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  1. I must agree with some of the sentiments of the commenters here.
    Rabiya appeared to be untrained both during the prelims and finals.
    I mean where were Shamcey and Jonas amidst all of this travesty that had unravelled right before our eyes. They could have consulted Pia Wurtzback on how to play with the camera angles on stage. Rabiya seemed lost on stage i.e during the swimsuit rounds, when she was heading towards the last ledge of the stage, the cameraman wanted to zoom in her face but Rabiya instead looked away. This coold have been the game changer that catapulted her into the top 10.

    Not sure if the bashings after that natcos show have affected her psyche and spirit and had dimmed her light because she was energetic throughout the days leading to the natcos show. Perhaps, we fans should also learn not to bash our candidates on social media because people takes bashings differently and in case of Rabiya, she got affected adversely.

    The mysterious MU light was not simply was not Rabiya’s face neither during the prelims and finals; that same light I’d seen on Pia and in this case on Andrea’s face.

    Anyway, I have moved on and still very glad that my bet since day 1 mi amor Andrea Meza won!
    Fyi, Andrea has an asian blood and she loves Filipinos.

    That’s all!

  2. Ang daming ambag ng mga vaklash. Dakdak.
    Quesehodang ganito, quesehodang ganyan.

    Magsi move on na kayo, mga plantita.
    Lotlot talaga.


  3. I am not liking this heavily- patterned,ornately- embroidered gown!!.. Geeezz!! This are Couture pieces!! Not pageant gowns!!… Haute couture masterpieces tend to steal the spotlight from the wearer with those detailings!!..Knockout Pageant gowns brings out the BEST BODYFORM of the WOMAN!!.. Case in point?— MAK TUMANG’s Lava Gown gave the BENCHMARK for a High- Level Iconic Gown!! Ganun lang!! PERU’s Gown was superb!! Rabiya’s Orange gown got washed-out on stage…
    Infact,the enhanced ample breasts of Rabiya were hidden in the orange piece! Ano pa’t nagpa- enhance sya tapos..tatakpan lang!?.. SAGARIN NYO NA!! FLAUNT HER WOMANLY FIGURE,NOT JUST ON THE SWIMSUIT,BUT ON THE EVENING GOWN AS WELL!!..

  4. Oh, yeah! One more thing, but in reference to the yellow Prelims number. 🙂

    I’ve said it before. ASYMMETRICAL sleeve/shoulders is best on a FLAT-chest. Practically no support, po! 😦

    Let us treat a woman’s chest with respect. Or as Davonna Finley would say, ‘chesticles’.

  5. Ano na naman tong pakulo ng #TeamAhasAndKweens and its supporters na wag daw sisihin ang MUP dahil 1st year daw nila? Lakas ng apog niyong mang-agaw ng franchise, ang chaka naman ng output niyo. Kapal pa ng mukha niyong i-downplay at okrayin placement ni Gazini. No offense to Rabiya. She can only do so much.

    • @ THROWBAKLA Good thing you mentioned Gazini, po.

      I heard on the news that her father is in Palestine atm… And we know what’s going on there. 😦

      Si MUIsrael ba, right after her Prelims Swim appearance, umuwi na rin kaagad?

      We all can only do so much. If this is how MUO and A&Q will be doing it for the next few more years granted some limitations, dapat ‘ata ang ipadala ay someone na like Cat has a solid team of her own from Day 1. This means she either has her own money (can hire/pay the best pros in the industry) OR is someone na may MASSIVE influence at following which makes her attractive to corporate sponsors. We already know a few of them… Let’s see if there will be others soon. 🙂

    • BPCI didn’t even place in the top 15 in 1964, the first year they held the franchise for Miss Universe.

      They were able to break into the top 15 the following year, 1965.

      At least MUP had a placement in their first year of holding the franchise.

      BPCI won Universe in 1969, six years after holding the franchise. I say it’s only fair that we give MUP at least that much time to produce a titleholder.

