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  1. she is not really photogenic like Rabiya … but in MU, a picture is not worth a thousand words, because in MU, you are judged basically on two things: one, on your performance on stage and two, on your behind the scenes eloquence and attitude … it’s a job interview and you have to impress the judges that you are up for the yearlong job and you have to impress the MUorg that you will be a good ambassador to the universe for all the worthwhile causes and therefore , good for the brand of MU.

  2. I’m underwhelmed by her in the way I was by Molly Isler’s win. But she does seem genuine & relatable. I warmed up to Molly during the course of her reign so maybe Andrea will grow on me in time.

    Olivia’s pink Zuhair Murad would not be out of place at World or International. It vaguely reminds me of Catriona’s gown at MW, but with a lightness that Cat’s Libiran didn’t quite achieve.

    Zozi’s final look is one for the books. The category was African Queen realness & she served majesty & diva energy like the boss she is. I will miss her.

    Of all the would’ve’s should’ve’s could’ve’s … I really wish Amanda had stuck to her preliminary gown or even the gown she wore when she won MUT. I feel like the symbolism of her final’s gown was more interesting than the actual gown itself. And I feel she would’ve cracked the top 5 for a higher placement with a another gown choice. I loved Amanda’s chill & humble demeanor even while styled like a Thai hi-so.

    This is the 2nd year that Telemundo is back & for the 2nd year in a row, the top 5 has consisted of 3 white Latinas, 1 black/Blatina, 1 Asian. If this is the pattern for top 5 again next year, we’ll know there’s a continental format for top 5 under Telemundo.

    • @ SQ Look at that. Teutonic aspiration confirmed! Black for tokenism. And with one slot for a ‘chine’, the Asia-Pacific-Far-East bloc will be forced into FIERCE ‘intra-region’ competition, which in turn might translate to more vicious socmed wars. 😦

      Europe clearly now has no chance at MU. Sa MI at MS sila bumabawi; Akemi and Gerhard are only too happy to oblige. 🙂

      Earth COULD ‘re-explore’ Europe… More of the likes of Manenok and Vavruskova, PLEASE!

      • Yes @Flor.

        I shudder to think of the social media wars among the Asian fans. This year was already next level toxic. The next Miss Universe season could potentially be the social media apocalypse.

        Everyone is saying that given MUP’s performance this year, the organization needs to reflect on what lessons can be learned to improve their placement in the next MU season.

        Given that our girl Rabiya didn’t advance further, do you think Pinoy pageant fans are also reflecting?

        Did we perhaps learn a lesson in the grace of humility?

        Will we, in the future, tone down the cockiness we feel entitled to throw around as a pageant powerhouse?

        Or are we on the point of no return & are now officially the Toxic Fan Republic of the Philippines?

        Sana hindi (or perhaps not while we have you & scorge & serge & Ana Winter-Lund & Lily around hahaha).

        As for the rest of us here? Savages with the manners of schoolyard bullies! Me included.

        Yes, Europe has really suffered the most during the reign of Telemundo.

        I find it interesting that the only winner from Europe in the last 27 years, Iris, was packaged to the Latina aesthetic.

        And this is what I dislike the most—that with the return of Telemundo, representatives from all over the world will have to Latina-ize themselves if they hope to be rewarded with slots in the finals/semi-finals.

        So much for beauty diversity.

    • @ SQ Amen to ZT! Kahit natengga ng pandemya, nagpakalat ng POSITIVITY. 🙂

      She was proof that it is possible to still accomplish meaningful things even with minimal resources/opportunities. As @ scorg said, ‘meaningful things go with beauty and goodness’.

      “If I have chosen the diamond, it is because it represents in its density the greatest value in the smallest volume”. – Gabrielle Chanel.

      The diamond is not necessarily always the most pricey gem where clients have a choice. But none handles LIGHT the way it does – breaking it up into a rainbow, itself remaining transparent.

  3. I know I’m in the minority here but I LOVE her! She has fantastic credentials and she’s beautiful. I think she will be a great Miss Universe.

  4. Congratulations Miss Mexico. For me, you may not be the prettiest, the most eloquent, and the most charismatic candidate in this batch, but the stars aligned for you during the finals night. Enjoy your reign.

  5. jusko ipadala nyo dyan mga kapatid or anak ni bong revilla

    ganyan din naman fez mga yun

  6. Congrats to the winners.
    Congrats to Rabiya, you made it into the semifinals even without the fan votes 👏👏👏

  7. Olivia Culpo ain’t too happy with the results, and her face shows it LOL.

    • I thought I was the only one who noticed. She re-read the card like WTF, lol.

      • Demi and Cat both said it was between India and Peru. They know better for being former MU winners.

  8. Just interesting that in 2011, a Mexican crowned an African, and in 2021 an African crowned a Mexican. I am happy for and with Andrea Meza. And like all her predecessors, she is exquisite in her own way. Best wishes to our very own, Rabiya Mateo!

  9. We cannot see what the judges see and we cannot hear what the judges hear , plus add to that what the MU org sees and hears … Just based on watching the Finale night itself , Peru and Brazil had the best overall Q&A but perhaps in the closed door prelim interviews , Mexico impressed the judges so much and Peru & Brazil did not. The judges remembered. India topped the 1st Q&A but languished…

    Also, based on the SS, I don’t understand why Colombia, Argentina and Philippines did not make the top 10. I wonder how their SS performance looked on stage while you are sitting in front Live …

    I hope the MU Org makes sure the future top 20 or 21 is as even as possible , or else , countries in Europe may start boycotting Telemundo … I mean, MU/Telemundo … I can’t help but think something…
    Mexico is a fine winner but watching Finale night, she was not the top performer, esp. on Q&A

    We don’t have to wait long for the 70th edition of MU and it has to be much better… we’re talkin’ 70th!

