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  1. Wow, a lot of celebrities are rallying for Rabiya..
    I find it too soon for another Miss Universe from the Philippines but Rabiya is too charming and desserving to win…. I know she’s a sure TOP 3… but if we don’t win this year…. Who would be are next top bet who could exceed the popularity of Rabiya?

  2. Scorg my dear sino ba talaga ang gusto mong manalo based on your recent posts? Canada? Cambodia? Cameroon? Curacao? Jamaica? Laos? Myanmar? Nepal? Etc.

    With the new format (of judging) and the recently revealed members of the selection committee, I think the polished contenders (mostly from Latina America and Asia) will still dominate the top 20. Two thirds of the preliminary competitions will be based on swimsuit and evening gowns presentations and the remaining 30-35% for the intelligence, communication skills & the like. I believe the (present) MU organization is looking for a complete package – very pretty, relatable and can communicate well with the people.

    AYOKO rin tumingin/manood sa social media KUNG PANGIT LANG DIN ang PANONOORIN KO. I seldom watch (or even finish) the videos of Zozibini Tunzi, and much more that ugly Jamaican who won the 2019 Miss World title. Kung PANGIT lang naman na beauty queens ang panonoorin ko, mas mabuti pang MANOOD na lang ako ng G____ P_____.

    At sa tingin ko may mahabang buhok na ang mananalo dahil umalis na ang CHI as sponsor after many years partnering with MU. Good evening to all.

    • @Paul, with due respects, I always enjoyed watching the videos of Zozibini. She’s very beautiful, if only you widen your cultural lens on beauty. And an engaging conversationalist. To us here in Africa, she’s exquisitely beautiful. I can see that your concept of beauty is the Western archetype. Yet there is no universal concept of beauty as it is culturally defined. But intellect, compassion and empathy– the inner beauty– are universal concepts that transcend skin color, ethnicity and geographic boundaries.

      To answer your question, from the perspective of natural connectivity with ordinary people, after Philippines comes Canada and Japan. Happy Sallah, my friend.

      • Mine is the 90th post. Black is beautiful and there are so many beautiful black women in this planet (& the Universe) waiting to be discovered and extolled in different platforms. Maybe I got tired easily of Zozi because she has the same styling (specially the hair) ever since she had won the title. Even if she is NOT the most beautiful among her MU peers, Zozi could have been styled in so many ways to keep her interesting to the viewers/online audience. And so I am happy that her LONG reign is about to end because I want to follow a new and very pretty winner. I just hope the MU organization will crown a relatable and engaging titleholder but very beautiful at the same time. No, not South Africa again. Curacao maybe…

      • @Paul, Zozi’s hair style is the natural African hair that does not grow like what they call a “white man’s hair”. Centuries of colomialism has made the kinky, wooly and spiraled natural hair like an appendage that has to be hidden in a wig or hair extensions, or shaven off into baldness altogether. Zozi’s hair style is a bold statement that “natural is beautiful”, an extension of the campaign “black is beautiful”. In a continent where wigs and hair extensions are a big business (yes– the more natural a strand is the more epensive it is, and Brazilian hair is more expensive than Indian hair), and where women spend more than 3 hours in a salon just to have a hair extension attached to a kinky hair, and spend month’s salary for that beauty regimen, Zozi’s hair style is a loud statement that says how convenient, affordable and stress-free being natural can be.

  3. Do your BEST 💜 RABIYA. Trust your INSTINCTS, just like you did in MUP 💖 Compose yourself. You are naturally blessed with beauty and common sense. It’s your HUMBLE HEART which will make a difference. Be RABIYA 👸🏻👸🏼👸🏽

  4. All predictions seem to have forgotten the earlier MUO pronouncement on their criteria for a queen: “able to connect with people and is not trying hard” In this pandemic edition, this is the most practical criterion. MUO needs a role model, a rallying point and a harbinger of hope for pageantry to be real to the millions of followers, the ordinary people who unfortunately can be reached mostly via the internet. What can styling, pasarela, and beautiful face and body do when connectivity with people will take place mostly via social media platforms? Physical attributes may help in the selection process, but I believe the ultimate criterion is natural connectivity with ordinary people. This takes a geat dose of practical intelligence, innate empathy, and authentic compassion. Natural connectivity with everyday people is easy with someone who has lived all her life in the community of ordinary people– in the oft forgotten fringes of society.

