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  1. You can see the biased prediction from the blogger. Why always put the Philippines on top five??? She didn’t even advance to top ten. Just saying. There are other worthy delegates than rabiya. She’s pretty but she not worthy of top five. 🤗🤗🤗

  2. You can see the biased prediction from the blogger. Why always put the Philippines on top five??? She didn’t even advance to top ten. Just saying. There are other worthy delegates than rabiya. She’s pretty but she not worthy of top five.

  3. As usual, an intelligent prediction by Norman. For me, Nepal and Phil will be the last 2 standing.

    • there is already a picture and video of her Finale gown … and it looks like it is somewhat orange or yellow orange … it looks good but the video and picture is not too clear …

  4. Miss Universe 2020 – Dominican Republic
    1st Runner up – Nepal
    2nd Runner up – Philippines

  5. If Puerto Rico wins , then all the excitement over this past week will land like a thud except for the loud, rabid PR fans. That’s the one thing about the PR fans, they never ever bash their candidate but they are rabid through and thourgh. MU2020, with all its historical firsts, will just fade into very forgettable memory …

    I think Romania or Curacao can sneak into the top and if the final Three are: Curacao, Romania and Philippines, it will be a night to remember forever. I could care less who wins among these three and I will be in MU pageant fan cloud 9 for a long time !

    some trivia:
    Philippines has been in semifinals from 2010 -2019 and I am sure in 2020 also
    Brazil has been in semifinals from 2011 to 2019 and most likely in 2020 also

    PR has 5 MU crowns gunning for 6th
    Philippines has 4 MU crowns gunning for 5th. We must stop PR !

  6. Like any Pinoy pageant fan, i pray that Rabiya will make it as far as top 5, to not only keep the Philippine sash strong, but also to reward her for her hard work, and of course as a gift to Pinoy pageant fans, who are as enthusiastic and supportive, as they are toxic… however, i also believe that a good number of Asian candidates are strong contenders.. Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, India, Myanmar.. sana lang mabigyan ng chance those countries with weak sashes who also deserve to win.. Here’s hoping Nepal and Myanmar will also be rewarded with good placements, and if the Universe truly aligns for them, with the crown… the powerhouse countries already enjoy the privilege of having strong sashes… other countries also deserve to win.. at any rate, let’s all hope for a wonderful, memorable and exciting tomorrow.. good luck Philippines, good luck Rabiya..!!! 😊😉❤🙏

  7. My top 5
    Mexico (she is not Miss World 1st princess for nothing)

  8. Change gown? Still amato? Don’t expect. Maganda gumawa si amato ok but tingin ko the gown was not made for rabi. It’s pulled fr the collection .kaya maluwag nagmukhang chabelita . It’s not molded to her size. Wala sya sa top 10 . Downvote all you want. May mata ako. Bahala kayo mag appreciate Ng I’ll prepared team. Rabiya is fighting yes but doesn’t know how to say no. That abay hair? She did not even complain to the hair stylist . Girl a Ms universe speaks. Tito, bro I don’t feel it looks great on me.can I get a bun instead. Beautiful girl in mup nasayang .I can’t stand sugar coating at rabiya mabait ka but dapat Alam mo bagay sayo. Say it loud . Malay mo na may nag abot Ng pang meryenda sa hair stylist para gawin kang abay .

    • I heard somewhere it was MUBA, the make-up sponsor, who decided on her hairstyle.

  9. Prediction Winner: India or Puerto Rico
    First Runner-Up: (Whoever is not picked between India and Puerto Rico)
    Second Runner-Up: Thailand
    Third Runner-Up: Nepal
    Fourth Runner-Up: Romania
    The Rest of the Top 10: Peru Philippines Mexico Colombia Iceland
    The Rest of the Top 21: Indonesia Cameroon Jamaica Laos Russia Canada Australia Cambodia Curacao France Vietnam
    (Sorry, I don’t like USA and Venezuela this year)

  10. My top 10
    1. Thailand
    2. Mexico
    3. Puerto Rico
    4. Nepal
    5 Peru
    6 Romania
    7. Brazil
    9. India
    10. Vietnam

  11. Ok, change gown and hairstyle daw si Rab. If she enters Top5, I think she will win. Anyways, it is either India or her.

