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  1. I’m waiting for Tito Norm’s pick list later but for now here’s mine.

    21. Panama
    20. USA
    19. Vietnam
    18. Great Britain
    17. Curacao
    16. Cameroon
    15. Colombia
    14. Venezuela
    13. Dominican Republic
    12. Nicaragua
    11. Brazil

    Top 10
    10. Mexico
    9. Jamaica
    8. Romania
    7. Philippines
    6. Puerto Rico

    Top 5
    4th RU – Thailand
    3rd RU – Nepal
    2nd RU – South Africa
    1st RU – Peru

    Miss Universe 2020 – No one can represent the year 2020 than the COVID-19 survivor herself,

  2. Flor kung manalo si Miss Nepal as MU bukas, isa ka ng manghuhula. Dagdag ito sa CV mo. He, he, he… Mga pwedeng mangyari bukas as Top 5:

    1. Nepal, Peru, Puerto Rico, Romania & Thailand;

    2. Curacao, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico & Thailand;

    3. Brazil, India, Peru, Puerto Rico & Thailand;

    4. Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua & Thailand; and

    5. Jamaica, Nepal, Peru, Puerto Rico, & Thailand.

  3. At this point, I hope Rabiya and her team will find time to be still.. squeeze some moments of silence, just to gather all the thoughts, emotions, pains, triumphs, the ups and downs. To bring them to meditation with full honesty, and do some sort of centering and emptying. It might help bring back the focus, the positivity and grounding, and radiate all of these from within come finals night tomorrow. I know they are all busy so I just hope they will find time.

    This is unsolicited, but perhaps it is just my way of sending positive energy and hope, to help our representative to move forward with grace and humility in the face of uncertainty and challenges ahead of her. Again, good luck, Rabiya. You are in our prayers, and remember you are loved. 🙂

  4. If Rabiya cannot elevate/improve her performance/s tomorrow (which include among others pasarela, stage projection, aura & emotions, hair style & make up, and gown), HANGGANG TOP 10 LANG siya. Ito na pinakamalayo niyang mararating kung hindi magbabago ang kanyang attitude and stage presentation. WALA nang BAD MOOD at IYAKAN blues bukas, STEP UP the game otherwise…

    • @ paul Good Sunday, dear! Finally, we hear from you. 🙂

      Speaking of ‘mal humor’, MUMyanmar’s luggage, last I heard, remains missing (at LAX) yet she had no choice but to scrape together her sentiments for the greater welfare of her country at the NatCos Show. Burmese reps will get into trouble if they keep doing this; recall Han Lay at MGI.

      Ang opposite ni Inday Ibyang, si Katarina Rodriguez sa MW. Chill lang kahit na-technical. Lolz.

      Last day na. All is done and cannot be undone. This might be a good time for Team Rabiya to be grateful for what they were able to put together. It could not be easy, pero none of them will admit; baka may abunado pa diyan… And then, look OUTWARD. Kasi, baka in the hustle they are unable to realize na baka may nangangailangan ng tulong sa paligid nila. That will be GRACE.

      • @ Flor dear punta ka na sa salon today Sunday. Mahirap namadamay bukas sa init Ng panahon at tabingi pa gupit gawin

      • Flor PARA AKONG NALUNOD SA DAMI, HABA at TINDI ng COMMENTS in this blog site for the past three days, kaya hindi ako masyado nagpo-post. Out of the house ako most of the times these past two days para makahinga. Ha, ha, ha… Thanks Flor.

        We hope Rabiya and her team will be able to recover and step up their game by tomorrow. GOODLUCK to Rabiya, Team MUP and the Tropang Pinoy sa Miss Universe.

        Happy Sunday to all.

  5. I hope we don’t get the curse of placing 3rd runner up each time there will be Top 5 finalists.

    • @ Lireo Being a Runner-up, imo, is not a curse. Quite the contrary. It’s VALIDATION you’re indeed world-class. 🙂

      Notice the PRESTIGE that comes when folks find out you were. After all, only one will win in the end. AND TINY FRACTIONS OF A POINT CAN BE ALL THAT SEPARATE ONE FROM ANOTHER.

      Did you mean, ‘3rd place’? Which is ‘2nd RU’? Nakaka-confuse, no? Next time siguro, dapat parang podium finish – bronze, silver, and gold. Watcha tink, po?

  6. I will be straightforward and blunt. This ent section of Norman’s Blog has become very toxic as some post malicious speculations, hurtful comments that are no longer productive and helpful. Giving feedback is a skill that we should learn so as not to leave scars to those we critique. Sino ba ang mas may higit na interest na manalo sa Miss Universe, si Rabiya at ang MUP. Sila ang mas naghirap para dito hindi ang sino man na nagbibigay ng mga komentong wala sa lugar na nakakasakit na. And in my humble opinion, this is what Norman should seriously take a look at as this is his blog. Mental Health issues are predominant now a days due to the pandemic. Rabiya and MUP are far from their families working on something for the country and all of us. And this is what they get in return? Too indifferent. Too cruel. Too inhuman.

    • Sorry to disagree… yes I know that MUP et al are doing their best. But do you think that their best is enough? Take for example the natcos issue. I think if they prepared the natcos ahead of time, wala sanang problema. Kaso mahilig sila sa suspense, pati ang candidate natin na-surprise. Talagang iiyak si Rabiya sa di inaakalang 21kg na costume! Sa haba ng preparation, sana man lang bago sila lumipad naipraktis nya ng maayos yung costume para kung may problema madaling ayusin at hindi naghahabol ng oras! Pero ok lang yan, sana matuto sila sa mga pangyayari! Good luck sa team at kay Rabiya! Go Team Philippines!!!

      • I am referring to the manner in which feedbacks and comments are given. Of course, we are free to share are point of view specially so if this is based on facts and done professionally and constructively. In the middle of the contest what can some of comments contribute? Will it help?

    • @Edge,

      Magiging diretso at prangka lang din po ako, sir. Mawalang galang po. Kung susundin ng tao ang ganyang pananaw, mabuting isarado na lamang ni Sir Norman ang blog niya. We all have the rights to air our sentiments, be it constructive or negative for as long as we do not hit Rabiya’s persona. And Rabiya has become a public property, she must have known earlier on kung ano ang pinasok niya. In the same way that we are fans, the voting public, the supporters, the commenters if something goes amiss. Isn’t beauty pageants is a mere form of entertainment? Aren’t we all entertained by the comments here. Remember, were it not for the fans who cried before Madame Stella after MJ’s gown brouhaha, baka the likes of Andrada, etc. have not given the chance to don the gown of our reps right after that incident. And It’s all because of the fans who were straightforward and blatant. Otherwise, maging avenue na lang ng praise and worship ang Norman’s Blog. Just saying.

      Anyways, goodluck Rabiya. kahit pa nagsabi kami ng hindi maganda, para yan sa iyong ikagaganda pa. May the missing sun shine its brightest for you on the finals.

  7. My Top 21 in random order

    Puerto Rico


    Costa Rica

    South Africa


      • She kinda fizzled out….
        Only thing that kept her in the list is her sashfactor and the ongoing eruptions in her country…
        Maybe i’ll switch Curacao or Myanmar with Iceland if ever…

  8. Can we get the opinion po of those in the audience.
    I saw some videos of Rabiya up close and the gown looks stunning in motion. Something the camera angles did not do justice, I guess.

    Good luck to our queen.

    • Pati yung pose sa dulo ng runway, maganda positioning ng legs, pero nakita lang natin is yung face.

  9. @jaret… Mario announces Iceland as MU I’d be 🤩 and you,d be 😞but then he apologizes and announce Phils is the winner and you’d be 😜 to me and i’d be 🖕to you….🤣😂

    • no chance of mishap in announcement ever again, ’twas a hard lesson to learn … & Mario is not going to be alone, Olivia will step in right away just before that happens if ever …

  10. If any of these 7 takes the title tomorrow , I will be very happy unless Rabiya wins the crown. Then, I will be celebrating loudly !


  11. Last objective comment po, sana mabasa ni sir Jonas Gaffud at ng Aces and Queen. Yung transition ni Rabiya from smile to fierce may portion po na mukha syang nakasimangot…at mukhang unsure. I am okay kung smile na lang sya. Pls sana makarating sa team nya.

    • Totoo. Pilit na pilit na pia wurtzbach ang facial expression. Awkward at hindi bagay. Mag smile na lang po siya, better..

    • Agree. She didn’t practice it. Smizing isn’t learned overnight. It has to come naturally. Smile na lang. Yun ang isa sa kinulang niya. Nagfocus siya sa 100 outfit niya. Sana wag siyang magpaka-Rachel Peters sa finals– the brightness dimmed where it mattered.

  12. Heto last na…

    On the final’s night, I wish Rabiya will be hair styled sa swimsuit round na straight lang ang hair at ini-split sa center. Proven na maganda s’ya sa look na ito. May recent photo s’ya na ganun ang hairstyle n’ya, sobrang ganda n’ya. Huwag ng i-aim ang wavy hair, please. Then, sa evening gown, ipag-high bun s’ya gaya ng kay Megan Young noon sa Miss World, that is if her evening gown ay covered ang shoulders n’ya.

    At please, MUP Team, ituro n’yo na ang pinaka-kabog na pasarela kay Rabiya. Para kasing ordinary ‘yung pasarela n’ya. Tapos ituro n’yo sa kanya na mag-stay muna s’ya sa harap ng three to five seconds, then mag-smize smize s’ya, bago s’ya um-exit. Masyado kase s’yang nagmamadali.

    ‘Yan lang.