    • @ scorg I’m sorry, I’m lost… How, may we ask, are people reached mostly by internet ‘unfortunate’? No hate. I surely don’t know something here, and I’d like to know/learn… Am curious.

      • @Flor, it is not the people who are “unfortunate”, but the situation where they can only ne reached mostly via internet because of restrictions on live in-person events, large gatherings, crowd avoidance, international travels, social distancing, and other health and safety protocols.

      • @ scorg Well, someone who (easily) connects with people and doesn’t try hard (to impress) is simply one who is self-assured, amiable-without-being-fresh, and is respectable. Like you. 🙂

        Ayaw mo kasi sumapi sa industriya… Pero happy ka nemen where you are. Enjoy your… lunch?

    • Only one perfectly fits this template– Rabiya! She happens to come from a country where the political economy of pageantry is most favourable The same country that is fast becoming to be the global epicenter of pageantry industry development. The same country that is fast becoming to be a one-stop-shop for everything pageantry: official footwear, official skin care, training camps, haute couture, photography, PR consultancy, etcetera. The same country that pioneered on the demand-driven cyber-powered App that provides real-time connectivity of pageant organization with fans. The same country where the celebration of beauty in 365 days a year– pandemic or no pandemic.

    • So sino ang tinutukoy mo Scorg? Canada? Cameroon? Cambodia? Curacao? Laos? Myanmar? Nepal?

      Based on the new format (of judging) and the newly revealed members of the selection committee, I think the polished contenders (mostly from Latina America and Asia) will still dominate the top 20. Two thirds of the preliminary competitions will be based on swimsuit and evening gowns presentations and the remaining 30-35% for the intelligence, communication skills & the like. So I believe the (present) MU organization is looking for a complete package – very pretty, relatable and can communicate well with the people.

      AYOKO rin tumingin/manood sa social media KUNG PANGIT LANG DIN ang PANONOORIN KO. I seldom watch (or even finish) the videos of Zozibini Tunzi, and much more that ugly Jamaican who won the 2019 Miss World title. Kung PANGIT lang naman na beauty queens ang panonoorin ko, mas mabuti pang MANOOD na lang ako ng G____ P_____.

      At sa tingin ko may mahabang buhok na ang mananalo dahil umalis na ang CHI as sponsor after many years partnering with MU. Good evening to all.

  5. Both Rabiya and India. Lag behind the other candidates in terms of styling
    While Peru Mexico PR Thailand etc are very fashionable , India and Rabiya look very – – – – -. What’s that 5- letter word?
    I hope those raving about Rabiya are really telling the truth … and not just doing so out of fear of backlash from some foul-mouthed gob who is seemingly tolerated or even encouraged by Tito Norman.

    • Tita Norms tolerates no one chimpanzee!!!!! Pasalamat ka pinopost pa rin ang comments mo!!! It’s not about Rabiya or her fashion sense or that of her stylists. It’s the way some commenters malign and cast aspersion on our candidate like they’re creatures of higher dimensions. IKAW NA BAKLANG CHIMPANZEE ANG MATAGAL NA DAPAT WALA SA BLOG NA TO AMONG OTHERS. AMBAHO MO!

    • @ Fabian Reyes ‘Yun’g Curacao mo, would you at this point easily replace with either Panama or Nicaragua? Or, talaga’ng fashion sense ang criterion mo? Talaga’ng you like Chantal Wiertz, the ‘horse whisperer’ who overcame autism and now gives horse-riding and dressage lessons? 🙂

      Kung sa bagay, magaganda tao sa Curacao… You must have a spiritual connection with horses.

      • @Florera. Seems like pareho kayo ng sport ng iniidolo mo – Equestrian. Pero malamang mahuhulog ang chimpanzee pag sumasakay sa horse kasi mababahuan sa kanya. I wonder what the horse will do pag ikaw ang sakay?????

      • @ Chezka Good Thu AM & Happy Eid! (Ayuma can now break her fast.) 🙂

        Horse… OK nemen me sa ‘equs’. What came to mind was my first time to try ‘habal’ in Tagoloan*. I’ve shared that before in a Miss Kuyamis post, I think… Basta, natawa sa ‘kin si Koya. Lolz.

        And speaking of ‘first time’, believe it or not, NGAYON KO LANG NAISIP ANG IBIG SABIHIN NG ‘OOTD’. The moment I opened my eyes today, the first thought was ‘Outfit Of The Day’. LOLZ.

