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  1. Pre-PRELIMINARY COMPETITION predictions: 3 possible Top 21 lists

    Scenario 1 : Romania, France, Iceland, Czech, Curacao, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, USA, Brazil, Venezuela, Myanmar, SouthAfrica, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Ireland, Russia

    Scenario 2 : Philippines, SouthAfrica, VIetnam, Nepal, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Romania, Ireland, Poland, Czech, Russia, Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Canada, Costa Rica, Curacao, Brazil, Jamaica, USA

    Scenario 3 : Peru, India, Romania, Ireland, Poland, Czech, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Curacao, Puerto Rico, SouthAfrica, Thailand, Indonesia, USA, Brazil, Venezuela, Philippines, Vietnam (with the 21st spot going to either Myanmar, Nepal, Chile, Argentina)

  2. Rabiya’s natcos is ok. Although I expected something really fabulous, it is ok for me. What I like is the way she presented it. Rabiya did not elaborate so much about her natcos with her presentation because the costume spoke for itself. What Rabiya did was to show to the world that she enjoyed the moment so much and that is more than enough for me.

  3. After enduring dismal and forgettable National costumes our Miss Universe reps have worn up to the time of MJ, there’s no point in complaining what Rabiya just sashayed.

    Being a brainchild of Rocky Gathercole, it can’t be denied pageant fans were expecting something outrageous. Instead, what we saw was a muted tri-colored homage to Mariposa, reminiscent of Victoria Secret Angel.

    One thing for sure, the national costume did not overpower Rabiya. Rather, it accentuated her lean figure and youthful aura.

  4. The comments here are giving me a lot of LOL, OMG. and WTF moments. Thanks everyone for making this blog a fascinating go-to after a day’s hard work, and pageantry a top-of-mind item in the Filipinos’ list of pastimes.

  5. I hope Rabiya shakes off any excess nerves and negativity, disappointments … and regains all her composure and full confidence , confidently beautiful with a heart and & with full grace under pressure for tomorrow , most important day … tomorrow is make or break !

  6. Mexico’s humongous footwear ruined the overall look and her presentation. When she stomping her feet on the stage, I was expecting chandeliers and ceiling lights to come crashing down lol

  7. Parang little Miss Philippines ang level no Rabiya. She really looks like a little girl amongst women. World peace .

  8. Romania is love and so is Russia.

    South Africa can say goodbye to its bid for the pageant’s second back to back triumph.

    Canada should focus on what pageantry is all about. It’s a celebration of beauty, peace and love. She came out like she was looking for a fight. She was a towering presence yet she somehow looked surly and intimidating. Loosen up Nova and don’t forget to smile

    My early faves like Chile, Brazil, Australia didn’t live up to my expectations. Hope they redeem themselves at the preliminaries and closed door interviews

  9. Natcos Presentation show is just for entertainment.
    Huwag na kayong reklamo ng reklamo.
    Sa panahon ng pandemya naghahangad pa kayo ng bonggang bonggang Natcos.
    Ang importante ang Prelims. Dun kayo mag react ng todo.

  10. I was able to catch some of the action from the national costume presentation. Tito Norman, thanks for the link.


    – Colombia, Venezuela, Thailand had the loudest audience applause

    – there were lots of flapping wings and big reveals from the costumes

    – poor Malaysia. The stage hands bungled her costume presentation. It was not how she did at her country’s press presentation.

    -Mauritius was a pleasant surprise for me. Her costume had a modern take and was a fashion hit for me. It was reflective of her country’s cultural heritage and she looked spectacular in it like a fashion diva.

    -Myanmar made a political statement when she took her country’s political turmoil on the universal stage with her Pray for Myanmar slogan which she unfurled on centerstage.

    -Nepal’ s homage to her country’s heroic Sherpas was abruptly cut off when the cameras suddenly zoomed in on Netherlands.

