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  1. @ jmgonzalesme Thanks for sharing these images of Monika Grigoryan, Armenia. 🙂

    EUROPE… would have profited most from the Continental set-up, their window of opportunity. They had a reasonable start in 2017; Sofia Prado of Spain comes to mind. But they totally blew 2018; not one of them advanced beyond the First Cut. And in 2019, only Maeva & Birta flexed. 😦

    Was Klara Vavruskova (Czechia) able to make it to FLA? Parang wala pa ako’ng nakita about her.

    After Iris (2016), wala na. I believe this will be the last ‘holy grail’ of pageantry – TO RESTORE EUROPE’S EMINENCE. When that day comes, we could say the industry has come full circle.

      • @ Norman I would like to suggest that in addition to your Final Prediction, that you give, too, your favorite ‘dinner looks’.

        It’s now Day 7 dinner. If nothing more ethereal in design comes out between now and the evening of the 15th, my ultimate will be Tirsin’s 1950’s DREAM. Reminds of Kylie’s pink-with-a-big-bow-at-the-BACK Libiran at MI 2016, and Bianca Guidotti’s wedding dress. 🙂

        ‘Di lo lang dig ‘yun’g kulay, parang ‘tanders green-grey’. I’m ‘umay na’ with the lace/cut-out whites and high slits bordering on ‘kahalayan’.

  2. Possible TOP 5:

    A. Philippines, Thailand, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Mexico

    B. Philippines, Thailand, Costa Rica, Romania, Brazil

    C. Philippines, Thailand, Canada, Chile, Iceland

    D. Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, Costa Rica, Romania

    E. Philippines, Thailand, Costa Rica, Peru, Nepal

    F. Philippines, Costa Rica, Brazil, Canada, Romania

    G. Philippines, Thailand, Costa Rica, Canada, Romania

    H. Philippines, Thailand, Costa Rica, Romania, Jamaica

    I. Philippines, Thailand, Costa Rica, Mexico, Romania

    • J. Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, Canada, Jamaica,

      K. Philippines, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina

      L. Philippines, Costa Rica, Perto Rico, Brazil, Venezuela

      M. Philippines, Mexico, PuertoRico, Venezuela, Brazil.

      N. Philippines, Canada, Jamaica, India, Australia

      O. Philippines, Romania, Costa Rica, Brazil, Jamaica

      • @ Closer2Fame Oh, my gosh… 🙂

        ‘Eto na lang, po. Philippines, Thailand, Peru, Jamaica, Venezuela.

        After Question Round,…

        2nd RU – Philippines, 1st RU – Thailand, Jamaica crown.

        (Labag sa kalooban ko. Pero, sa palagay ko maligaya ka na diyan.)

      • I don’t think Peru would reach the Top 5….

        Is she the best Latina? I dont think so…

        Another possibility:

        J. Philippines, Thailand, Argentina, Canada, Mexico

        K. Philippines, Thailand, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Argentina,

        L. Philippines, Nepal, Thailand, Jamaica, Agentina

  3. dapat pagka-announce ng top 21
    announce na agad ang winner

    tas uwian na

  4. With this format, I think it’s the the Americas and Asia group that will be benefitting the most. These 2 groups have lots of potential winners…

    So my hot picks would be:

    Top 5: Brazil, Curacao, India, Philippines, & Mexico
    Top 10: Peru, Jamaica, Chile, Puerto Rico, & Nepal
    Top 21: France, Costa Rica, Chile, Romania, Thailand, Iceland, Panama, South Africa, Argentina & Venezuela

    Bubbling up: Cambodia, Barbados, Belize, Armenia, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Czech Republic, Russia

  5. HOORAY for the scrapping of continental groupings! To begin with, I never liked it…it was anti-climactic and it deprived other deserving and better performing candidates from advancing. So now, it will be one helluva competition!!! a bloodbath of swinging of hips, twists and turns…smizes and aura…only the strongest will remain. This looks like to be a promising MU show after all these years….it’ll bring back the fun and excitement in Miss U…keeping my fingers crossed.