        (* In Misamis Oriental, a quaint town between CDO City and Jasaan, on the road to Butuan.)

  6. Brazil is very inconsistent .
    Sometimes she’s pretty , sometimes she’s not
    I guess it will depend on the prelim
    Being an actress , I think she’ll do well

  7. Hello po aunt Norman
    Ano na po? Tagal na netong update na to ha😂😂
    Will you be coming out with your PRE-prelims predictions or favorites soon?

  8. If it is 12 semi-finalists just like in the olden days ( 1983 and prior ), here is my 12 semi-finalists in no particular order:

    1. Philippines
    2. Russia
    3. Curacao
    4. Nicaragua
    5. Romania
    6. South Africa
    7. Mexico
    8. Thailand
    9. Iceland
    10. Czech Republic
    11. Chile
    12. Myanmar (surprise)

    • There is always a surprise in the semifinalists’ announcement each year , and this time around I get a feeling it is going to be Myanmar

      Also, for the first time ever in history Romania will have its delegate enter the semi-finals … that means only Bulgaria is the remaining eastern bloc nation to not have any semifinalist yet in MU …

      • Kazakhstan, Armenia, & Lithuania (Belarus has not sent in any delegate yet) , these were Soviet republics , they were part of the USSR itself …

  9. The MU organization cannot afford NOT to include Rabiya in the Top 5 for a numbers of reasons which include among others sponsorships, advertising contracts, worldwide viewership & ratings, and global fan base & support. Most likely the TOP 5 will consist of three Latinas (Brazil, Peru & Curacao) and two Asians (Philippines & Thailand). Spoilers would include Canada, Romania, South Africa, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Nicaragua, etc. depending on their stage presentations in the swimsuit and evening gowns competitions.

  10. Ano po bang penalty ng mga candidates na ayaw/hindi suot Yung official sash na bigay ng MUO. Yung iba ay Yung sash pa na galing sa country nila Ang ginagamit at parang nandidiri silang gamitin Yung gawa ng MUO😱
    Ground for non-placement kaya Ang mangyari 🤗 hihihi at yan Ang gagawin ko kung ako Ang CEO ng MUO… Cherette lng

    • I agree … all these Latinas , they are always attention-seeking drama queens…

    • @ bong700 & @ jaretwrightlover Honga! One from South America. Another from Central America.

      ‘Di maganda arrive. On their part, marahil national pride (lang). Still, naalala ko nu’ng 2018, another two countries from the Americas, nag-attitude, though pareho’ng early favorites ayun ligwak tuloy.

      NEPAL, IN RED (evening dress for Dinner), GAVE LARA DUTTA VIBE. KILABOT!!! Ang tangkad at nipis niya kasi, ganda pa ng tindig, VERY REGAL ang arrive. 🙂

      (I noticed S-T-R-A-T-E-G-Y in terms of consistent styling, as far as Sud Afrika and Peru are concerned. Latter, always with hair tightly pulled back. Former, always with rouge. Both, always with eyes heavily made-up. )

      LOVE green fringe dresses on Vietnam and Colombia!!! Brings to mind 4M’s at MU 2016 Prelims.

      • Chile is iskandalosa , there is a video … I think I will drop Chile from my list … may replace her with either Venezuela or Peru … or maybe Argentina

    • @ Fabian Reyes Very typical of ‘back-in-the-day’. Latina domination with token non-Latina.


      You saw Telemundo’s feature starring Colombia, Thailand, & Philippines? I got to thinking… Baka ginagamit lang ng network ‘to’ng mga may maingay na fan base to pull in the numbers/traffic. It’s so blatantly obvious (redundant?) nemen kung dahil lang Telemundo ay Latina na mananalo; para naman’g ang baba ng tingin ng mga tao sa network nila… I wonder now if they will play the magnanimity card and give their ‘two thumbs up’ to a non-Latina, just to prove to skeptics that there is no imposition/influence on the results from their end.

      In other words, @ Chromed1’s comment (below) looks feasible.

      Replace mo Nepal for (your) Thailand and Iceland for (your) PR… Is the reason you included Manding in the Top 5 the domination of Thai-Americans in the audience on the 16th? Marami ba’ng Thai-Americans sa Florida? How were they when Poonlertlarp…2017? Are they very avid/loyal?

