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  1. Started questioning her chances of winning or placing high in this year’s competition after watching this interview. She needs to relax and calm down. Too much aggression and “gigil” in her answers. Mas bet ko ung speaking ability nya when she won MUP. Very sweet and calm ang aura.

    With this interview, hindi ko mafeel ung true charm nya that she exuded sa MUP. Then she cried after the natcos cause of the criticism from pinoy heavy pageant fans. Kala ko she loves criticism, tapos nag live broadcast sya and cried cause she felt like she disappointed the fans. After these interviews, I have a feeling India, Puerto Rico, and South Africa will be top 3. But still hoping Rabiya will land high in top 3 as well.

    That being said, Rabiya, BREATHE TAYO. Focus on yourself and just enjoy the process. Don’t let the pressure get to you. You’re beautiful already! You just gotta believe on yourself!

  2. Sosyal talaga ang nananalo
    So I don’t think India will win
    Nepal and Romania are super beautiful!!!

  3. I don’t see Rabiya as a strong candidate given the not so impressive pasarela questionable facial beauty and styling and fair comm skills
    But I’m glad that every one else is saying otherwise
    I’m excited to see her on Sunday

    • PLASTIKADANG HALIPAROT NA BAKLITANG CHIMPANZEE!!!!!!!! Hindi kailangan ang support mo mabahong unggoy!!!!!

    • PLASTIKADANG HALIPAROT NA BAKLANG CHIMPANZEE!!!!!!! Di kailangan ang suporta mo!!!! Tsupiiii!!!! AMBAHO MO!

    • Nag-public apology na po si Ibyang kay Sir Fabian Reyes. Nakakahiya naman daw po sa inyo.

  4. The MU Organization once again revised the judging format to make it sure that the prettiest (& the sexiest) reach the Top 5 this coming Sunday/Monday. Unlike in the 2018 & 2019 editions in which communication skills were given much weight and attention through these segments – casual interview by Steve Harvey, opening statement of each semifinalist, back story video presentations, top 5 Q&A, top 3 Q&A, and (even) closing statements of the top 3 in Zozi’s batch, this time the semifinalists have to battle it out first in terms of physical beauty (swimsuit) and then on to grace & elegance (plus face) in the evening gown presentation.

    Most likely the candidates that will make it to the Top 10 are the following: Brazil, Canada (she is very tall & well proportioned), Curacao, Jamaica, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Romania, and Thailand.

    Top 21: Australia, Cambodia, India, Ireland, Indonesia, Laos, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, South Africa, and Venezuela.

    Those who (probably) will make it to the Top 5 are Brazil, Curacao, Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Thailand. But Romania and Nepal can be (beautiful) spoilers to Thailand.

    Good morning to all.

  5. Pak na Pak kahit may Zuleyka Rivera pa dyan ay Rabiya pa rin😳 Rivera for Rabiya 😱it rhymes 😆 hihihihi

  6. Now makakatulog na ko ng maayos!

    I know she will do well on the close door interview tonight!

    And kung totoo man yung sinasabi ni Madam Azucarera na “someone relatable” ang hinahanap nila, there’s your girl!

    I don’t mind her thick accent, she got her message accros! Speak to express, not to impress!

    Napagkaitan tayo ng pasarela, hopefully, she will do well !

  7. Content-wise, fine. Delivery, she needs to be more relaxed. She’s like declaiming or in a debate. Just my cents..peace..✌️✌️

  8. Rabiya did well. She answered the questions like in a job interview whereas PR, India and Thailand answered it like in a casual conversation. A little more relax. In most cases, it’s not what you say that matters, it’s how you say it and how you are perceived by your audience. I hope the judges favor Rabiya’s way come finals night.

    • The pageant is essentially a job application to be the spokesperson/ambassador of the Miss U org. That is why Pia won in 2015. Para siyang sumasagot sa job interview in her final answer.

  9. like ko rin sina Nicaragua, Mexico, Chile, and Nepal… pero based sa interview n ‘to…

    mukhang the last 3 STANDING ay and P.I.A. (Indian-blooded beauties).


