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  1. There were no surprise placements in the Top 21–just surprise non-placements. But that was to be expected. With the number of potentially strong contenders, 21 spots aren’t enough to include all frontrunners and performers. So while I would have loved to see South Africa, Nepal, and Canada advance, I can’t really pinpoint a semifinalist who doesn’t deserve her spot (except maybe USA, but that’s also debatable). I wanted Peru to win, but followers of the pageant this year knew that Mexico has always been a contender for the crown. Congratulations to Miss Mexico–the stars aligned for her. If another MU edition follows later this year, her reign will be short, but may it be sweet.

  2. Message to Telemundo: Please make sure you are completely hands-off on the MU judging… otherwise , if you are gunning for part-ownership of MUorg , this will all backfire to your face !

    I, for one, will tune out this MU pageant which will become Miss Latina Universal from now on
    And the other pageants are not as watchable either…

    Miss World >scholarship contest like Miss America, it is only 2 hours long but feels so much longer
    Miss International >a 4-hour long snooze fest , can’t sit and watch , I only watch the crowning portion
    Miss Supranational & Miss Grand International >dancing entertainment show disguised as a pageant
    Miss Globe >the stupidest beauty pageant of the entire lot
    Miss Earth >very promising though because it is short in funds , it lacks all the technical production and behind the curtain technical staff but it is a worthy cause and could be very exciting, promising

    • @ jaretwrightlover Tito Norman will be embarrassed, po. He just got an invitation to sit in the Board of Judges in this 2021 *M.A.M. edition. If this happens, he will share that honor with Angkol Nawatt Itsaragrisil, who in 2016 also sat… 🙂

      That you await MI’s crowning moment means you like it, too. And (no?) thanks to SARS-Cov2, this year’s LIVE (Yup! They recently confirmed online that ‘virtual is not an option’) will be TIGHT/short.

      Upon Earth, you bestowed the adjective ‘promising’ twice, both beginning (‘very’) and end… WOW.

      Supra and Grand are ‘shows’. Of course. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Otherwise, pageantry is ‘desfile’ (parade), as in ‘Santcruzan’ or the procession for the virginal offering to the Vulcan God.

      * – Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro… Kung sa bagay, Costa Rica sounds ‘rich coast’.

    • @jaretwrightlover, I just hope the Trump-Telemundo years will not come back, when Latinas get the crown successively, and if a non-Latina by luck gets to sneak in, her court is almost all Latina. I don’t know why instinctively when I saw the composition of this year’s Top 10, I at once had the hunch it will be either Brazil and Mexico. The two countries are the most favored in a comebacking Latino major sponsor’s political economy playbook. In terms of population and income, they are the top 2 Latin American markets for TV viewership. My hunch soon proved me right— the two countries are the last 2 standing.

      • @ scorg Didn’t Telemundo sell ‘Marimar’ to the Philippines TV market, then from there elsewhere in the Far East? Even Indonesia made their own (‘Bahasa’) version. ‘Fulgoso’ the wise dog became a LEGEND. 🙂

        “Ma-ri-mar…. Aw! Estrellita soy…”. I am Marimar, a little star.

        There was another ‘telenovela’ she starred in; I forgot the title but that, too, took off like a comet. But who can deny ‘Meteor Garden’? Taiwan’s first offering to the world presaged K-drama. U like?

      • I hope and pray that Paula Shugart cannot be bought, and that she would like to cut off all association with the Trump years … If I remember correctly up until 2004, only the judges in the panel chose the semifinalists but since the 2004 semifinals were flooded with Latinas, they changed the rule in 2005 and said that the MU org will have a say on who enters the semifinals. It did improve the semifinals in 2005 but the top 5 was still dominated by Latinas…

        It’s just a pity here we are in 2020 and the issues from 15 years ago are still here… that is why I like the regional groupings…. maybe they can have 4 from each region and then there will be 8 wild cards and 1 popular vote during the next edition, the 70th MU edition !

        I feel very bad for Romania, CzechRep, Armenia, Russia (what a beautiful face! Rabiya & Russia have the most beautiful faces bar none), Iceland (different kind of beauty) & France is of course deserving

      • @Fkir: If you have the exclusive broadcasting right to an event, to what countries/networks would you resell it for maximum earnings? Of course to those countries/ networks whose huge viewership (in terms of headcount and disposable income) will assure them of high return on investment.

  3. Anyways, nice talking to all of you here. Excited na ako for you Tito Norms. Share with us what is the Taste of Albania like. Hihihi.

  4. Anyare sa production ng MU haha

    I thought Colombia did very well in SS, Nicaragua too. Then Nepal wala sa Top 21. Bat ganern. Hehe. Looks like the selection committee has a different taste.

    I hope MU2021 will be better and MUP will bounce back to the top 5 at least. This edition should have brought a lot of lessons and realizations to the MUP National Director and Jonas. Or will we be seeing a new ND? 😃

    • preliminary swim and gown is 50 percent only of the total score. so you only see the halfway mark. we do not know but they might have failed in interview which is 50 percent alone.

  5. I am happy for Rabiya. She represented our country well at MU. It is a big achievement and a reason for celebration being chosen as a semifinalist in the modt prestigious beauty competetion in the world. Congratulations Rabiya

  6. I told everyone here when they removed the continental grouping eh Latina domination ang mangyayari, ayung talaga tinodo to the max and domination- token placement lang si India para hindi daw obvious but they could have easily put Costa Rica and Puerto Rico over her after evening grown.

    Congrats Miss Mexico- you, DR, Costa Rica and Brazil had the “winning spark” last night.

    I felt so bad for India- she fumbled her topic on free speech and protest by not tying it to Stop Asian Hate campaign- i was like- Dios Mio India, you picked the perfect topic for you to talk about and narattle ang vekla!!!! hihihihi

    I thought it was going to be Brazil and Peru as well, either one would have been fine with me esp that Brazil has been placing high as well. They’re due for a win.

    Dear Rabiya, you looked like Rachel Peters during your swimsuit competition- nawala ang spark mo dai but it’s OK. I will say it again- she was too raw for this edition. She lost her composure with a series of Pinoy-inflicted set backs and comments and she really looked mentally and emotionally drained. Let this be a lesson that our candidates all need to go through intense mental and emotional training as well.

    Finally, oh my Thailand, your prelims grown was much more vavavoom than that blue/silvery mess!!!!

