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  1. Three questions …

    1) What is the news on Miss Israel ?

    2) Is the designer of Miss Jamaica’s gown Filipino ?

    3) What would be the color of Finale gown , if different , of Rabiya ?

  2. Mine is the 100th post. WITH or WITHOUT the HEADPIECE, Rabiya’s national costume was STILL NOT the BEST. The NC’s concept has been used a million times in different beauty pageant platforms. I cannot EVEN consider it a national costume. FESTIVAL ATTIRE pwede pa.

  3. So Rabiya chose to not wear a headpiece that did not fit her. Well, GOOD FOR HER! That is what it means to be empowered, to make independent decisions for yourself, to not be coerced and not be forced into doing something you feel in your gut is not right. She did her best with the rest so I applaud her!

    • 1st time I will be posting a comment, been watching youtube videos, comments, opinions, etc.
      Look Miss Universe Philippines Rabiya Mateo has a good chance to win. But whatever negative or non constructive comments about her national costume, missing hair piece is not going to help her at all. Miss Mateo needs 101% support from each and everyone as she is also representing each and everyone in the Philppine or any place in the world where Filipinos are. Filiipinos are #1 beauty pageants fans and we are proud to say that for years. My 2 cents thought is: Does the organization has a separate team to work on the national costume? During the pandemic lockdown, Miss Mateo’s costume should have been fitted, tried on multiple times like a dress rehearsal to find out how she will feel and look. Not sure if this is accurate that the hair piece designer work only the past 2 weeks? Too much secrecy about her costume, this is what happened. The team had almost a year to prepare for this. Agree, costume should not be heavy, the design and style should be fitting and created for the candidate to feel beautiful and comfortable. Filipinos are known for the last minute and never change. My most admired national costume was worn by Miss Kelly Day, 1st runner up for Miss Eco International. Elegant, sophisticated, feminine, demure, very Filipiniana and absolutely intricate designs will bring more attention and wow factor. Why not create a Sinulog costume design, think that would be more very interesting to show the world. Miss Mateo did her best and everyone should be grateful that she made it look good even reality check it was not she was expecting to happened. She knows she has to move on and look straight to the MU2021 crown and title. Hoping the best of the best of luck to her come May 16, 2021.

  4. I don’t understand the hate on Rabiya’s costume. I think it looks good. The way Rabiya presented it though is yes, like a VS model. The thing about national costume competition is that it’s a celebration of culture. Presenting the national costume in such a manner as a VS model doesn’t seem so fitting. But Rabiya seems to enjoy every bit of it which is good and exudes confidence albeit a little too much I think.

  5. Bakit ba gumagawa ng national costume na sobrang bigat? Akala lalaki ang magsusuot. Be practical naman sana. Pwede naman gawin using light materials para hindi sobrang burden sa representative natin. Yung wings talaga ang mabigat na hindi naman realistic at impressive ang design. Mas malaki pa sa height ni Rabiya. Wag ka nang iyak nang iyak Rabiya kasi hindi phenomenal ang isang iyakin. Don’t cry over spilled milk. Sana galingan mo nalang sa prelim at sa final competition which bears a lot of weight for you to be called the next Miss Universe.

  6. Daming hanash ng mga tao dito. Have u seen the edited photo with the headpiece? Well mas maganda ng wala. Napaganda pa nga.
    Rabiya was gorgeous during the show. For sure nakita niyo naman HD photos.

    For sure, kung suot nya yon? Napakadammmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii niyo pa din masasabi!!!

  7. Best time perhaps is if she will wear the entire costume with the full headpiece and long train ( there is supposed to be also a big train in red & blue ) during her homecoming in Pinas ! We will see the full effect , and I think it is really going to be spectacular !

    • … and it will be a great tribute to Rocky ! and to Rabiya as well of course ! ( & Shamcey and the whole team ! )

  8. Grabe ang mga Pinoy mang bash….
    Literal na NAMATAY na yung designer habang ginagawa yan… Lakas nyo parin mag reklamo?!!!

  9. Rabiya did not look defeated to me.

    She was in tears, yes, but I think she was overwhelmed due to the last minute stress of trying to get on stage while so many things were going wrong.

    Then she wasn’t able to execute according to the level she wanted because the costume was heavy & it was missing components that would’ve taken it to the next level & she barely had time to catch her breath & center herself.