      I’m sure that this MU season has been a learning experience for MUP.

      One thing we’re learning is that an all female selection panel tends to go for gravitas & elegance over flashy sexiness. So, yes, seasoned in contrast to naive–a woman as opposed to a girl. I think MUP was aware of this, which is maybe why Rabiya had such unflattering ninang hair at gown prelims.

      I’d also like to point out that we Filipinos make a big deal of Kelsey Merritt being the first Pinay angel, but actually the Victoria’s Secret vibe & aesthetic is already considered passé in the US (I feel like the stylists should have been more on top of this).

      I hope MUP might consider evolving their training regimen to allow our representative to have more of a natural demeanor when speaking, as opposed to being “programmed.” Catriona seemed overly programmed at MW as well to me, so this might be a risk factor with A&Q and MUP training. And, of course, I hope they provide mental health support for our representative.

      Overall, for its rookie year at Universe, in the middle of a pandemic, MUP did well & they deserve congratulations (and not just our batikos).

      It wasn’t a perfect run. But it was, at least, a run. Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.

      • Agree na naman aq sa iyo, SQ.

        I was so dismayed how we described Rabiya’s National Costume and performance as VS-ish.
        I was like, why was that a compliment? VS is passé (like you said), and restructuring (bankrupt na ba??). Bakit yun ang peg? True, the stylists should have known, and if they didn’t (obviously), please research (google pa more!).

        Another OOTD that bugged me to no end was the denim patchwork. It reminded me of the blanket that my lola made for me, from retasos and patches. Why was that pantsuit a Miss-Universe-worthy display? It made Rabiya look like Raggedy Ann, na parang wala nang maisuot, “pagdugtungin na lang natin ang mga retaso, and Voila!” I felt really bad for her. She was made into a project and a caricature, in my opinion.

        Browsing through Andrea’s and Julia’s (Brazil) Instagram Accounts recently, I found their OOTDs throughout the competition to be classy, spectacular, and almost perfectly on point. Include ko na si Colombia and Thailand. Rabiya’s stylings showed the stylist’s lack of taste.

        Sorry, mag move on na ako!

      • I also followed rain x em’s styling of Sam Concepcion sa show na Born To Be A Star. They tried SO HARD to make him look edgy that his looks and OOTDs were all over the place. And mind you, I like edgy, but with them (and Sam), nothing worked! Again, the operative word/s ay TRIED SO HARD to make him out to be another person (from another planet!).

  6. Finally, I remember the Hollywood actress lookalike of Andrea Meza. It’s Jodi Lyn O’Keefe who starred in a lot of romcoms back in the 2000s.

    PERU looks like a young Jennifer OConnely another Hollywood actress. Janick aced the contest segments but there was something off about her. She looked weird when she smiles

    PUERTO RICO is a combo of Lucy Torres Gomez and Emily Blunt. She eliminated herself when she wore that popcorn and sotanghon gown during the semis.

    • Andrea looks like a combo of Brooke Burke and a younger Debra Messing.

      I agree with you about Puerto Rico. Parang nagkulang pa yung sotanghon/noodles sa lower part nung gown 🙂

      I thought Amanda was stunning and the gown was a wow! But, hindi ba sya reminiscent (or a “copied” version) of Cat’s red lava gown, in different color (of course)? Let’s look at it again.

    • spot-on observations. db someone commented here,peru looks like joker when she smiles. and andrea, looksnlike the company”s hitwoman in the orison break. and then lucy..and blunt.

    • Cool Brew, Jodi, is she the one in Prison Break? Season 3 i think

  7. Of course naglabasan ang mga baklang magagaling. Kasi ganun kasi ganyan. Dapat kayo nalang sumali next time ha.

  8. It was a plot to make cut her off at top 21. If she makes to top 10 that gown would have been a better choice than the yellow. She’s a threat. She should have not sported that during rehearsals.

