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  1. It is obvious that the congratulatory message is to gain publicity and that it is like saying, my losers are your winners. Have you seen MU organization congratulating its losers winning MW? Also, when Julia came to the Philippines, she brought the winner who beat Catriona. Like adding salt to the insult.

    This is my opinion.

  2. Ungkol, speaking of MW,…

    We are now more than halfway done with May. Before long, midyear na. WALA PA RIN’G AVISO FROM MWPO, po? Pa’no na ‘yan? Doable pa ba ‘yun’g turing ni MamaRu na ‘last week May to first week of/early June’? 😦

    August na Supra, baka nakaligtaan nila. Lagi na lang complaint sa MWP, late na sila magpa-pageant, leaving the titleholders insufficient time to prepare. Mabuti kung ‘Team 20 Days’ lagi…

    At siguro naman by now, tapos na mandatory (?) quarantine ni Kelley. They should steadily begin making their EXISTENCE felt again. 🙂

    They already have something to work on. KF has Ruffa Nava, Julie Tarrayo, and Ganiel Krishnan. A&Q has Riana Pangindian, Caress de Mesa, Jazmine Umali, among others. May Independents pa!

    GCQ na tayo dito sa NCR… Dapat sana, as soon as ma-approve ang ‘stage productions’, pageant agad habang may pagkakataon kahit mabilisan lang. I think ‘yun’g Fast Tracks can be modified in such a way as to ensure sufficient distance between candidates at all times.


  3. with Telemundo’s around, expect the crown will be given to a Latina.

    no matter how excellent our rep is, there is a now political factor in choosing the winner.

    • @ Lireo Feeling ko, short-term lang ‘to. Baka kapit-sa-talim ngayon ang MUO. And just so happens Telemundo was available…

      As soon as a new benefactor comes around,… Next politician, please. 🙂

      Speaking of Telemundo, series-saga pala ‘yun’g Thalia ‘telenovela’ career – Maria la del Barrio, Marimar, Rosalinda, Maria Mercedez, Quinceneara, etc…

      I heard a little of her album, En Extasis. ‘Piel Morena’ had her in a music video with faucets attached to her breasts… ‘Piel morena’ means ‘dark-skinned/morena girl’, @ Cool Brew?

      • Telemundo has 3 more years left in their contract with MUO. So it will be Miss Telemundo Universe for the next 3 years.

        All the discussion about sending a rep other than Rabiya is all for naught. Even if we sent a Catriona-level candidate, the result would be the same. Note that all the threats to the crown were conveniently removed and processed manipulated to pave the way for a Latina win.

        I say do not waste a really good candidate in the next 3 years. Or we all just have to learn to manage our expectations… no over-analysis, no prayers, no patronage of anything Miss Universe in the next 3 years.

    • I’m sure a lot of you would opose BUT the best way to keep this Latina dominance at MU temporary is by allowing the Philippines to act as bridge for the MUorg to penetrate the Chinese Market…. Then our reps would have a better chance of reaching the top 5 once if our people is forced to reconcile with the Chinese…

      Other option that would favor us is if MU is held in African dominated countries … Filipina beauty are actually quite popular in countries like South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Algeria, etc… In Africa for example, we are like the Brazilians/Eurasians… Based on history, our delegates places well at African dominated countries….

      Shamcey Supsup- 3rd RUp- Brazil
      Mirriam Quiambao- 1st RUp – Trinidad & Tobago
      Ruffa Guttierez- 2nd Princess- South Africa

      • @ Closer2Fame ‘Di ba nga, Shawn was working to get China (Macau?) to host? Pffftt…. 😦

        Even if Africa hosts, kahit paano may China money/involvement. So yes, either way looks nice.

        Though palagay ko tagilid sa Sud Afrika, if Natasha’s non-placement is any indication. Na-miss ko tuloy sina Jordan Van der Vyver at Chantelle Pretorius. Hopefully, no franchise issues… 🙂

        And if I may add at yaman rin lang ay kahit paano matutumbok ang issue, we get no respect out at sea kasi we do not STAKE OUR CLAIM BY BEING PHYSICALLY PRESENT AND BUSILY ENGAGED IN THE AREA. After all, when you see idle land, you go in and plant some cash crops. BUT, if you see someone else there tending to their own lush plots, you think twice and maybe want to befriend the person.