    How do you guys feel about Puerto Rico not making the cut?

    Lastly, how do you all feel about Nepal, Iceland, Canada, South Africa and Venezuela not making the initial cut- that lack of continental grouping really was a vicious one for this edition of MU.

  7. Rabiya represented the country well at MU. She made our country proud. It is a big achievement and a reason for celebration being chosen as one of the semifinalists in the most prestigious beauty competetion of the world. Congratulations to Rabiya.

  8. When it was down to the Top 10, I knew it was going to be either Brazil or Mexico. It has nothing to do with physical or cerebral beauty. With the Telemundo factor in the political economy equation, these two countries are the top 2 Latin American countries in tems of population and GDP– very lucrative markets for any business. Brazil is the most populous country with 213 million people, followed by Mexico with 126 million. Brazil has the highest GDP at US$1.4 billion followed by Mexico at US$1.1 billion.

    • @scorg, I agree that it was more of commercial viability. I’m glad Miss U was able to strike a balance between beauty and relatability.

      Even if Nepal & Romania didn’t make it, the fact that powerhouses South Africa and. Venezuela plus the polarizing Canada didn’t make it means there is a semblance of fair play in the system.

      I hope fans would stop speculating why Mexico won. Again, we should be reminded that the final Q&A isn’t the be all and end all. The judges factor in everything. They saw something in her plus we’re not privy to what transpired during the closed door panel interviews. Perhaps it was where Andrea won them over.

      At any rate, let’s be thankful that MUO still gave us a decent show despite the challenges of the pandemic.

      Lastly, let’s cut some slack for Rabiya. The poor girl is still smarting from her loss. Let her lick her wounds in private. I’m sure it’s not the end of the world for her. Something bigger than Miss U awaits her in the near future.

      • Agree- at the end, it wsn’t meant to be for her. She should be proud of the top 21 given that the other heavy favorites such as SA, Canada were left out. Even Venezuela which should have been an automatic top 21 since it is a heavily Venezuelan area too was not spared.

  9. Di ko lang maintindihan bakit ganun Ang performance ni Rabiya sa SS at EG. Walang energy sa totoo lang. I’ll have a failed mark to her trainors in pasarela. JawsKuh, sana nagpaturo na lang sya Kay Sam Bernardo hihihi 🤗

  10. Tito Norms, part ba ng training ng MUP ang paglaro sa camera? The Latinas are killing it. Pia and Cat are celebrities so they are comfortable and they know where there camera is. Yun ang kulang kay Rabiya, first shot palang dapat winner na. Tapos may shot sa baba na dapat tumingin siya sa camera pero naunang umalis ang gaze niya, kaya ang awkward tingnan. For me, she is one of the lowest dun so ok na. Move on na. Next na MUP 2021. I am rooting for Bella too or Ahtisa.

    • @MsPluto, agree ako sa keen observation mo. She missed her mark when the camera zoomed in on her. It was shared by a former MU girl that camera action works with clockwork precision. If you miss your cue, that’s it.

      I felt really bad for Rabiya. She really cracked under the intense pressure. It was over for her the moment she uploaded that cry baby thingy.

  11. after 43 years na ulit mananalo
    by that time Mars na ang venue

  12. Andrada has already conceded that in the future there will be a social media team to handle posts so the candidate can just focus on the competition.

    Our Tito Norms was also interviewed for this article:


    I’m not going to hyperlink it. I posted a hyperlink to the New York Times article on my girl Thuzar Wint Lwin yesterday & Tito Norms deleted it hahaha.

    Given the fact that he was recently hacked, I’m sure he was taking all necessary precautions so I understand.

  13. I was told that it was Rabiya who actually wants to wear yellow…. I don’t understand why she keeps on pushing her political agenda? Don’t she realize that Shamcey is from Mindanao and Chavit is a Du30 allie?! Is Rabiya stupid or what?! Well I’m not surprised, she actually goes to Catholic Churches every Sunday meaning she actually believes all that bullshit… 🤣🤣🤣

    • So you mock those who follow the Catholic faith & yet you worship with blind devotion & piety & faith at the Temple of Duterte.

      My definition of irony: A historian who doesn’t learn from history.

      • @ sq
        marami kc talagang blind ang faith sa poong duterte nila, maybe someone was right when he/she said.. in the same way we are so critical when it comes to pageants, maybe we should also be as discerning when it comes to choosing our leaders, esp. the president.. haaay, yung iba sobrang gagaling mag analyze ng ganito’t ganun sa pageant, pati kulay binibigyang kahulugan.. yung iba naman, cguro hindi nga natuto sa histtory, kaya ayun, parang pseudo historian.. .

      • @SQ

        Who said I worship anyone?!
        It’s you who is brainwashed by the mainstream-media who’s owned by the oligarchy who wants to keep people like you dumb, ignorant & easily herded into your own demise. 😁

      • @Closer2Fame

        -Mainstream media

        All propoganda talking points of the administration which you serve with pious devotion rivalled only by the devotion of a martyr to the Catholic Church.

        You can’t even look at Rabiya’s preliminary evening gown without getting triggered because somehow you feel it insults the president you worship & identify with with cultlike devotion that any insult to his person is also a personal insult to you.

        And we’re the ones who are brainwashed? LOLOLOL! Thank you for sticking your head out of Duterte’s ass to tell us that.

        I am more independent than you. I am aligned with no political party or religion (except perhaps the religion / discipline of yoga).

        I can criticize both previous president Benigno Aquino III (yes, of the traditional oligarchs / traditional political clans) & present president Rodrigo Duterte (of the new oligarchs / new political clans).

        Interesting, isn’t it, that Duterte waves his fists at the traditional political dynasties. And yet, his own family is a Davao political dynasty & perhaps another national dynasty in the making when his daughter runs for president.

        Change is coming what?

        Why does this change look so familiar?

        Because a political dynasty is still a f–king political dynasty.

        The promised change is no change at all.

        It’s just a change of names from a different region.

        Pero political dynasty pa rin.

        A new dynasty that will benefit a new oligarch like … Dennis Uy.

        But you know what? It’s alright with me that businessmen from Davao & Mindanao can have their turn at profiting / benefiting economically from close associations with Malcañang. They deserve it din. It can’t just be the businessmen / oligarchs / political clans from Luzon or the Visayas parati. That just wouldn’t be fair.