    Damn. People here are such cold b-tches devoid of empathy.

    It’s MUP’s first year pa lang. It seems fairly straightforward that the costume should’ve been tried in full beforehand so our representative won’t have to deal with last minute snags & complications. But then no-one planned on the designer being unable to complete this project (may he rest in peace).

    I’m sure marami takeaways ang MUP from this year & they will improve in the coming years.

  10. Let us unite po para kay Rabiya. More than anything ang need po ni Rabiya now is our full support and appreciation. Ipagdasal po natin ang tagumpay ni Rabiya. Let us all spread more love, light, and compassion! ❤❤❤

  11. Maganda naman Yung NC. Parang Moulin rouge Costume ni Iris MU2016 Ang dating. Maliit lang tingnan c Rabiya sa laki ng pakpak at mali Ang angles ng camera hihihi. Pero Best in NC pa rin c Rabiya for me kahit awkward Yung positioning ng paa hihihi dahil cguro sa bigat kaya di nakakembot kembot ng Bongga c Rabiya💋 hihihihi

  12. Her natcos would have been so much better if these pieces were worn. Nevertheless, I still love her presentation. With her presentation, She told the world that she was enjoying the whole experience so much. And that means so much for MUO and for us Filipinos.

  13. Whatever that is, let’s support the MUPh team. Rabiya did great earlier!

  14. Super cute umiyak si Rabiya. Still bright-eyed although, dumadaloy na ang luha. Waaahh!!! 😥

    We have seen her in many situations and still looked beautiful. She has a very rich experience to bring come finals night. You owe it to yourself, Rabiya.

    Ganyan rin naman ang nangyari ke Pia, and Catriona. Super bash rin hanggang finals.

    • Pia and Cat kept their eyes on the crown. Rabiya look ed defeated. But tomorrow is another day. She may give a more inspired performance .
      If she doesnt, blame it on Sam Bru and RJ Ignacio…. Who h ave always portrayed Rabiy a as infallible

  15. Ramdam ko ang bigat ng natcos… at ramdam ko din ang hirap ni Rabiya… dadagdagan pa ng headdress na hindi kakasya sa ulo nya…
    Ano nangyari MUPO? Ang haba ng preparation, ganito lang kinalabasan? Oo, pinaghirapan nyo yan pero sana isinalang alang nyo ang posibilidad na hindi kakayanin… may last minute pa sa pagpapagawa ng headdress… 2 weeks na puspusan ang paggawa. Tapos di man naisuot? saklap naman nyan! Matuto sana kayo sa nangyaring ito.
    Bago ang patimpalak sana maayos ang lahat… huwag na pa-suspense! Kailangan maisukat ang lahat at i-praktis sa oaglalakad … Bawi na lang sa susunod ha!

  16. First.
    MUP organization should quit. Give it back to Binibini Philippines. They were much better and more competitive.
    Catriona Elisa Gray is the worst Miss Universe Ever. She is non supportive of Rabiya. And is very superficial herself. No doubt she didn’t win Miss World. She also damaged our relationship with Miss World Organization and Julia Morley forever. Super non – deserving and very superficial.

    • Well, BPCI couldn’t even host a pageant for almost 2 years now, which could get extended for another year as the lolas are at a higher risk of serious infections should they get Covid.

    • Return it to BPCI, agreed. Catriona as worst? LOL. When is being objective a sin? LOL. Palibhasa DDS way of thinking kayo. Bolahan ang betchina.

    • Kung nasa BBP pa rin ang MU franchise, magaappoint lang sila. lol Baka nga hindi pa magpapadala or ibibigay lahat ng responsibilities sa camp handling the girl na naappoint.

      • @ Abcde @ Paul, pasok!


        SamBer ‘di na. Aya, over-age. The Official Poster for BBP 2021 has Patitay, Leren, Aya, & Emma.

        (That would have been Atty… May green card pa. What more could we ask for?)

        Btw, whatever happened to Resham? Did she request to be released from her contract early?

    • Who even knows when & where Binibining Pilipinas 2020 will finally be staged?

      Araneta Coliseum is now being used as a mega vaccine center.

