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  1. Nireview ko uli. Trump era ang judging na konti lang ang impact ng q&a. Mexico is the only one in Top5 exuding the queenly aura. The others are princesses. So even makapasok si Ibyang sa Top5, she will not win. She was picked and trained for the IMG era na may opening statement then cut to Top10. I think Gazini would have fared better this year.

  2. Super Boring Show! Bad hosts, bad production, unconvincing winner! PERU should have won!!!!! If only they let Rabiya in the TOP 10, Rabiya would make the Top 5 more interesting!!!! Ang boring

  3. Rabiya, you did great! You looked so amazing tonight! Especially in your SS performance. Talk about that amazing body transformation! I am proud of you for carrying the country on your shoulders. You continued Philippines’ placement streak sa MU.

    I know she really wanted to make it far, but I think the pressure was really too much for her. Her aura was correct in day 1. Then when national competition happened, she cracked. Breaking down on IG live and you can’t deny that her demeanour changed right after that. She looked nervous or defeated in her prelims and final performance. I can’t help but think how she would have performed in those portions had she not been too immersed in social media. I feel like we would’ve seen a glowing Rabiya in the finals. That SS performance would’ve been a lot more firey, enough to propel us to top 5. But the stars didn’t align for her. That’s okay. At the end of the day, she’s the most followed MU candidate this year with 1.3M. I am sure many opportunities will come her way. The universe has a different plan for her.

    That being said, pinoy pageant fans can really be cruel. Our standards are so high for these women that we expect perfection only. I think that’s too toxic. Enough with the “well you need to have thick skin if you want to be MUP”. Having that kind of mindset is dangerous as it fosters toxic behaviour like bashing. I know we all want the best for our candidates but at the end of the day, they’re only human and we have to be aware of what our words can mean or do to other people.

  4. Felt like a sacrificial edition. Maitawid lang… 😦

    MGI 2020 is STILL the gold standard this year! Kailan daw ulit, per Angkol? Oct~Nov 2021, no?

    My memory of this one will be ZT in that blue serpentina in the Prelims. Chat Silayan feelz! 🙂

  5. At Tito Normans prediction post, I mentioned that Mexico would be up there especially with Telemundo as major major broadcast channel for the Latino market.

    On a lark however. I predicted that PR would be the top choice even if she looks like my sosyal 50 year old tita. I thought her classy demeanor, eloquence and life experiences would propel her to the top.

    Along with PR, I predicted that Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Thailand and India would make it too. Glad that three of them made top five

    • @ Cool Brew Your socialite aunt is ONLY 50??!!!

      How YOUNG are you exactly, dear? 🙂

  6. Pwede naman pala Top 10 kahit Pandak.
    Next year, lower the height requirement to 5 foot.
    Basta Bilog Lang katawan and malaki Pwet,
    Baka swertihin ang MUP, shet! 😉

  7. Tama ako ang pagbabalik ni kimi. Rabiya w her abay prelim is no top 10. Maganda sya at hardworking pero hinayaan nya yun nagayos Ng hair nya na gawin ang masama nilang plano . Like girl palag diblahat maganda plano sayo

  8. My last 2 Mexico and Thailand as I wrote yesterday . I forgot that telemundo will slay the asian so ok I got mex right

  9. MUP and team! Lookbook pa more!😂😂😂…pagod na si inday rabiya sa kakaphotoshoot nyo! Swimsuit round pa lang hulas na ang beauty ni inday. Ayaw na ngumiti. Obvious na kabado. Ang halabira walk ni inday naging kijo kijo walk na!🤣🤣🤣

  10. Baka may nakikita kayo kay Miss Mexico na hindi ko nakikita? Maganda rin siya pero hindi ko inakalang mananalo siya. (Puerto Rico’s gown is her downfall I think. Had she not changed her gown, she would’ve easily been in the Top 5)

    I wanted India to win. Pero pagkatapos nilang magsalita lahat parang gusto ko na si Peru.

  11. Viva Mexico pit Señor! Congratulations Andrea Meza, the 69th Miss Universe. The third well-known Miss World crossover beauty who successfully made it in the most prestigious pageant on earth.

