34 comments on “Miss World Philippines 2021: A Sampling of Aspirants

  1. Yung 6footer na runner- up ni Fahsai yata ang sasali sa Miss World Thailand search.

  2. @tito norman anyare kay Izabella Jazmine Umali did she back out??

  3. Hmmmmmm?????

    Supra: Alaiza Malinao or Samber would be perfect…

    Ganiel Krishnan for one of the other crowns…

    World: Ahtisa Manalo or Daisha Jimenez would be most ideal…

  4. Dra. Shaila Rebortera is a beauty in person a dentist. Upturned nose see her ig

  5. Whoever wins, it’s still Manay Julia Morley’s choice. The fast tracks, beauty with a purpose ek ek has no bearing at all! Sayang lang ALL EFFORTS!

    • @ Andria Miza Is that you, Dr. Rezk? 🙂

      No worries, Madame! Monsieur ALV will dispatch his most seasoned headhunters to find more.

      • No my dear ako ang dating Dimi Ligh Niel Pitirs at Zuzebene Tonze na nagbabalik bilang si Andria Miza 🙂

  6. any pageant held between the dates May 29-June 22 will not be successful. This is the second Mercury Retrograde for this year. Kaya sana iadjust na lang nung iba ang sched para mas malaki ang chances of winning internationally.

    • @ Jonalyn Hernandez 27 June is BBP 2021.

      MWP is July na. I saw somewhere,… While browsing Ungkol Tinio’s FB page.

      MPE, wala pa’ng announcement. But as you can see, their Batch 4 or 5 applicants are currently being grilled online… Began at 1300H.


      • @ Flor Tula- ok na po yung sched sa BBP kung sa June 27 gaganapin. A little intervention from astrology will do no harm. Good luck po sa next batch ng mga Filipina na lalaban internationally! ❤

    • @ La Lola May boys din na nag-screen, po.

      ‘Yun’g flight attendant from Pampanga, mukha’ng malakas ang lobby… Mega-guapo siguro in person at sobra’ng bait, kaya ganu’n. Good as ‘in’ na ‘to’ng bata’ng ‘to.

      But I don’t like him. Just me.

      Ang swak sa swab taste ko, ‘yun’g ‘bordado’ na Nelson Banzuela vibes. Suplado ang arrive. 🙂

  7. Knowing how Boss ALV uses his pageant as a springboard to launch show business careers, international placement regardless, HE is the single most important factor to consider if a lady wants a crown at MWP. SIYA ANG I-PLEASE NIYO. NO ONE ELSE MATTERS.

    The ones he likes will be the ones who will not go home empty-handed. Period. 🙂

    That being said, may mga Independent na W-O-W. And dissociated from either A&Q or KF, may prove easier to craft a pageant career trajectory around; neutrality & freshness attract sponsors!

    Tempra will be my bet for Eco Teen International (Tamondong deserves a good successor!).

    Day ALSO deserves a decent follow-up… Dr. Rezk should be granted the liberty of choosing whom she likes. I hope she picks… a Cebuana.

    TALL lady for Multinational, PLEASE; kahit mag-virtual pa. Anne de Mesa can be a perfume muse.

    Philippines-Tourism… Will Glyssa compete anywhere? In any case, Krishnan or Pangindian kaya?

    Reina Hispano-Filipinas…. Umali. NON-NEGOTIABLE.

    Supra-Filipinas… Puwede’ng si ‘Bataan’ kung, as @ Fabian Reyes said, magagawa ng Team niya na ‘di siya magmukha’ng Viet… Kasi now I recall, nu’ng BBP pa, ‘yun din ‘yun’g comment. MUKHA SIYA’NG ‘MISS VIETNAM’. Keep in mind, si Jihane ang ‘one-to-beat’… Tarrayo was my early bet.


    I will also assume United Continents, the eighth (8) title, has been finalized and set in stone. Do NOT send anymore someone who looks like either Jerelleen Rodriguez or Jeslyn Santos! 😦

  8. Dalawa lang ang reserba ko for MWP na feel ko maguuwi ng corona,

    Siobhan Moylan
    Claire Hartell

    Unfortunately, hindi pa sumasali!

  9. Sus kahit sobrang chaka basta Ms. Personality pasok sa banga ng Ms. World. Dapat meron din BWAP project na mga isang dekada na niyang ginagawa.

  10. Base from what I know they are all possible winners at the pageant. They are all talented, beautiful with Amazonian height.

    Tracey Maureen Perez, 5′ 5″
    Binibining Cebu 2017 Top 20 Finalist
    Miss World Philippines Top 10 Finalist
    Miss Universe Philippines Top 16 Finalist

    Dindi Pajares, 5′ 7″
    Binibining Pilipinas 2016 Top 15 Finalist
    Binibining Pilipinas 2017 Unplaced

    Kathleen Joy Paton, 5′ 5″
    Miss Teen International 2017 Winner
    Miss Manila 2018 Winner

    Emannuelle Vera, 5′ 4″

    Dannah Joy Tempra
    Miss Kuyamis 2021 Winner

    Megan Campbell
    Binibinig Cebu 2017 Top 20 Finalist

    • Dindi is listed as 5’8 in binibini kanya nga supra ko sya that year
      She is also a reserve in the airforce

  11. Juiceko! Nga-nga sa Miss Universe!

    Huwag naman sana sa Miss World!

    Tenga din winner nitong pageant na’to!

    Wala akong makitang Miss World material sa kanila!

    Way back at Binibini, I always wanted Dindi for Supranational!

    Nag-flashback saken yung chica last December nung hairdresser ng Farouk na Mexican!

    Sabi niya wala na daw sa IMG ang Miss Universe then fast forward 2 days ago, a Mexican was crowned! And major sponsor is Telemundo! Baka sunod na announcement nito, iba na nga talaga may-ari ng Miss Universe!

  12. There you go, Tito Norms. Thanks for shortening our anxiety from waiting for the face reveal of the candidates who screened for Miss World Philippines, and whose identity of some girls might have been the subject of your “for a surprise” post awhile ago. Haha! Definitely, Tracy Maureen Perez holds the candle in this batch. She is such a joy to watch joining yet another national beauty pageant.

    In Miss World beauty pageant, we need to send a girl with the most gorgeous face, who is charming and has a good PR skills. She is someone who can easily stand out in the sea of beautiful ladies. If Ahtisa Manalo finally decides to join Miss World Philippines this year, I have to say she will be in the running towards becoming the 2nd Filipina to win Miss World.

    That’s all.

  13. Thanks for not subjecting us to further torture of having to guess and wait in vain

  14. Dindi has the best form
    We already know she can communicate
    I just want her to be more ‘playful’. Just like what some people say, we need someone who is fierce but natural and beaming with joy on stage.
    Facially , she can still be improved . If someone could style her away from a typical Vietnamese candidate . Maybe some tanning ?

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