  4. Now, I see their business strategy here…
    Mexico won because it’s the largest demographics of Telemundo.. She would ensure millions of Latino viewership where ever is the host country country next year… It could be Peru, Costa Rica or maybe Macau… the Korean Judge and Brazil becoming 1st RUp makes me think that the Korean & Chinese investors could actually outbid everyone to host MU at Macau next year… A Chinese Mestiza w/ Fil-American Citizenship like Michele Imperial Gumabao could have been our best bet this year, too bad she’s now over-aged… Meaning an Indian could never win this year since they are at war against China.. Miss Universe wants to penetrate the Chinese Market… Sounds like a job for a Filipina-Chinese who already has diplomatic relations with China… Now who could that be? A girl the Chinese market would favor….. Too bad, Julia Saubier is not pretty enough… So who???? Maybe a former Miss Chinatown who’s still age eligible? I think we need to send a big-eyed Chinita with long legs and delicate features… and one who would be favored by the current admin… Any suggestions?

    • @ Closer2Fame One of Cassie Chan’s Runners-up, po. 🙂

      One is a Nationals vet prior to joining MsChPhl. Either are well-spoken and one is feisty, too.

      Marie Que, Blogger Man wanted to try for MUP. She didn’t… Don’t know if she’s still keen.

      CHINA WILL BE A PINOY BEAUTY TEAM’S ‘LAST FRONTIER’. Once said team produces the country’s first MU, the CCP will grant ‘all-access’… Basiano’s silver finish at Friendship gives hope!

      China na lang sa ‘BRICSA’ ang wala pa’ng MU crown.

      • @Flor

        True… Now I understand why MUorg gave-up Miss USA… I guess IMG wants to sell MU to Chinese investors… We need a girl who would become an overnight hit in China… Liza Soberano’s beauty would surely win with a landslide.. Even Koreans love her… if one she would consider… That would be a perfect career move for her… She would not only become richer… She would surely make our country proud…. well except for her anti-admin statements.. too bad.

    • I second in motion!

      The result could have been different could have been Michelle Gumabao who was sent there! She will make it to the Top 10 the least! Kung si Miss Nepal na mala-Oxana Federova ang rampa eh ligwak sa Top 21 only means na hindi talaga sila concentrated sa rampahan! They are looking for someone with “life experiences” na hindi lang kayang sumagot sa isang QnA. Unfortunately, ang standard ng mga Pinoy concentrated pa rin sa “facial beauty” kasi beauty pageant nga which is so 1990’s!

      Hopefully, they appoint her for the December edition instead of holding a pageant where the training of the girl would be so tight! Eh eto ngang pagkahaba-haba ng training period eh waley pa rin ang result, yung pa kaya mag-hold sila ng pageant!

      Unfortuntately, Nicole Cordoves is already 29! May mga naglalabasang teaser yung pasarela trainer ng AQ with Kylie Verzosa! Kylie is also 29 years old already! But what the heck! Miss Puerto Rico is also 29 at the the time of the pageant!

      • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Anlabo nga, ‘eh. Alam ko, 28… Ta’s, puwede pala. BOTH Jeanette Akua and Estefania Soto placed!

        Or, my filthy mind says the judges agreed among themselves, “well, if Telemundo is asking us to place PR despite being overage, then why would we deny that to GB if she, too, meets our standards”? 🙂

        Now we have some grasp of how MG may have felt… Rabiya was made to work so hard in promoting the MU and Telemundo brands only to be given a token placement. In similar fashion, the volleybelle gamely and cheerfully agreed to numerous interview requests and sponsor ‘visits’ leading up to MUP. Final results and attitudes notwithstanding, we all can agree both ladies were hard workers.

        (Angkol said he likes someone who is willing to get to work on Day 1. What does Mdme. PS like?)

      • @Claire

        Yes yes… But because of what happened this edition…. We might need to send a celebrity to surpass this minor descent in our sash factor…. We need to add more economic value to the Philippine sash for the MissU org to utilize…. Now I understand why Shamcey chose Rabiya… She chose someone who could have lesser repercussions if ever her testing the waters as the inaugural edition of MUP would fail… Come to think of it, if Bella or Michelle was sent this edition and suffered the same fate as Rabiya, Shamcey would have made enemies instead of sponsors.

      • @ Closer2Fame ‘Ay. How unfair, naman, to Inday Ibyang. 😦

        GINAWA SIYA’NG GUINEA PIG??!!! Ganern? The proverbial canary to check for radioactivity?

        ‘Eh, ‘di sana naging RU na lang siya. Willing to learn naman at puwede pa siya’ng mag-cross over to MWP like folks are saying now.