    I actually believe that Peru deserved the top spot. She is drop-dead gorgeous, well-styled, so polished, and eloquent. However, since the judges have chosen Andrea over her, huwag na tayong makipagwarlahan pa. Ibigay na lang natin sa Peruvians ang giyera. Ang giyera natin ay sa mga Intsik kase hindi pa rin sila lumalayas sa WPS. At least sa Miss U, lotlot sila sa atin. Lels. 🤣🤣

    Si Auntie Estefaña, sayang. Sana talaga inayos ang kanyang make-up style, ‘yung pinagmukha sana s’yang bata. For me, s’ya ang real performer sa edition na ito ng timpalak pagandahang pangkalawakan. At si Morisette, decent placement na ang Top 10 for her. Matutuwa na ang mga Thai bekis n’yan, kase for two years, kinakabog nila tayo.

    Ire-reserve ko muna ang aking further comment kay Rabiya at ang aking sasabihin sa MUP Team. Kapag may post na lang si Tito Norms about Rabiya’s journey, doon ako magpapakawala ng honest-to-goodness feedback ko.

    That’s all.


    • Ay, naku! Tama ka d’yan Paul Dear. May appointment ako sa manicurista today, as in home service. Ipina-cancel ko muna, baka mainit ang ulo ni vakla at balahurain ang aking nails. Sabi ko sa kanya next week na lang. Hihi!

      That’s all.

      • Good decision Madame Ana. Baka magkasugat-sugat pa ang mga daliri mo dahil hindi pa naka-recover sa bad mood ng manicurista. He, he, he…

  13. another Miss World cross over clinching the crown.

    Also, super obvious that a Latina will win.


  15. Highway robbery in broad daylight. Congratulations Mexico. Wear that crown with grace and responsibility. Good job Rabiya.

    • I like her….i thought that she will at least be 1st runner up. Didn’t really follow the other candidate, but when PERU answered her question in ENGLISH, i thought that she will win. Very charming lady.

  16. 4th RU – DR, 3rd RU – India, 2nd RU – Peru, 1st RU – Brazil, and Mexico CROWN.

    Hay! Inday Ibyang, i-swimming mo na lang kami diyan… I-N-I-T dito sa Feeleepeens. 🙂

  17. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC the silent killer!!!! Interestingly, the most queenly among the top 5.
    The most Boring MU edition ever. Mario Lopez is❤💓💓💓. All other hosts are 😥😥😥😥😥

  18. With the removal of continental groupings, Latinas proved that they’re force to reckon with! They’re the ones who benefitted from it.

  19. My guess:
    Peru is MU
    Brazil 1ST RU
    Dominican Republic 2nd RU
    India 3rd RU
    Mexico 4th RU

  20. Sinabi nang wag mag Yellow sa prelims..
    Pasaway!… Tsk tsk… politicaly polarizing haays

    The 3 round Q&A are obviously for her…
    She should have Brazil’s position.

    She shouldn’t have acted defeated…

  21. Handfed question peru. Advocacy nya tanong sa kanya. Ganun Aya ka swerte galawan temundo

  22. Lucky you Peru! She picked cards containing easy question and topic.

  23. I’d like Peru to win. She’s the one that makes sense but Brazil is so passionate and I love it!

  24. Final Statement! Very Earth-y… 🙂

    Very pageant-patty. Even the topics! This edition sounds like those in the distant past.

    (I feel ‘cooking show’ vibes… Na iligwak ‘yun’g lumalamon ng mic. But after all, 6~7 months lang nemen ang panunungkulan. Yup. I EXPECT A REALLY SULTRY SWIM/LINGERIE CALENDAR.)

    Onward to Costa Rica 2021. Aside from Atty., sino pa’ng promising?

  25. It’s a Latina Miss Universe 2020 – either Peru or Brazil for the win. India, inasmuch as I want you to take it all, you were unfortunately outshone by these 2 outstanding Latinas.