  9. It’s not about the dress
    If the woman is confident And energetic and she is beautiful and in shape , she will do well .
    Venus Shamcey and Janine all had glowing faces on MU stage.
    Rabiya needed some derm work and fitness training . Abs NGayon ang labanan.
    And the hair should be beautiful on her . Nagpusod na lang sana sya .
    And the boob job , OMG .
    She aspires to be VS model. But it’s not in her personality and there’s nothing wrong with that
    If she only kept her style on her video presentation , she could have gone a long way.

    Also , if you criticize , people will chew you out in her defense like you can’t believe it .
    We need strong candidates who are willing to listen even to the harshest criticisms . That’s how they correct the problem .. before they set their foot on MU stage .. before it’s too late .
    BElla for MU 2021!!!

  10. Sa lakad pa lng, wakey pa rin. Boring. Nasaan Ang training. To think nandyan na c Jonas at Shamcey. Hayyyyyssss Ambot nlang jud. Drained na rin ba Ang Brain 🧠 ng taga A&Q. Acceptable pala sa kanila yan. Sinayang lng pera ni Lolo Chavit 🤗 hihihihi

    • They crammed Rabiya’s training and styling. Na-busy sa endorsements. Granting that all the directors have their own careers and businesses, sana they delegated her training na lang. Maraming bakla all over the Philippines na willing to help for free. Di ba nga nadeliver ang mga damit to neatobsessions for packing 12 midnight na, tapos lilipad na sila on that same day. Nakakaloka.

      She had a great walk, pero I wish bawasan ang pa-fierce. Have you noticed how the Latinas walk? They look so happy when they’re on stage. Dati ko pa to napansin even from the time of Dayana Mendoza and Taliana Vargas. Fierce but happy. Hindi nagtitipid sa smile. They enjoy the moment. Sa totoo lang medyo kinabahan ako nung time ni Pia kasi bihira din sya mag-smile. Compared to the Latinas, happy lang talaga sila onstage.

  11. Another phoenix-themed stuff. It goes that one is burned to cinders before rising from it. Sometimes burns are all you get, no rising involved.

    It’s high time MUP consults with Monique Lhuillier or true high-fashionistas to get fresh ideas. No more Dubai-based designers.

  12. the gown is gorgeous but for me, it is not suitable for Rabiya’s body type. This gown is fit for taller and slender woman. This gown would be flattering for the likes of Rachel Peters, Venus Rah, and Cara Subijano.

  13. It’s a shame we did not see this gown for her top 10 … maybe if she wore her hair in the swimsuit just like the one she did during the final Dress Rehearsal, she could have made an impact but well, this is just second guessing…

    The gown is excellent. My one opinion is that when I see a gown this detailed, I just wish they put all the va-va-voom design on the front and not too much at the back… the back should be sexy , maybe just put one VA-VOOM design at the back but to me, better if you see the actual back of the person, sexy and emphasize the butt as it will be surely looked at by the judges …

  14. If Rabiya could only get to the Top 10, we’d see how this gown would make her enter the Top 5. I find this gown so stunning. The design is intricate and the color is refreshing. But, Rabiya’s fate had locked her in to the Top 21.

    I am sure her MUP Team very well knew why Rabiya failed to enter the Top 10. Her body had not transformed into a winning form. It was not proportioned. If she were only slimmer and toned with fabulous abs, and then she got a remarkable pasarela, she could seamlessly get to the Top 10.

    My hunch is that the MUP Team had not made all the necessary preparations for Rabiya in a balance. I thought they had more photoshoots than pasarela training and gym work out. They also over-enhanced Rabiya’s beauty to the extent that she did not look more natural and pleasing. She has become looked dark, dull, and dry. I hope the MUP Team should have learned from Rabiya’s journey.

    That’s all.

  15. If MU continues the current practice of using the same set of judges on both preliminary and final competitions, I believe it would be more prudent to treat the preliminary competition as the competition that matters the most.