    • Exactly! Dun talaga ako nakulangan not the usual Aces and Queen signature pasarela and pose that we use to witness! @Aces&Queen wake up wake up! Calling out @JonasGaffud. We still have hope at this time. Not being negative but being objective coz I believe we can still make it to top 5.

  13. I am glad aware naman si Rabiya sa mga sentiments ng fans. That’s enough and let’s trust that they will pull a surprise. Still Rabiya’,s body type fit a different cut and style. Enough said may 3 pang baka reserved….think strategically na lang

  14. Lots of Foreign vloggers who were in the prelims said that Philippines was stunning in yellow gown, stood out and one of the heavy favorites to win. I watched it on youtube and she is stunning in both SS and EG and her face alone is immaculate. I wonder why it is different here. 🥸

    • My observation is that the bashers are actually haters of the new MUP org , probably upset somehow that they did not become a part of the new organization and they are jealous of the officers of the org

      • @Jaret, guilty by association? Wow that is shallow. Why step on someone that didnt do anything wrong? If you dont like them dont step on them just leave them alone.

      • @Jaretwrightlover Weh? All Filipinos want their queen to be in the top five at least. We don’t have hate MUP, we are pointing out na matsssy ang expectations sa kanila. And sad to say they are not living to the expectation, ano proof? Output ng gown na lang …mas creative at daring ang mga kapitbahay. Pasarela have you seen the kapitbahay. Yan ang pinili kunin ang franchise, they have to surpass the expectation. mabuti nga we are giving feed back now …kasi may chance pa silang ibahin ang game plan kasi Kung hindi nakapasok si Rabiya sa Top 20. Am sure MUP, Jonas, Shancey and Albert will be bashed more than Rabiya why because they are support to be Expert.They have to excel year after year. Kasi aminin nyo tumaas din ang level at taste ng fans. May narinig ba kayo Kay Samantha Bernardo sa pasarela nya puro papuri…sa Gown meron, kasi marunong ang fans na bash ba ang Bb Pilipinas organizer hindi kasi now open sila for the candidate to choose. Kaya huwag ang fans. Matuto kayong makinig. So please take feedback positively.

      • Go philippines go philippines💪💪💪but i am rooting for Iceland though😇✌️

    • It is very obvious that they need followers and subscribers from rabid Filipino fans!!! Instant subscribers and followers ! Hello Sierra Bearchell .. These Pageant Bloggers are afraid to say something negative or else their blogs will suffer ! That’s why I love The Sovereign, she is not afraid to speak her mind, and sometimes Tita Lavinia and Sashes and Scripts…. The worst is Sam Brusas , ang baklang froglet na mali mali ang grammar and same lang palagi ang kuda. Pageant expert daw pero ang Jamaica daw ay sa Africa !!! nakakalokah !

      • Actually gusto ring I bash yang si Sam Bruhas.Ang issue ko sa kanya nag pre-preach…..ang kausap akala mo elementary students. Lakas maka baklang kanal.

      • I agree. This Sam B should up his ante when it comes to blogging. His point of views are most of the time playing safe. He always says the same opinion and it lacks in substance. Sayang ang oras sa kanya, wala namang matutunang bago. Sorry but not sorry.

  15. I am satisfied with Rabiya’s performance. She did great during the swimsuit competetion. The evening gown is beautiful, however, it does not suit well with Rabiya’s body type. That gown is fit for taller and more slender lady. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with her performance during the swimsuit and evening gown competetions. I love her walk. I love the swaying of her hips. I love that the lower portion of her lower body moved as a separate unit from the upper portion of her body. I just hope she will wear a different gown during the finals. For me, Nepal topped the swimsuit and evening gown preliminary competetions.

    • after the preliminary competetion, I believe Rabiya is still in the running towards becoming our 5th Miss Universe. Nepal could be another potential winner.

    • any top delegate can take the crown tomorrow… there is no ‘Catriona pulling away from the pack’ candidate this year , that is why it is high nerves for supporters of top contestants. Just imagine if the the Seminole arena were a full capacity venue tomorrow ! …

  16. Ang Ganda Ganda naman pala ni Rabiya sa mga videos
    So I’m still very hopeful!

  17. -Miss Universe 2020 is ICELAND but Mario Lopez will apologize and announce Philippines is the Miss Universe 2020.
    -Curacao second runner up.
    -Czech Republic third runner up
    -Puerto Rico fourth runner up.

    🌹Myanmar and Jamaica will surprise the universe.
    🥀Nepal, Thailand and Indonesia will succumb in the finals.


  18. Rabiya’s Finale gown should be white in order to complete the Pinas Flag. I hope it is something that will make her figure appear statuesque and it should be eye-popping. If they use beads for sparkles, i hope they make damn sure it really sparkles all around the live stage and especially on screen too !

    • @ jaretwrightlover ‘K, great, po. 🙂

      Switch to the green Swim, then a white spare column with linearly crystals, ‘a la Paulina Vega.

      (Naalala ko kagabi ‘yun’g white na Ramon Valera that Agatha Romero wore somewhere*… But take away the train. Good to go!)

      (* one of the following – BBP, MWP, or MManila. But probably this third one, kasi nag-RU siya.)

    • (Cont.)

      ‘Ay, ‘di ‘ata MManila… 2018, the year Paton won.

      But now that we’re in the subject of white, look in the Archives at 15 March 2019 entry. Title is “Beating the Deadline for Bb. Pilipinas 2019”.

      SamBer has an interesting dress on her (but yes, we know she OWNED this color early on in her MGI campaign, the orchids at her virtual Send-Off. Then, that jump suit everyone adored.).

      In that photo, she is with Agatha & Kimberly Penchon, both in ‘not white’.

      VERY NICE Sigrid & Malka in the last photo, like ‘ube’ ice cream and ‘halaya’, respectively. 🙂

  19. Mali kayong lahat!!!
    Miss Universe 2020 is Miss Philippines
    1st Runner Up is Miss Peru
    2nd Runner Up is Miss Dominican Republic

  20. I don’t want to add to the groupthink here that Rabiya is doomed by her subdued energy at preliminaries. I think her performance is good enough to propel her into the top 21. And I expect she will amp up her swimsuit performance on finals night to optimize her chances to make it into the top 10.

    I get that we’re all invested in seeing Rabiya make it as far as possible. But if you’re going to offer suggestions, please just don’t be an a–hole to her on her social media during the competition proper.

    Whatever Rabiya’s destiny is at this point, don’t rob her of the joy of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    Anyway, I wish Rabiya good luck & may she find her light & fighting spirit for finals.

    My top 2 is Thailand & Nepal.

    I know everyone is expecting the Latinas to dominate since Telemundo is now back in the mix. But in my ideal scenario, Nepal wins & Thailand is first runner-up. I’d also be happy if it’s the other way around. The rest of the top 5 can be Latinas.

    Being Pinoy & an ASEAN citizen, I’m the opposite of Asian hate kasi. So I’m partial to the crown going to Asia / Southeast Asia haha.

  21. Ayun, yung aura ni ni Rabiya, it reminds me of Sandra Lemonon nung MUP Finals. Yung galing sa iyak backstage. If hindi siya magplace sa Top21, sure na mababa ang ratings sa A2Z and Kapamilya Channel replays. Magagalit mga beki sa parlor kaya tomorrow, yung sa Pilipinas magpa salon na kayo. LOL.

  22. Mas bagay si Rabiya sa Ms World.
    Di kailangan ng runway walks or swimsuit portion.
    Her face is the type of face that Julia Morley gravitates to.
    Imagine if si Alaiza pinadala sa MU?
    How she would have rocked the swimsuit and evening gown round.
    She’ll also do well in the Q&A with an interpreter.
    Would ❤️ to watch a Ms PH talk in Filipino to the rest of the world in Ms Universe.
    Sosyal! May interpreter. Exotic na exotic ang dating.

    • Yes, guaranteed semifinals for Alaiza but sure akong runner-up lang sya.I think Bella would do well. Pauline,Billie will be same as Rabiya, ok sa swim and hit/miss sila sa styling sa gown. Gumabao might enter Top21 based on her interview but yun na ang highest placement niya.

  23. Dapat after Natcos, di na sya pinahawak ng phone. Parang until prelims nadala niya ang bad aura. Sana by Sunday night ok na siya. Did she bomb the interview? Sana naman hindi kasi bakit biglang bumaba ang self confidence niya? If ok naman ang interview and Natcos lang nagkaproblem and she knows na wala namang bearing ang Natcos, sana dedma nalang siya.
    Watching her SS and EG again. May something talaga, wala yung aura niya nung MUP coronation night. Anyways, sana makapasok sa Top21 then Top10. Ok na yun siguro. Bonus nalang ang Top5.

    Sana po Tito Norms, may Discord ka para may real time chikahan sa finals night.
    P.S. I think kaya hindi popular sa Europe ang Miss U kasi madaling araw here (2AM) compared sa primetime sa Americas and daytime sa Asia ang broadcast.

  24. Great job for PH as well as all the other contestants.
    Bulgaria is a pleasant surprise ( dark horse), giving us a michelle gumabao vibe

  25. pasok sa tough 20 si felepens
    hello O skin care

    pasok yan

    back to back tough 20
    na achieve nila ni ate gazini

    move on na

  26. THIS should’ve been the kind of dress that Rabiya should have worn. Light enough for her to move freely! And va va voom sexy!