        Btw, you saw A&Q’s flyer for MUP 2021? THEY WILL ACCEPT 5’3″! AGE CEILING, 27! 🙂

      • @ Grand Port Oh, you’re new here, po? Hello. Hope you like it. We do. 🙂

      • @Flor

        It’s still a win-win situation… Shamcey still gave a huge platform to a small town girl. Rabiya would survive this and she should still be forever greatfull for all the opportunities that opened up for her for being the 1st MUph. Opportunities that has little value to Bella or Michelle unless they win MU.

      • @ Closer2Fame May artista sa stable ng GMA-7 na Ortega, from La Union. Pinsan ‘ata ni Paola!

        Yup. Paola Madarieta Ortega of Albay! She said in her ‘Beyond the Coastlines’ intro video that she’s legit La Union political Ortega clan-traceable.

        A&Q siya right now. Matangkad. Semifinalist at MUP 2020 (right after ‘Skelly of Biliran’). Best of all, most everybody likes her ‘coz she’s humble. You think the Chinese investors will like her? Ano ba’ng nasa track record ng angkan nila?

        I forgot the name of her ‘artista’ relative, whom I saw on TV when she toured visitors to the new chicken coop and lemon trees at the family’s VAST property in the foothills of the Cordilleras.

      • @ Flor

        Meron akong alam na 2 pandak…

        Maria Ysabel Ortega Lapid
        AKA Ysabel Ortega
        Height of 5’3 ….
        Daughter of Lito Lapid
        Born in Laoag, Ilocos Norte.


        Ashleigh Marguerretthe Krystalle Nordstrom Samson
        AKA Ashley Ortega
        Height of 5’5
        Fil-German Mother, Fil- Spanish father
        Born in San Fernando La Union.

  5. Andrea Meza’s purple-print scarf (in top photo, with Mdme. JM and Manushi Chillar) reminds me of the blue ‘hablon’ trim on one of Ate Ibyang’s FLA OOTD’s. 🙂

    • (Cont.)

      Mdme. JM is W-I-S-E to co-brand with MU in this manner. And audacious to not get MUO’s prior approval. After all, what will we she do if MUO declines to accept her ‘universal’ felicitations to former princesses like Meza and Gray? Heck! She just goes ahead to greet them, in the process getting some of the credit to rub off on her. 🙂

      Shimomura and Von Lipinski apparently she does not consider peer. Look at Tirsin and Maceta.

      MORAL OF THE LESSON : Telle Abello for MWP 2022. IT COULD WORK IN REVERSE, too. G!

      • (Cont.1)

        Mali pala ako. Dapat, “…MU does not consider peer” MI and MS… Aaawww…. 😦

        (Tising of Quezon Province and Patitay of Bataan are in trouble… Step is Cebuana naman, pero isn’t she aiming for MWP? She may be better. Besides, is KF now cool to send reps to MUP?)

  6. Malapad na mukha pala ang gusto ng MU organization (at ng selection committee). Tama ang aking MUP choice. Dapat si Michelle Gumabao talaga ang ipinadala natin sa Florida dahila MALAPAD LAHAT. He, he, he…

    Good morning sa lahat.

    • Nope, rampahan ang labanan this year, baka nga di pa nakapasok si MG sa Top 21 kung siya pinadala.

  7. Bella has great profile being a ballet dancer (just look at her pics) . She is very classy , knows how to perform on stage , and is great at extemporaneous speeches. She is very disciplined and doesn’t yield to pressure easily .
    She is our best bet
    Pauline needs a lot of training on pasarela so a few months won’t be enough . She maybe ready by next yr.
    These 2 will continue our placement streak at MU.

    • @fabian alam mo na bet ko si bella but for 2022 nepal venue si bella. If costa rica Sana mataas na babae since telemundo pa din most likely so someone like ahtisa manalo 5’8,patch m 5’8 at alaiza malinao 5’9 .

    • Mag cocontest pa yata si MUP Tito norm.

      I saw applications going around.

      Rabiya, I hope your contract with MUP is only until this 2021. We will support you all the way to Miss World. 2022.

      Aminin Rabiya’s peg is pang MW

    • I strongly believe Bella is for Miss International. I’d rather have Bellie join again…

  8. Over the years, Miss World has become more exclusive and RICH Organization also.
    Miss Universe happens for 10 days, Miss World for 1 Month. In 1 month of judging, they are able to choose the best girl and the Runners ups are also no less. Miss Universe had maximum 90 candidates, Miss Wolrd 2013, when Megan won had 140 candidates.

    Miss Wolrd now is more prestigious and no, No Miss Universe cross over will win Miss World unless she is really nice.

    Miss Universe cash prize is less, you are only locked up I an apartment in New York City. Miss World has an access to apartment in London. She can live there, or live in her country, its her own wish. She is given 7 million dollars cash prize, a meet with the Queen of England and any car in the world of her own choice as a gift.