  12. In as much as I love Rabiya or the usual suspects (Latinas), I will not be surprised if Nepal end up wearing the crown. There is something in her that is too hard to ignore. Her cool, elegant demeanor with impeccable catwalk devoid of any pressure to win very much reminded me of Venus Raj who broke the “drought.”

    For Rabiya, I just hope that she’ll find serenity to enjoy every moment of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. For winning the crown might be tough, but it is much tougher fighting for it with the most rabid fans in the pageantry world behind her back, scrutinizing every minute detail, giving real-time unfiltered no-holds-barred critiques.

    To the MUP, I hope you include intensive psychological conditioning to future representatives to weather whatever mud thrown and hopefully stay above the fray.

  13. Mexico should be up there especially with Telemundo as major major broadcast channel for the Latino market.

    If Costa Rica’s hosting for Miss Universe 2021 is a go, then she is assured of a top 21 spot.

    With an all- female selection committee, Puerto Rico would be a frontrunner for the crown. She may look like your sosyal tita, but she has a charming and non-threatening beauty that would sit well with a panel of female achievers. Plus she does have great speaking skills, sounds natural and unrehearsed, has that quiet elegance and self-assuredness that one acquires with age and experience. Qualities that would endear her to the panel of women achievers and fellow contestants.

  14. Rabiya in top 5? Hmmm mejo malabo. She will be in the top 20 because of the Philippine sash, may laban sa SS so pwede pa sa top 10, pero hanggang dun na lang nakikita ko sa kanya. Di ako nega, pero maraming mas magagaling kesa sa kanya.

    o magagalit na naman kayo sakin, kung makapasok sya sa top 5 well then good!

  15. I want Rabiya to win because she is our real life Cinderella. Though I know that odds are tipped against her winning the crown, I still pray the judges will remember and appreciate her story. It is one of bravery in conquering the card you were dealt with in life. Her story is relevant in a time of pain and sadness, much like these times. She stands as an example of courage. This girl from an Iloilo town is taking all the blows. Yet she is still standing there on stage for all of us. Rabiya, you are so brave.

    She has such a pure heart. May she win not because she is Miss Philippines but because she represents the best qualities we might have already forgotten.

  16. Philippines will be wearing a sexy black and silver EG with silver leaf earrings and straight hair along with Iceland for the last two standing and Iceland is the winner.

    • I would love to see Rabiya in a white gown to complete her look and the Pia-Cat-Rabiya Pinas Flag

      The gown has to be an eye-popping white gown , makes her statuesque , can have some silver beads that’s fine , but it should be visible from all over any location points in the arena , and the universe !

      Black gown on Rabiya will likely not look very goos since she is very morena …

  17. Maganda naman si Puerto Rico pero parang nanay na sya. Parang pang Mrs. U sya instead of Miss U. Sorry po, observation ko lang yun!

  18. I firmly believe it will be two Latina/Carribean girls as the last two standing- Peru and Puerto Rico. It will be very difficult for MUO to avoid that given that they are holding it in Florida.

    I really just want a top 5 finish for Rabiya, not because I don’t believe that she cannot win but it just gives the Philippines such a stronghold in the years to come. It will also offer that much needed momentum for MUPH in establishing itself with negativities still surrounding the organization.

    My wish list for top 5: Nepal, Philippines, Peru, Jamaica, Iceland!

  19. Nicaragua, Denmark, Italy and Cameroon. Potential spoilers. But the winner will probably be Puerto Rico. I’m not seeing India making the top 5. Nepal for me is more likely to get in than India.

  20. My Top 21 in Random order

    Puerto Rico


    Costa Rica
    Dominican Republic

    • I forgot about South Africa…
      She’ll be in my Top 20 but not Top 10

  21. I just hope Norman yang sinasabi mong pasabog na gown ay talagang babagay kay Rabiya at hindi siya magmukhang pandak at mataba. At sana huwag masyadong IANGAT ang boobs nya dahil masyado nang MALAPIT sa kanyang LEEG. Still, we are hoping the BEST for her.