      Does this mean BPCI will be virtual? 🤷🏽‍♂️

  17. The comments here are giving me a lot of LOL, OMG. and WTF moments. Thanks everyone for making this blog a fascinating go-to after a day’s hard work, and pageantry a top-of-mind item in the Filipinos’ list of pastimes.

  18. I hope in the next MU (MU2021) this coming December (or in January next year) that they hold the NatCos show either several days before the prelims or any day or even same day after the prelims

    • Sayang nman…nagkamalu yata ng sukat sa ulo ni Rabiya kaya ang laki ng head piece

  19. Whether you like the design or not, she at least deserves credit for wearing a costume that weighs 40+ pounds, and she did such a superb job!

  20. Jusko, it doesn’t matter. Di naman yan ang basehan sa magiging winner. Si bobang Gazini nga, best in natcos pero uutal-utal sa speech ayan, ligwak! National Costume won’t make you a winner!

    • It may not be officially part of the scoring
      But A great Nat Cos presentation can help launch someone’s candidacy
      Look at France 2016 and the Japanese girls in 2006 and 2007
      And I believe Janine’s queenly presentation of her Nat Cos helped cement her position. As a front runner

      • If it can truly help launch someone’s candidacy, why did Gazini only place in the top 21? Why are the National costume winners from Maxine’s through Catriona’s time clapped? It has no bearing at all!!!

      • Disappointed din tayo sa costume ni Cat, but did that cost her the crown?

      • It’s not about winning the nat cos award . It s abt giving a certain vibe when you wear your nat cos . This yr, I believe it’s Peru. She may not win the award but her presentation has certainly made a mark among the judges.

      • Judges for natcos and prelims are different! Jusko. Non-bearing ang natcos. Sa prelims kayo kumuda if Rabiya or any PH Rep couldn’t deliver

  21. Walang fitting? What an amateur mistake for such a pageant power house. Nilapaso tayo no indonesia and Thailand . Rabiya looked so uncomfortable in that outfit .

  22. I have never seen an MUP raise her fist on MU stage .Not very queenly .

    • Fabian dear,

      Where have you been? There are so many “queens” who are into fisting. Lol.

      World Fist, este Peace.

      • Sinu sino ?
        Si MJL Lang yata ang mukhang liberal among our MUP’s

      • Dear Fabian,

        When I say “queens” I am not referring to beauty queens. Lol.

        (Wait, did you say MJ is into fisting?)

        World Peace.

      • @ Thomas Sir, YOU ARE A LEGEND talaga. Your wit will devour us all. 🙂

        How 2 b u, po?

  23. What a disappointment and a letdown after you getting to interview the designer, And after keeping the pageant fans so excited. Don’t you measure the head of your client to make sure it fits!!

  24. Fashionista dapat talaga
    Pinong magdamit
    Yung my showbiz background preferably para natural ang dating sa interview
    But we have to support what we have

  25. Didn’t know any of the drama and thought that it was just another costume. And she did internalise where it was clearly inspired from – the Victoria Secret runway – because there was nothing traditional about it. It was not a ‘national’ costume by any means. But she displayed that youthful playfulness that piqued everyone’s attention at her national’s swimsuit segment. She carried those huge wings with aplomb and not the other way around.

    At the end of the day, it’s the OA Filipino fans who are sabotaging their candidates’ morale with their spoiled and entitled demands – ‘asan ang headdress Rabiya??” one Instagram account brazenly asked. Anong pakialam mo! LOLs

    If I was to ask something brazen, it would be – why is Catriona avoiding any mention of Rabiya??? Is she contractually obliged not to or something??

  26. Naku, na LSS talaga ako sa poem voice over during the NatCo competition :




    World Peace.

    • Thomas , Rabiya should not spend her time reading comments from the social media
      She needs to focus on the crown
      This blog should be for fans only

      • You are right Fabian. Mas masaya pag balitaktakan. Boring siguro if lahat pare-Pareho comment.s

        Thanks for being a good sport.

        World Peace.

    • Hear, hear! A couple of points to consider:

      – Has anybody taken a closer look at the costume? I too was underwhelmed when Rabiya first came out but after a much closer inspection, the details and the execution are quite remarkable. And the production did not effectively showcase the costumes and the ladies.

      – Has anybody actually lifted a 45-lb weight? Distribute that weight over an area equal to the span of the wings Rabiya was carrying… carrying those wings is a herculean task! And she walked that stage effortlessly!