    We should forget the Catriona debacle ( Aces and Queens and CAT are to be blamed too, just like how they made Rabiya artificial , CAT was artificial in Miss World ) and send our best girls to Miss World.

    • Ikaw mag represent dahil best ka naman. Malay mo bigyan ka ng maraming prizes pambili ng aliw. BAKLANG EPAL!!!!

    • @ BestPinoy I would, a British car brand.


      Morris Garages, Rolls-Royce, and Jaguar come to mind…

  9. Si Julia Morley lang ang masaya. pero ang mga sumusunod ay HINDI:

    1. Miss Peru (kita sa videos/pictures)
    2. Olivia Culpo (kita sa videos/pictures)
    3. Zozibini Tunzi (kita rin sa videos/pictures)
    4. Miss Thailand, Miss Philippines, Miss Indonesia and ASEAN & ASIAN delegates
    5. Majority of the Pinoy Pageant Fans Thai Pagaeant Fans, etc., He, he, he…

    Move on na sa Binibining Pilipinas, Miss World Philippines and Miss Philippines Earth.

    Magandang umaga sa lahat.

  10. Mexico was in my top 5 final prediction and was the only Latina, with India as a spoiler :


    Onwad to MU2021 … appoint or not to appoint MUP ? … somebody suggested Leren Mae , well maybe ? … how about Ann Colis , Kim Layne , Sharifa Akeel , Ahtisa Manalo , Patch Magtanong , Alaiza Molinao , Bella Ysmael , Pauline & Billie , … very deep roster they have ! … if appointing …

    • I do prefer Pauline over Bella, so I should say Pauline Amelicnx, Bella & Billie …

  11. History repeats itself. From Miss World To Miss Universe Winners and First Runners-up

    Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza was Miss World 2017 First Runner-up
    Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray was Miss World Top 5 Finalist
    Miss Universe 1999 Mpule Kwelagobe was competed in Miss World 1997 but unplaced
    Miss Universe 1992 Michelle Mclean was Miss World 1991 Top 5 Finalist
    Miss Universe 1989 Angela Visser was competed in Miss World 1988 but unplaced

    Miss Universe 2020 First Runner-up Julia Gama was Miss 2014 Top 11 Finalist
    Miss Universe 2013 First Runner-up Patricia Rodriguez was Miss World 2008 Top 15 Finalist
    Miss Universe 2010 First Runner-up Yendi Philipps was Miss World 2007 Top 16 Finalist
    Miss Universe 2009 First Runner-up Ada Aimee Dela Cruz was Miss World 2007 Top 16 Finalist

  12. Winning Miss World is more difficult than Winning Miss Universe.

    If you are in top 5 of MW, you will easily win MU, despite some dumb answer like Mexico’s.
    Time we pinoys warm up to MW. They are classy, unlike MGI, the prize money is also more ( A MW gets 7 Million Dollars CASH prize along with any car in the world of her choice) .

    • there were also those who were runners up only in MU or even non-placers in MU but won MW, like:

      1979 Bermuda
      1974 UK (Helen Morgan)
      1969 Austria
      1967 Peru
      1960s there were some others in thie decade
      1950s there were quite a few …
      1980s none?
      1990s none?

      For the more recent years, nothing comes to mind at this moment

      • Exactly. Over the years, Miss World has become more exclusive and RICH Organization also.
        Miss Universe happens for 10 days, Miss World for 1 Month. In 1 month of judging, they are able to choose the best girl and the Runners ups are also no less. Miss Universe had maximum 90 candidates, Miss Wolrd 2013, when Megan won had 140 candidates.

        Miss Wolrd now is more prestigious and no, No Miss Universe cross over will win Miss World unless she is really nice.

        Miss Universe cash prize is less, you are only locked up I an apartment in New York City. Miss World has an access to apartment in London. She can live there, or live in her country, its her own wish. She is given 7 million dollars cash prize, a meet with the Queen of England and any car in the world of her own choice as a gift.

        We should forget the Catriona debacle ( Aces and Queens and CAT are to be blamed too, just like how they made Rabiya artificial , CAT was artificial in Miss World ) and send our best girls to Miss World.

      • but MW is really not a beauty pageant , it is Beauty with a Purpose and more on the purpose and as you said real niceness …

      • Agbani Darego of Nigeria joined Miss Universe in 2001 Top 10 semifinalist. She won Miss World in 2001, too.