  27. Nepal eh pang MGI
    Felepens pang MW
    Thailand pang MI
    Indo clapper

    walang winner dito dapat Israel na lang manalo


  28. The goal at the preliminary contest is to place in the semifinals. The goal was achieved by Rabiya. Now on to the Finals. Shamcey always advised Rabiya, accdg to Rabiya, on when the right time to peak. I am pretty sure Rabiya understands what Shamcey is teaching her. A different Rabiya will grace the stage on Sunday ! and we now have confirmation that her gown for the Finale will be unveiled on Finale night itself. The first semifinals competition will be the Swimsuits, and we all know Rabiya can easily rise to the top 10, so we will see that gown on Rabiya impress for success on Sunday !

    In my opinion, the five will have 2 AsiaAfrica , 2 Europe, 1 Americas:
    Nepal, Philippines, Romania, CzechRep, Curacao and Rabiya will be among the last three standing

    Now, if Telemundo is really gunning for part-ownership of MUorg, we might see 1 Europe, 1 or 2 AsiaAfrica and 2 or 3 Latinas …

  29. This has been a recipe for disaster from the beginning
    Her bio alone that says she idolizes Eminem must be a big turn off to all the female judges. Even if u like Eminem , u cannot say that . Is the MUP organization trying to make her sound cool ? Her personality doesn’t even jibe with rapping . I wonder how it turned out when she tapped in front of the judges.
    And normally , our girls have glowing faces on MU stage .. even Gazini and Rachel.Rabiya did not have that. She looked uninspired and defeated.
    What abt the body ? Didn’t she look short and square ?
    I hope Im the only one that saw her that way .
    Very poor prognosis , I must say

    • the All Female judge lineup is a good thing… good in such a way that they can see right through the delegates and their personalities… and one thing is for sure, they will not choose anyone who they know is a big b*tch and is just trying to conceal it… we all know Rabiya’s personality , she may be emotional or likes Rap music , but she is no b*tch, much deserving to place in semifinals

      • Jarret.. these women are not likely happy that Rabiya is idolizing a misogynist like Eminem
        Rabiya didn’t have to say Eminem .. she could have simply said she enjoyed rapping and left the name Eminem out . Or What about Queen Latifah. ??

      • I don’t think they will be that critical about who the Rapper is and inject some socio political DNA in it … they will see a woman who likes Rap music and it’s kind of interesting and different in a beauty queen

        I am okay with ALL female judges, personally, there is nothing wrong with that but … we, amongst us, live with men and women, so some might say a more realistic panel of judges should have some male judges too…

    • Here’s my prognosis BAKLANG CHIMPANZEE na may kuto at masyoho keepay. May skin cancer ka dahil sa kapal ng make up mo lagi. May breast cancer ka dahil ilang beses ka nag pa enhance. May ovarian cancer ka dahil ayaw mo magkaanak kaya nagpaturok ka ng anik anik. May brain cancer ka dahil sira na talaga utak mo sa sobrang inggit at pinoproblema mo ang problema ng iba. May alzheimer’s disease ka dahil nakalimutan mo na kung saan ka nanggaling na estero. May bipolar disorder ka dahil nalilito ka palagi kung gurl boy bakla tomboy ka. May cervical cancer ka because u don’t practice personal hygiene. May prostate cancer ka dahil pina alis mo ang gonads mo at ginawang vulva kaya gangrenous na. Kaya you only have one second to live and one second to mend your ways. PERIOD!!!!!

  30. Nakuh ang mga DDS nagkalat sa kalye. I wonder pag DDS ka tapos pageant fan ka pero gusto mo si Rabiya stressful ba? 🥵 anyhow im just hoping na maganda yung gown sa finals ni Rabiya makawahak lang sya ng mic sa finals sealed nayan. Sa mga nagmamagaling hello pang cellphone lang ang mga peg nyo. Wala kayo dito sa Florida at mga poor kaya wag mang bash dahil nakaupo lang kayo dyan sa bahay nyo at mahina ang wifi😩

    • Yung hair please wag na yung tanda filipina look effect pangit tignan. Sino ba itong Jam Magno na ito baklang galing tondo na DDS? Mas maganda pa si precious sa kanya😡

  31. Nakuh ang mga DDS nagkalat sa kalye. I wonder pag DDS ka tapos pageant fan ka pero gusto mo si Rabiya stressful ba? 🥵 anyhow im just hoping na maganda yung gown sa finals ni Rabiya makawahak lang sya ng mic sa finals sealed nayan. Sa mga nagmamagaling hello pang cellphone lang ang mga peg nyo. Wala kayo dito sa Florida at mga poor kaya wag mang bash dahil nakaupo lang kayo dyan sa bahay nyo at mahina ang wifi😩

  32. Tito Norms, may balita na ba sa Aces and Queen or Jonas? Sana makinig sila sa clamor ng fans! #nasaanangpasavog?

  33. It’s not the gown; it’s the girl. Yeah, right. But it’s a lot better if the two work together. Below are rhe sample of it’s “not the gown, it’s the girl” in the recently concluded Preliminary Competition of the 69th Miss Universe:
    1. Czech Republic. Her Michael Cinco evening gown was the most stylish gown in the preliminaries, but the candidate did not know how to work it on stage. She was boring and her pasarela was awful. What a waste, after all she is the most facially beautiful in this batch.
    2. Cameroon. The Benj Leguiab evening gown was classy, but the girl’s hairstyle was off.
    3. Canada. If, say, Puerto Rico wore this gown, she would look amazing. The silver metallic gown did not complement on Super Nova’s skin tone.

    That’s all.

  34. Okay. Ang weird kasi yung mga foreign pageant pages sa IG, linalagay nila sa Top 10/20 si Rabiya sa Evening Gown, pero yung mga pinoy sinasabi na worst evening gown presentation since we started placing. Huh. Ang tataas ng standards niyo.

  35. OMG Im too late to the party!!! Here is my take, despite the small number of candidates this year, the few select ones are bringing all their A game at the right time.

    Thailand really did well last night. Nepal scares me to death. She has the Venus vibe last night. Super confident and she really caught my attention. Romania was ok but Iceland over her first frm team Europe.

    Latinas and Carribean brought the house down. Even the lesser name countries were good.

    So many pretty faces from Team Asia too-Laos, Myanmar and Malaysia?

    At this point, I am going to lower my expectations and put Rabiya to top 10 right now given how competitive this batch is.

    I agree that her hair style did not do her any good at evening gown. The gown was beautiful but the heavy cape really was challenging for her but she did what she had to do. It reminded be of MJ Lastimosa na medyo naconstrained ang movement nya. Hindi masyadng nakaura. So hopefully the finals gown would be a little lighter on the weight.

    Rabiyas body really turned vavavooom.. I wonder if it’s just the video or that’s really her in person. Some times she looks lean sometimes voluptuous.

    I honestly do not get the hype from India after the prelims. I am sorry but she looked tentative and low energy. Hery styling was on point but missing the spark.

    I think my top contenders would be Peru, Nepal (darkhorse), maybe Puerto Rico right now.

    • Same thought, yun na nga pinagtataka ng mga vloggers. Hindi ba na foresee ng Aces and Queen na bagay yung cut ng gown, bakit pinilit? Nasaan ang Awrahan……………………………nga nga talaga. Was waiting for the MOMENT that show!!! I

    • I agree with the MJ vibe na naconstrained..also reminded me of the stiffness of Rachel .. not to put this two queens down I super love MJ, but the spark was lost that gave the others a chance to get ahead. same with MJ the gown was too heavy and the big hair somehow drowned the entire look. Im wondering if Rabiya will wear white or a strong pink / fuschia which lately seemed to complement her look in her ootd.. i hope it is lighter, so she can carry it better. i also go for the pony in the Ss and soft bun in the EG to help emphasize her strongest asset physically — her face. for me the cleaner the better works on her. I also agree that she takes her time in the walk just like nepal indonesia and thailand.. she seemed to be in a rush in her presentation. well this is just me and wishful thinking. I can only pray for her and her team. Good luck Rabiya and MUP..

  36. Sus di na kayo nadala. Si Demi nung 2017 underwhelming ng prelims gown, ayun pasok pa rin sa top 16 and nanalo pa. It is not over until it’s over. Pero grabe si Nepal. I don’t mind if she wins!

    • May chance pa naman….if the gown choice, the styling and presentation is on point. Regarding Nepal may Pasavog eh. Yun yung hinahanap ko….nasaan ang ang pasavog moment ng Arriba Walk. Nagmamadali….@Aces and Queen ano na?

  37. Yung mga baklang kanal, puro reklamo na ampayat ni rabiya. Improve improve this body part, improve that! Nung nagtone na ang katawan, reklamo na naman. Pweh!

    • Hoy Jasmine, nag improve si Rabiya bodywise pero yung signature walk ng isang aces and Queen ang nawawala at bakit ganun ang expressions??? Bakit Hindi confident? Maka baklang kanal ….racist ka!

  38. Ibalik na lang ang ang franchise sa Binibining Pilipinas! Mukhang hanggang top 21 lang ulit tayo this year tulad last year. Mukhang hindi tinutukan ng mabuti ng MUP si Rabiya. Dapat magreflect ng mabuti si Jonas at Shamcey! Gumawa ng last minute strategy ang MUP. Again it is not Rabiya but the trainer that I am dissapointed.

  39. Nepal , India and Thailand will make top 5 . Plus Mexico and Puerto Rico. Nepal and India will be top 2 . Depending on who gives a better answer for the top prize. Amanda is so good with her presentation but her answers are always lacking and superficial . Mexico is not charming enough. PR gives tita vibes .
    Rabiya is a lesson on too many cooks . Her look and styling and transformation is too unfocused. We lost the charming , youthful Rabiya. Her body was manipulated to fit old fashioned concepts of beauty pageant . That boob job is a crime .
    Bigger question is who is MS EL TUCUYO?