    -Peru showcased her country’s pink flamingos with her fabulous drag queen costume complete with a graceful fluttering of her wings

    -Singapore drew ohs and ahs when she unfurled or (was it a reveal?) with her Stop the Asian Hate message. Brave girl!

    -Uruguay gained points with the LGBTQ community by donning the movement’s rainbow colors and revealing her No More Violence message

    – USA had one of the best costumes worn by a Miss USA in recent years but her presentation was tepid and uninspired.

    -Venezuela came out with guns blazing. The powerhouse country didn’t disappoint with the costume and presentation.

    -Vietnam paid tribute to her country’s silk industry when she came onstage as as a cocoon then metamorphosed into her country’s national dress. Graceful presentation.

    -the Philippines came out in a combo of a Moulin Rouge and Victoria’s Secrets costume complete with wings. Our country’s tricolors were highlighted. It was modern yet something was missing. I don’t know.

    Honorable mentions:
    – Israel, Nicaragua, Denmark, Panama, India and Thailand.

    Again, this is just based on the snippets that I was able to watch

    • @ Cool Brew Peru is my fave! I like that the wings were done such that they indeed were the forelimbs – FEATHERED ARMS – as it is in birds… Instead of ‘angel-like’ appendage at the back. And done monochrome pink, looks CLEAN. 🙂

      Nepal’s Mt.Everest prop was unnecessary. It looked amateurish. 😦

      I KNOW! THE ‘MISSING’! IT’S GOLDEN LASSO. So, VS, MR, & WW* rolled into one.

      (* – Wonder Woman)

      • @Flor, I noticed it too. The feathered arms. I love the details and craftsmanship.

        By the way, I have enough of Canada’s antics. She was surly and intimidating when she came onstage. Ws she looking for a fight? She should start enjoying the experience otherwise it would be the antithesis of what pageants ought to be; a celebration of beauty, peace and creativity. It’s a break from the drab monotony of daily life

  11. I feel like they rushed this national costume presentation. It’s very underwhelming overall. Rabiya’s costume is acceptable.

  12. My respect and admiration to Miss Myanmar for her courage and determination despite of turmoil in her country, Worst of all, she lost her the luggage containing her National Custom yet she walk with confidence. Bravo Miss Myanmar. မငျးကိုကြှနျုပျတို့ခစျြတယျ

  13. I think USA improved her position after this natcos show … and Romania jumped three-fold

    Those that tumbled down I think are Brazil and tumbled way way down is Australia

    Those that caught me with my fresh eyes are Ireland and Costa Rica(has dyslexia platform)

    *I thought that Bolivia’s costume had full of energy , Kazakhstan is simple and obviously clear natcos

  14. So this is the national costume because… it has the colors and elements of the Philippine flag? Meh. Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer if they stuck with something with more cultural or historical significance rather than making costumes that are ostentatious but empty for the sake of a wow factor.

    • i agree. Maybe we’re too accustomed to a natco of national significance. Kudos to the new Miss Universe PH idea of something other than a filipiniana but the presentation was just too simple especially coming from Team Philippines.

      • Personally I wouldn’t mind if the costume isn’t a terno or a festival attire. However, I feel the team could have moved to a more modern direction while still retaining a degree of cultural significance. Rabiya’s costume is just a literal representation of the flag, and nothing much else. Its meaning is equivalent to wearing a red blouse and blue jeans. They could’ve taken inspiration from literature (like an Adarna costume), or objects (Zamboanga’s vintas), or even our beaches (Boracay’s white sand and rich marine life). Even delicacies like the balut or taho or sapin sapin could potentially be good inspirations. This costume is, yeah, a Philippine flag in feathered form. Lol.

  15. I feel catfished. Rabiya made it seem it was an amazing, all encompassing natco but rather it was it a filipino flag angel. They could have made it Philippine Eagle inspired or something but this was very underwhelming, at least the parade of nations was not judged coz personally I’d score that a 5.5/10.