        But tell me, truthfully, is this change?

        This is actually why I support & root for Jonas, Shamcey & MUP. Because they broke the monopoly of the Araneta oligarchy with regard to holding the franchises of international pageants in our country (may relevance sa pageantry din ang rant nito!) This, to me, is the future. When the middle classes, with education & hard work, can take over the reins of economic & political power in this country.

        @Closer2Fame You & I actually have this in common: I hate the f–king traditional political clans / oligarchs as well. They are the reason this country cannot achieve developed status. Our unequal society benefits them more than it does the majority of the population. And, yes, the mainstream media can work to enforce the status quo of inequality, rather than challenge it. It annoys the h-ll out of me that Martin Romualdez AND his wife, Yedda Romualdez, are both in Congress (pageantry reference again!) And why are there so many f–king Cayetanos at every level of government?

        We can go on and on about all the political dynasties from each province & region & highly urbanized city, and eventually we will land at … the Duterte political dynasty. Are they really different from other political dynasties? Is the common Pinoy really more empowered politically & economically because of their tenure in office?

        Go ahead, convince me.

        Because from where I stand. Same traditional political modus operandi, different dynasty.

      • @SQ

        Wow effort… Did my tea struck a nerve?🤣 I have always had the same views for ages way before this current admin and I have been commenting about it on this blog for more than a decade.. I hate to break it to you honey but you are dumb as shit!😁
        Yow welcum! 🤣

      • @Closer2Fame

        Can’t engage with my smart as f–k reply?

        Did it fly over your head?

        Is that why you resort to ad hominen attacks? Because you’re not actually capable of critical & thoughtful discourse?

        Do you know what ad hominem means? Or did that fly over your head as well?

        But thank you for sticking your head once again out of Duterte’s ass to reply to me.

        That insult deserves a repeat because it’s a billion times more creative than you just calling me dumb as shit.

        Come on, do better. Seriously, your jabs are dull as f–k & utterly lacking in imagination & wit.

        It’s why I stopped parring with you when we had a brawl over Jam Magno.

        I got bored because I knew I was dealing with an inferior.

      • @SQ

        Just because you can put words together doesn’t mean you are smart… It just means you are overly desperate to assert your pride-driven black&white thinking and I’m too lazy to be bothered by your narrow-minded nonesense… But I do find your replies entertaining, I give u that… 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • @SQ

        LOL @Ad Hominem…
        You insulted me 1st Bitch!
        Practice what you preach you god damn hypocrite!
        I’m sure the Catholic Church loves dick-sucking hypocrites like you! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • C2F, are you an atheist, agnostic, or just a non-Catholic? I am curious, dear.🤔 I ask because I would like to know where you are coming from.

      I know it’s not proper to ask about someone’s religious affiliation, but since you have criticized Rabiya on her being a Catholic, I therefore pushed my guts to do so. Hope you understand, dear.

      That’s all.

      • @Ana

        I do believe beings higher and way more inteligent & powerfull than us do exist in this universe… And being baptized as Catholic, I am well aware that the Catholic Church is the oldest & most successful business in the world that thrives on the monopoly of our resources by sowing guilt among it’s gullible blind followers… 😁

    • Pakihanap ng utak mo kung meron man. 🙂 Dun ka kay Jam Magno mo, parehong basura.

      • @Abcde

        Are you talking about yourself?😅
        Cause you are freakin hilarious! 🤣🤣🤣

    • i think you are the one pushing a political agenda on it. rabiya is pro miriam as an fyi to you.

      • Yes, she is pro-mirriam but does she not know that it’s the yellows who persecuted Mirriam including multiple assasination attempts? Is she not aware that Mirriam endorsed Rodrigo Duterte to become President? Rabiya could have easily cleared that issue with her statement and yet she allowed herself to be quoted by the yellow media… Now that was her biggest mistake.

  14. only one European , maybe two if you count Curacao … something is very uneven … I hope they go back to the groupings for the next one in Dec 2021 or Jan 2022 …. or I will have to watch out when the countries who send traditional European delegates boycott the MU

  15. Bella will deliver if she gets sent
    She is a stage performer and can answer anything with calmness and clarity .
    She can walk and she is very disciplined so don’t expect her to gain weight during the competition

      • Me too! Height doesn’t matter anymore with MU. Miss Australia made it to top 10 and she’s only 5’3″. Bella’s face is easier on the eyes. Doll like. Patch has to have a good angle to look stunning.

      • @ Ryan, @ Jane, & @ Fabian Reyes It will also give The Camp a chance to test its nerves at MU.


        Pagkakataon na nila ‘to kasi sabi ‘ata nila they are only ever interested in MU.

        Atty. has A&Q at her disposal. But knowing her clout-popularity, I would not be surprised if she has lain the foundations of her own team. After all, mukha’ng puro ‘young blood’ ang nandu’n ngayon – Hannah, Caress, Cinderella, Jazmine, Pauline, etc… Baka ‘di na siya priority nila?

    • I don’t think Bella’s Islamic surname and Asian features would be popular to Latinos… Teresita Marquez’ has a better chance than her if she was still age-eligible.

      • @ Closer2Fame ‘Eh, ‘di bigyan ng ‘screen name’. Baliktarin. Ysabella Ysmael Roxas. 🙂

        Army Reservist Teresita Senn is excellent, I agree. But, isn’t she 29 going 30 na?

        Atty. also looks Asian… Pops Fernandez to some. Leni Robredo to others.

  16. With a little over 70 candidates, Rabiya did as far as her abilities could muster and with that, she still deserves acknowledgement. After all, she’s a bubbly, excitable, sensitive and wonderful girl. As for the MUP team, they definitely could have done a lot better to strategize and prepare her physically, mentally and emotionally to bring out the best version of her natural “core” personality.

    Rabiya did miles better in swimsuit at the preliminaries because she was playful, flirty and engaging. At the finals, she looked nervous and yes, tentative. Of all occasions, it had to be at the finals (where it mattered) that she didn’t break a smile at the SS. This simply meant that she did not psyche herself well prior to the actual proceedings. Simply put, she wasn’t in the moment and the changes in the competition format (no continental groupings) and the participation of Filipino sponsors would not have made any marked difference. In general, the performance of the South East Asian girls this year were underwhelming. [As a footnote: I wish the SEA fans were more supportive of each other as a composite region and not pull each other down, thus sinking the entire boat.] At the finals, Rabiya (with 1 million Instagram followers), Amanda, who was crowned Miss Tourism Metropolitan International 2016 (where incidentally Miss Philippines Janela Cuaton was runner-up), and Ayu Maulida, with a Javanese royal noble lineage who won Best Asian Model 2015, were the region’s best bets – yet still fell short of their hype.