    • Ideally, Rabiya should be El Tucuyo. She doesn’t deserve to place after so many stupidities from her team and herself.

    • I have a feeling Indonesia and/or Colombia will receive this year’s El Tocuyo distinction.

  40. Hot take: hindi umariba si Rabiya. Tas sabi ng fans na abangan na lang daw pasabog ni Rabiya sa finals. At bakit finals pa??? Kaloka sana makapasok man lang sa top 10. May story din sa IG ni Miss Olivia rehearsal para sa opening number parang walang gana at energy si Ibyang. Sana maibalik yung glow nya come finals night

  41. Mga Mars, chill lang kayo. Wag masyadong nega. Hindi pa tapos ang laban. May bala pa ang manok natin. Malay natin, sa finals, magkaroon ng himala. (Di ba, ate Guy?)
    Seriously, ang kailangan lang makapasok sa top 21, which is sure naman yun. Hindi man sya mkapasok sa top 20, at least pasok sya sa voting. Sa Lazada pa nga lang, #1 sya at ang laki ng lamang niya. From top 21, she can easily ace the SS round, that’s her forte anyway.
    At once na pumasok sya sa top 10, diyan na lalabas ang mahiwagang bertud ni Pia na pinahiram niya kay Rabiya. Kaya, mga Mars, relax lang. Wait muna tayo sa Monday. In this case, Stay positive muna tayo. (wag lang sa COVID, juizeqoh!

  42. Top 21
    Puerto Rico
    South Africa

    Top 10

    TOP 5
    *I did not include PH coz gown might pull her down bigtime.

    4th Peru
    3rd THA
    2nd Nepal
    1st PR
    Winner MEX

    Just my opinion.

  43. Mainstream media, such as ABS, GMA, etc., have so far made good reports about Rabiya’s presentation in the Preliminaries. But, you know, I don’t rely on their reports because they have to sugarcoat to appease the disappointed fans. If MUP Team could only make a survey on some social media platforms and read the fans’ comments therein, they would know that they have failed on Rabiya big time.

    Take the case of Rabiya’s body figure. She used to be slim and looked taller right after winning MUP. I don’t know but she looks beefy now which is not okay in her frame. She is not toned up. Her fitness coach should have made an effort to help Rabiya work on her core. I could not even spot a muscle on her tummy!

    Rabiya’s unflattering asset is her shoulders. They are not broad. Hence, she’s got that teeny look when she goes on with bare shoulders. Thus, she sported such loosen hair during swimsuit round. However, she (or her hairstylist) got confused on what to sport during evening gown. It resulted in a mess styling. She looked compressed and stiff. Even if she did a la Miriam Quiambao hands-side pose, her shoulders could not deny. She looked petite in yellow evening gown.

    I hope Sir Albert Andrada had given his input on what work on Rabiya’s body frame. He could have advised Furne Amato to create the gown with broadened shoulders illusion, just like Zozi’s last year’s gown.

    Hindi ako nagpapaka-feeling expert, pero I think my observation is fair and the context could be taken as a constructive criticism. At sa magsasabing dami kong kuda, wala naman akong ambag sa ambagan, haller, I already voted Rabiya on Lazada App. Sumusuporta ako kay Rabiya, and I cannot help but provide my fairest opinion. After all, I am guaranteed of my freedom to express mine.

    That’s all.

    • Wala po tayong dapat sisihin kung hindi si Jonas at ang MUP sa gown at presentation ni Rabiya. Wala po ang usual signature pose ng isang Filipina candidates. Nag kulang po talaga and let’s be objective and honest. May time pa naman….let’s hope makinig sina Jonas at ang MUP

    • Pageant Expert ka talaga Madame! He, he, he… Ang laki na ng ambag mo sa pageant industry. Magpakain ka! He, he, he…

      • Paul! Come here and have a breakfast with me. I wish I’d meet you one day in a cafe. Take care, dear.

        That’s all.

  44. Hmmmm Nepal does have a good chance of winning…

    Her win could open new doors for buisness in Asia particularly India and China

  45. Ok guys nangyari na to
    Let’s just hope na icorrect na ng team ni Rabiya ang lahat sa finals.
    I’m sure pasok pa rin sya sa top 21
    Sana ang gown nya sa finals walang extra fabric at hwag ng iemphasize ang kanyang boobies kasi nagmumukha syang mataba pati sa swimsuit parang bigat na bigat sya na icarry.
    I don’t know who suggested the augmentation. Is it Jonas and Shamcey? Tsk tsk

    Someone said that BBPCi should take back the MU franchise and I agree with that. I know maraming magagalit dahil of course Jonas is called the beauty queen maker but the success of the past candidates was not solely because of Jonas but I’m sure MSdA had also a lot to say and input.
    Yan kasi ang problema pag ang decision maker is gay at walang balancing act.

    • True may time pa naman. Ang issue ko lang baka masyado nang bugbog si Rabiya sa mga comments dito. I really hope she doesn’t read mga comments. But I hope Aces and Queen are monitoring the clamor of the fans! Please Aces and Queen do something………………Nasaan ang Pasavog?

  46. It’s good to note that most assessment of the preliminary competition by non-Filipinos place Rabiya in TOP 10, like this one which places her at number 5.


  47. The end if winning streak
    Pambarangay ang pasabog!
    Magtirik na lang kayo ng kandila!

    • Magtitirik talaga ako ng Kandila mamayang pag tulog ko. I will dedicate the light for Rabiya to find JOY talaga, sana mabalik nya yung dating sya noong MUP….pinanood ko ulit talaga presentation nya. Mas nag awra awra sya dun sa Prelims talaga walang moment, walang PASAVOG pose na hinihintay ng mga Filipino fans!!!! Nakakaka dissapoint.

      • Agree nasaan ang Arrriba walk na pinagmamapaki ng Gaffud na yan? Bakiet nagmamadali si Rabiya bakit Hindi sya mukhang confident? Joooooonas? Anyare?

  48. jusko, amanda has peaked in time for the prelims. baka sya pa manalo knowing thailand hosted 2 years back. PH won in 2018 after hosting in 2016. char. seriously tho, mukhang asian domination ata mangyari this year. except unlike 1988, PH will be part of the top 5, together with nepal, thailand and india. ung rep pala nag Indo parag nanalo na ng Miss Earth dati..lols. tapos si myanmar, mala gazini na mala maja salvador, ganda ni gurl.

  49. Is there a way to know Rabiya’s current ranking in fan votes?
    Yung sa Lazada, global vote ba reflected dun?

  50. Don’t worry guys, sa miss universe 2021, lahat ng sasali na candidates from ibang bansa ay may lahing pinoy or may touch ng pinoy , Half Thai-half pinoy half-indonesian half-pinoy, half- Colombian half-pinoy , half canadian-half pinoy,para walang bashing at walang sasama na loob sa mga pinoy fans

  51. Don’t worry guys, sa miss universe 2021, lahat ng sasali na candidates from ibang bansa ay may lahing pinoy or may touch ng pinoy , Half Thai-half pinoy half-indonesian half-pinoy, half- Colombian half-pinoy para walang bashing at walang sasama na loob

  52. Tito Norman,

    How true?

    Rainier Dagala was so mad, kasi di daw sinunod ng MUBA hairstylist yung peg na gusto nila. I think the look of Rabiya could have been elevated if naka high bun siya?

    If totoo, nageksperimento pa din. Alam naman na natin what suits her best.

    Or naninisi lang?

    Sa kabilang banda, Rabiya was an example of MU’s “be you.” Hindi sya nangopya. All original. Unlike the copycats.

    • High bun or sleek back pinakabagay kay Rabiya. Pwede rin MUP prelims hair niya.

      • My thoughts exactly! High bun or high pony ala taras bulba would have suited and made Rabiya taller in that yellow gown presentation.

  53. Alam niyo guys, iisa lang naman ang gusto natin!
    Iisa lang ang pinanggagalingan natin.

    Lahat tayo gusto natin manalo tayo sa Miss Universe!

    Pero hindi talaga ako makapag-move on sa buhok ni Rabiya kanina.

    Kanino bang idea un? Tsk tsk. Prelims na nag eksperiemento ba. Sayang yung opportunity.

    Tito Norman, if aabot sa Top10 si ibyang (claiming it), pwde bang pasabihan sya to slow down a bit. Mag add sya ng 3-5 seconds na look at me moment nya, awra awra lng. Sa kanya na din nang galing na it’s not the walk but the aura. Medyo mamadali sya.

  54. Mine is the 100th post. If Rabiya cannot elevate her performance in the evening gown presentation as well as not change her gown, she surely cannot move on to the top 5.

  55. Palitan ang gown sa finals. Dapat “very flowy” raw.

    Plain and simple.

    • I am referring to my message. As I cannot stress enough. Not the gown to be plain and simple.

      • Top 21
        Puerto Rico
        South Africa

        Top 10

        TOP 5
        *I did not include PH coz gown might pull her down bigtime.

        4th Peru
        3rd THA
        2nd Nepal
        1st PR
        Winner MEX

        Just my opinion.

  56. After watching the Prelims, para sa akin
    Nepal – Miss Universe
    Puerto Rico – 1st runner up

    Nalungkot ako para sa mga inaabangan ko:
    Philippines, Thailand, Jamaica, Armenia, Laos, Myanmar

    Sana pasok pa rin sila sa top 21

  57. IMO:
    Rabiya did well in the swimsuit rounds. I will give her a score of 8/10. Her face was so pretty with that hairstyle.

