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  1. It’s been 64 years since Peru first made top five and the only time they won. Will Janick duplicate the feat of Gladys Zender?

    • @ Cool Brew Good morning!

      You are better than our Blogger. He (only) got 15.

      Folks here on the ground in ‘eastern NCR’ atm are gravitating towards India. On your end?

      • Sorry for late reply. My top choice was PR but she got axed in top ten. I still have Mexico, India and Peru in the top five though.

  2. Rabiya forgot to smile. She has a better performance in prelims. Anyways, I would still bet on my original Top2 – India and Peru.

  3. Miss Universe 2020 Top 10

    1. Jamaica
    2. Dominican Republic
    3. India
    4. Peru
    5. Australia
    6. Puerto Rico
    7. Thailand
    8. Costa Rica
    9. Mexico
    10. Brazil

  4. RABIYA’S boobs are too distracting! It’s just too much ! She looked so tentative and uncomfortable. Other Asians did better . Amanda killed it . Subtle and all about the eyes ! India will win tho .

    • Shoot. No South Africa? Scary sobrang unpredictable. Nepal! 😩

  5. So happy that Rabiya is the 15th semifinalist to be called out. 😃

    Quite sad that Romania and Canada didn’t make the cut. ☹️

  6. Team Asia wag na wag kayo magpapatinag sa Latinas kahit pa sobrang daming ipinasok sa kanila

  7. Miss Universe 2020 Top 21

    1. Colombia
    2. Peru
    3. Australia
    4. France
    5. Myanmar
    6. Jamaica
    7. Mexico
    8. Dominican Republic
    9. USA
    10. Indonesia
    11. Argentina
    12. India
    13 Curacao
    14. Puerto Rico
    15. Philippines
    16. Brazil
    17. Great Britain
    18. Nicaragua
    19. Thailand
    20. Costa Rica

    Online Voting Vietnam

  8. First 7 to make the cut

    • Second set of 7 to make the cut
      Dominican Republic
      Puerto Rico

    • Just tried posting the second cut and it disappeared
      Not sure what happened….

    • Third group of 7 to make the cut
      Great Britain
      Costa Rica
      Popular vote goes to Viet Nam

      • @ Philip de la Torre Thanks very much for your diligence and kindness, Sir! We apprec8 much. 🙂

        No Natasha Joubert… W-O-W. Judges didn’t like her… OR, BAKA MAY FRANCHISE ISSUES NA RIN SILA KASI NGA NANALO SI ZT… I’ve mentioned this before, many posts back… Werner??!!


        Akselrad in, Villasmil out. Not surprised. OSMEL SOUSA STILL HAS IT. Long live the King!

    • I am worried of Rabiya’s performance in SS… parang walang energy! Pero ang ganda nya….

  9. I hope a new country wins MU .. if not Rabiya
    No to Thailand India PR or Mexico

    • @ Nakakalurker The Dubai-based designer apparently has ‘gowns on stock’. 🙂

      Now, if it will be like this hereon with MUP, then they should probably AS EARLY AS NOW bind that handful of OOTD designers in the ‘Look Book’ (those Ungkol assigned #’s to) that won majority approval. Looking back, my fave is STILL #001 (‘barong suit’, NAIA 1 Departure). Puwede’ng sila na ang mag-conceptualize ng ‘sartorial strategy’ ni MUP 2021 for Costa Rica; no more last-minute drama, please.

      Sayang ‘yun’g momentum na na-develop for these still-on-the-learning-curve creatives. Boss MG needs to convince sponsors on the merits of financing their efforts; MUPO can be a driving force in propelling improvements in styling and wardrobe. Or locate investors who would be receptive…

      Otherwise, what is Albert Andrada for? I will assume he has made at least one piece for Ate Rab. Maybe she can wear that eventually…

      • To the very end makuda ka pa rin ALING FLORERA!!!! Wag tularan ang chimpanzee utang na buot!!!!

  10. I’m hoping for a more inspired performance from Rabiya .
    I hope she wins the crown !!!


    • @ Venus Rah In our recent collective experience, it’s the candidate that shows an attitude.

      I spotted two. And both are in Ungkol Norms’ Top 21. 😦

      The infraction occurred at one of the Dinners at Hard Rock Seminole Hotel.

      Siera Bearchell said that up to half of the candidates are weeded out at the Preliminary Interview. Apparently, they have a very specific ‘type/mold/archetype’ in mind. Add to that the fact that the winner of this 69th edition will have a relatively short reign of 6~7 months, then expectations might not be as lofty as when the situation is ‘normal’. I mean, look back at ZT’s protracted term; I doubt she was able to pull in plenty of business for MUO. Whoever the queen will be, she might have to compensate… In other words, we may have to make our standards more ‘practical’ for the interim.

      • Spill the tea! Who were these girls?!
        As for your other point. I agree MU may want to pick a highly commercial, profitable winner : Amanda O ! I won’t be mad .

