11 comments on “The Faces of MUBA Cosmetics for the 69th Miss Universe

  1. They are all beautiful but it is Rabiya who stands out here with her tantalizing gaze.

    • She’s nice.. top 5 material…
      But could she actually win? I don’t think so..

  2. I think it’s excellent … this is an excellent pictorial

    The question becomes what percentage of this group will make it to the semifinals ? 40% , 80% or even 100% ??

    4 exciting days left …

  3. Face-wise, Rabiya won this over South Africa by a couple of inches…. followed by Puerto Rico followed by Iceland and Uruguay.

  4. The great advantage of ‘neneng’ is heavy make-up only makes you look womanly.

    In contrast, look a bit on the old side (and I am not the first to say this of PR) and heavy make-up can only make you look… (mannish).

    MUBA’s branding seems to lean towards a heavier hand. Not your ‘fraiche’/bare/dewy/au naturel.

    And no black or at least dark skin tone ambassador? Doesn’t darker skin take bold colors better, kasi nga all that melanin doesn’t get overwhelmed by the dense artificial pigment? Come to think of it, neither did O-Skin. The two companies are probably not targeting that market segment, I guess.

    Really, only Philippines look good here. 🙂

    • I like Puerto Rico who’s obviously not a threat for the crown even though her sashfactor is our rival… she seems to have a nice personality desserving for a TOP 5… 3rd or 4th RUP would be ideal for her…

    • @Flor,

      Rabiya smolders here. South Africa takes the runner up spot in this group photo.

      PR reminds me of a classy Tita who decides to join her niece and friends for a photo session.

    • @ Closer2Fame & @ Cool Brew Had MAPI proceeded this year, Estefania Soto could have made a fine successor to Chaiyenne Huisman, don’t you think so? 🙂

      You know what I miss from the good old days? JEWELRY SPONSORSHIP/ENDORSEMENT. But yeah, now is probably NOT the best time… 🙂

      I just wonder if Mouawad can, in the protracted reign of this edition’s queen, even briefly give fans a sampling of the extent of their arsenal… Watch Anita Baker’s music video for ‘Giving You The Best That I Got’. That ’80’s trend – PACKING one wrist THICK with bracelets and necklaces – is LOVE.

      (The last time was Arida’s year, no? Olivia Culpo came onstage at Crocus City in that gem-encrusted bustier… Did Gabriela Isler get to keep hers?)

      • @Flor, the day after pageant finals, newly crowned Miss U 2013 Molly Isler had a photo shoot wearing the same diamond encrusted swimwear that Olivia C sashayed in during the pageant night.

        Did Molly feel icky wearing the same swimsuit? LOL

      • Erratum Not ‘protracted’. I meant, ‘shortened’… ‘Abridged’, maybe? Should I get Grammarly?

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