    I have a feeling that Rabiya was very well aware that she was not looking good in that Furne One creation with which the design and cut should be worn by a tall and lanky lass. That is why she appeared unhappy and tentative. I can actually visualize Miss Nepal looking fabulous in that gown.

    In a nutshell, the pAMbATO gown of AMATO was thrown towards the wrong target. Di bumagay kay Rabiya😀

    In my previous comments, I kept reiterating that No Extra fabrics for all of Rabiya’s ensemble. It seems that Furne did not consider the wearer’s height, size and shape when he designed the dress. The outdated hairstyle didn’t help as well.

    As opposed to Aunt Norman’s statement that India was consistent in both EG and SS rounds, I think India also failed in the EG segment. Her walk was weak. In the SS rounds though, I’d put Philippines and India as my number 1 & 2.

    I was never a fan of Australia but I gave her a chance until last night to live up to the hype but oh boy, she failed big time. She is no different from that another Indian girl last year.

    I don’t get the hype over Puerto Rico.. her face is too oily for my taste bud 😀and she looks old.

    If there’s one whom I can say consistent last night is Miss Nepal, Colonbia (classy) and Mexico.

    Top 5
    Bulgaria hahaha just kidding – Philippines

    The rest:
    Great Britain
    Costa Rica
    South Africa
    El Salvador

    • I agree with you na Nepal, Mexico, and Colombia were the consistent performers sa prelims. I also agree na hindi outstanding si India sa EG and masyadong “old-looking” si Puerto Rico.

  58. So guys, curious ako bakit nauna si Israel sa swimsuit segment? Ano explanation dun?

    Akala ko when Demi said that they will do things a little out of order, jumbled yung paglabas ng girls. Pero after Israel, chronological naman na.

    • Most probably dahil sa nangyayari/ginagawa sa bansa niya. Hindi na siya nakarampa for evening gown kung napansin mo.

    • Hello. There is a religious ritual that she needs to do so she was put up first. So Kudos to MU org for respecting her religion

  59. Guy’s don’t worry hindi pa tapos ang finals!!! Peace be with u!!!

  60. Guy’s don’t worry hindi pa tapos ang finals!!! Peace be with u!!!

  61. JawsKuh Ledesma 😳
    Parang c Rabiya Yung relative ko sa province na kinoronahan bilang Queen of Jonas Gaffud National High School bwihihihi. Buti na lang bawi sa swimsuit 👍
    True enough. Sinira ni Inday Amato Ang Fashion Trend ng Beauty pageant hihihi. The Energy gown is Ok. The Hairstyle is ok. The walk is Ok. Kaya ok lahat. But the question is, is it enough to win the crown 👑???
    Buti na lang preliminary pa lang to. Kasi kahit papaano ay pasok sa Top 20 c Rabiya 👍🤗
    The question is ganito pa rin ba Ang mangyayari sa Finals eh pasalamat na tayo sa Top 10.
    I still believe na Bonggang Bongga Ang gown from Inday Amato sa Finals. Fingers crossed kahit Top 5 lang makapasok para bahala na c Rabiya sa QandA.
    Mas maganda pa nga sa Tingin ko Ang performance ni Rabiya sa MUO finals at nasaan Ang training. Yun bang parang naglalakad lang sa lobby with your EG hihihi. Nasaan Yung “know when to peak” hihihi😱
    Well, I expect the pasavogue sa Finals night🏆😆
    Good luck Philippines 👑💐🏆

    • Please consider that Furne Amato did this the first time. It was the first piece he created for pageantry because his line is more avant garde.

      As what Tito Norman mentioned, the gown was exquisite when seen live on stage. It was bright yellow and it was radiant when it was strut down the runway. On screen, it was a bit dark and underwhelming because the camera and lighting was just not good enough. If you notice that whole production inclusin lughting was at all sorts unlike MGI’s (aminin nyo mas maganda prod nila, in fairness). Back in MU 2018, that production was MU – glossy and energetic!

      We hope that come Sunday night, the lighting will be better, that the segments will not be too rushed, and that the hosts will deliver.

      Lets pray that Rabiya go all the way or at least top5 because the underdogs just came out roaring to slay the powerhouses 😁😁










  63. Thew we go again. Everybody suddenly became beaucon experts, agonizing over our delegate’s hair, facial expression, body contours, gown, swimsuit, pasarela, etcetera, etcetera. It is okay to criticise but I hope we avoid the blame game. This is a celebration of beauty, not a nitpicking festival, and certainly not a schadenfreude time. We seem to have forgotten the milieu this MU edition is in, when all preparations are negatively impacted by restrictive COVID 19 protocols. We should in fact applaud everyone that a show still managed to be mounted. and country delegates still managed to be selected, trained and sent to the contest venue, despite the formidable odds. The health pandemic is bad enough, let us not allow this MU edition to be a super spreader of another virus that causes the tongue to wag uncontrollably with ugly rhetoric.

    • Scourg, I agree. Maraming Pinoy na mahilg maninta pero pag sila na ang na-criticize eh sila pa magagalit. Also, I think that a lot of Pinoys have this standard of beauty – payat, matangkad, cat eyes, tapos ang evening wear eh dapat nude na may beads or jewels.

      I think that many Pinoy fans aren’t familiarize with different types of gown designs esp Furne One’s avant garde. In my other comment, I mentioned that Furne jut started doing pageant gowns and Rabiya was the first to do so. The whole approach was different.

      Nevertheless, I can still say that gown was radiant when seen onstage. It was rich in yellow to be honest. While a lot prefer a Audrey Hepburn bun up hairdo, l wiI say that hairstyle earlier was fit for her age, like a barbie.

      Sana pala yun mga deklamador eh bumoto kay Rabiya sa Lazada app because its the least that they could do!

      • @Bert: the psychology of criticism tells us that it is an easy form of ego defense. It tells us more about the psychology of the critic than the people being criticized. We don’t criticize because we disagree with a behavior or an attribute. We criticize because we try to improve our feeling of self-worth by negating the worth of the person on the other side. But if along with the criticism is a solution for improvement, not simply finger-pointing, it can be considered a recognition of the worth of the person on the other side that the critic wants to uplift. There are commenters in this blog who dwell only on the positives. There are critics who are very careful with their words and profer solutions. But there are critics who find pleasure on the blame game.

    • Wow. Pero nung kay Cat, grabe ka mambash kahit pak na pak and “sure winner” ang performance. Utot mo. #TeamAhasAndKweens

    • There you go again. You’re suddenly a psychology expert, agonizing over everyone’s comments, etcetera. It’s okay to criticize, but we hope you avoid the blame game.

  64. Thanks for giving the deserved no. 1 spot for SS to India and no. 4 for EG. She won tonight if you combine the SS and EG placements. If she has another flawless night performance wise and Q&A, she’s your next Miss Universe.

  65. Rabiya did her best!

    She did well on the swimsuit segment!

    But it was so-so on the Evening Gown! Her hand transition lacks finesse! Her hairstyle was so Ninang! I hope she had the same hairstyle as Dominican Republic for the Evening Gown!

    The sequence come finals night is SS-EG-QnA, then

    Rabiya has strong chance for the Top 10 because she will do well on the swimsuit competition,

    It will be a hit or miss for the Top 5 unless she feel comfortable with her Evening Gown!

    As early as now,


  66. I think I can help lay this post to bed by saying a good chunk of the problems/issues could have been avoided if MUO had from the beginning (enough) MONEY. Without having to detail, let’s just say that if the organization had plenty of leeway in this regard, perhaps perceived blunders would have been unjustified… But again, they’re just starting up. The first baby steps are the hardest. As they catch pace and establish footing while assuring the profit stream, the machinery will tune…:-)

  67. Tito Norms, I have a question, do you have contact to Albert Andrada? Pakiusap, sana you can share the sentiments of the fans! Naloka kami sa gown at underwhelming. Walang spark of Joy. May oras para mag change strategy.

      • Tito Norms, what I am afraid of is that many Pinoy designers, whether here or abroad, may no longer dress PH delegates in the future because of the heavy criticisns on socmed, don’t you think?

  68. Is it me or do I smell blind fanatical patriotism from some? It’s time to call a spade a spade. For goodness sake, the empress has no clothes on..

    If it’s for elegance and how the girls carried their gowns, I’m sorry but Rabiya didn’t deliver. She was tentative and didn’t know where, when & how to pose with her hands. But the blame shouldn’t be on her. I guess, she didn’t have enough time to fit nor practice with the gown. I’m sorry but she isn’t even among the Top Fifteen in gown but we all know that her strong sash will make her a shoo in for the first cut.

    But let’s give her a chance. Remember Stefania who was bashed during Miss U 2009 prelims and ended up winning the whole shebang

    • I really hope her camp is taking down notes and revisit the strategy ASAP!!!! Please listen to the fans. They already announced they will have a different gown, so let’s hope it is a lot better and the styling is divine. Dasal lang guys, dasal dasal na lang talaga. Pero I have observed, Rabiya doesn’t know where the camera is and may mga awkward expressions sya. Kabado ba sya? Naku, ayun pwede pa gawan ng paraan….

  69. Top 3
    Mexico 🇲🇽
    Puerto Rico 🇵🇷
    Jamaica 🇯🇲

    Dark Horse
    Singapore 🇸🇬

  70. Random thought: I think Jonas is smart. He knows that MU will not give the crown to PH soon. So he is trying to win it using other countries like Nepal and Singapore. But of course semis dapat si PH.

    • Kaya substandard ang gown and styling!!! Walang signature posing unlike before. Underwhelming talaga pero si Nepal at Singapore meron. Sinasabi ko na nga ba..