    The positive thing definitely is that we haven’t broken the streak which began in 2010, hence, we won’t be mocked as the dreaded El Tocuyo (there are many this year). The exclusion of South Africa is the biggest shocker as she’s physically gorgeous and was another crowd favorite. I only have one thing in mind, the MU organizers are hinting to SA that they should not send a runner-up (much less a 3rd placer) to the competition that gave it two crowns and one runner-up in 3 years.

    If the two successive years of non-stellar performance of the Philippine delegates is to be noted, this is an alarming trend for our girls in MU. Since 2010, this is now the lowest placement of any A&Q ward so definitely, the said camp will be put on hot seat by the unforgiving Pinoy pageant fans. In fact, all its international wards did not succeed in their bids. They should not rest on their past laurels in the 2010’s because as they say: “You’re only as good as your last performance.”

    As most pageant observers and analysts have been saying, the new IMG MU pageant is no longer for “raw” neophytes – it is now a venue for the most prepared/seasoned ladies in all aspects of the competition. The sheer volume of couture wear (tapping renowned international designers) and social media hype, although speak volumes of high interest of the contending franchisees, do not matter much at the end of the day. Unlike in MW wherein girls are judged once they step on the host country from day 1, it is definitely the girls’ performances at the prelims and finals that count in MU. As Lu Sierra said, the one who gets the job is the “rock star” on the MU stage.

    If you can’t prepare a newbie intently (like India, who could have placed higher if she did not surprisingly clamp on her Q&A) given the restrictions or any excuses you may have, then, a pageant veteran would be your best vet. [Nonetheless, India’s slowly rising back from its ashes.] This year’s top 3, Mexico, Brazil and Peru showed us exactly that. This is not a hard and fast rule though. Few pageant veterans, who performed well in other international competitions like Romania (top 5 in Supranational and International) and Czech Republic (Top 4 in Miss Earth), did not make the first cut. Most probably, their closed-door interviews were not memorable. This also goes to show that there is no “one size fits all” and girls need to be honed to fit the rigors of the contest they’re being fielded.

    I also noted several interesting points this year. This is the first edition where two former MW placers made the top 2 (Brazil being in Top 11 in 2014 and Mexico being First Princess in 2017 – the edition where interestingly, India won). Andrea Mesa now joins Michelle McLean and Catriona Gray in that category. There were few other MW alumnae who won MU but did not make the first cut in MW such as the likes of Angela Visser (Netherlands, then sashed as Holland – MU 1989 but MW 1988 non-placer) and Mpule Kwelagobe (Botswana – MU 1999 but MW 1997 non-placer). Miss Dominican Republic, who was first runner-up at her national contest in 2019 and appointed as this edition’s representative, performed way better than the actual national winner who represented the country in MU 2019 (got to Top 20 only).

    Congratulations to Mexico, they got their 3rd crown since 2010 – that is, a decade apart (not counting the non-existent 2020 edition). She is now the first Latina MU winner and also the tallest at 5’11” since IMG took over. It doesn’t matter if her reign will be short or long (if indeed the 70th will be held late this year), the fact is, she won and she is the 69th Miss Universe. For the new MUP organization, it’s back to the drawing boards to recalculate their next moves after this first foray. Here’s to the 70th edition and we hope to fare better by then.

    • @ Ben.. such an objective, wonderful assessment.. yes, agree, someone who is well-rounded, perhaps well travelled, sophisticated, well-exposed to pageantry and who really goes for the “kill” are ideal qualities the next MUP should have.. there’s always next year.. and on to more exciting pageantry sans covid… 🤞🙏

    • Agree. Rabiya was too raw and too young. If she was a pageant veteran, or at least someone who has been in showbiz or modelling for years and exposed to the limelight like Pia, Catriona, Maxine, Rachel, Gazini, she could have handled the pressure and the nerves better. MUP prepared her body, her clothes, her Q&A, and she was hardworking and determined, but there is something that only experience and maturity can give. If you notice, older candidates seem to be more assured.

  17. Congratulations to all the candidates. For a moment, I though I was watching Reina Hispanica or Miss South America 2020…

    New miss universe format now, beauty camp needs to reconfigurate their training and approach now… That’s the reality of a subjective competition. Sad but true.

    Olivia Culpo is slaying the Jacklyn Jose Style of Hosting

  18. MGI is way better than MU this year, in terms of stage, presentation, music, cameras and hosts.

  19. With the conclusion of the Miss Universe pageant, I am starting to get thrilled about the forthcoming Miss Universe Philippines. Since last year, I have solidified my hope that Patricia Magtanong will join Miss Universe Philippines and eventually represent us in Miss Universe. Educational background, facial beauty, sexy body, and eloquence are all rolled in her.

    Patch is MU-ready given only few months on her lap to get on board the MU pageant. She only needs to polish her styling, do a little more body-toning work, and master her pasarela.

    The problem is…

    She hasn’t turned over her Bb Pilipinas-International crown to her successor, yet. The MUP search is ongoing while the Binibining Pilipinas 2020 edition has yet to happen midyear. Will she give up her title in order for her to join MUP? Or, will she wait for next year’s MUP edition instead?

    Nakakatuwa ang mga badet sa mga pageant site, ang bilis nilang nag-move on sa MU. Wala silang masyadong hanash sa pagkalaglag ni Rabiya sa Top 10, which only means na nakita nila kung hanggang saan lang ang kinaya ni Biyang at hindi tayo dinaya. Ngayon, pino-post na nila ang next beauties na posibleng lumaban para sa MUP crown. Tatlo ang lumalabas: Patch Magtanong, Steffi Aberasturi, and Ahtisa Manalo. Let us see.

    That’s all.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund May mga memes agad. Pampalamig ng ulo. 🙂

      Puwede naman pala 29 sa MU (Jeanette Akua and Estefania Soto). Next year na lang si Atty. She’ll be 28 going 29 by then… Bella na muna this December. Call for Applications pa lang naman sa MUP. ‘Di pa sinabi’ng magpa-pageant agad-agaran. Ok na rin para ‘di maalangan si Patitay.