    • That’s a very clever concept, the P.I.A.

      They are the best and if they make the top 3 I will be very happy

  10. She mentions barangay like other countries know what the hell it is. Puting the country on pedestal. Wth. Face palm

    • So ano dapat sinabi nya baryo? Village? Like Dasmarinas Village? Basta lang may masabi ang BAKLA!!!!!!

      • Yes chezka, village would be more familiar to the audience. That is if the speaker’s goal is to connect to the audience. If not, she can say any blah blah and it’s fine.

      • I don’t mind Rabiya’s use of the word “barangay.”

        Yes, I guess it could potentially be confusing for viewers from other countries.

        But then I sort of love how we Filipinos are disrupting the English we inherited from the Americans & infusing it with our own culture & sensibility.

        It’s sort of how like New Yorkers now use the term “bodega,” a word with Spanish origins, instead of “convenience store.”

        I feel like this is one of those moments that we don’t need to be hyper vigilant about adjusting to Americans all the time.

        How about they adjust to us as well from time to time?

        It’s just one word.

        So many Americans are insular. It’ll do them good to force them to think outside their culture occasionally. Ha!

        Thanks for attending my TED talk.

    • hahaha…what is barangay? She could have used village or district, towns……so the interviewer and the audience would understand it. But yeah, she sounded very robotic still. She delivered well but needs to relax ;0

  11. Top 21


    Czech Republic

    Costa Rica
    South Africa


    • @ Closer2Fame Natabunan na, po, sina Laos at Cambodia. 🙂


      Singapore has gone pfffftt…. 😦

      Myanmar, imo, needs to refrain from advancing her country’s plight. Might backfire.

      • Me Colombia pa nga pala…
        Parang waley winner nila this year…

      • Yes Malaysia might pull a surprise.
        She reminds me of that Indonesian girl who competed against Ariela Arrida in Moscow who is now happily married to a Malaysian millionaire.

  12. Go Rabiya. Easily Top 5.

    To those who accuse her of peaking too soon, note that with the limited competition days and limited activities, her’s (and a few of the girls’) winning strategy is to peak on Day 1 and sustain it until coronation day. Her advantage over the rest is really the fan base that has been giving her extra boost and confidence.

    Her attires since the start of the competition have been on point and can hold a candle to anyone of the best girls. A big improvement from the Look Book clothes before the competition.

    Her manner of speaking may be irritating to some Filipinos (bida-bida vibe) but who knows if the international judges will find this charming and endearing.

    The girl has shown Desire, Discipline, Drive, Dedication…..the other D, Destiny will need alignment of the stars in the Universe.

    World Peace.

    • Rabiya did well. She answered the questions like in a job interview whereas PR, India and Thailand answered it like in a casual conversation. A little more relax. In most cases, it’s not what you say that matters, it’s how you say it and how you are perceived by your audience. I hope the judges favor Rabiya’s way come finals night.

    • Yung bida bidahan comments nang maraming faney is because in our culture eh masyado tayong polite at corteous. Pero yang ganyang interview with Ribaya showed a lot of confidence, conviction, and clear statements, which I personally love!

    • As a bida-bida kid, I agree. Iba talaga pag ganyan ang way of delivery. Tumatama sa puso. Hindi nakakaantok (example Bella Ysmael’s delivery, she’s fluent but di tumatagos).
      But downside niyan if magalit sayo, tagos din ang words, you will really feel gaano kasakit ang mga salita.

  13. She will be at the front during their production number. It only means she is favored by MUP. The stats are beginning to align for her.

    • Back in 2007, Riyo Mori was front and center during the opening dance number and she won.

      A 5th crown is a strong possibility.

      • Hindi ba si Zozi parang nasa harap din. Basta I remember sabay sila nina Gaz and Colombia lumabas sa unang part ng opening number.