  71. Tito Norms do you have contact to Albert Andrada? Pakiusap, okay na kami sa Rabiya Mateo noong MUP. Perfect na yun, huwag nyo na siyang baguhin. Kahit yung old gown na Red, okay na po kami. Parang iba na Rabiya napanuod namin. Can you please provide the ferdback!

  72. GUYS, it is MUBA who did her hair and make-up. May video noon. we just don’t know if Rabiya could have a say or suggestion sa final look.

  73. Guys, this is my sentiments ha. Honestly ha, I just need to release this talaga…Nakaka disappoint hindi si Rabiya pero ang MUP. Anong nangyari sa styling? The gown design is outdated and doesn’t suit her body and height. Jonas you should know better.

  74. That Furne Amato gown is horrendous.
    But despite the underwhelming evening gown performance she blossomed in Swimsuit segment.
    Thailand and Philippines are still my top 2 contender for the coveted crown.

  75. Poor Rabiya.
    MUP org set her up to lose.
    Nat costume brouhaha.
    Evening gown not tailor-fit.
    They even “experimented” on her body.
    She looked lost on stage.
    Nawala na ang fresh, vibrant, resilient woman who fought for the MUP crown and won not only the crown but also a lot of pageant fans both Pinoys and non-Pinoys during MUP finals.
    She should have stuck with the people who helped her when she was competing in MUP.
    Good luck Rabiya.

    • That is a serious accusation so better make sure you can support it with solid facts. Who in the hell would want the delegate they send to a prestigious pageant to fail, specially so for MUP which is on its first year. Careful with your words. It is so disrespectful short of being inhuman.

      • @Edge Eh bakit ganun ang pinili na gown???? If remember it right may look na sila for prelim at finals…por favor….

  76. Rabiya did well. Underwhelmed, I do not think so. But we have to admit that there are other girls who had their own style of presentation. I find some girls in the list of Norman too flashy, too much for a queenly aura. So I should say it is a matter of taste.

    • I think Sir Norman’s inclusion of Rabiya in the best evening gown’s list is just to show support. I don’t think na nagandahan siya talaga.

  77. Rabiya is a darling and we all love her. But when a pageant organizer pulls out a barrio lass and promises the whole country she will win, better be sure that org can live up to its promise. Everyone is seeing the poor results despite months of preparations. We all appreciate Rabiya’s undeniable efforts to deliver on this promise but her team has been inconsistent, thus the failures from day 1 in the US. So the blame falls flatly on the shoulders of her organization. Rabiya, we still wish you the best, but we must all learn from this experience. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    • EXACTLY! Kaso mga iba dyan. Ayaw amining something is off which Rabiya has nothing to do with.

    • True, if there is one to blame it is Jonas and the MUP! They have all the time and resources to prepare bakit walang creativity sa gown like Thailand? Keep in mind malaki ang expectations from you mula ng again nyo ang franchise from Bb. Expected namin bonnggang gown like Thailand or Puerto Rico. Very 90s!!!! MJ 2.0

      Nasaan ang PASAVOG??? Bakit underwhelming ang performance?

      May Time pa, sana Jonas Gaffud making ka sa fans!

    • Agree. Sana lang next time, whoever PH bet should also voice out what they want for their reign or when they compete in the international stage. Like Pia and Catriona, they have a say. In this case, since newbie pa lang si Rabiya sa beaucon, sunod sunod lang sya. Naalala ko yung guesting nya sa Iloilo when she had her homecoming. She mentioned that she want to bring Iloilo and dinagyang festival globally, nasaan ang Iloilo sa MU2020 aside sa Ilongga sya. #AribaRabiya

  78. TOP 10
    Czech Rep
    …and …..stifflers Mom Bulgaria oh those 👄.. ✌️

    • I hope Bulgaria sends a great strong delegate for Mu2021 this December or early Jan 2022 and she becomes their first ever MU semifinalist in history

      Romania will have their very first semifinalist in here MU2020, I am sure of that … maybe even the MU crown … we’ll see !

  79. Among the Asian delegates, India, Nepal and Thailand were the top performers. Sadly, Rabiya has become a victim of her own hype. From the half-baked national costume to the average swimsuit performance and the forgettable evening gown, everything went awry when and where it mattered. Note to the MUP organizers: When expectations are set too high, you run the risk of setting yourself up to fail. This edition of Miss Universe is turning out to be a cautionary tale for the Philippines and a Cinderella story for the likes of Nepal.

  80. EG BATTLES of ….💪💪
    Slits- who can go head to head against Russia and SA? Russia slit is up to her rib while SA went all the way pass her arse crack🖖
    Mirror ball- Ghana and Malta, oh man, go ahead guys take a stab on those EG. I am done🥀🖖

  81. No Puerto Rico, she’s too old at 29!
    Ideal MU should be 24-26 years old.
    My top 10
    South Africa
    Dominican Republic

    • puerto rico might be good in interview but I do not see her among the last three standing … agree with you

      we can also say colombia will not win despite the hype, she just does not have it

  82. In my heart, I want the Phiippines to win being a Filipino first more than a pageant fan. But with the rate that is going on, let’s pray that Rabiya enters the Top 10. Deretsahan na, ANG PANGIT NG GOWN. Nagmukha siyang malaking tinalupang kamoteng nilaga. Nawala ang kaseksihan. Anong nangyare? Pintas ng pintas dati sa gown ni Ariella Arida, eh di hamak na mas maganda pa yung matigas na gown ni Arida pero na-carry ng husto nang may class. Dilaw na nga ang SW, dilaw pa rin ang EG…wala na bang ibang kulay? Ipinasuot kasi lahat ng kulay sa mga pics niya sa Social Media, nakakaumay. Pati yung Filipiniana na Phil. flag ang inspirasyon, yun din ang concept pala ng NatCos niya. Paulit-ulit. Nasaan na ang pasabog JOnas at Madame Shamcey. Umpisa pa lang. Nilamon na siya ni NEPAL. Kakalungkot lang. Mas magaling pa siya sa EG niya sa MUP kesa sa MU prelims, sa true lang. Parang ang laban ni Rabiya sa pictorial napunta hindi sa competition. Anyways, pasok naman na siya sa tOp 21. Sana siya pa rin ang magwagi sa dulo, mahirap bitawan ang kababayan kahit naiinis ka na minsan.

    • Ayun na nga nag hihintay ako ng pasavog ala NEPAL…..Anyare Jonas sa pasavog??? Albert Andrada, anyare sa gown???? Shamcey anyare sa training???

  83. What can we do now????

    What we can do now is to pray for Rabiya to be in a very good mindset so that it will translate in her presentation. Wala na tayong magagawa kundi i-trust ang camp nya, and pray for her.

    To Aces naghihintay talaga ang fans ng pasabog ala Nepal.

    To Rabiya, alam ko mataas ang pressure. Just shrug it off and follow your intuition. I really hope that your camp advises you not to read social media comments anymore. Just trust your intuition.

    Tonight, I will light a candle for you. Ang gusto ko lang naman talaga makapasok ka ng Top 5 at makapag salita because I know the Universe deserved you to be heard.

    Destiny na lang talaga if you win the crown. If you win or not, winner ka na sa amin sa pinakita mo na determination. Ganun talaga may mga challenges talaga. Sabi mo nga mga feedback yan and you can handle it well, and we trust you too.

    Well for now, just loosen up…. Enjoy mo na lang the process….

    Let us light a candle tonight and imagine the Sun on her come Sunday night.

  84. Hay naku mga Pilipino talaga pagdating sa patimpalak lahat ay naging bihasa at kung puwede lang siguro linusob na nila ang namamahala sa Miss Universe Philippines. Kaya heto ang napapala kung mahina ang pondo sa patimpalak at walang mga sponsors at umaasa lamang sa mga politko. Hindi na lang tayo magtataka kung ang ibang Asian countriesang mangunguna sa iba’t ibat patimpalak sa buong mundo dahil marami ang sponsors nila. Hala bira Philippines.

  85. I don’t know what to think of India. With the exception of Peru but hers is fully understood, she is the only one in ‘Tito T’s 10’ that placed in BOTH Swim & Evening Dress Top 5…

    Sexy-sultry naman. But her choice of a neutral gown extinguished her fire in the sea of color. 😦

    … Can she be India’s 3rd? Is she Lara Dutta-Sushmita Sen caliber?

    Last year, we said it was time again for India to be recognized in MU. Yet, Paweensuda rallied, enough to make the first Question Round. I am still of the opinion that Amanda is not as compelling argument for Thailand’s 3rd, though both are Canadian-Thai.

    But between India and Thailand, I want to give it to the latter more than the former. So, at least in my mind, Adline is the one Amanda needs to outdo. 🙂

    • I agree with you on India’s gown but her beauty of face is like the candidates from the 70s and 80s MissU pageants … kind of classic … she is a spoiler for me

      I have 3 questions…
      1) Is the designer of Jamaica’s EG a Filipino ?
      2) What is the news on Miss Israel ?
      3) If F Ona designed a different gown for Rabiya for Finale, what color is it going to be ?

      • @ jaretwrightlover

        1) ‘Yata… ‘Di ko 100% sure.
        2) Oh, something up with MUIsrael? Would it have anything to do with the air strikes in Palestine?
        3) Aya Abesamis had a glam shot prior to the fiasco of SamBer suddenly being declared MGPhl. Imagine Ate Rabiya’s MUP Final Evening Dress (in gossamer red), but GREEN w/ BLACK details!