    • Mabilis naka move-on kasi kahit sinabi nila na “nadaya” si Rabiya, hindi lang si Rabiya yung “nadaya”. For them, “nadaya” rin sina Peru, Thailand, Puerto Rico, etc. Kaya gumagaw na lang ng memes para di masyadong masakit.

  20. yes, bet ko si mexico as finalist as soon as i saw her speak good english and articulate.. .until na notice ko malapad nga mukha nya at cheekbones, na mala garbriela isler nga, which is fine actually as i loved molly’s humble demeanor and classy styling. i guess, among the latinas, si mexico ang prudent choice to crown. kaya, congratulations to the winners and to our dear rabiya for representing the PH very well. . proud kami sau ‘ga.. at the end of the day, the decision still rests with the selection committee with guidance from MUO on what qualities they are looking for in a particular year, if any, and all the politics in between. unless our candidate is really a standout and fits the mold, from now on, its time to loosen up and just enjoy the whole journey, both for our delegate and us mga faney na mahilig sa pagmmiron.

  21. To MUP, you did your best too! The format seems back to the mold of the TRUMP ERA where the substance is not a priority.

    Pero, hindi ko pa rin makita anong nakita nila kay Miss Mexico! Please explain.

  22. Anes na? Mga baklesh!

    Pagbigyan niyo na ang 6months reign ni bakla!

    Helen Morgan won Miss World 1974 but first runner up at Miss Universe on the same year held in Manila. This time a Miss World 1st runner up won the Miss Universe, siya lang nakagawa nun so far!

    Ano? Satisfied ba kayo with Miss Universe Philippines under Jonas Gaffud? or would you like to see it back at Binibining Pilipinas?

    Rabiya did her best! As I have mentioned before, she is too raw for pageantry! Nahinog sa pilit si Inday! I’m sure she was able to ace the closed door interview, it’s just so happen that is not what the judges is looking for.

    And for those lobbying for Patch Magtanong to be next MUP, she will do well on the QnA but I am more than sure, they will find her too cocky!

    • Patch does not sound cocky to me
      I’m a little concerned about physical beauty
      Though I won’t say no her reprsenting the country . She is not the type to yield to pressure . She has that quiet confidence honed through years of competitive experience at school and pageantry .

    • @Claire

      I believe the cockyness you are reffering to is when she speaks with confidence because she indeed has the goods to back it up…

      • @ Abcde Yas! Sa sobra’ng conviction, nabuang ‘yun’g interpreter sa MI… Same with Jolene. 🙂


  23. I hope they just appoint Bella so she can start the training for December . This lady is very strong inside and out .

    • Hindi lang mga Pinoy ang galit. Maraming foreign fans ang nagalit dahil si Peru talaga iniisip nila na deserving. Check mo Miss Universe page, puro haha react photo ni Mexico.

    • Yup! It does! Looks like the newly installed MU winner might be already married. Check out her IG post dated 9/3/19. She has a pic of her in her wedding gown with her groom with the caption of the date 3-09-19 with a ring emoji. This means the wedding date of 9/3/19 and she posted her pic of them on the same date. Lots of Filipinos and Latinas are busy commenting there and questioning why she was allowed to compete at MU.

      Her supposed groom’s IG is @jorge_saenz98 where he wrote this on his caption with the ring also posted on 9/3/19>. Estoy infinitamente agradecido con dios por darme la oportunidad de conocerte este tiempo y cruzarnos en el camino. Hoy empieza una nueva etapa de nuestras vidas y estoy seguro que compartir todo a tu lado me hará la persona más feliz del mundo. Translated to English: I am infinitely grateful to god for giving me the opportunity to know you this time and to cross us on the way. Today a new stage of our lives begins and I am sure that sharing everything by you will make me the happiest person in the world.

      He edited it 15 mins after I took a screenshot of the above without his edit that it was a promo campaign for a tourist spot. @Ah Chihuahua. He’s getting comments saying congrats to your wife.

      There’s something fishy going on with her win and now this. I hope the truth comes out whether she’s married or not. Why would they both post a pic and put a caption on it like they just got married? The commenters are tagging Miss Universe and Rabiya’s team on their comments on Jorge’s IG account and Andrea’s also.

      I’m sooo done with beauty pageants. I’ve only watched MU before because of the fair judging but now it’s gone. It’s turned into a Miss Telemundo beauty pageant.

    • FINALLY.. somebody makes this call!!! TELEMUNDO is a major sponsor and got miffed last year because they did not get the crown. Payback time? Additional things to ponder:

      – the National Director of Dominican Republic was going around before the pageant very confident that DR will be in the Top 5.
      – many Top 5 predictions consist of 4 Latin countries and 1 Asian.
      – PERU obviously rocked the Q&A and Final Statement and she gets 2nd RU??? Mexico (Telemundo is 70%-owned by a Mexican-base investment company) screwed up the Q&A, switch to Spanish because she knows she screwed up but is nowhere near to being the best!

      Makes me think… Philippines will place very high next edition of MU since the Filipino sponsors are probably miffed Rabiya did not place higher so MUO promises they’ll make it up to them next year… just like what they did to TELEMUNDO!

      Don’t take me seriously, though! I am just relieving some of my stress and frustrations.

  24. So sad for the first cooking show I’ve seen in MU judging. I’m shocked! The winner messed up the top 5 question and then decided to get a translator (eventhough she’s fluent in English) with the final statement so she’ll have a longer time to think and answer. I don’t remember anything she said. I already knew after the top 5 Q&A that it was over for Mexico. Congrats Telemundo!

    India nailed the top 5 question and I thought she already won. I didn’t know there was going to be a final statement where she ended up with the toughest subject. So I thought it was going to be a close call between her and Peru or Brazil but she would still win since she stood out in the prelim and in the finals with her SS and EG performances. Still proud of India for reaching top 4 since India has not reached top 5 in 20 years.

    Proud also of Rabiya for making it to the MU stage and MUP did a great job in transforming her personality and communication skills and was even able to get her body MU ready. She won the hearts of many pageant fans. I just wish she didn’t have the breast enhancement which served as a distraction for being so big and pushed way up on her chest. She didn’t need it.