      • There’s also a lot of placers in Miss World but unplaced in Miss Universe like:
        Miss Ireland Siobhan McClafferty (1st runnerup in Miss World 1990, unplaced in Miss U 91)
        Miss Trinidad/Tobago Michelle Khan (2nd runnerup in Miss World 1995, unplaced in Miss U 96)
        Miss Aruba Zizi Lee (1st runnerup in Miss World 2001, unplaced in Miss U 2004)
        Miss Nicaragua Ligia Arguelles (top5 in Miss World, unplaced in Miss U 2001)
        Miss Trinidad/Tobago Gabrielle Walcott (2nd runnerup in Miss World 2008, unplaced in Miss U 11)
        Miss Norway Mariann Birkedal (unplaced in Miss U 2008, top7 finalist in Miss World 2010)
        Even more in MISS INTERNATIONAL, most are Miss Wales, Miss Scotland, Miss England, but some of the biggest casualties:
        Miss UK Claire Smith (1st runnerup in Ms World 1992, unplaced in Miss Intl 1993)
        Miss Scotland 2001 Juliet-Jane Horne (2nd runnerup in Miss World 2001, unplaced in Miss International 2002)

    • Ikaw BAKLANG WORST PINOY, ano atraso ni Catriona sa yo? Inagawan ka ba nya ng boylet? Tinalo ka ba nya sa Miss Universe? Umaalingasaw ang inggit sa katawan mo!!!! Parang bulkan na sasabog. Inggiterang BAKLA!

  13. Tapos na ang patimpalak at sana tanggapin ng mapagpakumbaba ang pagkatalo. Huwag na natin sisihin ang Hala Bira walk, gown, national costume, si Rabina, Si Jonas at MUP organization. Talagang hindi pinalad ang Pilipinas. Hintayin na lamang ang tamang panahon at masusungkit muli ang korona. Ilang buwan na lang Miss Universe 2021.

    • they forgot the rule of thumb in MU … Grace Under Pressure , controlling your mind and the nerves , it is a head to head competition at every turn after all

      • @ jaretwrightlover ‘Style is the conquest of the mind over the senses’. – Gabrielle Chanel.

        It is an attribute also found in elite soldiers/warriors/cops.

    • their nerves are their worst enemy … also, emotionality and I place Rabiya under this category, … too passionate about what she is doing, too emotional …

  14. May kabobohan din Ang MUO at may social distancing pa kuno sa Top 2 eh naglalampungan nman Ang mga candidates after the crowning of Mexico 😳🙄😆
    Bet ko c Rabiya sasali sa Miss World 🌎 2022. May BWAP nman cya. Magaling sa interview. Mahinhin. Ok lng nman Yung problematic face nya minsan sa MW hihihi paulit ulit ko itong sinasabi kaya nagagalit Yung ibang supporters nya eh totoo nman. Ayan kulang sa smile, saya at energy sa SS kaya naligwak😳🙄😱

  15. Deserving pa rin c Miss Mexico considering her experience doing humanitarian causes in different parts of the world during her term in Miss World 2017.
    Di lang nman c Lola Julia Ang negosyante pati na rin Ang MUO dahil sa Telemundo na malaki rin Ang maitutulong sa mga programs and other Business of MUO😊
    Pero saludo pa rin ako Kay Nawat dahil di bastabasta Ang MGI at taob pati MU, MI, ME, MW, MS sapabonggahan ng show. Dapat nga number 1 na Ang MGI para gumising nman Ang matatagal at paluging beauty pageant. Hihihi 😱

    • True! Dapat si Rabiya ang isabak sa Miss Grand, kendeng kendeng, pakembot kembot, cleavage, tsaka daming pakulo baka naumay ang mga Judges sa mga Catalogue nya at dapat di na talaga pinagawa ang boobs nya, chaka kasi lalo pa’t di siya katangkaran. My winners:

      Philippines at Thailand parehas score ala Miss Grand!

      • What’s with the Rabiya shade? She did her best and made it in the semis. That in itself is already a win. She was also able to compete in Miss Universe. A feat that only a few Filipinas will ever experience in their lifetime.

      • @ Vak Sean (I think I know who you are, po.)


        Oh, I get it! “Vaccine”. How clever. You have a way with words. You must be an author or similar.

    • There must be something in Andrea that we haven’t seen knowing that she has gained the approval from Kupita, Julia and now Paula, three of the hardest to please lady bosses in the pageant industry.

      I’m pretty sure she’s going to be a great Miss Universe

      • @ Cool Brew @ Fabian Reyes said, “the nice girl wins”. He’s in America, so he FEELS sumthin.


        So, Mdme. SSL, Lorraine/Peachy, Akemi, and Ms. Tere (of MGI) are easier to please. Kewl!

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