  26. Last two standing:Brazil and Peru. If for any reason, mabaho pa rin ang keeps ng chimpanzee, SUNUGIN NA SYA PARA MAUBOS LAHAT NG VIRUS NYA SA KATAWAN!!!!!!

  27. Final statement well done by Brazil, Dominican Republic, Peru. This is now a toss up, I think, between these three.

  28. well tama ako
    back to back tough 20

    congratulations Felepens

  29. At this point, I’m thinking it just might be Peru. Other choice, Dominican Republic or Brazil…

  30. We owe her a prayer 🙏🏾🙏🏼🙏🏽for her health, her well-being and her happiness. A big gratitude for staying in the game and taking all the blows for all of us. Thank you Rabiya.

  31. Peru is calm and composed in QnA.

    And the next Miss Universe is… PERU! First runner-up is… INDIA!

  32. Best answer in the top 5, in my humble opinion…
    Dominican Republic

  33. 2-3 years from now, compete in Ms World PH, Rabiya.
    Your beautiful face and pleasant demeanor are more suited for Ms. World.
    Be sure you’re in control and not made into a puppet, just like what Catriona did at MU.
    What happened to Cat could definitely happen to you, losing in one international pageant and then winning in another.

  34. Rabiya’s boob job was so unnecessary! It’s good they are talking about body image and beauty standards ! E exiles even mentioned how it’s not needed . Why did Rabiya even agree to it makes me wonder how much pressure was put on her .

    • I agree. Those boobs were distracting. She is only 5’6 and the large boobs made her look shorter and wider. Those knockers were swallowing her bigtime. It made her look unnatural unlike when she won MUP. Tsk, tsk such a wrong idea for the organizers….

  35. 🥀🥀🥀Puertorico thailand australia
    MISS UNIVERSE IS INDIA- intellectual and their covid situation

  36. Buti na lang wala si Morisette Amon at si Midget Beauty 😂😂
    May favorites both into the top 5 – Mexico and Brasil

  37. Rooting for Thailand, India and Jamaica. They have that “IT” factor. Seriously.

  38. Rabiya’s so called pasabog gown is again mediocre . Hay ! MUP is all hype ! Next time mag focus sa cohesive styling ! Wag pag experimentuhan . I’m do disappointed Rabiya didn’t make it too 10 and it’s not her fault . She was being coached and guided . MUP should have known better !

  39. Rabiya didn’t display her beautiful smile during SS competition. Considering that a candidate was given a few seconds to showcase herself to the best that she could, she should maximize such very short spot to get into another slot in top 10. She looked like “suplada” all through out the SS segment. But the good thing is, she didn’t break the PH semi-final streak since 2010.

    • @ Closer2Fame MUP-Bataan sash is reserved? 🙂

      Mahusay lumakad ‘yan’g si Atty! Mala-Evelina P… See her in action at MI 2019 Prelims.

      I predict, too, that MUP-Sorsogon will be a semifinalist at the very least.

      I am missing Caroline Joy Veronilla already… Sasha Tajaran will SLAY (in) China come October!

      • Bataan, Bataan Flor for MUP 2021! Deserving talaga si Atty. Patitay maging MU.

  40. Kapag nakapasok talaga itong si Australia sa Top 5, syutah, Wynwyn Marquez, maghanda ka na! Ikaw na ang itinadhana.

    Ay, mas maganda ‘yung gown ni Amanda nung prelim. Costa Rica, sure na ito sa Top 5. She’s on fire. Peru for the win.

    That’s all.

    • Yes, if we sent Winwin… her maternal Indian ancestry and former Hispano-Americana title would have helped propel her to the Top 5….

  41. I can’t believe this is going to be a 3-hour show …. it’s dragging now … great job Rabiya !

  42. Thank you Rabiya for representing our country… we are still proud that you reached top 21.

    Nakakapanghinayang pa rin.
    MUP you need to learn from this experience… I know you did your best, but still needs a lot to learn… take it from Catriona who went to MU stage really prepared!
    And I think the Thai have learned from that. I wish Thailand will win this time. Otherwise India!