    I know both Adline and Rabiya both have a bright future ahead of them. They’re both fighters and both determined to succeed in life. They both came from poor families and both made it on the Miss Universe stage!!! God bless Adline and Rabiya!

  25. This was the most underwhelming performance of a Miss Universe winner in the IMG era. You can argue that Cat’s win was engineered because they put two Filipinas in the judging panel, but Cat’s performance was near-flawless and is unquestioned in the general pageant community. But this year is different. With Telemundo in the mix and the pageant being held in Florida, it was definitely engineered towards the Latinas. Which is fine. But they didn’t crown the Latina with the best overall performance, which was Peru. Look at the comments sections of pages like @missuupdates and even Latinos are not happy with the win.

    Moving forward, I would like to see Patch Magtanong compete in this year’s MUP. That’s all.

  26. Mexico is the largest Spanish-speaking country, the biggest target market of Telemundo..
    Her win could rally millions of Latino viewership when the pageant is held in Peru next year…

    Therefore, should we send a Latina next year?

    Gabriel Bassiano would have been perfect but she’s still competing at BBP….

    Teresita Marquez is over-aged….

    Should we send a pageant newby like Daisha Jimenez?

    Or it’s between Ahtisa Manalo and Patricia Magtanong?

    • It’s Patch Magtanong. If she decides to join, Patch will be the chosen one.

      • Hmmm true…. but the venue is still not final..
        She could be a sure win at Macau…
        But in Peru or Costa Rica, I can’t foresee her fate.

    • @ Closer2Fame This is the third, if not fourth, time I’ve heard that PERU will host MU 2022.

      Isn’t it Costa Rica 2021 and Nepal 2022? Has the latter withdrawn? If so, I’m ‘huli sa balita’. 🙂


      Or Bella for that matter, if 2021 edition is by appointment and the rep to the crowned this year will be for 2022?

      Basiano? MGI 2021! Lacanienta will surely be up to it. Lumalabas pa ngayon, BPCI still has viable brands like International, Grand, and Globe. You watched the video where Mias Pilar-Alcantara invited Ungkol to M.A.M.*? Yayamanin!

      * – Macedonia, Albania, & Montenegro.

      Feeling ko tuloy, baka talbugan ng mga Viet si Angkol with a flashy Miss Charm debut. After Subijano-Montenegro, you like to send… Daisha? If she’s ‘prior commitment’, why not Amelinckx?

    • Tapos na ba contract ni Patch with BBP? Puro na kasi delay ang BBP na di makausad ang current winners. If ever Leren plans to join (grabe rin exposure niya dahil sa Bragais), last niya na this year. Si Patch din, kung matagal siya hindi makatrain baka mawalan ng gana sumali yan.

  27. Dapat talaga , be very careful with what you write on your bio . Make sure you can back it up and make sure the person you say you idolize has good reputation.

      • Yup , very bad decision on the part of MUPO . They should have asked Pinoys in the US regarding his reputation …. Eminem is a woman hater
        Plus , was Rabiya even able to do a convincing rap??

      • @ Fabian Reyes Obviously, that would have mattered at the Prelims Q&A.

        Imo, that ‘job interview at Human Resources’ is done to quickly weed out on initial impression so as to make the next round of grilling less cumbersome. So, the mere fact she made the First Cut means the Board of Judges didn’t crucify her for Eminem’s issues.


        But of course, you are there and know better. However, if she was able to rap well, good for her!

  28. Magpopost din kaya si Miss World to congratulate Andrea just like they did when Catriona won?

  29. Pinanood ko talaga ulit. Hindi ko talaga ramdam yung Miss U aura kay Miss Mexico. Sana si Miss Peru o Miss India na lang ang nanalo.

    Para sa akin, 3rd runner-up or 4th runner-up lang siya.

    • @ Alex2..
      same impressions here, wasn’t really into Mexico, although she did well.. i was rooting for either Brazil and Peru as the last two, and possibly Peru as winner… just my two cents..

    • So true! No aura at all from Mexico. Even Demi and Cat thought that the top 2 would be Peru and India.

  30. In retrospect, we seem to have forgotten the fact that MUO is looking for a complete package. We were not there when the judges were up close and personal with the girls. Andrea was robbed big time in the “other pageant” like our very own Catriona. I digress now with my earlier statement about highway robbery in broad daylight. Perhaps Miss Mexico won because of her attributes not seen on television. Let us just wish her a fruitful reign.

    • Andrea was never robbed in Miss World. Miss India was the favourite for Miss World. No one kept Andrea in top 10 in MW Too. Just don’t blabber shit because you have nothing better to do.

      And FYI, Catriona was also not ROBBED in MW. She was copying Megan. A Miss World is original. Like Pia is original. And catriona is nowhere once she won MU ??Non deserving MU too.

      • BAKLA anong problema mo kay Catriona? Who did Miss India copied in Miss World 2021, di ba si Miss Nepal sa sagot nya?????? DON’T U EVER ME BAKLA AT BAKA KALBUHIN KITANG HAYOP KA!!!!!

  31. Love her❤️❤️
    I was the only one rooting for her. She looked fresh and well-rested.
    Of all the top 5, she was the only one whose face was not overly made-up while the others except India were made to look like trans because of severe make up.
    Honestly, I don’t get the hype over Peru’s beauty just like Norman’s predicted winner Puerto Rico
    They look too pageanty-ish for me.

    Rabiya’s dismal performance is only a proof that the success of all the past A&Q candidates’ placements were not solely attributed to Jonas but it seems they were a collaborative efforts between him and Madam Stella.
    By the way, where was Shamcey with all this mess?

    • The Madame Stella who presided over BPCI that couldn’t even get staggeringly incredible & well-rounded candidates like Aileen Damiles & Abbygale Arenas* into the top ten at Universe?

      Or the Madame Stella who presided over the BPCI that couldn’t win Miss World?

      Or the Madame Stella who presided over the drought years with recycled gowns from Colombia?

      You know, the gowns from the Miss Colombia pageant that were handed down to the Bb Pilipinas Universe winners, that were then handed down to the Bb Pilipinas International representatives?

      Which can be great–we can go for sustainable fashion, it’s actually a thing now.

      But what does it do to the confidence of our representatives if they know they’re getting the gowns that Colombia’s representatives to Universe & International have already rejected?

      So, MUP in its first year didn’t quite deliver the results we wanted.

