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  1. Dumami ang reactions nang sinabi kong GAGAng ND si Shamcey on her birthday. Ganito lang Norman ang technique para dumami ang post ng mga commenter. SUNDUTIN mo ang mga puwet nila para manggigil at mag-react nang mag-react. So dagdag kita rin ito sa iyo Norman.

    • Kaya sumagot kasi nabababuyan sa iyo. Bastos kasi dating mo. Parang di ka napalaki ng maayos ng mga magulang mo. Ganyan kasi kapg napapabayaan ng magulang. Si norman tinio may andoks na yan sa advertising days pa lang nya noon. Wala pa sa 10 reaction sa yo agad-agad credit sa yo? Yuck! 🤮 wag ambisyosa. mula ka naman sa angkan ng scammer.

  2. Rabiya will make top 20 coz of the sash factor not due to her performance in ss and eg. Shamcey has some reevaluating to do . Imagine if we sent Alaiza? Even if she can’t answer as well as Rabiya , she can perform better this assuring us of a top 10 finish. At this point Rabiya will be lucky to crack top 10. She had potential and MUP wasted it by having an unfocused styling, amateurish mistakes (I’ll-fitting headdress and gown) and sub par natcos.

    • 🎯


      All the issues you raised revolve around that.

      Now, who was responsible for styling?

      The answer to that question is the person accountable for the styling mishaps.

    • This is not an issue of performance. Rabiya delivered. The issue is her styling and it’s not Rabiya’s fault. Enough of Alaiza, remember she did not win or even make it to top 5. Her performance is just average nothing great. She just made it to the 1st cut because of her name recall, that’s it.

    • Venus hindi nga nakapasok si Alaiza sa Top 5 eh! Which is really a big surprise why…

  3. Happy birthday to the architect that deconstructed the pageantry business model into a viable enterprise in a perilous time of the pandemic– compliant with COVID 19 protocols and leveraging on technology to link-up communities, corporate sponsors, beneficiaries and fans. Such a bold move showed the pageantry world that mostly cowered in fear and hibernated for months till date, that agility, innovation, determination and faith in God can sustain the celebration of beauty in the universe– even in the face of an existential threat to humanity. To our Miss Universe of outer and inner beauty, a Blessed and Happy Birthday!!!

    • It is pathetic that some cannot respect the sanctity of birthdays by throwing mud on the celebrator’s persona. Well, I guess we can’t expect much from people who also didn’t respect the memory of the designer of a national costume who died while doing the work of art.

  4. Happy Birthday to MUP Org’s puppet master’s puppet.
    Everybody knows the real person who pulls the strings at MUP 😉

  5. What wonderful gift awaits our lady of the universe today on her birthday … just a few hours from now we will find out if her wish comes true ! More power to the lady of the universe in creating more Miss Universe winners for the Philippines in years and years , decades even , to come !


    • How mean Paulita. The battle is not yet lost. Let’s give the lady a break. Even JG does not deserve to be maligned. He’s responsible for our winning streak. And the streak will continue more than you can ever imagine.

    • Dhay, kahit ano pa sabihin mo basura ka kumpara sa ganda, yaman at kapangyarihan kumpara sa kanila. Baklang hamog ka pa rin na nag-iikot sa dilim para mang-hunting ng mga solvent boy at mga palaboy. Kaya tigilan ang yabang.

    • Grabe ka hindi pa tapos ang laban, kanina mga ses I watched the vlog of the Aces and Queen Interview Coach at Isa pang alipores. Honestly, parang hindi nila nakikita ang nakikita ng fans. Disappointing, for us to continously evolve dapat open minded sa mga fans. To Aces and Queen hindi pa kami sumusuko, we are expecting that pang gulat….pero kung wala na, please be ready to be bashed kasi hindi kayo nakinig!

  7. Happy birthday Shamcey. My wish on your birthda is for Rabiya to win the crown. Rabiya’s victory will be your victory too.

  8. Happy Birthday Shamcey Lee. Stay safe, healthy and covid-free. ❤️❤️❤️

  9. I will bet the special guest is a former MUP na naroon ngayon sa FLA. 🙂

    But it probably won’t be Mdme. Des (VA), as the topic – issues that affects the delegates on social media – would be better handled by one younger. Aawww…. I really wanted Mdme. Des. 😦

    I will also assume that this was prompted by the quite vocal-if-colorful discontent with the Prelims dress of our candidate, dahil malamang napahiya yun’g designer and the organization in turn.

    In any case, enjoy your Floridian birthday, Mdme. SSL! You are far from loved ones; duty calls (tagahabol ng headpiece na kalaunan ay ‘di rin comfortable isuot, so ends up unused). Ganyan talaga ang ‘weather-weather’. For some comfort and enlightenment on the matter, listen to that song I mentioned in a comment concerning BBP possible Opening Number garb. It’ll help, po.

    • (Cont.)

      Blogger Otits, ‘di ko na maaabutan ‘yun’g Season Break Special niyo later. But I saw your 21-Pick.

      Based on that, this will be my MU 2020 FINALE – Thailand 4th RU, Puerto Rico* 3rd RU, Mexico 2nd RU, Sud Afrika 1st RU, and India will get ‘corona numero tres’.


      (* – In the first place, one of us said PR is 29, over-age. I still think she is inferior to Madison.)

      It will be ‘back-to-back-best-in-2nd-RU’ for Mexico. And ‘back-to-back-win-last-year-1st-RU-this-year’ for Sud Afrika.

      India needs a figurative breather to their SARS-Cov2-induced-literal-shortness-of-breath crisis atm, as we were at MI in 2013 with Santiago and ‘Yolanda’. Adline will be acceptable to Latinos. She can be invited by MUPO to come to the country once restrictions concerning individuals with travel history to India are lifted, though Ms. Castelino herself is a survivor. By October, MUPO needs to submit the name of our rep to Costa Rica; she can serve on the Board of Judges. While here, she can shoot a sultry-not-necessarily-swimwear-and-why-not-lingerie 2021-22 GSM calendar with Abello and Hakkenson. More importantly, she can join Inday Ibyang in a shoot for BRAGAIS, with its star, the ‘face of MU 2020’,… (Drum roll….)… None other than… (BEEP!). Secret, lol.

      • Ilusyonadang masyonda!!!! Lola Florera maligo na po kayo. Amoy laway po kayo aside sa amoy ng k _ _ _ na mapanghi.

  10. PRAY for Rabiya every hour until the finals night. 🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾
    I realize that she doesn’t have all the exact winning qualities for a sure win. But when I saw her crying, once when she felt she failed her country, and second when she felt she needed to repay her Mom for her lifelong scsrifces, I quickly realized that she was WORTHY of that crown. Let’s PRAY for this lovely, humble girl with a GOLDEN HEART 💛 A golden quality we cannot reproduce even through months of training.

  11. Whoah her bday today and tomorrow Philippines will be crowned MU watta bday gift 🎁 Daaaang!

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