  6. They were playing Dua Lipa’s song in one of the rehearsal segments. Hoping the pageant holds at least two production numbers for the candidates. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷‍♀️

  7. @ Closer2Fame This is probably a good time to crown a spoiler, if MUO is required by its creditors to ‘stir the pot’ with someone that will ‘calm everybody with a sense of neutrality’…Isn’t that ironic, not business-as-usual to save the business? Goes against conventional wisdom, doesn’t it @ Bert? 🙂

    Birta Porhalsdottir was like an Icelandic Nova Stevens in spirit; if that vibe can be continued by her successor (Birta’s), then that’s a connection with the fans stronger than Tirsin could muster, imo.

    Nepali win will still be a win for Boss JG. His efforts with his Kathmandu counterpart will pay off handsomely; MUO will definitely appreciate his reaching out to distant shores (or slopes) to grow the brand!

    Pero kung, as @ Bert said, Latina Renaissance, I PREFER SOUTH, NOT CENTRAL, AMERICA.

    That means Brazil, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela… Maybe even Bolivia (Lenka Nemer ain’t too bad!)… But not Colombia (NOT in the same league as Vargas, Gonzales-Ospina, Betancur, and Gomez!)

    Jamaica, a former SELECT (agency) ward… Why would IMG take on a competitor’s old stock? 😦

    • @Flor

      If Iceland wins…. it would be a huge publicity for MU particularly in Europe and they could ride on the ongoing situation of vulcanic eruptions in Iceland…

      Hmmm a Nepali win could open more doors for business in Asia like China and India….

      If Peru wins… them being the host country next year would be justifiable?…

      If Poland wins… it has a rising pageant industry and a potential host and sponsors for MU…

      • @ Closer2Fame You’re the second one here to say Peru will host next. I thought Costa Rica… 🙂

        Kung business-wise sa Europe, wouldn’t a Poland win mean a direct challenge to Supranational turf? Economy sounds well enough…Still largely Catholic, right? How are they with the pandemic?

      • @Flor

        Costa Rica is another threat.. she’s tall and gorgeous with a great background…. And even though shes not very fluent in English.. she can speak… I knew she’s a darkhorse from the beginning but the past few days are strengthening my hunch… She’s definitely Top 10… Would she reach Top 5? Possible…

  8. My top 5 fearless forecast is:

    2 from Asia, 2 from the Americas, 1 from Europe.

    Day 5 Top 21 Leader Board✌️

    TOP 5 Mexico-Iceland-Philippines-Romania-S. Africa
    TOP 10 Nepal-Puerto Rico-Peru-India-USA
    TOP 15 Brazil-Chile-Canada-Venezuela-Nicaragua
    TOP 21 Jamaica-Vietnam-Australia-Colombia-Cambodia-Costa Rica

    🌹REPLACEMENT-Puerto Rico

    🌹REPLACEMENT- Armenia


    Czech Rep
    Dominican Republic
    Great Britain


  10. My Latest PICKS with the “new” format –

    Top 5: Brazil, Curacao, Peru, Philippines, & Thailand
    Top 10: Canada, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, & Romania,
    Top 21: Australia, Cambodia, Cameroon, Chile, Italy, Mexico, Nepal, Panama, South Africa, USA, & Venezuela

    Beautiful Spoilers: Armenia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Japan, Laos, & Vietnam

  11. Sana instead of opening statements, lip-sync for your life nalang. Charot.

  12. I am glad continental grouping is scrapped. With this format, Rabiya has big chance to advance to top 10. With Furne Amato as the designer of her evening gown, she could advance to top 5.

    • I believe she would easily advance tp top 10 because Swimsuit is Rabiya’s forte

    • She has to ace the top 5 Q and A to clinch the crown. I believe this is very doable for Rabiya. The only obstacle is when the rest of the top 10 semifinalists and top 5 finalists will also perform excellently.

  13. I still believe that the speech segment should be there. If they can’t make it on live telecast, at least they should do a pre-taped speech instead.
    The speech segment is very relevant and it will give the candidates a platform to showcase their presonality and their advocacies.

    • Agree 🙋🏽🙋🏽‍♂️🤓 it gives a gauge into why one was chosen to be included among the top.

      • @ Gul Panag What should MU be? A talker? Or, a listener? 🙂

        Just imagine some fifty years ago, no compact lapel-type mics were available. You had to SHOUT to the one in front of you, to be picked up by the sound system. Plenty of saliva droplets as a result.