      According to wikipedia, BPCI first took over the Universe franchise in 1964. According to wikipedia, the Philippines representative didn’t even make the top 15 in 1964. BPCI’s representative did, however, make the top 15 the following year, in 1965 (also the year that Thailand won it’s first Universe crown).

      So MUP has already surpassed BPCI’s first year record at Universe with getting Rabiya into the top 21.

      BPCI won their first Universe title in 1969, six years after they took over the franchise. I think it’s only fair if we give MUP at least that much time to secure their first Universe title, which, admittedly will be a lot tougher with Telemundo now back in the mix. From this point forward, expect 3-4 spots in the top 5 to go to Latinas/Whites, with 1-2 for BIPOC representatives (and if one of those happens to be Blatina, then the other BIPOC slot will go to an Asian).

      Madame Stella’s place in our pageant history is assured. No question, the alpha titles the country won in the late 60s to 70s can all be credited to her, she was the architect of our first golden age. And we can be grateful for her contributions.

      But the streak we had in the last decade was due to the camps, not BPCI.

      There’s another architect in charge now at MUP. And this one is literally an architect, licensed & all. I say give Shamcey & MUP another chance**.

      *I honestly only remember Charlene Gonzales as a kid. But if you google Eileen Damiles & Abbygale Arenas as I did, you’d also think how did BPCI mess that up?

      **side-eyeing Lavinia & THROWBAKLA

      • Wow what a rant!
        I stated “collaborative efforts of Jonas and Madam Stella” which I think is fair and tactful enough while you said “because of the camp”.

        You have taken my statement out of context.

        Anyhow, let’s not go back to the past and instead evaluate what went wrong with the handling of the inaugural candidate of MUPh as a stand alone and new organization. There are a lot of valid sentiments of the fans here which I believed should be listened to by the org because we honestly, we can not the blame Rabiya because all the base elements are there with her but the direction was messed up.

      • My apologies if that came off as a rant.

        I just feel it’s unfair to the new MUP organization that, having failed to produce a winner or top 5 placement in their inaugural Universe competition, there are now calls for them to return the franchise back to BPCI 🤷🏽‍♂️

        Those calls didn’t come from you, so you didn’t deserve that rant. My apologies again ✌🏽

    • No Romania, South Africa, Iceland, and Nepal.
      Most of the prediction lists of the so called experts have been shattered for sure.

  32. Makes one wonder if now that Telemundo is back in the picture, will MU revert back to the Latina domination and we can expect a streak of Latinas to win? Oh well, life is cyclical. Philippines had a very good run. On a side note, I thought that Peru aced all the question rounds and that she would be the next MU. It’s all subjective so no more dwelling and speculating. It’s time to work towards tomorrow and the next MUP.

  33. OMG! The Sarimanok-inspired final evening gown of Rabiya has already been posted in a pageant site that I frequently visit of late. That yellow-orange gown is beautiful. Kung ‘yun sana ang isinuot n’ya nung semi-finals, eh, hindi dapat nakakuha ng negative feedback si Rabiya. Gosh!

    Sir Furne One Amato has redeemed his worth this time. Sad lang, hindi ito tuluyang nairampa ni Rabiya ang beautiful gown. Haaaayst!

    I’d also like to see Super Nova’s Michael Cinco gown that she wore in the finals but we failed to witness. Gayundin ang gowns nina Czech Republic and Romania. Have they worn different sets of gowns awhile ago?

    That’s all.

  34. Ang pinagkaitan ng korona sa Miss World ay nagtatagumpay sa Miss Universe

    Miss Mexico Andrea Meza was Miss World 2017 First Runner-up and win Miss Universe 2020
    Catriona Gray was competed in Miss World 2016 and placed Top 5 and win Miss Universe 2018

  35. Congrats, Mexico. But really, Peru stood out most in the finals. I thought Mexico and India would be the bottom two in the top 5.

    As for Rabiya, thank you for representing us well. We could say a lot about your performance – that you could have done this or that, smiled more, chose another gown, etc. but all that couldn’t change a thing. It was not your destiny.

    Just for future references, we could be more objective when we assess our candidates’ chances and not overhype so we don’t end up blaming either her or her handlers. In this case I think they are both equally responsible. For all the hype, Rabiya was still a bit raw, and she just could not rise up to the occasion. She needed more time. I’m reminded of that old saying – you could take the girl out of the town/barrio but you could not take the barrio/town out of the girl. She was a sweet pretty town lass, but alas she needed more preparation and experience to be a truly international, universal rather, representative. A few months was not enough, even with all the intensive training. And it didn’t help that we kept pampering her with praises and ego-boosting affirmations that may have lulled her into complacency and taken the hunger out of her. At the first major test in the NatCos when she received a lot of critiques, she cracked and cried. And we still babied her. Pia had three years of trying and Catriona had to go through the Miss World route. They were bashed and battered along the way but they both emerged triumphant.

    Looks like we can use Patch Magtanong or Ahtisa Manalo, both MI veterans next year. And for MUP, you know better, that a pretty face alone is not going to win in MU. A strong but relatable, intelligent but fun and sexy but substantive beauty will prevail. Rabiya had some of these, but not enough, sadly. I knew it right from the get go, and was secretly wishing she would transform into these under the supposed magical hands of Mama Jonas, but alas it didn’t happen.

    Still, thank you for the semifinals placement. And Rabiya, don’t cry anymore. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You were you, and you are still a phenom. And you will always be beautiful in my eyes.

    • And this one summed it up for all of us. Now, it’s time for me to move on. Rabiya has already been cemented as one of the queens in the Philippine pageant history.

      Thank you, Queen Rabiya and goodluck to your next endeavor.

  36. back to back tough 20
    congrats felepens

    Latina domination ulit
    dahil sa Telemundo

  37. I agree with DanDan. This year’s MU production is the lousiest since its inception, which is understandable because pandemic made everything a letdown. One factor that energizes the MU pageant is the crowd. Seeing the hall empty and lack of energetic fans is totally different. That’s why the hosts are not vibrant and keen. Even the candidates’ electrifying vibe was down. Kaya okay lang na hindi nanalo si Rabiya. At kung manalo man s’ya, hindi masyadong makapagbunyi ang Pilipinas kase walang homecoming parade na magaganap.

    Hala, gays and girls, move na tayo sa next pageant avenue, the MUP. Will Patch Magtanong join the league? Handa na ba s’ya?