    • India’s EG matched the MU crown. Something like Pia did in 2015 with her blue gown matching the MU crown back then. I see a rumor circulating on IG that an attachment will be added to India’s current EG for the finals. Thailand did well under pressure which was a surprise to me but her EG’s chest part was distracting to me. With India, I can look at her stunning face especially at the prelim all day long.


  87. Sana talaga magawan ng paraan ng camp nya ang mga observatio ng fans. First, parang hindi alam ni Rabiya kung saan ang camera. Second feedback, yung pag shift nya from fierce and sweet hindi swabe. Her MUP presentation was perfect. Pwedeng ganun na lang., i was blown away by NEPAL ang galing ng transition. Akala ko na practice nyo Aces> Can somebody from Aces and Queen talke note and reach out to Ibyang baka magawan nya ng paraan. 3. The Hair, sorry talaga hindi bagay sa personality. 4.Gown – Change the gown it doesn’t suit her personality. HIndi sya, para syang naging Tita. Tsaka, another feedback, parang nawala yung glow unlike yung pag dating nya sa Florida talagang bumubulusok sya. Parang wala sya sarili, Aces and Queen….not being being negative, may time pa naman… AYUSIN NYO PLEASE

  88. If last night was the finals night, Rabiya would’ve placed Top 10 for me, I really enjoyed her SS but her EG was off.

    During the SS round, I was amazed at her body transformation. She s toned up real well. I loved her pasarela. It was sexy, fun and youthful. Her hair looked so beautiful and it really framed her face well. I think the camera work for this competition didn’t do the girls justice. The angles chosen to film Rabiya’s SS walk weren’t the greatest. Watch audience view videos of Rabiya’s SS performance and you’ll see that she was rocking this portion!

    Her EG needed work. The gown is very beautiful though It did not register well on camera. I also don’t think this design was suited for Rabiya. It made her look squished and did not showcase her curves very well. I was really envisioning her to be in a sexy gown that would showcase her curves, long legs and smooth pasarela. The hairstyle was also a miss for me. How have they not figured out by now what hairstyle really suits Rabiya. It made her look mature. She would have looked much better had she appeared in a sleek bun or a sleek ponytail. That way, her beautiful earrings could still be showcased. Though I really also enjoy the middle part on her and long wavy hair, that may not have been a good match with the design of the gown.

    Her performance was good and safe, enough to secure a placement in Top 21. It reminds me of Ara Arida’s hit and miss performance in the prelims. Rabiya’s team needs to know that there is no more room for experimenting comes finals. In my opinion, not that it matters, stick to what really works for Rabiya! It it’s not broken, don’t fix it as they say. I know Rabiya has a new gown for finals. I really hope this gown is impactful and fitted for her.And please, fix the hair!!! Don’t try to age her.

    At this point I am hopeful that Rabiya bounces back up on finals, similar to Ara Arida back in 2013. I am not expecting her to win even though I want to. Politically, it’s just too soon to bring home another MU crown. I also think this is why South Africa will not pull a back to back. Also let’s face it, there are many strong candidates this year. However, my wish for Rabiya is to reach Top 5 and hoping she lands as first runner up. And if she does end up winning, I will be very happy to support her!

    As of now, I really adore India, Nepal, South Africa, Peru, Puerto Rico,

    • We still have time to make some adjustments. I remember Demi Leigh’s presentation during the Evening Gown was bashed or even Mexico in 2010 was also underwhelming. I trust that her camp, given the years of experience knows what to do. So I keep my fingers cross. Rabiya started really strong and I really hope she bounced back given the setback in National Costume. Feeling ko the Yellow Gown was a last-minute decision to make up for the “Sun” na wala sa National Cos. If my hunch is correct that’s a bad move actually. If it is Jonas’s advice, please do something different.

  89. RABIYA WILL MAKE IT TO TOP 21 NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. Now Kung yung sa prelims palang silyado na yung top 10 ang siste Kasi yung prelims eh Dylan na sila kumukuha ng top ten na a announcement nalang during finals . Yung top 21 Kuno back to zero Hindi po ligwak na yung kalahati Dyan para lang yan sa excitement ng manonood. So yung top ten base yan sa Prelims na. Then dyan na maglaban Laban ang top ten. Dyan sa araw na yan faith and destiny na yung Iiral. So Kung Maawa ang maykapal na maswertihan in RABIYA sa top ten then dun na sya bumawi. Apat yung ginawang gown in tandang Fume Baka naman dun sa apat na yun eh may maganda😂 otherwise Kung bumili nalang ng gown ditto sa Florida


    • True, I like her when she won MUP. This time she is contrived and her breast are too distracting. What happened? Did they overdo the chest workout.

  91. Rabiya’s performance during the evening gown segment was flawless, but the yellow evening gown did not have a touch of the avant-garde Amato DNA that I was expecting, but what do I know about couture? As Ana W. noted, Rabiya’s hair was off. Totally. Good thing Rabiya is great at her craft, and pulled it off anyway. Rabiya can wear an empty sack of rice, and still sell it on Rodeo Drive.

  92. Very BAD PRODUCTION OF MU. The Camera angle, the lighting is a mess. The hosts are a mess too!

  93. I think eto ang cons of going to the venue ahead of time. Hindi na fit at na practice ang execution ng important wardrobe. Sa natcos, maluwag ang headpiece. Sa gown masikip sa dibdib. Sana, nacoordinate maigi. Just to site, si Canada Sinatra pa ang Dubai para mag fitting to think katabi na nila ang USA. Sa dami ng hairstyle sa look book, hindi bumagay yung buhok on both natcos and gown. They can make a reference naman. Since ang liit ng face ni Rabiya at kakainin na ng ruffles ng natcos yung mukha nya at idagdag pa ang hair sana naka high pony na sya. Sa gown, since ang neckline is Venus cut pwedeng naka messy bun na lang, same with Lara Dutta, MU2000.

  94. Rabiya’s are literally a big mistake ! They look so unnatural and overdone. The gown was a disaster . So disappointed in Furne ! WTF ?! NEPAL and Amanda for Asians . Romania and USA beautiful. The Latina’s look great but very much tranny like

  95. I didnt notice the Thai gown i got fixated on those eye popping knockers remind me of a high priced hooker in Vegas🖖… Czech Rep is gorgeous🌹…Jamaica’s gown is my favorite…Brazil’s body is banging🌹Philippines face in SS is the best victoria secret caliber🌹

    🥀Peru -joker face when she smiles
    🌹🌹Nepal ouh la la!
    🥀PR looks old
    🥀South Africa

    • I agree … when Jamaica came out , I literally felt my eyes widened … before the EG, she was not even in my radar, but because of the gown, I placed her in my top 20…

      I believe Philippines was the best in Swimsuits, she had the best legs, the best waist, the best arms, and you know,the best hinaharap

      I agree with you about Peru’s face … it does not speak well of MU beautiful face , just make-up all around …

  96. Demi and Zozi were hot messes.

    Joanne Santos was resurrected in the person of Nepal who came out as the strongest Asian at the prelims but her weak sash and China won’t let her in. I hope I’m wrong on this.

    Puerto Rico despite looking like a 50 year old tita had one of the strongest performances.

    Philippines is cracking up under the pressure but her her strong dash will put her up there

    Colombia and Costa Rica who looked liked twins will cancel each other out.

    • Rabiya’s a great girl with a lovely heart. Let’s pray for her -even a runner up win 🙏🏼🙋🏽🙋🏽‍♂️

  97. I am still hoping for the best! Thank you MUP.

    Rabiya did well in SS.

    Gusto ko lang sabihin, strategy ba yung styling? We have already figured out kung anong bagay na buhok sa kanya and hindi pa din natin nasunod.

    Salamat Furne Amato. It was a smart choice of color. I think you can still do better than that. You have fab creations. But thank you.

    Parang nakikita ko yung gown sa 168 at kung hindi mo sasabihin na Swarovski ung mga bato hindi ko malalaman. I mean we can do better if we push ourselves more.

    First time ko mag post ng ganito. Wala kaming ambag for sure. Ang ambag namin ay magsabi kung ano ang maganda sa hindi. Ang mga Pinoy naman madali pasayahin eh. Makakita lng yan ng maganda at masarap sa paningin okay at masaya na sila. Nagexpect lang siguro ako. Hindi ako basher. Ang akin lang laban ng bawat Pilipino ang laban ni Rabiya. Or di man lahat, laban ng bawat Pinoy MU fan.

    Prior planning prevents poor performance. Labas si Rabiya dito.
    Ilang taon na din naman oh. Hindi pa din ba tayo natuto?

    • i understand your observations, in fact same sentiments, may ambag tayo as pageant audience
      Vote Vote Vote sa Lazada App

      honestly kulang sa preparations ang MUPH team– kinabog ng preparedness ng Team 21 Days ni SamBer sa MGI 2020 last March

  98. Since the lockdown has been implemented in the Philippines, I have not become a morning person. Hence, it is too taxing for me to wake up at 6:00 a.m. to have a little meditation, wash my face, then eat a light breakfast, before watching the Preliminary Competition of 69th Miss Universe.

    When the show started and the hosts were called, I felt envious to see the two South African stunning beauties, Demi Leigh Tebow and Zozibini Tunzi, gracing the stage. I would love to see Pia and Catriona doing the hosting job instead, but I just thought their turn will come. Maybe they are reserved to do the job in the next edition, which is the 70th year of the most prestigious pageant on earth. Maybe the organization opted to cast them off to avoid too much Filipino element in the pageant, i.e. the sponsors and designers.

