21 comments on “Pool Hair, Don’t Care!

  1. She’s so fresh and lovely here. The judges will remember Rabiya once “the fall” will be shown live on stage and include her in Top 5. Kaya celebrate na mga vecks dahil 1st RU lang Ang least position ni Rabiya kung mamalasin cya🤗👅 hihihi

  2. These pics are the best pics of Rabiya for me. Less skin is much better and more smile!

  3. Either deliberate or accidental fall, it does not matter at all. What matters is that she still looked cute and beautiful after the fall. He he he. Still, a very good backstory come finals night.ala Miriam Quiambao. But Knowing Rabiya’s personality, I do not think she would resort into such gimmick to draw attention.

      • @ serge Thanks for bringing up this matter about pink being appropriate for Ate Rabiya. 🙂

        Yeah, I said ‘anything but the pink Swim’. But I’ve always thought that pink was never a prominent color in our ‘Traje Tipico’ at least at MU… I was thinking of the possible Philippines inspirations for the color, and it turns out one of her OOTD’S (which Blogger King assigned a #) has done just that! Clue : Medinilla magnifica.

      • I was also one of the pink sceptics, but we can see here that Rabiya can pull it off after all.

  4. I predict , 99% this will be in the telecast on Sunday !

  5. okay eto maganda, simple at natural. Bagay sa kanya, lutang ang ganda, hinde pilit

    Tigilan na kasi ang mga pang bold star na pose ni Rabiya.

    • @ Baby Nica I was about to say… Natupad ‘yun’g kahilingan ko na mag-poolside ‘wet look’ siya.


      (But not the Rio Locsin mold I was expecting. Or, AP… I’m not saying who… Gagalit si Admin.)

  6. Top 21

    Costa Rica

    Czech Republic


    South Africa

  7. Top 5: Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Romania, Nepal, Mexico

    Amazing Magic 5: USA, Philippines, Bahamas, Ghana, British Virgin Islands.

    • such a twisted mind you have to even consider that it was a deliberate fall. Shame and it’s not even funny.

      • @ Ramon Lua Sir, @ Fitzwilliam might have been referring to ‘not you’, po. 🙂

        Nailagay lang ang comment sa ilalim niyo… But yes, we are all entitled to our opinions.

  8. The poolside incident happened during the photo shoot where Rabiya and three other girls were handpicked for promo materials for MUO’s new “Shop The Look” wardrobe

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