      • @ Venus Rah Well, neither are in our Tito’s Last 3, either. Definitely not our rep, who’s sweet.

        Hindi ko na lang sasabihin, kasi nakabantay si Admin. Ayaw ko ma-block. Ngayon pa… Lolz.

        And to your satisfaction, not Amanda, too. 🙂

      • Someone has already talked about Peru
        Who is the other one ?

  11. Good early Mon AM, Boss Ungkol.

    AWFUL the WIFI where I am… Na-heat stroke na ‘ata. 😦

    Unti-unti na’ng nabubuo ang travel goals. So happy for you, po. Will you require VISA’s for Albania, Macedonia, and Montenegro? Maybe ask Rowee?…

    ‘Pag ganyan, dapat si Hannah na talaga ang ipadala. And for that matter, we look forward to S5!

    • There’s a lot of hot, hot men in Albania, Tito Norms. Caucasian x Arab, so delish. I just don’t find German, Swiss, Polish or Italian men attractive, Iba pa rin ang may lahing Turko/Arab, oozing with sex appeal. Char lang po Tito Norms, I am so naughty. Anyways, do a side trip to Greece/Croatia, malapit lang sila. Parang nag Cebu/Davao lang ang time and fare (pre-Covid)

  12. I wonder how anyone can say Rabiya is the most natural candidate .
    I have nothing against what has been done to help her gain the needed confidence.
    But to go as far as saying she’s the most natural ?
    Pls ….

  13. The Miss Universe 2020 is Miss Philippines Rabiya Mateo👑🏆🤗👍
    Yun lungs hihihihi 👅👌😊


  15. I agree with Sir Norman’s Final 3. If we are to go with the earlier pronouncement of MUO that this year’s winner must connect very well with people without trying hard, then it has to be someone whose entire life was lived with ordinary people in the margins of society. The connectivity of such a person with ordinary people will ne most natural because she is one of them. In this period when the economic, psychological and spiritual fallout of this pandemic has not subsided in many countries, MU meeds a harbinger of hope and a rallying point. That person is the ravishing Rabiya.

  16. Why is Rabiya reading the social media ???
    She should be concentrating on the competition .

  17. We owe her a prayer: for her health, her well-being and her happiness no matter what the results will be tomorrow. We owe her a big gratitude for staying in the game for all of us. Thank you very much Rabiya.

  18. Major takeaways from the interview with the Director of Miss Globe herself:
    1. Filipnos are respected in the world of pageantry. We should not squander away that respect by bashing impolitely candidates of other countries;
    2. Saying negative comments about our reps who do not meet our own personal expectations affect their performance. “If you do not have anything positive to say, don’t say it at all”

    Big conratulations Sir Norman for being invited on air to judge in the coming Miss Globe pageant in Eastern Europe. That just shows how much the international pageant community recognizes your contribution to the development of this global industry.

    It is nice to know that the director of a rival global pageant has everything nice to say about our Rabiya as she equally roots for her compatriot Miss Canada. She truly carries the spirit of pageantry– the global celebration of beauty.

  19. Have seen a clip of Rabiya saying lalaban ako while walking and her shoulders are down, not the usual. I feel for her. I think the criticism or should I say meanness of some Filipinos are taking a toll at her. The Filipinos are indeed the greatest fans but at this time majority is showing the world, the universe rather, that we are also the most toxic. It’s sad. Where’s the silver lining in this???

    I can only hope that Filipinos are as critical in electing officials. Kaso mo kita ng mali at baluktot, pilit nyo pang tinutuwid, mga animal! Sa MU at ibang pageant dami nyong alam pero sa pagpili ng government officials, ay ambot!

    • This comment. Everything you said.

      We abuse Rabiya because she’s not Pia-Catriona-Michelle-Bella.

      We throw a long list of all the things we require from her (yes, our standards for a queen are more stringent than it is for a president).

      Then after we’ve abused her & made her feel inadequate, we wonder why she’s not made of thicker skin to absorb & endure our abuse.

      If Rabiya wins or makes top 5, we claim her triumph as our own.

      But if she, by any chance, doesn’t make it far, she & her team are on their own.

      At this stage, I want Rabiya to do her best for herself.

      This is so when she looks back at this experience, she will have no regrets, knowing in her heart that she gave it her best fight.

      Honestly, we don’t deserve her.

      • Abuse Rabiya ???
        This is a beauty contest .
        Girls are judged by their outward appearance among other things ,
        If she did not have to stomach the negative comments or take them as constructive criticisms , she should have not joined beauty contests or at least not paid attention to social media .

        Don’t blame the fans . We are just doing our job !

      • @Fabian Reyes pinsan ka ba ni Roque o ni Digong? May similarities kayo..

  20. Oh Pasok na mga baklang hamog na DDS pa pakawala ng mga kampon in alam nyo na Kung sino.
    It boils down to one the sincerity and i will give this to RABIYA period. So far yung mga maralitang DDS isama muna si Fabian na sirado na ang mga internet station kaya Hindi pa maka bash lol.

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