    Doing unbiased assessment, I combined the swimsuit and evening gown scores of each candidate and have arrived with the following Top 20 in particular descending order:
    1. Puerto Rico – this Emily Blunt dead ringer aced both rounds with so much ease. Her gown was not fabulous but she worked it well. Excellent!
    2. Peru – this pageant veteran is in it to win it. She came to Florida to win Miss Universe, I thought.
    3. Nepal – OMG! The Asian flag bearer has impeccably shown on stage what she has got. This Shamcey Supsup cum Janine Tugonon look-a-like had her beauty, height, pasarela, and elegance come into fusion to give her a magical performance of her life. Saktisali!
    4. Thailand – what a flawless performance from Amanda! She looks tall and her evening gown was superb, but her hairstyle was a little off.
    5. Venezuela – this girl did not wear the Venezuelan sash for nothing. The pressure is in her to bring back the glory of Venezuela. Oh, I love her red gown. She wore it with class. Beautiful.
    6. Colombia – always flirtatious and arresting on stage, this Colombian beauty knew how fun and class work on stage, and she did it with A+.
    7. India – if the preliminary competition was turned to be the coronation night, India would be declared the winner because of the glow and aura I saw on her face! Her performance was also good, but I just hope she wears a different gown on the final’s night.
    8. Mexico – a darling, this Mexican pageant veteran worked her way on the runway. She was refreshing to see on stage. Gorgeous.
    9. Iceland – she had that Brooke Lee arrive on stage, especially when she was wearing the blue gown. She is definitely a European leader in this pack. I love to see her in the Top 5.
    10. Argentina – the styling, motion, and bearing are obviously an Osmel Sousa-stamp mark. I believe she can make it in the top 10.
    11. Haiti – what a performer, err, slayer! Haiti has given me giggles. She’s captivating and I’d love to see her in the Top 10.
    12. Brazil – the girl has that certain magic I could hardly ignore. She was awesome to watch.
    13. Dominican Republic – this girl is a serious contender, and that manifested in her performance. Well done.
    14. Indonesia – what I love about Ayu is her fighting spirit. She always comes out in her best element on stage. I love the younger Marina Benipayo vibe in her. Werk it, girl. Werk it!
    15. Denmark – she is a lovely surprise. Denmark gave her co-continental delegates a good run for their money.
    16. Myanmar – exotically pleasing and lovely. I thought Ana Theresa Licaros came back on MU stage with a vengeance. Beautiful. Very beautiful.
    17. Philippines – the sash factor remains strong notwithstanding the forgettable performance from Rabiya. Her face looked dull and dark. Her evening gown did not show energy and uniqueness on stage, and–worse–that made her stiff and looked compressed. The hairstyle is also off. She was not having fun. I felt the pressure on her. Anyway, kudos to the reverberating cheers of our Kababayans in the hall. Fight, Philippines, fight!
    18. Bahamas – another surprise contender of the night. This girl brings out the black magic in her pack. Good job!
    19. Canada – I am not a fan of this girl, but she certainly strutted with pride that Black Lives Matter. Her silver gown did not suit her skin, and it’s too over-the-top.
    20. South Africa – another sash factor bearer we can’t endure to ignore.

    Of course, my list will definitely change if the scores for the preliminary interview are combined. There are other contenders who did good in evening gown, such as Costa Rica, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Panama, and Vietnam, and might have got higher scores from the judges. Let’s see if they made it to through.
    That’s all.

    • CONGRATULATIONS ANA WINTER-LUND for POSTING an EXCELLENT REVIEW of the MU PRELIMINARY COMPETITIONS (swimsuit & evening gown). THANKS a LOT for the (BIG) effort, for sharing your expertise, and for exceptional use of the English language. Mabuhay ka Madame.

      • Thank you, Paul dear.

        I find a lot of fun doing assessment on the MU Candidates’ presentation in the preliminaries. Sharing it to this blog afterwards is kind of like a big fulfillment for me. As I watch the preliminary competition, I write down the girl’s score on my score sheet and other side comments as well. As much as possible, I set aside my biases in giving score and feedback on a candidate.

        On Rabiya, I was heartbroken watching her perf. Kulang s’ya sa energy at confidence kanina. Parang there is something inside her that speaks her annoyance. Wala s’yang glow! Even her pasarela is not commendable, masyadong kalkulado at composed. Halatang hindi s’ya nag-e-enjoy. Also, hindi yata napansin ng team n’ya na bumilog si Rabiya. I know gusto ng Team MUP na may laman ang katawan ni Rabiya, pero lumiit naman s’yang tingnan.

        I hope it’s not too late for Rabiya to peak. Sayang lang kase ang preparation nila kapag nagkataon.

        That’s all.

      • Right, she looks stuffed. She was better at MUP with longer and slimmer body. This time her breast are larger she has gotten shorter. I don’t what happened during her training.

    • Akala ko ako lang nakapansin. It is both Phil and South africa ang nawalan ng glow. Parang reddish ang face dahil sa kaba at pressure (I think you all can relate here – yung nagblush ka uncontrollably due to excitement, anxiety). Dull and dark aura. Mas relaxed pa si Rabiya sa MUPH and baka nga mas ok na sya magstyle sa sarili nya kasi nung MUPH, sya lang nmn. Kasi if totoo yung glam team nya from A&Q edi dapat consistent na maganda styling nya.
      Unlike India and Nepal, glowing.
      But first cut from Top21 to Top10 is based on swimsuit so she will make it to Top10 but after that, miracle nalang na makapasok siya sa Top5.

      • We have the same observation, Miss Pluto. When I watch a pageant or preliminaries, I check everything from the look, styling, dress, pasarela, and aura. May nagsabi na maganda daw ang dress ni Cameron. Walang dudang maganda, but the gown carried her. Sana man lang may ibang style na ginawa sa hair n’ya.

        Si Chile punong-puno ng energy. Natawa talaga ako..

        That’s all.



    • Let’s pray for Rabiya. She is a great girl with a lovely and humble heart. Pray that she gets at least a runner up position so she won’t get crushed after all her undeniable efforts to forge on despite the challenges presented her. 🙋🏽‍♂️🙏🏼🙋🏽🙏🏼

  101. My worry was justified on a heavily beaded gown that the judges cannot appreciate from a distance. Couple that with the assymetrical neckline that created uneven pressure on her bossom and Norm’s “underwhelmed” take was justified. Rookie mistake by MUP.

    Suggestion for future commissions:

    – Ensure the gown can be appreciated from afar. The candidate has less than a minute to make an impression on stage. The judges are about 15-20 feet away and unless you’re throwing them a look book explaining the gown’s concept then all the couture work is just wasted.

    – The candidate is at the mercy of stage lighting and background, but the wattage used is predictable year after year – we know how bright the stage will be and how light will bounce off the gown. Design for what the light will complement, it’s not brain science.

    We have a winning girl ready to battle, but her gears are not up to par. It’s not her fault as her handlers should know better.

    • Lumaki na kasi ulo. Oh how I missed the old Mama J and Team Aces. Ngayon, more on superficial glam, money and payabangan. Kinalimutan ang basics and values. I hope they change next year. We know regardless of performance papasok si Rabiya because of the franchise change. Though jusok naman siya sa Top 21 on her own merits. Next year is not assured.

    • Let’s all pray for Rabiya. She is a great girl with a lovely and humble heart. Pray that she gets at least a runner up position so she won’t get crushed after all her undeniable efforts to forge on despite the challenges presented her. 🙋🏽‍♂️🙏🏼🙋🏽🙏🏼

  102. My top 20 post-presentation show:

    Romania, Philippines, Nepal, Mexico, Curacao, France, Thailand, Nicaragua, Venezuela, CzechRep, Colombia, Russia, Brazil, SoAfrica, Peru, PuertoR, USA, Iceland, Jamaica, Vietnam

    For the 21st spot, it will be the one who had a better interview between these 2: Myanmar, Cameroon
    I hope it is Myanmar

    Spoilers: Argentina, Armenia, Canada, Portugal, India

    • @jaretwrightlover – Gaga, ang 21st is by Vote! Hindi sa Interview….so its either PH vs Indonesia vs Vietnam

      • obviously, the winner of the popular vote is already included in my top 20. My 21st spot is my LAST spot for the semifinals … you just misinterpreted the list

  103. This does not bode well for Rabiya. You usually put Philippines at a higher spot. Removing your personal bias for the Philippines, Rabiya is out of your Top 10. Pero seriously, her performance was underwhelming. Lumalabas ang inadequate training provided by the MUP Org. Rabiya has no fault here. We know sino nagpabaya dito.

  104. I agree with your assesment Tito Norms!! Evening gown was underwhelming!! How could Jonas miss that!! And the styking was off!! Glad you still have her on the Top 10 in evening gown! That gown was not flatteting for Rabiya! She was great on the swinsuit! Sorry!

    • the gown’s color is actually a good decision as it made Rabiya’s skin glow however the cut and the cape for me made it dragging — looks mabigat. The gown is perfect for Gala events and awards show.
      The best in long gown for me is Thailand –elegance, streamlined cut, sex appeal and hair styling- on point!

    • My time pa naman, ang taas lang ng expectation natin kay Aces and Queen…Kaya ang tanong natin talaga…anong nanyari, at tsaka di ba before they collaborate before with ABS bakit parang hindi alam ni Rabiya na umawra o mag tease sa camera????

    • Rabiya did not live up to the hype and delivered a lackluster performance during prelims. Even if she cracks the Top 21 through the popular vote, it will be an uphill battle to surpass the likes of India, Nepal and Thailand. More power to her if she’s able to pull off an Ariella Arida come finals night. Otherwise, the El Tocuyo award goes to…

  105. I think Indonesia has declined from NatCos to swimsuit to gown …

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