      – The crying episode she posted after the show, to me, indicated the pressure is getting too much to bear. But the she knows she can’t and won’t quit now. So all the negative comments, at this stage in the game, render much harm, no good. If you can’t support our representative, do everybody a favour and just shut up. If you just can’t help it and feel your thoughts must be heard (and you think everybody in this blog definitely cares to hear them) , then offer it in a way that upholds the dignity of our candidate… and yours.

  27. what”s all the brouhaha over rabiya’s natcos? she did not only raise our flag in line with catriona’s battle cry. she wore it!

  28. Not a good sign on Rabiyas part if she is crying over a national costume presentation. And getting nervous on the interview. Now I am worried about how well she is going to stand the pressure of the competition!!

    • @ mikama1 I take her emotions as a PLUS. Normal. It shows she’s serious. And nadala na tayo sa mga nagsabi’ng ‘I-breezed-the-interview-piece-of-cake’, only to find out waley rin. 🙂

      What she needs now is SUFFICIENT FUEL AND REST. Huwag siya mag-diet-to-death!

    • Message to Rabiya: It is only NatCos show, keep calm ! remember that MU is all about grace under pressure and not nerves under pressure … tomorrow is the biggest, if not for Sunday, day of the MU2020 … you have it in you ! embrace your great spirit and the spirit of all your loving supporters who are always behind you through thick and thin !

  29. Catriona and Gazini had the very best Pinas MU NatCos ever eve ever !!!

    • 21 kilos plus 10 kilos headress!!! Nakakalokah! Tama lang na di sinoot ni Rabiya kasi baka mag collapse siya habang rumarampa!

  30. I was just on insta & saw that Rabiya did a quick live in her room after the costume show. She was quite emotional, thanking her supporters & apologizing to those who were disappointed.

    She explained that she was injured just before going on stage & bleeding from a cut finger onto her stockings.

    She didn’t even have time to retouch her make up & make sure her hair was in place (maybe after frantically removing the headpiece).

    Plus the wings were quite heavy at 21 kgs.

    You can see that she’s feeling the weight of our expectations. She was really quite emotional & in tears.

    But she’s fighting.

    I’m personally going to hold off on b-tchy comments & highlighting the negatives now.

    I’m just going to support & cheer on our girl now.

  31. PR Peru DR Mexico Bolivia Thailand Nepal Brazil South Africa Romania Czech Republic Colombia Venezuela
    If Nepal could talk , I would pick her . But her comm skills are limited

    • The costumes that are straight to the point are: ARGENTINA, JAPAN, BAHAMAS, NEPAL

  32. Is it me or did Rabiya attempt a Victoria’s Secret model pose at the center? VS is so 2012 hehe

    I can just imagine the frustration of Manny Halasan whose headpiece was an exercise in futility. Not to mention the cost.

    So who was that someone who failed to do a simple task like measuring Rabiya’s cranial circumference?

  33. Too big for Rabiya’s head? So they did not measure before gawin?

    Too heave to carry? They did not consider this before gawin??

    Lame excuses. Sayang!

    Poor planning.

  34. What else is new sa mga Pilipino may pa surprise effect pero Whaley parin yung puro last minute at the end nganga. Now I’m worried about the evening gown. Let’s wait and see. By the way anung feed back sa indoor interview?

    • Paging Miss Universe Philippines, bakit wala bang quality check yung National Costume ? Basta llang ipasuot sa candidate? Ano bayan Jonas? Maling move yung nag live IG sya at umiyak nagpakita lang sya ng kahinaan . The NATIONAL COSTUME IS NOTHING kaya don’t show ur drama in public. Battle ito ng lakas ng loob. Tapos burkas yung performance mo makikita yung stress mo ,yung mukha mo parang nilagyan ng sibuyas ,wala na distracted kana. Juice colored end up ligwak ka sa top 21.

    • Di ka pa natuto. It’s like clockwork. Scripted na yan na may “pasabog” daw. Been there done that. Since MJ days, di na yan tumatabla.

      Mas nagalit ako sa part na nasugatan si Rabiya. My god, anong klaseng costume yan to put the wearer at risk?!

      There’s aesthetics, and there’s solely just for aesthetics. The design is tiis ganda talaga, it does not even account for the safety of the wearer.