    For if Brook Lee’s statement regarding “total packaging” is indeed MU core judging principle, then it only make sense why a less than stellar performance on final competition was crowned instead of Peru. For it can’t be ignored that the judges must have seen something during the preliminary competition especially the closed door interview that justify their final decision.

    As such, this gown should had been worn instead of that caped yellow ensemble.

    • Exactly!!! They were too confident that Rabiya would reach the Top 21 that they allowed the other girls to outshine her upto the point that the judges already fell in love with the other girls while leaving Rabiya far behind… tsk tsk…

    • the more I look and hear Rabiya now, I realize maybe she did want to bring the crown back to Pinas BUT NOT as much as she wanted to go Big Time as an actress when she enters the entertainment industry … maybe she is being practical … maybe… & I hope she meets her father very soon …

  16. Next time, stick to the formula. Beaded, high slit, see-through, crystals, silhouette gowns. Mas jaw-dropping. Mas sexy.

    Parang 2000-ish binibini uli ang dating ni Rabiya. At alam nating lahat na dark era yun natin sa Miss U. Buti na lang nakapasok sa semis. At least di naputol ang streak.

    • and make the waistline as tiny as possible like Catriona gray’s gown. thinning effect

  17. I wish we have gowns like they do in Thailand and Indonesia. They seem to have found the formula for pageant gowns over there. This gown is beautifully made, the concept is good, and the color suits her warm skin tone, BUT hindi kita from afar ang ganitong details eh. Masasayang lang ang beautiful embroridery. For pageant gowns, I think the ones that stand out from afar work better.

    • True… from afar it looks like a basic tube dress with a tail.. I’m so dissapointed… 😒🙄😬

    • Beautiful concept and very intricate design. However, this dress made her looks shorter. The train looks too long. I don’t know I like her on blue, aquamarine , or teal color gown.

    • Beautiful concept and very intricate design. However, this dress made her looks shorter. The train looks too long. I don’t know I like her on blue, aquamarine , or teal color gown. It’s a B- for me.

  18. Time and again it is not destiny for Miss Philippines to bring home the crown. No one is to be blame and we must be humble to accept the results of the competition. We Filipinos must be grateful that Miss Philippines is safe and healthy. Honestly speaking, the true winner of the 69th edition Miss Universe is Miss Myanmar. She sacrifice and escape from her country just to be able to join the pageant. Now she can’t go back to her country because the military will put her in prison for what she did.

  19. Next year wag na Phoenix inspired ang gown mukhang andun ang sumpa haha

  20. IMO, the gown looks heavy, at maliit tignan si Rabiya. If she is 3 to 4 inches taller, maganda siguro kalabasan nyan. But then, for me I prefer a light gown, something like Shamcey’s and Rachel’s for Rabiya. Pag medyo hindi kantangkaran hindi maganda ang heavy gown. Look at Australia? Kahit 5’3″ nagmukhang 5’9″

    • Ikaw Lang ang puedeng mamintas . Hayup ka . Akala mo Kung sino kang magaling .
      Wala ka namang naitutulong

      • Hahaha may follower pala akong baklang bakulaw! Bwahahaha. I suggest gumawa ka ng sarili mong blog, I am sure puro kampon ng kadiliman ang mga followers mo.
        Ikaw ang pinaka maingay na naninira kay Rabiya. Shut up!

  21. WALEYYYYYY!!!! Di bagay yung kulay sa kanya, nawala yung leeg niya (di naman siya biniyayaan ng swanlike neck), di rin pang queenly pasarela niya (pang VS trip niyang lakad). This gown sums up what’s in her wardrobe. BADUY siya talaga. Sa simsuit lang siya malakas sana kaso……

  22. Norman ito yung sinasabi mong pasabog? THE (overall) SILHOUETTE of the GOWN is SIMPLE, BORING and VERY ORDINARY. Marami nitong kahawig sa mga nagpaparenta ng gowns even sa MALALAYONG MUNISIPALIDAD.