    That’s all.

  38. Mexico is beautiful! Although prior to finals, never placed her in my Top 5 unlike most pageant blogs. I couldn’t see what they were seeing. Personally, she has been giving me Gabriela Isler vibes all through out the competition. A little bit more mature looking. Nothing wrong with that, but tonight she really did prove she’s worthy of Top 5. She performed and looked great on stage! However, I thought she bombed her Q&A and redeemed herself in the final statement. Though I thought It wasn’t enough of a redemption to land the crown. I seriously thought Peru was going to win this competition and have India as her first runner up.

    Anyways, Congrats MEXICO on your 3rd victory! May you have a great reign ahead! ❤

    • I actually believe Mexico gave a sensible and direct answer to that difficult question.
      Locking down a country early on is indeed solution just like Vietnam and New Zealand did.

  39. Not so happy with the results after Mexico was declared the winner. She is gorgeous and all, but I thought she’s only good for a 4th runner-up finish after the Q&A. Oh well – apparently the outcome was indeed manipulated starting with those snubbed from making it to top 21. I wonder if Telemundo has something to do with it. Deservingly hyped frontrunners like South Africa, Canada, Romania, Cameroon and Nepal who many predicted as the dark horse of the year didn’t even make the first cut. And oh don’t get me started on Myanmar winning Best National Costume which turned out to be a sympathy award.

  40. After that last round, it is very clear that Peru is on top followed by Brazil.

    My Winners:
    MU Peru
    1st Brazil
    2nd India
    3rd Mexico
    4th Dom. Rep.

    Although India is my favorite to win the crown but my mind tells me it is Peru who is gonna win after the last round.
    But then again, there are judges in which they have seen something in Mexico.

    Rabiya o my Rabiya… if you have just reached the top 5, you can slay those questions.

      • Basahin mo kasi ang buong comment ko aswang!
        May mga judges nga di ba? Mema na naman ang impakta!

    • Maybe it’s a blessing to Rabiya not to have advanced. She looked terrified in the SS competition, maybe the pressure was just too much for her. Oh well, she’ll do fine in life.

      • Agree with the SS competition of Rabiya. When I didn’t see a smile from her during SS and that she looked nervous, I knew she wouldn’t make it to top 10. Her rehearsal practice looked good so I don’t know what made her nervous in her actual swimsuit performance.

      • Rabiya did her best but was outshined by the strongest candidates, she’s still raw and she really felt the nerves during the swimsuit round that’s why she did not advance to top 10, i would actually rank her top 15 at least with her performance. Her team should’ve known from the moment they stepped in USA, they should prevented her from checking her social media to avoid distructions, but if she wasn’t strong enough to hadle tge bashing. Also, i hope next time the MUP would realize that our candidate that they should give it all during the prelims, that yellow gown was really underwhelming. Catriona was consistent from prelims to finqls, walang “you need to know when to peak”. Just be consistent from prelims to final. Top 21 dapat high gear na agad! But yeah, they will not give the crown to Phils to soon..maybe a runner up next year to entice the pinoys again. Just my opinion. Have a great day!

      • Same feelings after the SS round. I knew already she will not advance to top 10. Her SS performance during the prelims is better. Masyado syang nagmamadali sa pagrampa. I am waiting for that pose for a second then smile! Halata ding ang kaba nya parang gusto na nya matapos agad.

  41. And awful hosts/commentators.. no energy, forced enthusiasm. Worst MU production in 20 years, at least.

    • I agree! Napaka-dry ng presentation. MU 2018 is still the best.
      I don’t like the opening presentation.
      Given the safety protocols… they should have let them wear face masks during their introduction over the microphone. Hindi tuloy nakita yung pag-sigaw nila ng kanikanilang bansa! ,(Naalala ko tuloy ang MGI hahaha).

      Parang inaantok ang mga hosts, walang sigla. Yung background music mahina… overall the show is the most boring in MU history.

  42. Congratulations, Mexico!

    So, kapag nagri-red evening gown talaga ang Mexico, nananalo. Si Rabiya natin, nag-red and blue naman s’ya noong National Costume competition, pero ba’t lotlot? Tito Norms, sana ipakita ng MUP Team ang final evening gown ni Rabiya para may mapag-usapan pa rin tayo dito sa Blog mo. Otherwise, i-exit na kami kase wala ng relevant topic. Lol.

    O hala, balik sa kanya-kanyang work-from-home duties.

    That’s all.

      • Ay! Teacher ka Auntie Flor? Kaya pala dami time ka sa Norman’s Blog, huh! O, kumain ka ng mabuti. I know mahirap lumafang sa mga oras na ito, kase nga lotlot si Rabiya, pero kelangan mong kumain para hindi mali-mali ang ilagay mo sa SLMs mo. Isipin mo ang matutunan ng mga bata sa module nila. Pero kapag ang panlasa mo sa sinigang na kakainin mo ngayon ay lasang nilaga, naku auntie, hindi ‘yan dahil nalotlot si Rabiya, covid na ‘yan, day! Haha!

        That’s all.

  43. I just hope Telemundo had no influence on the outcome … and such a long three-hour show. There were only 74 delegates. In 1977, there were 80 delegates but they had a swimsuit fashion segment, a production number and the entire show fit in just 2 hours … they should re-think about the dragging effect of a very long show … the excitement factor goes away and this show is certainly a victim…

    • MU is looking for a powerful network benefactor, so maybe they’re using Telemundo to creep back up to relevancy.

  44. In law, we say “the thing speaks for itself”.

    Here, the winner clearly does not deserve it.

    • Love Peru… Didn’t see the entire show or the q&a. I was hoping that Brazil finally would win it this time around. Brazil has always been on top ten or 5 several times. I think they always send delegates that have the same look except from last year (2019), they had sent a delegate with a much shorter hairdo. Miss Brazil 2012 is i think one of the prettiest delegates that they had sent to Miss Universe.

      • The stunningly exquisite and iconic gown of Miss Universe Brazil 2012 has got to be the best the Brazilians have fielded so far. But her face is somewhat too matured looking for her age.

  45. Mexico is PANGIT at MUKHANG MATANDA NA. Brazil or Peru SHOULD HAVE WON.

    • Hindi rin si Mexico ang pinakamagaling sa Q&A and final statement. Para sa akin 4th runners up lang si Mexico.

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