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  1. So far, I didnt see any malicious post in your original account so hopefully you can retrieve it. 🙂

  2. Technology has many downsides, one of which is data breaches. Even the presence of data privacy law and policies in each country cannot contain such breaches. This results in social media account hackings. The apps that we download on our mobile phones steal the data stored in our phone. That’s why it’s adviseable to not take photos of your passwords or usernames or save them on your notes. Beware!

    On a lighter note, Rabiya will be on the forefront in one of the four dances in the MU opening number. She enthusiastically revealed that, while she is not good at dancing, she did her best during the rehearsal so she’d be picked as a frontline dancer thereof. “Kumbaga sa classroom, bida-bida ako,” she said to that effect. Indeed, Rabiya is competitive. She is not an MUP for nothing.

    That’s all.

  3. Hay naKuh Lefesma yang hacker na yan should spend a night with Fabian Reyes bilang parusa hihihi😱
    Mga vecks, just watch🤗
    I want to see Amanda’s interview too😆 hihihihi

    • Wow! I love her! I see the real Rabiya. She speaks from the heart with conviction. That is the real trademark of Rabiya.

    • Fine Rabiya… you got me there..
      You got my support…
      I thought it’s too soon for another Miss Universe from the Philippines but you trully are desserving to win….
      The drive and determination is overflowing…
      You are definitely TOP3 material…
      I wish you the best of luck….
      We’ll all be here rooting for you…
      No matter what happens, you are a winner!

  4. Those vulgar words and phrases allowed or encouraged on his Instagram … could they be the trigger for the hacking ???

  5. Not trying to be a prude ,… but why are those extremely sexually explicit words and phrases allowed .. or even encouraged ( based on the likes and the occasional blogger’s response ) on this blog ???

    • Hoy mabahong chimp, you create your own blog and set your own rules!!!!! Di mo blog to!!!!! BAKLANG HALIPAROT!!!!!!! TSUPIIIIII!!!!!

  6. Why use the same password for more than 1 socmed account? Lets all be glad its only IG…



    Gray had posted last Friday a throwback photo of her arrival in Thailand for the Miss Universe pageant in 2018, as the current competition kicked off in Florida, USA.

    Gray’s caption, unedited, was: “And just like that, it’s @missuniverse season again! I think it’s such an amazing feat that the delegates from around the world have been able to be present in Florida, USA having overcome all the challenges that I’m sure they and their team faced!

    Commenting on Gray’s post, some of her followers expressed disappointment over Mateo not being mentioned, despite their being from the same country.

    “Really? You’re a Filipina. Instead of cheering for [Mateo], you ask people who they are cheering for?” one follower asked her.

    Gray responded: “I’m a Filipina AND a Miss Universe. It’s a celebration of women from all over the world.”

    Another follower compared Gray and another Filipino Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach, when it came to publicly supporting Mateo.

    “You can at least show support to Rabiya even just through your insta story. We know Pia has shown her support!” they said.

    Gray clarified that she has “reached out to [Mateo] throughout her journey privately.”

    “Not everything is on display on social media,” the beauty queen pointed out.

  8. norman tingin ko admin ng pageant page hacker yun gusto sya number one

  9. Sad to hear about this tito Norms. Maybe you can NBI for help on this matter.

  10. taga mpageantry yun kilalang hacker. I’m saying it loud he hacked el tocuyo and thailand admin kho acct. Ingat po kayo sa mga kunwari friendship .hacker at budol pala

    • @ Kimi95 Oh, my… If so, kilala ko ‘yan.

      Question : is it possible na na-hack si hacker? Lalabas tuloy, ‘yun’g taga-MP ang may kasalanan.

      But if so, may issue between the MP guy (you said ‘he’) and the one who hacked him… 😦

  11. Sorry to hear that Norman. May your hackers’ armpits be infested with 1,000 flies.

    Question of ignorance (since I don’t have an instagram), what is the benefit of hacking somebody’s instagram? Do the hackers gain something about it, or pang inis / istorbo lang?

    Don’t stress too much Norman, You’ll gain back (plus more) your followers.

    World Peace.

  12. I read somewhere that Andrada’s account (or Gaffud’s?) also got hacked?

  13. I just check you Instagram account Tito Norman and I don’t see any problem. Maybe try to change your password.

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