    • No more push-up bra please.
      Let them sit on the right places

      • Philippines will be wearing a sexy black and silver EG with silver leaf earrings and straight hair along with Iceland for the last two standing and Iceland is the winner.

  22. My unrealistic, completely biased & subjective top 5:

    Philippines or Singapore or Vietnam or Indonesia
    And for diversity: Iceland or Nicaragua or Canada or Jamaica or Curacao or Peru or Romania

    I know this will never happen especially with Telemundo on board, but why shouldn’t it?

    It’s usually a majority Latina / white top 5 with 2 BIPOC representatives who may or may not have “Latina-ized” their styling & presentation.

    In my top 5, Asian beauty is normalized as the standard of beauty, with token representatives from the Latinas. Also, am just being petty because some South American-based accounts on the gram still call Pia the “IMG inner-beauty queen.”

    After reading the New York Times feature on Thuzar Wint Lwin, I really want Myanmar to make the cut.

    I admire anyone who stands up to a junta even at the risk of detention & torture when she returns to her home country. Courage in the face of danger is the true definition of beauty.

    • @SQ: “Courage in the face of danger is the true definition of beauty”. Courage is what makes one beautiful in God’s eyes. Miss Myanmar may not get the MU judges’ nod, but she is certainly invincible from divine standards. She adds a new dimension to the slogan “confidently beautiful”.

      • I love this comment @scorg.

        Thank you for always bringing much needed doses of positivity & kindness to the comment section here 😊❤️

  23. Reposting here. I want to also evaluate my predicting skills. Pardon me, this is my first time doing this. Dalaginding pa aketch, Tito Norms.

    21. Panama
    20. USA
    19. Vietnam
    18. Great Britain
    17. Curacao
    16. Cameroon
    15. Colombia
    14. Venezuela
    13. Dominican Republic
    12. Nicaragua
    11. Brazil

    Top 10
    10. Mexico
    9. Jamaica
    8. Romania
    7. Philippines
    6. Puerto Rico

    Top 5
    4th RU – Thailand
    3rd RU – Nepal
    2nd RU – South Africa
    1st RU – Peru

    Miss Universe 2020 – No one can represent the year 2020 than the COVID-19 survivor herself,

  24. Yan ang nagagawa ng pagiging affiliated sa MUP Org at Team Ahas and Kweens. Nawawalan ng objectivity. Kaloka ka Mamshie.

  25. My fearless final 5:

    MU 2020 – Puerto Rico
    1st Runner Up – Philippines
    2nd runner up – India
    3rd runner up – Romania
    4th runner up – Peru

    • I hate the 1st ru placement… the camera is on you and the winner for such a long time and you still end up losing … and they do not even announce your name like in prior years … For me , 2nd ru is preferrable or , of course, the Crown !

  26. If makapasok si Rabiya sa Top with her pasavog gown, improve styling and projection, She will be either 1st or 2nd runner up.

    Which is good enough.

    My Top 5

    1. India
    2. the Philippines
    3. Puerto Rico
    4. Nepal
    5. Thailand

  27. Tito Norms, we almost have the same Top 21, except that I did not have Romania, Curacao and Costa Rica. In the Top 5, we are the same except that I have Nepal in it. I’d also love to see Rabiya in the Top 5. I remain optimistic on her journey.

    That’s all.

  28. Tito Norms, we almost have the same Top 21, except that I did not have Romania, Curacao and Costa Rica. In the Top 5, we are the same. I’d also love to see Rabiya in the Top 5. I remain optimistic on her journey.

    That’s all.

  29. Now that this blog entry framed the discussion in the context of the pandemic, it is just proper that we applaud MUO and all MU National Directorates for braving the formidable odds to come this far. The process of selection, training, preparation of gowns, costume and other paraphernalia, in the midst of restrictive health and safety protocols everywhere, has been nothing short of heroic. Better still, nothing short of phenomenal. For this alone, everybody is a winner and deserves global adulation.