  43. Kailangan talaga in shape at glowing yung face
    I just wish she had smiled more
    Puede naman syang mag MW after 2 y

  44. Mexico and Brazil ❤️❤️❤️
    After watching Australia in the EG competition, I think Rabiya is a better choice for the top 10
    Mexico has a soft spot in my heart I dont know why

  45. Know when to peak, where are you💋 😲 WOW
    Wala ng gasoline mga vecks😱hihihi
    Good luck Rabiya 👍
    You’re still a Queen 👑

  46. Oh my I saw Rabiya with that red orange gown and she looked ravishing

  47. If Rabiya went as she was in MUP , same gown , same swimsuit body and presentation . She would have made top 10! Goes to prove you are better if you stay true to yourself . Don’t let so called experts and stylist change who you are . I hope she v CB ones out of this a stronger person. We support you Rabiya. Thank you !

    • Rabiya’s transformation was contrived. It was not her. They made boobs larger that made her look shorter and wider with her 5’6″ frame. Not impressed of what had changed in her post MUP.

  48. India and Thailand are stunning!!!!

    If the org will approve that no Latina will be in the top 2, then India and Thailand it is!!

  49. Okay. Better luck next time, MUP.

    It is still a good job for Rabiya. Alam n’yo na kung ano ang mga pagkukulang at pagkakamali ninyo, MUP. Nawalan ng glow, confidence at energy si Rabiya. Kinabog pa s’ya ni Australia. Small but terrible si ineng. Mukhang kasisimula n’ya lang magkaroon ng menstruation, sumabak agad s’ya sa pageant.

    Peru’s glow is saying she is going to snatch the crown. Para s’yang si Jessy Mendiola. Ang ganda!

    That’s all.

    • Also dapat sumali sya sa TV Shows at mag host para alam nya kung papaano mag play sa audience.

  50. Happy that Rabiya made it to Top 21. Though devastated that her journey ends here, I still believe she has what it takes to be Top 10 – even more than a few who actually made it. So proud of you, my Miss Universe Philippines!

  51. India or Thailand!!!

    Sorry Rabiya, I know kinulang ka ng energy sa SS.
    Sayang yung surprised gown na nirereserve sa final 10!!

  52. Bash na mga baklang askal!!!!! Kayo na magagaling!!!! Rabiya made us proud!!!! Lesson learned? YES. Move forward from here and let’s bring it on for the 70th Miss Universe!

  53. Mukhang tinanggal talaga nila yung mga nanalo na dati ng korona. Walang Colombia Philippines South Africa

  54. Sad for Rabiya but then again the swimsuit judging was just fair.
    I wish Aces & Queens did not advise the breast augmentation.
    They should have just toned her body and made it long and lean ala Ara Arrida

  55. O ano Kayo? Predict predict top 5 ? So sorry but she just didn’t shone at all tonight . MUP HAS TO REEVALUATE . Don’t try to change someone ! Rabiya at MUP was so much better !

    • Agree!
      A&Q has failed big time this time without Madam Stella as the balancing act.

  56. Top 10
    Dominican Republic
    Puerto Rico
    Costa Rica

    • The unruly, toxicity of Filipino fantards, the Pinoys unrelenting bashing’s of other delegates, the amateurish stylings and inconsistent presentation, the disconnected wardrobes, the overdone boobs hooked to the collarbone, the rough edges and lack of finesse, all caused her the magic 10 spot.
      Congratulations for top 21 finish though.

    • my humble opinion. With her lackluster performance in the preliminaries, and that hideous gown she wore, she’s lucky to have been included in the top 21. Don’t get me wrong. Rabiya did nothing wrong. It’s just the other girls performed better and outshone her. It still is a competition after all. Anthing can happen.

      My voote is for India to win it all!

  57. I am happy that Myanmar is there. Her beauty is natural. Pero I know nakapasok s’ya because… sila ang nasa news lately dahil sa military take over sa bansa nila.

    Si Super Nova, na-burn agad sa Top 21. Wala ng chance na mai-showcase n’ya ang Michael Cinco gown n’ya.