    • At ang bigat ha! Hindi rin tinake into consideration ang magdadala. Rabiya is a petite girl and you want her to carry almost 60 kgs of costume on HIGH PLATFORM HEELS?!

  35. Ok now I’m worried about the evening gown. Supposedly thousands of hours were devoted to crafting it, which makes me think it’ll be stiff and beaded to death. She is not a tall woman so movement will be key to elevating her against the other girls. Details won’t matter if the judges can’t see up close and if the girl is struggling to walk.

    I would prefer a designer who knows how to cut a so-so fabric on the bias than a coutourier who’ll bedazzle every inch of available space.

    Fingers crossed.

    • Don’t worry, the cotourier you are reffering to is already dead.. May he rest in peace!

    • @ DanDan @ @ Closer2Fame To get an idea what the designer is capable of, look at Bella’s Prelims evening dress at MUP. 🙂

      • @ Flor, I’ve seen Bella’s gown. Nothing groundbreaking and the color completely washed her. And the cut unfortunately diminished her ability to do an awesome pasarela.

  36. I hope Rabiya shakes off any excess nerves and negativity, disappointments … and regains all her composure and full confidence , confidently beautiful with a heart and & with full grace under pressure for tomorrow , most important day … tomorrow is make or break !

  37. Missed opportunity. It’s her formal introduction to the world and they gave her bulky Victoria’s Secret wings, complete with finger heart. Nobody squinted when they were making the thing? All you see are two big chunks of clashing colors that drowned her. She deserved much better than that.

  38. The headpiece is missing something to support it on Rabiya’s head. The headband looks very narrow that it could easily fall off during the walk. It is a nice design but missing the wearability aspect of it.

    At the end of the day, I think that Philippines needs to stop the secrecy to avoid super high expectations frm the Pinoy fans. Revealing it earlier like most countries does not really do any harm.

  39. This National Costume would be beautiful if Rocky was still alive to elevate it and the Head Piece was worn too.
    Now coming to Miss Universe Philippines Organization. Very disappointed. No Costume fittings, horrible pre-arrival photoshoot. RABIYA’s styling is better now compared to look photos. She is good in motion and is congenial.
    Prediction : Rabiya Best Case TOP 10, Worst Case TOP 21. But she is the first queen under MUP, so I feel they will push her to TOP 10 just to motivate thr new Organization.
    My TOP 5 Prediction : Puerto Rico, Romania, Nepal, Peru, Mexico
    Winner : Puerto Rico or Mexico
    Logic – Florida is a Latin Dominated place. Last Latina to win was Paulina Vega. Miss Universe 2020 is definitely going to be a Latina.

  40. Costume is bland even if it had the headdress.
    Lacks whimsy and imagination.
    PH natcos have always been “too serious.”
    Look at the other costumes from Asia. They’re both beautiful and fun to look at.
    Bawi na lang siya sa EG, SS, and Interview rounds.

    • Bakla, maging masaya nalang tayo pwd? ang daming satsat, wala namang naitulong sa paggawa ng national costume.

      • Triggered naman masyado.
        Sanay ka kasi sa mediocrity.
        Ikaw yung estudyante na masaya na sa gradong 3.0 …..kung nakapag college ka.
        Pero base sa comment mo, mukhang dropout 😅

      • puro tayo nega nega.hindi naman nakakatulong sa kandidata…hay naku….mga walang kwentang mga bakla..buti naman sana kung may naitulong….

    • Talo pa sila ng Team 20 days. Problem with them is sa paghablot ng endorsements focus nila. Ayan. Plakak.

  41. what happened to fitting sessions ? looking like the head piece was a rush job or something …

    can’t do anything about it now … maybe we will see the full attire soon

    • I don’t blame the team… it’s not their fault that Rocky Gathercole died… knowing how beautiful and intricate his designs are, this is obviously unfinished… I saw one of the pegs.. and this is a far cry from it…

  42. Too bad she couldn’t wear the headress…. It’s actually what could have made it more Filipino since our national flag is actually inspired by the American flag…
    I still wish Rocky was still alive because I’m sure he would have added variegated streaks on that costume… I saw one of his pegs and it was the plumage of a labuyo which is beautifuly patterned.

  43. Ungkol N, the question remains unanswered, no? Physically, WHERE are the Halasan pieces?

    Yes, they are in the USA.