    Day 6 Top 21 Leader Board✌️

    Last 2 standing- Nepal and Romania

    TOP 5 Nepal-Mexico-Philippines-Romania-Iceland
    TOP 10 S. Africa-Puerto Rico-Peru-India-USA
    TOP 15 Brazil-Thailand-Canada-Venezuela-Nicaragua
    TOP 21 Jamaica-Vietnam-Australia-Colombia-Cambodia-Costa Rica

    🥀ELIMINATED- Chile
    🌹RESURRECTED- Thailand

    🌹REPLACEMENT-Puerto Rico

    🌹REPLACEMENT- Armenia


    Czech Rep
    Dominican Republic
    Great Britain


    • Sumakit ang ulo ko. Eliminated ang Thailand at resurrected. Ano ba talaga?

      • @ Chezka Ta’s, ang ganda ng presentation niya ng ELIMINATED – natuyot na flower. 🙂

        (REPLACEMENT – fresh from Dangwa!)

        Dapat siguro ‘restored’ instead of ‘resurrected’… Whatcha tink, po?

    • Kalokah! sumakit ng ulo ko! Hahaha
      Resurrection! Nabuhay muli ang patay.

    • @Florera don’t make me think further. Nagka migraine na PO ako. Ayoko na magka brain tumor.

  12. My top 5: Philippines, Curaçao, Venezuela, Nepal, and El Salvador

  13. I hope the social media updates or news bits from the rehearsals today will reveal all the secrets that will be happening during the Finale Night Coronation show … I can’t wait to find out

  14. Tito Norms, I heard you were hacked. Hope you get your account back soon. 🙂

    P.S. For all of Ibyang’s haters, I leave you with this. Don’t worry, it’ll go over your pretty little heads.

    “In fashion in general, if you’ll notice, fashion criticism – sartorial criticism – is so unreasonable. It’s so muddled by trends. It is so mired in classism. None of that matters. People go knives out to the neck because of a sheer scarf that doesn’t belong anywhere near that lapel.” – Katya Zamolodchikova

  15. Nakakahiya kayo mga bakla masyado kayong mapanglait sa english grammar, intonation at achuchuchu considering na ang pagtatagalog natin ay mali mali di naman kung pagbabasihan ang tamang grammar sa mga napag aralan sa Filipino subject. Mga amerikano mismo mali mali din mag spelling at grammar kaya huwag pabida dahil di naman kayo magaganda!

    • “As an international ambassador, do you think that speaking English should be a prerequisite for Miss Universe? Why or why not?”

      “For me Miss Universe is not about being able to speak a particular language, it’s about being able to influence and inspire other people. No matter what language you have as long as you have the heart you can inspire other people.” Miss Philippines Janine Tugonon, First Runner-up, Miss Universe 2012

  16. Puro malaki si Miss Thailand sa picture na to. Malaki ang eyebags, malaki ang ilong at malaki ang mga ngipin.

      • palakihan mo rin ang buka ng pekpek mo kung may issue ka sa transformation ng ibang tao.

  17. The curious case of Miss Universe USA 2020.

    Many are wondering what happened to the MUUSA Org when it comes to their handling of Asya Branch. It was really heartbreaking to see Asya arriving at Seminole Hardrock Hotel & Casino without any fanfare and wearing only a simple dress and flats as if she was just going to Starbucks to buy a frap.

    She is also not visible in photo ops with her co-candidates. I have rarely seen her in a photo, wearing a white cheap, poorly designed dress. I don’t think it is Asya’s strategy to be omniscient at first, and then peak later. I think she is in it to lose it.

    Thusly, Rabiya and other Asian neighboring country delegates should be happy that their respective organizations are supporting them very well in their bid for the most prestigious Miss Universe title on earth. Their daily wardrobes are well-styled and they have received proper trainings as well. May the best MU candidate win.

    That’s all.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund ‘Di ba MUSA will be an org independent of MU beginning this year? Nabalita.

      Did MU sell/subcontract their national brand? Let’s see how MUSA will be like hereon in terms of supporting their bet. And why not Filipinos being brought in to assist? After all, we remain fans of this, a younger sibling to MU. 🙂

    • Buti nlng may Miss USA. Muntik na mag number 1 sa kabaduyan ang wardrobe ng Phenomenal girl. Her beauty is saving her @** out of it. Sorry… not sorry. Dati konti lang kami nakapansin, ngayon worldwide na. Hahaha!