    • May score po ba ang opening speech? Ano po ang criteria? Kasi halo halo naman pinagsasasabi dun. May about yourself, may advocacy at mau if i will be miss universe na nga minsan. Parang live version lang sya ng pretape video during trump era.

    • It really is a shame, considering this batch is full of very well spoken women. I wish there were at least two interviews.

  14. TRUMP Era na ang selection!!!! Baka walang makapasok sa Europe?

  15. Sana diretso na sa Top 15 para maligwak na Ang dapat maligwak. May favorite din lang nmang manalo Ang MUO kaya huwag ng paasahin Ang mga pakunsuelo na position.😳
    Makapasok pa kaya c Thailand kahit ligwak cya sa Preliminary interview 🙄 Just asking🤗 hihihihi.
    Magwawala ang mga sawadika dahil sa laki ng tulong nila sa MUO ay maliligwak sila hihihi👅😱

  16. Hinihintay ko na may mag-comment ng, “bakla ang dami mong kuda, wala ka namang ambag.” Hahaha! Hanggang ngayon talaga, tawang-tawa ako sa ambagan na ‘yan. Lukang-loka ako. Haha!

    Anyway, the format is nothing new. This used to be implemented before kaya wala na tayong magagawa d’yan. In fact, during the first and second IMG’s MU episodes, ganyan ang format nila. It’s still fair and square. Dun talaga natin makikita ang deserving 20 candidates who passed the prelim judges’ taste.

    I am sure, Latinas will dominate the Top 20. Kaya marahil nag-decide din ang MUO na ibalik sa dating format para sumigla ang Telemundo audience. Sa Asia, halos kilala na natin kung sinu-sino ang makakapasok. Of course, Philippines and Thailand are neck and neck in their fight to get the crown. I can see either of them, if not both, can reach the Top 5. Makakapasok din sina Indonesia and Cambodia, pero one of them will get in through fan votes. Nepal’s pasarela is good and she is a good speaker as well, so malaki ang chance na makapasok s’ya sa Top 20. Myanmar’s story of strength is worthy of emulation. Besides, she is beautiful, kaya makakapasok s’ya. India will also make it.

    This year’s edition is like last year’s, wala talagang sure winner a la Catriona. Therefore, it’s anybody’s ball game.

    That’s all.

  17. Miss Norms, any word if the telecast will still be 3 hours given the elimination of the Top 21 speecharoos?

    • I don’t think that they will allow a show that long given the situation in Florida and in other states. It may take around 2 hrs because the shorter the length of time, the safer the girls will be. Pls remember thatbit will be held at a closed venue and they are expecting a decent number of audience.

      I agree also to Ana Wintour Land on this. Trump era has made MU a real time to be honest so IMG employed good tactic to take some of those.elements to this year’s edition. At the same time, we are on pandemic so allowing speech segment and 2 Q&A rounds can create a higher health risk for the girls.

    • My understanding is that the telecast will be less than 3 hours, although it would seem like that in the actual due to commercial loads.

  18. Naaksidente daw si Rabiya sa swimming pool kanina, nahulog daw pero ok naman sya.

    I like the 5 finalists with 4 runners up and a winner.
    Pero I would prefer to have swimsuit and long gown competition together for the top 21 since eliminated na yung statements.
    Q and A for the top 10. Then 1 final question for the top 5.

  19. Imbudo tlga akez sa feslak ng bilat na si indo.. f na f nya tlga ang pagrampa nya ih.. mura bag kgwapa.. hawa diha beh..

  20. Mga Bakla ang dami ninyong alam at reklamo! Mag tayo kayo ng sarili ninyong pageant para kayo masunod!

  21. I like this format. I have a feeling that they might throw in a surprise top 3 at the end with the final word and walk? I do like the top 3 format.

    Overall, I think this is good esp during the pandemic. They know that the audience would be LAtinos and Filpinos and they love the classic pageant format of giving the girls more air time to strut their stuff than spend time talking.

    The no-continental grouping could play to Asia and America’s favor which I think is a way for MUO to play with the Latino-heavy audience come finals night.