    • That’s why I prefer a different set of prelim judges to eliminate favoritism. Every girl should have equal footing on finals night. I suspect Mexico won because of the judges’ cumulative impression.

      • they can also what they have done before , like in 2017, 2016 , where some but not all prelim judges go on to be seated also as Finale judges …

  10. Now I highly apreciate Miss Grand which sometimes comes of as cheap and tacky but with out a doubt very entertaining compaired to all the other major International pageants out there.

    • LOL, true. MGI is not pretending other than what it is, an entertainment program.

  11. Congrats to Mexico. Ride na lang as that’s the judges’ decision… better preparation and better luck to MUP for the next batch. Hopefully lessons were learned from this season.

  12. Super nice pala gown ni Rabiya. Had she made it to top 10, sayang..Not meant to beh

  13. this is a good read. Brooke Lee’s disclosure on the selection committee’s guidelines/criteria turned out to be the very antithesis of what the MUP team prepared for Rabiya. Jonas himself revealed in one casual interview that “we’re here (in Florida) to win.” and this mantra was echoed by Rabiya throughout the 11-day journey, at some point, with a fist, stressing na lalaban sya..the team’s game plan failed to realize that this was supposed to be a celebration of beauty, of women empowerment, and of causes to which the brand is known for. instead, the team downgraded this celebration to a cutthroat fight for the crown at all cost, boob job and all. and Rabiya’s SS performance showed too much grit or vague fierce instead of showcasing a confidently beautiful woman living her dreams.


  14. Too ba yun nagleak sa IG na may asawa na si Andrea Mesa? Just asking please.

      • Demi and Cat both said it was between India and Peru. They know better for being former MU winners.

  15. kalokalike ni Nichole Manalo si Andrea Meza!

    Peru should have been MU 2020 in my assessment. Mexico is my 4th runner up.

  16. Ang sakit no?
    Yung binigay mo lahat pero di sapat.
    Rabiya, Amanda, Indonesia, and others
    Pero sigurado namang marami pa rin nagmamahal sa kanila.

    Si Mexico naman, isa rin naman sya sa mga babaeng hindi tumigil para maabot ang pangarap.

  17. Mexico reminds me of Nichole Manalo. Her finals gown has a similarity with MG’s prelim gown in MUP. Mema lang lol

  18. History repeats itself. From Miss World To Miss Universe Winners

    Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza was Miss World 2017 First Runner-up
    Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Graay was Miss World Top 5 Finalist
    Miss Universe 1999 Mpule Kwelagobe was competed in Miss World 1997 but unplaced
    Miss Universe 1992 Michelle Mclean was Miss World 1991 Top 5 Finalist
    Miss Universe 1989 Angela Visser was competed in Miss World 1988 but unplaced

    Miss Universe 2020 First Runner-up Julia Gama was Miss 2014 Top 11 Finalist
    Miss Universe 2013 First Runner-upPatricia Rodriguez was Miss World 2008 Top 15 Finalist
    Miss Universe 2010 First Runner-up Yendi Philipps was Miss World 2007 Top 16 Finalist
    Miss Universe 2009 First Runner-up Ada Aimee Dela Cruz was Miss World 2007 Top 16 Finalist

  19. Anyare sa production ng MU haha

    I thought Colombia did very well in SS, Nicaragua too. Then Nepal wala sa Top 21. Bat ganern. Hehe. Looks like the selection committee has a different taste.

    I hope MU2021 will be better and MUP will bounce back to the top 5 at least. This edition should have brought a lot of lessons and realizations to the MUP National Director and Jonas. Or will we be seeing a new ND? 😃

  20. I love Nawat. Bongga talaga Sya. Deserve na ng MGI Ang 3rd biggest beauty pageant in the world or universe. Talo Ang MU sa MGI.
    Sa susunod na rep ng MUP, pls bawal Ang problematic face. Aura kung aurahan din lng naman and enjoy the performance 🤗 Divahhhh hihihi

  21. after 43 years na ulit mananalo ang Felepens
    tagtuyot na naman

    Mars na ang venue na 113 edition MU
    at tigok na kayong lahat mga bakla kayo

  22. Time na ni Lola Julia Morley to redeem herself. Appoint Rabiya now na to the next Miss World. Lola Julia would love her. I can see the blue crown on her head.

  23. Yung bet mong manalo sa MUP dati malapad din ang mukha, pati nga katawan nun sobrang lapad. Anyare? Hahaha! Congrats at follow mo nlng si Andrea Meza na malapit na mag 1M agad followers sa ig.

  24. People saying that the next edition of Miss Universe will be in December must be high or crazy.

    Given that Miss USA will be in November 2021 in Oklahoma, papatayin ninyo si Paula Shugart sa pagod?



    • Directly associated pa ba si Paula sa Miss USA? Akala ko totally under na kay Miss USA 2008?

  25. Pangit at ang lapad ng mukha. Pwedeng gawing tapalan (Hiligaynon) o chopping board. Pangit din ng gown niya. NOT deserving to win the MU crown. 4th runners up lang dapat siya. Cooking show of the Universe.

    • Yung bet mong manalo sa MUP dati malapad din ang mukha, pati nga katawan nun sobrang lapad. Anyare? Hahaha! Congrats at follow mo nlng si Andrea Meza na malapit na mag 1M agad followers sa ig.

  26. Forty-three (43) years daw at sa Mars ang venue, said @ kembular2020 in the previous post.


    Kidding aside, why not this December?


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