      • Congrats ineng. Sana makapasok ka sa heaven sa panlalait mo sa kapwa mo. Your bitterness consumes your being from your hairtips to your toenail and from inside your bowels to your epidermis. Kawawa ka naman. You find happiness in maligning others who don’t deserve it in anyway. Sana makatulog ka at wag na magising!!!!! POORITANG GURL!!!!

      • Relax k lang, bka magkasakit k sa sobrang high-blood mo. Ganun tlga minsan ang realidad masyadong harsh. Gusto mo sabihin ko “Dang her outfit…. Oh-em-gee… I got goosies!” kahit sobrang baduy? LOL! I believe that the Phenomenal girl is still a contender regardless of her cheap-looking outfits though. 😘😘

      • @Lemon Tree, wala akong hypertension. Kung naiinggit ka at hindi nadala ang mga designs mo sa Florida, baka naman outdated na. Panahon pa ng WW 1. Wag mainggit, nakakastress yan. Kawawa ka naman. Sa pangalan mo pa lang alam nang mapakla at maasim ang mukha mo!

      • #NoToUglyFashionTrend

        BADUY! Hahahaha!

      • Ikaw ang baduy!!!! Inggitera!!!! Palibhasa laking squatter ka!!!! Pweeh!!!! AMBAHO MOOOOO!!

      • @lemon tree baduy Naman talaga..punta ka sa fashion pulis pinagtatawanan fashion sense nya
        Hirap sa iba denial kaya di naagapan instead na pinalitan mga damit. Naka pink safari pa nung isang araw

      • @roxie ano kaya itsura mo kung naka gown ka? malamang para kang ipis na dapat apakan kasi isa kang peste😁😁😁😁😁. isa ka ring poorita gurl na pinagkaitan ng busilak na budhi! kaya na lang ganyan pagkasuklam mo. kasi kahit damitan ka ng ginto bakla ka pa rin!!!!! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

      • @ chezka pinagsasabi mo dahil alam ko ano ang baduy. I see myself as not poorita ikaw poorita. I’m also half foreigner like your rabiya . Pinagkaiba lang I don’t need to be retokada at nagpeke Ng height. 5’7 daw Yun pala 5’5

      • Sa totoo lang si rabiya pinaka kulelat sa ganda mup fr 2010-2020 ,baduy then maliit at para sa isang dilag na may dugong banyaga di rin maayos ilong nya.overhaul talaga laki nagastos ng mama j .Mas maganda pa si Iloilo bbp rep karen walang tsismis
        Strength of rabiya
        maganda ugali ni rabiya, Mahal nya Pilipinas at positive thinker yung strength nya
        Di nga lang typical beauty queen

      • Hi, girls and gays!

        What’s going on here? You know what, many visitors of this Norman’s Blog have recently expressed that most commenters here are elite. That means the level of discussion on matters relating to beauty pageant is scholarly because most of the commenters here are excellent individuals from their respective fields of expertise. They have convened in this avenue to exchange wits, and never the lack thereof, after a tiring day of work in their distinct offices. It is sad that, here we go again, we witness condescending discussions from you with the aggravated topic involving our very own representative, Ms. Rabiya Mateo. It is okay to criticize Rabiya but on a factual manner, not bordering hate or bashing. If you give constructive criticism about Rabiya, then I am pretty sure her handler would appreciate your “ambag” and we, Filipino pageant fans, would not be as divisive as this.


      • @Kimi95

        In his interview with media last week, Rain Dagala mentioned that Rabiya admitted to being clueless in matters of style at their very first consultation.

        Now, given Rabiya’s inexperience with fashion, I feel there was a great responsibility on the stylists to not only package Rabiya in a way that was consistent with her personality & the requirements of the competition, but, perhaps, to also provide direction & develop Rabiya’s sense of style so that she would be the best version of herself during the competition.

        I personally feel that based on what we have seen so far, the stylists have not been successful in that regard. For me the hits have been far more rare than the misses.

        I don’t know if providing critical feedback on Rabiya’s wardrobe serves any useful purpose at this stage, in the middle of competition, when it has already been sourced, curated, and packed.

        So I continue to root for Rabiya, the phenomenal woman, & just choose to look past the less than phenomenal wardrobe (my opinion lang). At least we have a couture evening gown to look forward to. Am sure Furne One will not disappoint.