  14. One major takeaway that surely connects with all audiences is her sheer determination to win in life. “It may not be the MU crown”, but life’s greater diadems. Her driving forces: encouragement from people who believe in her potentials and capabilities; and challenges from criticisms by her detractors and naysayers. Her confidently beautiful parting words to them: “I assure you, I will make you proud”. That is the winning answer that connects to millions who are looking for a rallying point and harbinger of hope in this perilous period!

    • True! Her sheer determination is remarkable and very admirable. Palaban talaga si Phenomenal girl. 😀😀

  15. PUERTO RICO and INDIA nailed this interview. As for Ms. Phenomenal, her responses to the questions were not bad but her delivery & tone is ideal in a classroom environment (can’t blame her, nasanay siya sa ganung audience). Also, sometimes her gestures/body movements are distracting and not wedded with the message. Too much emphasis and concentration on words, not the ideas (nakakairita sa tenga dhl mabibigla ka parang sinisigawan ka). This made her hard to transition to establishing a personal bond with listeners. I still wish her good luck! For 104 millions Filipinos!!! 😘😘

  16. Saw her video with Adline. That’s where she shines, when she expresses her unfiltered feelings for other people. 👋🏼 It’s her beautiful Filipina heart which should touch the hearts of Miss Universe 🤍 She just has to express it in that distinct tone combined with a unique choice of words which will set her apart as a queen. 👑

  17. Mga vecks na guapa kaayo. Tan-awa kinsay daug👅 The questions for Thailand is so simple at alam na nila hanggang saan lang Ang utak no Amanda 🤗
    Congratulations Rabiya🏆👍

  18. I love the way she talks. She makes me listen whenever she talks. That is the mark of a good speaker.

  19. It firmly puts to rest that stupid accusation that she was fed the final answer at the MUP finals. She has conviction and confidence without trying too hard, and none of the affectations that come from Filipinos trying to smooth out their accents to sound more American. And more importantly, a gorgeous speaking face!

    So far, there have been only three Philippine reps who in my opinion, had the same qualities – Janine, Pia and Catriona.

  20. For someone whose English is a second language spoken only in the classroom, and unlike other good speakers who learned English in an English-speaking country and most likely speak it at home, Rabiya did great. She delivered her message across. Her sincerity shines through all throughout. She connected to audiences naturally!

  21. India surprised me with her eloquence. I thought she gave the best interview to Telemundo.

    • Nahh… saw India… not impressed…
      And India doesn’t look pretty when she talks…

      • India meanwhile did not have veneers and a silicone in her chest. And no hiko threads in her nose. A truly confidently beautiful woman.

    • Agree with Inida! Rabiya and Adline did really well with the Telemundo interview. I can see them last 2 standing. Adam Genato has them as his top 2 right now.

  22. ‘Ala… Bakit na-bring up pa ‘yun’g, “‘to be honest… there was a time I felt… I was being pressured to become someone I was not…”. Or, something to that effect.

    Atty. JV S, advise your wards it’s unnecessary to say things like this. WE ARE ALWAYS THE CHOICES WE ALONE ARE IN THE BEST POSITION TO MAKE. And we change as we alone deem fit/necessary. It is the same with us all.

    She sounds like Jack Heslewood when Ungkol interviewed him impromptu. “I’m here to prove that I have what it takes to be Mister World”. He won, as we all know. (Never mind the controversies. Imo, he did enough of his own accord to be deemed most deserving. And an all-around nice guy.)

  23. A little too much adrenaline. This interview is kinda odd, too. It looks more like a post-game presser than a casual sit down.

  24. She did quite well in the interview. There is spontaneity and sincerity. Love how she said it as it is.

    She may not be the best speaker there is but she was able to get her message across and radiated so much warmth and optimism.

    That is enough for me

  25. sheer determination … very simpatika … I would only say one observation and that is try to avoid excessive hand and arm movements… sometimes they come out as an indication of nerves out of control …

    • Nerves that can work in her favor…Ifproperly packaged, which I don’t know how since I’m no expert, it can come through as vulnerability that, in turn, can make her more endearing. But really, I don’t know how to play with and maximize these characteristics.

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