    Hoping pa rin ako na maisuot ni Rabiya ang gown ni Furne One. Baby Jesus, please ipasok nyo po si Biyang.

    That’s all.

  58. Rabiya’s boobs are too much . Who’s idea was it to mAke them that big? It makes her look shorter coz they almost reach her neck .

  59. Rabiya is smokin’ and looked fierce in swimsuit. A bit too fierce though IMHO. Maybe she should have transitioned more from smizing to actually smiling. Still a shoo-in for top 10 though.

  60. Rabiya’s aura is so much better tonight.
    Wishing her the very best.
    Just noticed that Mexico and Rabiya have the same body type

  61. Nepal and South Africa are El Tocuyo beauties. Gosh!

    Kasali pala si Morisette Amon. Hindi man lang ako na-inform. At bakit may mediate beauty na nakapasok from down under? Lol.

    Grabe ang mga Latina girls, nanglalamon sa swimsuit round. Ang mga abs nila, nagmumurahan kaliwa’t kanan. At kung rumampa sila, smooth na smooth lang. Mahihirapan si Rabiya nito makapasok sa Top 10. Baby Jesus na talaga kelangan natin, mga badet.

    That’s all.

    • Hahahaha Ana
      I was actually thinking the same about Amanda but I don’t want to be mean
      Good you said it hahaha her eyes are too big for her face. Sorry!
      Yes I’m doubting if Rabiya will enter top 10 as she is the only one who does not have abs amongst the top 21.
      Lord help us!

      • @ JustPassingBy & @ Ana Winter-Lund Abs lang ba labanan? ‘Sus! Dami ni Viviana Vizzini. 🙂

      • Aliw ako kay Thailand, pero iba talaga ang tindig n’ya. Kakabog ‘yan sa gown. Tapos dadamputin n’ya ang mic at kakanta ng… 🎼Liparin mo ang hangganan ng langiiiiiit. 🎶

        Parang busog si Rabiya. Hindi pang-Miss Universe ang katawan n’ya. Parang nag-enjoy s’ya masyado sa mga food sa Florida. Also, nung tinawag ‘yung sash n’ya sa Top 21, walang glow sa face n’ya. Mukhang na-inform na s’ya na consideration na lang na isinama s’ya sa Top 21. Kaya sad face at walang energy si ate.

        Wala din si Venezuela. Si Romania din, lotlot. Parang may alat talaga ang Michael Cinco gowns.

        That’s all.

      • Aling @Flor Tula, ‘yung abs ni Italy kulang sa mura. Dapat nagsasalita ito ng “son of a b%¥ch!” ‘Yung mga abs ng Latina girls kase nagmumurahan talaga ng “puñeta! Puta, que barbaridad!” Ganern.

        That’s all.

  62. Ms PH looks defeated.
    Couldn’t even smile during swimsuit competition.
    Sabi niya lalaban siya 🤷🏻‍♂️
    Good luck na lang.
    Salamat naka top 20.

      • I feel sorry for her.
        She lost herself because of the people managing her messed her up.
        She was awesome during MUP.
        Should have stuck with her original team.

  63. SS brazil Phils mexico myanmar costa rica colombia argentina dominican republic

  64. Argentina and Costa Rica are pleasant surprises and they look like they can win !!! Australia and Great Britain , not so much ….

    • Rabiya is smokin’ and looked fierce in swimsuit. A bit too fierce though IMHO. Maybe she should have transitioned more from smizing to actually smiling. Still a shoo-in for top 10 though.

  65. Walang energy si Olivia. Hahaha.

    No Nepal, South Africa, Romania,
    Venezuela, Canada. 😮

  66. Walang energy si Olivia. Hahaha.

    No Nepal, South Africa, Romania,
    Venezuela and Canada.

  67. No South Africa
    No Nepal

    Rabiya looking happy tonight
    Love Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica

    • @ JustPassingBy I am now wondering what would have happened if instead Shudu Musida was sent…

      @ Paul is probably accurate. Anshika is quite raw still. PAGING THE CAMP!!! Kathmandu, OK?

      • Flor, Shudu will be another Canada lol
        One Zozi is enough lol

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