      • @Kimi95, bakit inggit ka? Palpak ba ang pag retoke sa yo? Jusko, basic lang naman talaga. Ang mga taong kagaya mo walang magandang attribute kaya galit sa mga taong may meron na wala sila. Kawawa ka ineng. Isa kang kalapati na naliligaw ang landas!!!!! 😜😜😜😜😜😜😊😊😊😊😊😊

      • @AnaWL, we should not let these poor people reign in this blog. They’re out to besmirch our good reputation. We can write scholarly comments referenced Harvard or APA style for all we want. And write treatises on beaucons worthy of high distinction grades, but we should not allow these scumbugs to ridicule our rep at the height of the competition. I need to make patol their innuendos and insults to tell them right in their ugly faces that they’re nothing but pests who need to be quashed and trashed!

      • @Roxie, sige lang pakalat kalat ka lang sa kalye. Kawawa ka naman. Pinagkaitan ka ng mga bagay na meron ang iba. Magtinda ka na lang ng balut. Kikita ka pa poorita madungis. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • Naku Chezka mas stressed ka pa kay Rabiya. Hahaha! I like SQ, maraming nabigay na insights behind failed wardrobe (baduy) collection ni Phenomenal girl. Wag kasi masyadong triggered at OA. Hahaha!

        Top 5: USA, Philippines, Bahamas, Ghana, British Virgin Islands. 😅😅😅😘😘

      • Stressed? Yan ang akala mo!!!! Tinatawanan ko lang ang kababawan mo kasi HANGGANG DYAN KA LANG NAMAN!!!!! Ituloy mo lang yan, kapupulutan ng aral ang kaparakrakan mo!!!!! Pooritang baklush😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

      • HAHAHAHA! Truth! Ang lalim ng pagkatao mo girl. Nalulunod ako sa baho ng bibig mo. Ahahahahahaha! Mag mumug ka ng holy water. Hahahahahahaha! Kaaliw naman tong girl na to.

      • Sorry to disappoint u ineng. I don’t need that really. Kasi hindi naman ako kumakain ng mapait at mapakla. Ikaw siguro ang nangangailangan nyan para maghugas kasalanan… at madiligan naman ng kabutihan yang kaluluwa mong hitik sa kasamaan!!!!! Kawawang baklush. Hahaha😜😜😜😜😜😜

    • Kung ako ang Miss USA I wouldn’t exert too much effort that much. For sure I will have a shot in a hollywood or media career Manalo o hindi sa miss universe. Suzy Castillo worked for a long time in MTV and she’s with bloomberg now. Rachel Smith is with ET. Cheslie is also with Hollywood Insider. Asya also received a luxury car from a dealership in LA. Mas winner pa SILA sa life compare it to like miss universe winner na magiging famous sa 3rd World country lang except India may bollywood. Look at Pia kahit wala syang intention to go big international kahit itry pa niya Hindi talaga same with Catriona.

  18. rabiya is gorgeous as most fans observed. she’s winnable except that the MUO may not crown someone who’s not that fluent in the english language (this is 2021), who got intonation and other comm issues. me pagkajejemon. promdi feels. sori for my short vocabulary. . . i can’t blame her for that realizing where she’s coming from. and a year to brush up certainly isn’t enough. i know she practiced a lot to be more fluid and conversationalist, pero, andun pa rin ung pag ka instructional ng tone ng voice nya at times. teacher peg daw, whatever is that. well, good luck to u rabiya. i hope u get the placement u deserve. all the best.

    • p.s. ang hilig nya sa pag gamit ng “everybody.”. somewhat jologs. peace. sana maisip din nya gamitin ung “evryone” to be less formal. . .a lot from this batch speaks well and very engaging, a criterion the MUO emphasized , there is mexico, nepal, etc.

      • So latinas have no intonation?They have a gift of gab? They speak the English language impeccably? U have to put down your ilk just because of intonation?????? Sino ka ba????? Nag aral ka ba sa Cambridge or Oxford Unis just to throw shade at our candidate? Ikaw na!!!!!! BAKLANG TWOOOOHHHHH!!!!

      • Marvin – you are a stoop! Your brain must be even smaller than your d*ck.

    • I feel Pinoys are really the worst when it comes to judging people, mostly other Pinoys, whose second language is English.

      Why can’t we just give ourselves a break?

      Yes, for many Pinoys, English is our second language & because of that, we may make grammatical slips from time to time. So f—king what?

      Rabiya speaks Tagalog, Hiligaynon & English. That’s amazing, any way you look at it.