  16. OMG , what a disappointment !!!!
    And I’m not just talking about the costume which is despicable
    The face , the walk, and the overall presentation .. OMG

    • Indeed. She was overwhelmed with the cheers from the audience. I find it unnecessary for her to raise her right hand while in the middle of the stage. She seemed over excited or what. Hopefully, she will not do the same during prelims..

  17. I Predicted Right.
    Winged Creature with Might.
    Philippine Flag on the Run,
    Three Stars and A Sun.

    Poems are made by
    fools like me,
    But Rabiya’s costume
    Was Oh-Em-Gee.

    World Peace.

    • Ang cute. Hahaha.

      I like funny Thomas better than angry Thomas.

      Welcome back funny Thomas!

      • Ano ka ba SQ?

        I am funny even when angry. But thanks. Lol.

        Roses are red.
        Violets are blue.
        Poems have rhymes,
        This one doesn’t.


        World Peace.

  18. Not bad… I wish she had a shimering 8 rayed sun headress on to complete the look. And this would be more impactfull if the feathers were a bit more variegated in some areas with streaks of gold and copper…. plus if the wings were touching the ground using Ostrich feathers… But I can’t totaly complain…. It’s indeed without a doubt, one of our best national custumes.

    • @ Cloer2Fame THERE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE… The Manny Halasan ‘Soleil’ head piece.

      Ba’t ‘di isinuot ni Ate Rab? OMGosh! PLEASE DON’T SAY MAY NAG-NENOK, considering that’s a Halasan so it probably has at least semi-precious stones on it. 😦

      At least, consistent with the ‘Filipina’ ang color scheme. Even the shoes. 🙂

      Would have not been literal with the stars and sun. Would have sun glasses with star-shaped lens, the third star the buckle for a silver belt & silver shoulder bag with the sun as golden applique.

  19. We have so many amazing, talented and best Filipino designers in every corner of the world but I am not sure what Miss Philippines wearing. I am more impressed with the simplicity of other Asian countries. Mabuhay Philippines.

  20. The costume show was whopping
    But why do I now feel a prodding
    To go online and do some shopping
    And while I’m at it even do some voting

    It’s … L A Z A D A !


  21. Her NatCos was not something new It has been done several times (latest was SamBer). Nothing new, nilagyan lang ng touch of our flag, but thats it, no wow factor. A big downgrade from Gazini’s

    • Yes to this remark.

      With due respect to the designer of Rabiya’s national costume who is no longer with us, it seems to me that our design creatives have one template. Tapus they just keep doing variations on that.

      We can see that the construction is bongga & world class etc., but the ideas are stagnant (actually hindi nga ideas, but idea … isa lang). While Gazini’s national costume was exceptional in the workmanship & detail, I felt it was medyo predictable. For me, Malaysia’s Peranakan costume in 2019 was more remarkable in its inspiration & creativity.

      But national costume is not such an important element for me. For me, I’d rather see our representative make it to top 5 or top 10, than see her get a consolation prize of Best National Costume and not advance further. Still, I hope our costume designers can start thinking out of the box in the future.

      Another winged creature
      Don’t we have another animal to feature?

  22. Romania has had a lot of exposure
    We know she’ll be up there

  23. I only got to Slovakia onward… WAA-AAAHHHHH–AHHH! 😦

    Camera angles are like at MI.

    Thailand’s was better in motion than Sud Afrika’s; the latter could have profited from more bounce.

    My pick form this last cluster would be… USA! LOVE that Mississippi mockingbird. 🙂

    (Ate Rabiya in the LAZADA after-video. “I believe we have differences…”. Yes, of course! I think she’s over-feeling… I can understand why some of us are a little annoyed. I hope she sounded less so in the Preliminary Interview. Alam niyo naman si Brooke Lee, chillax lang.)

  24. Di ganun kabongga ang mga costumes ngayon ng candidates. Sa panahon ngayon, mas ok na ang simple. Marami pa rin naman ang magaganda.

  25. I vote as runner up the following: Israel, Singapore, Uruguay … they have great current events messages

    Winner ? I don’t know , there is no clear one

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