    Nasubukan daw isuot ni Ate Rab. Kailan niya tri-ny? Nito na lang sa venue? Or, sa LA pa lang, the Team decided to not proceed with it? Which means, iniwan kay Kirsten Regalado or Olivia Q-Co?

    (I just remembered about Cameroon’s… No one mentioned it as a favorite. I’ll watch the video full.)

    • (Cont.) Ihinabol pala ni Mdme. SSL ‘yun’g MH pieces. I saw a comment on Ungkol’s FB.

      OK. So, the next question might be, what will happen to the cumbersome RG (+)? Obviously, Boss MH will demand his pieces be returned… But in the case of the former, deceased na maker. Freight pa lang (21 kilos), sigurado hindi mura. But’s it’s Ate Rab’s. She will have priority to it, nemen. Iuwi na lang with the help of (sana) all, tulad nu’ng pagtulong du’n sa CLSU fashion student na nag-NatCos kay MUCameroon. Siguro pagdating sa NAIA, sunduin ni fafa Neil (I will assume he drives), using ‘mahal’s’ MG SUV. 🙂

      The MUCameroon NatCos is generic ‘Lion King’, but looks WELL-CRAFTED. I wonder if we have the next Edwin Uy-Nick Guarino-Patrick Isorena in our midst. Guys, sa mga kasalukuyan’g nag-scre-screen saan man – MUP, MWP, MPE – kontratahin na si tutuy! May potential ang bata!

  44. This headpiece would’ve elevated the look for me. It’s gorgeous as f—k. I hope MUP will release a photo of Rabiya wearing the entire costume with the headpiece.

    Ok, at least we know Rabiya is not peaking yet.

    She can still soar upwards (why not, may wings naman) & give us a more polished & dazzling swimsuit & evening gown performance.

  45. Rabiya pala tried to wear the head piece. Kaya lang nasugatan daw s’ya wearing it, according to Sir Albert Andrada. Nabasa ko lang sa isang pageant site.

    Hindi talaga ukol. Sabi nga rin ni Manny Halasan, “In His perfect time” it will be worn.” Let’s move on from here. After all, Rabiya did her best on stage. Way to go, Rabiya!

    That’s all.

  46. Diyos baka masisi naman ang head piece kung anuman ang kahihitnatnan ng patimpalak. Huwag po tayong makakalimut na iboto para manalo ang pinagpaguran ni Miss Philippines. Huwag kang mawawalan ng pag-asa panalo ka na.

  47. Im not happy with the costume. Palagi nalang may kulang. Kasi ba naman pa surprise surprise pa waley naman.Balita ko yung gown din hindi pang pageant.

  48. Ambivalent towards the nat cos. I can’t see anything Filipino in it aside from the colors. I also find the presentation so “latina or V.S,” in fact, mukhang VS show nga ang hugot. BUT, if she’s this confident during the swimsuit performance, lalaban! Ito na ba yung tinatawag na “owning the stage?” Walang kaba si Rabiya! You know she wants this.

  49. OMG! Sayang naman. Bakit ganun? Hindi ba nagpadala ng head size ni Rabiya ang Team n’ya? Madali lang naman kunin ang circumference ng head, then i-message lang sa FB Messenger, diba? Palpak at its best. Sayang ang effort at craftsmanship ni Manny Halasan.

    Kaya pala there is something lacking in Rabiya’s performance. Parang walang energy, walang spark. She was just like donned in a Las Vegas dancer outfit and then walked the runway. That’s it!

    TBH, Gazini’s natcos was way better than this. Pero hindi rin naman pangit ang kay Rabiya. Hindi nga lang pasok sa Best 5.

    Okay, I am excited to see the Prelim Evening Gown Rabiya will wear. Sana makabawi na this time.

    That’s all.

  50. HALA, SAN.. na yung head piece?
    A lot of MANNY spent for nothing.

    Oh well, the head piece was beautiful and intricate,
    But if it will affect the walk and presentation (too big for her head), then it is okay.

    I like her national costume because it looks technically well-done. Hindi parang school project. EXCEPT for the three stars that look like styrofoam with gold glitters that one can bu at National Book Store. Lol.

    World Peace.

  51. I liked the presentation sans the head piece. Rabiya showed her personality under the weight of the wings.

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