      How many native English speakers in the United States or UK speak multiple languages? Not many.

      For me, it’s more important to focus on the content of the thought expressed, rather than on whether it’s delivered in perfect American or alta/conio Pinoy English (which is based on American English).

      Again, for many of us, English is our second language. Understanding this, maybe we can be more forgiving to those of us who don’t deliver perfect English at all times.

    • It seems to me that Rabiya is more fluent in English than you sweet heart, tbh.
      You don’t need to sound foreign. Her “promdi” feels as you call it makes her unique and relatable.

      • @ Lalamode @ Marvin1978’s sweet heart is… MS? So, former’s surname is begin with ‘A’?

    • I believe that every region in the world has its distinct intonation when speaking English, even the the different states in America have their own specific accent or intonation. South African/Afrikaan (a Dutch creole) accent is very evident when Zobini speaks so are all the past Miss Universe winners. This also applies to each individual no matter where you from.

      Filipinos trying to imitate a New Yorker or SoCal accent will never do it perfectly even those who were born and raised in the US, the intonation of their place of origin will always manifest in some ways or the other. I believe it has something to do with the blood flowing through the veins up to the tongue hahaha!

  19. Philippines, SA, Mexico are my top 3.
    India overrated. She looks plastic and fake and sounds desperate in her interviews.

  20. Shamcey is a good tutor and Rabiya is a good tutee. She’s probably always reminding herself that as soon as she steps outside of her hotel room, all eyes are on her and true also for the other delegates. They now are public personalities. One of the former MU winners, Miriam Stevenson, once advised that “an MU delegate must always remember that she now represents a group, not just herself. She represents her country, her state or province, her community, her neighborhood, her parish and most especially and most importantly, she represents her mom and dad and her family.” Such a gem of wisdom and advice from a former queen. And I think Shamcey has advised her a similar advice during their one-on-one training and Rabiya has imbibed it like a good student that she is ! … winner already !

  21. The way I see it, Rabiya has really internalized the “underdog” status that everything she does now seems to be done with nothing-to-lose mentality – no pressure, and she’s just enjoying everything. I sense pressure in some hyped candidates, though. Ang hirap din ng sitwasyon nila.

  22. Rabiya’s stance has been the most consistent. She never lets her guard down. Look at her power pose even during rehearsals. Shows the quality of the training that she’s gone through. Even when she’s walking randomly, she has it to the tee. It’s quite impressive.

    I am really hoping that the stars align for her to make it to the top 5 because she deserves it.

  23. we’re now seeing them in motion … I cannot believe how short Chile is , as well South Africa and of course Australia … even Thailand though not as short but Rabiya is taller than her … as days go by, Thailand looks more and more like one of the Latina beauties rather than an Asian beauty…, day by day , Venezuela and Argentina are standing out from the Latinas because they look different than them with their blonde hair … but Chile, she is not only surprisingly short but she is kind of plump too… I will have to revisit / revise my top tier list ….

  24. I remember saying previously that my winner is Australia. However, all that has changed after seeing the girls post-arrival and with the changes in the format of the competition. The clear standout at the moment is India. She has that luminous quality that draws one to her. Her wardrobe is on point and she calmly exudes a genuineness in her interviews.

    • India is overrated. She looks so fake and is desperate in her interviews.

    • Desperate? 😂 😂 How can you say that? Balikan ko to baka say pa Manalo. You’re just threatened with Miss India, na 22 pa lang. Came to Delhi alone at 14 from Kuwait. And Delhi is a very very very big and challenging city.

  25. Parang nu’ng rehearsals rin lang sa BCC. Kulang na lang ‘yun’g deer antler chandeliers. 🙂

    The high ceiling represents HEAVEN. ALWAYS GET A VENUE WITH A HIGH CEILING.

    LOVE that carpet! Half ‘semi-t’nalak’, half ‘muddy leopard’. And monochrome, elegant-classy!

    I hope there will be a Swim Desfile by the pool, like old times… Kasi nu’ng sa BCC, pose-pose lang sila, kasi maliit lang pool area, enclosed pa (to ward off the chilly mountain air). EPIC was Perlyn Cayona.

    • (Cont.)

      Tomorrow morning (sa atin) ang NatCos Showcase. May news ba kung pre-taped or live? Has anyone seen the Gathercole-Halasan collaboration?… ‘Yun’g kay Cameroon, dumating na?

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