    Havins said this, who among these phenomenal women naturally connects with ordinary people everywhere? We will know in a matter of hours ifthe universe will rave for radiant Rabiya.

    • Rabiya and CzechRep have become close friends … love to see them in top three!

  30. Although there are relatively fewer candidates this year, there are many strong contenders.

    During the MUP competition, Rabiya was in my top 5, but I didn’t want her to win, because I thought she was too raw. Even leading up to the competition, her pictures were underwhelming to me. But when the Miss Universe competition started, I saw that she will give a good fight. I hope she just enjoys the finals night. Her Top 21 spot has been secured. Any placement after, with so many other good candidates, will be an achievement in itself.

    Many are expecting a new latina queen. I will have no complaints if Puerto Rico wins. Peru, Brazil, and Mexico are likewise strong contenders. If MUO decides to crown India though, her win can hardly be questioned—she is beautiful with such a regal bearing.

    I hope MUO will give us a good show (ie with better lighting, music, and camera angles).

    • I still think Rabiya could have been a stronger contender for the crown had she been sent after a year or two.

  31. As I did for Miss Universe Philippines, I compiled the Hot Picks from several known pageant sites/commentators (i.e., Missosology, Global Beauties, Voltaire Tayag for Rappler, TPMUM, etc.). I use a point system that assigns the most number of points to the top pick, then the second most number to the second pick, and so on and so forth. Here are the results:

    WINNER – India
    1st RU – Puerto Rico
    2nd RU – Mexico
    3rd RU – Peru
    4th RU – Nepal

    Top 10 – South Africa, Thailand, Philippines, Brazil, Australia

    Number 11 – Romania

    Good luck to all the ladies tomorrow! Rabiya, may you let go and have fun onstage!

    Madame X

  32. Anyone could be a winner. Zozi was not everyone’s cup of tea on Dec 2019 but brought home the bacon
    I think a latina will win this year unless pasavogue ang gown ni Rabiya at mkaapasok aa top 5. That is a different story

  33. natural beauty, effortless performance and innate intelligence shall prevail… Lahat Ng candidates nag sacrifice at nahirapan due to the pandemic, hence, the judges would use wisdom to find the best candidate to win the crown…this might not be just another miss universe with the same old standard. A paradigm shift is bound to happen, just like anything else at this time of pandemic.#RelevanceOverPerformance

  34. India had terrible walk in EG and dull walk in SS. Very overhyped for nothing.

    RABIYA does not even deserve top 10. She is the El Tucuyo of this edition.

    Winner will be a Latina or Thailand or Nepal. Mexico or PR or Peru Are most likely to win

    • Mariam Habach got the El Tocuyo award for being a total Bitch… Rabiya is the total opposite of Mariam

  35. Maybe we need a little throwback on the 2019 edition where no one predicted zzibini to form part of the top 5 let alone win the crown. indeed, it is anybody’s ball game among the identified front runners and that makes this edition full of suspense and heightened drama. ultimately, the Q&A will be the deciding factor as to who gets the crown. jusko, oras na lang. . .and the fate of one woman will be changed. forever. char.

    • 2019 tho was an exception, as there was the push to have a troika of african american reigning queens. so somehow, it was predetermined already.

  36. Only way Rabiya would win this is if PR and India would fumble in the final Q&A which is most unlikely… Or unless these two are given highly polarizing questions in the top 5… leaving Phililippines, Thailand and Peru in the Top 3…. Now that last scenario would be a sure win for Rabiya…

    Is Dominican Republic that much of a dark horse deplacing Brazil in the Top 10?
    Is Vietnam that weak? No Cameroon?

  37. No Puerto Rico! She’s too old at 29yo.
    I’d rather choose India or Peru or Thailand over PR.
    My top 5

    • Thailand is in my last spot for the top 5 due to her gorgeous gown , but India is a spoiler for me rather than a sure shot … so if India is able to spoil everything for Thailand and land in the top 5 instead , then all those Thai fans,… I have seen them face to face in 2017 MU , will be crying all night … sad

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