantime, I am very excited about the long delayed Tokyo Olympics this summer, I sure do hope it really happens!

    • we might see the first gold medals for Pinas in men’s gymnatics and women’s weightlifting…
      So , even if Rabiya was only semi-successful in MU2020 , the real awards may lie ahead…
      are you going to watch ? I know for sure I am …

  7. Mexico can possibly have a back-to-back win under Telemundo’s influence.

    • @ Fabian Reyes Uh-huh. And if she finishes as the token ‘chine’ in this Telemundo-partnered-next-three-years Cinco Ultimo, it will be a BIG deal. 🙂

      She’s 27 now. Granted she gets the Poland campaign this August and penetrates at least as far as Janick, she can afterwards look for a Bataan AP… That will be MUP probably 2023 at the earliest. And if Telemundo doesn’t renew for another three years, Boss JG may just realize his first MU Runner-up bragging rights! By then, she’ll be 28 going 29? Puwede pa… Last chance na talaga so malay natin ibigay na sa ‘Pinas. Most of the Universe would have been SARS-coV2-jabbed.

      KF siya now, no? May age ceiling ba sa KF? In any case, why not ask to be part of her own Team? We know that A&Q’s influence will last up to Nepal 2022 (kasi nga Boss JG is linked). So by 2023, medyo makaka-hustle na ang iba’ng pangkat… OR, The Camp take her in, as they did with Alaiza, Bella, and Telle.

      Speaking of Telle, were you able to get a copy of her gin calendar? Maganda? Share mo nemen.

  8. I can imagine if PERU won! Janick is super engaging and joy to listen to! Andrea good luck, amd glad in 6 months we have a new winner. I don’t know if I will follow again, if its the same pattern…expect another boring winner no offense, just saying. Zozi let’s admit is not the typical beauty but she was FUN!

  9. I checked the youtube video of Andrea’s interview with Ripa and there was only one comment on it. This interview was so boring. Glad I won’t have to watch any of her interviews again. I tried to give her a chance with this interview. What a sad year for MU to pick the most boring winner. She has a nice smile though but the MU aura and energy from just winning the crown was obviously lacking. Unlike with the past winners like Pia and Cat.


    • Impaxquita ka talaga!!!!! Why blame others for someone else’s misfortune???? Gurl move on na utang na buot. The earth keeps revolving around the sun!!!! Maghanap ka na ng yummy boylet at ambunan mo rin ang chimp jan na forever hindi nasikatan ng araw ang kalooban!!!!

  11. This is makes me wonder, why do beauty queens use an interpreter when in fact they can communicate in English fluently. I guess it is fair enough it all contestants that English is their second language can ask for interpreter. I am just wondering because Miss Universe 2020 didn’t bring an interpreter in her fist media tour.

    • To buy time!

      That is the exact answer!

      Rewind 2005, 4 of the 5 Finalist are Latina! They all use interpreter though all of them speak English!

      • But those Latinas in 2005 at least answered in English after the intertepreter translated their question in Spanish. Mexico didn’t do the same this year. She could have answered the final statement in English like the Latinas did in 2005 but she didn’t because she wanted to buy time.

        A Cuban vlogger said that Mexico 2020’s translator actually made her answer sound better than what she actually said.

        I’ll get hate for this comment but I don’t care. I hate cheaters and injustice. It’s obvious that Andrea cheated in the final statement by using an interpreter in the final statement and not answering in English when in the top 5, she didn’t use one. It gave her an unfair advantage over India, Peru and Brazil who didn’t use interpreters. Mexico should have been 4th RU. Then the translator was allowed to cheat too by making her answer sound better to the judges who didn’t understand Spanish.

        They should use a digital audio translator (if that’s available) instead so there’s no room for the translator to cheat for the candidate or misunderstand them. The opposite happened to Vietnam in 2018 where her interpreter was not able to translate her excellent answer into Vietnamese so she didn’t make top 3.

  12. she is like a Gabriela Isler 2.0 … I remember the same feeling back then “She’s ok but I would rather have someone else win”

    In 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 , the winners were the obvious , clear and expected winners

    In 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2020 , winners are ok but still disappointing in the end, I would rather have someone else … the “oh well” years in this past decade

    • Sinu-sino po gusto nyong winners?
      2010 – mas gusto ko Jamaica
      2011 – Angola OK!
      2012 – Philippines
      2013 – Spain (or Ukraine kung nakapasok siya ng Top 5)
      2014 – Colombia OK!
      2015 – Philippines OK!
      2016 – France OK!
      2017 – South Africa OK!
      2018 – Philippines OK!
      2019 – Mexico
      2020 – Peru

      • 2019 South Africa was the hands down clear winner

        2010 Ireland if she were in the top 5
        2011 Philippines
        2013 Ecuador will be just fine
        2014 Ukraine
        2020 Romania, Philippines or Curacao

        The others we agree

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