    The UPPERMOST is the WORST PART because the NECKLINE LOOKS SO BAD (just like an ordinary sleeveless shirt/blouse). Sayang lang ang kanyang gawang boobs. DETAILS LANG ang MAGANDA sa gown pero kung sa malayo you cannot also appreciate these little things.

    • @ paul I agree with you on the tiny details. Unless the camera zooms in, it’s useless.

      Ngayon ko mas na-appreciate ‘yun’g nude-camel Finals dress ni SamBer sa MGI. Same color as Bella’s Furne at MUP. Pero the KF queen’s featured BIG crystals that even from afar are seen. 🙂

      • Correct Flor! Brayt jud ka parehas ni Atty. Patitay. He, he, he… Maayong gab-i sa imo day.

    • True, I was expecting the pasabog gown of her like Zuleka Rivera kasi nag pa enhanced sa upper part ei… pa sexy ang labanan…yon pala tatago din naman. hahahaha

      Lahat ng gown nya makes her looks short.

  23. I agree. Dapat sa prelims pa lang isuot na yung pangkabugang gown para kung sakali man na hindi palarin at least nairampa na yung gown.

  24. lamunin man lupa

    hanggang semi finals na lang muna Felepens

    next nyan clapper na like SA

    pana panahon din

    ang galawan ni Rabiya eh pang MW

  25. Beautiful gown. The fit is perfect. It also has the sex appeal that the yellow gown was missing with its slight opacity and sensuous fabric. The pattern of the embroidery also gives Rabiya the illusion of length. So, I’ll give credit to both the MUP Team and Furne One because this was well thought out.

    I just wish they made her wear this in prelims. Lesson learned because there is no guarantee that a candidate will make the Top 21 (Hi South Africa! Canada! Nepal!), much less the Top 10.



    • I agree… I have seen that design before multiple times… and it’s not even sexy… A pageant gown should also apeal to the male audience…. ni wala manlang pacleavage… ano pa purpose ng palaki ng boobs kung itatago din… tsk tsk…

      Rabiya should have worn this for the Prelims and the Leo Almodal gown for the finals… Now that would be a show-stopper.

    • @ PAQUITA X Well, he did say in his interview with Tito that pageantry is not his usual clientele.

      Besides, humingi ng tulong ang org sa kanya ta’s choosy/demanding sila gayo’ng FOC, not nice.

      If MUO wants/expects better, they should 1) canvass well in advance, 2) make a down-payment, & 3) not ask for a discount. Lalo na kung first-time customer ka, bad vibes kung ‘yun’g una’ng order baratan na agad…

      THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN BELLA’S MUP FINALS DRESS! Orange nga lang, instead of camel.

      • True! But then they should have settled with Leo Almodal… Taray din kasi nitong si Leo kaya hindi masyadong favored pero the dude is extremely talented…..I believe Leo Almodal mastered the pageant gown more than any other Filipino designer.

  28. ang ganda… the color, the beadwork/craftsmanship.. and even Rabiya’s hairstyle.. yes, we “somehow” saw it on tv.. but definitely, as Norman said, it didn’t receive “the spotlight it so richly deserves..” 😔☹ sayang.. moral of the story, wear the gown with the “mostest” impact sa prelims pa lang… if the candidate misses the cut for top 10, nasulit pa rin ang magandang gown.. 😞

    • If MU continues the current practice of using the same set of judges on both preliminary and final competitions, I believe it would be more prudent to treat the preliminary competition as the competition that matters the most.

      For if Brook Lee’s statement regarding “total packaging” is indeed MU core judging principle, then it only make sense why a less than stellar performance on final competition was crowned instead of Peru. For it can’t be ignored that the judges must have seen something during the preliminary competition especially the closed door interview that justify their final decision.

      As such, this gown should had been worn instead of that caped yellow ensemble.

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