  22. I prefer pa rin may top 3. Or sana the top 5 will go through 2 rouds of interviews.

  23. Contestants na nagagandahan ako
    Philippines (mas lumalaban ang ganda ngayon)
    Thailand (nasasawa na nga lang ako sa dami ng pictorial)

    • Gorgeous face… but I dont think her weak sash factor would allow her to push through…

  24. Will this year a repeat of MU ’88? 4/5 in top 5 are Asian women. 😊

    • We all know 4 out of the Top 5 in 1988 are Asians. Please. Be objective.

  25. If ever this will be the official program flow, there is a bigger chance that the final 3 will be coming from the Americas.

  26. Finally, only the highest scorers deserve to continue. Continental groupings deprived deserving candidates.

  27. Based on this…
    Seems like Romania, Chile & Nepal could reach the Top 10….
    While Australia, Iceland, South Africa and maybe even the USA would not reach the Top 10….

    And Puerto Rico would not get past the Top 10…

    And I am confident that Philippines would reach the Top 5… Possibly even Thailand?..

    Canada is definitely the dark horse… sure Top 21. … But is she top 10/ top 5 material in front of a Latino dominated audience? I assume Miss Universe org wants to stir the pot….

    How about Peru, Mexico and Venezuela? Seems like these 3 girl’s performance would be most crucial….

    • @ Closer2Fame Canada is STILL Americas… And no one in her/his right mind would hate on Nova. Beauty will always be relative. But sure, stir that pot as needed. A very good analogy for her will be Kenya in 2016. 🙂

      Peru, goes without saying. She’s the Madison Anderson-Berios of this batch! All eyes on her.

      Mas pulido si Akselrad, pero mas magaan si mata si Villasmil… I can’t make up my mind… 😦


      Thailand? If anything, TPN has demonstrated its financial might. MUO way wish to make good on their relationship… Besides, Boss Fred Mouawad apparently makes good business in BKK.

      • @Flor

        Based on your opinion, I strengthens my feeling that Canada would at least reach the Top 10…

        While Peru could have sent one of their all-time best this year and that would be confirmed on the prelims .

        Iceland would definitely reach Top 10 due to her sash factor… Venezuela’s fate is unknown… sure top 21… possible top 10.. beyond that is unknown….

        Mexico would surely make the top 21… the rest would be upto her performance…

        Its impossible for Thailand not to reach the Top 10.
        And she would surely slay thus possibly reaching Top 5 w/ Philippines….

        So my Top 5 would possibly be:

        *Latina?- Peru, Puerto Rico, Mexico?
        *Latina?- Chile, Venezuela, or Brazil?
        Romania, Jamaica or Canada?

        Dark Horse would be Nepal and Iceland…

  28. I think this year the MU organization would like to crown a very pretty winner. Very pretty but at the same relatable to the mass audience around the world. Not necessarily the most intelligent but can communicate very well with the people. By having the swimsuit competition for the top 21, we can be assured that those who will make it to the top 10 are all very attractive (va-va-voom) physical wise. Then the top 10 will battle for elegance and grace in the evening gown to make it to the top 5. By doing this format the best looking girls will reach the end of the competition. And I think the top 5 Q&A is just one of the factors in selecting the final winner. Just like in the Trump Era, she may NOT be the most eloquent but certainly the prettiest contender just like in the years 2001, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2012 & 2014.

  29. While it is admirable that the Ms. Universe organization is still pushing through with an actual pageant (as opposed to a virtual one ala Ms. Earth), I can not help but wonder how fair the selection process will be in this hurried and harried event.

    1. Limited time to really get to know the girls. Even among themselves, there are sub-groupings. The experience for the girls would be not that memorable. Will the preliminary selection committee have limited interaction too with the girls? If this is so, the advance hype, the loudest fan base, and the heaviest sash factor would definitely play a big part in the selection of the top 20.

    With just ten days competing and being noticed, I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be gimmick after gimmick to be employed by the girls just to get the spotlight or get their 15-minute fame. Who has the most number of costume changes in a day? Who is being photographed frequently? This is the only pageant wherein “Day 1 is the time to peak”. I just hope falling into the pool isn’t a ploy to be talked about. =)

    2. Smaller number of delegates make the pageant seems a little sadder too. Catriona defeating over 90 delegates sure sound different from defeating 68 or so.

    3. With no other major events in sight , It will really just basically be a battle of swimsuit and long gown until the Top 5 wherein they will be allowed to speak. Will this year’s pageant be all be form and no substance? The brainiest, the most level-headed, the most articulate will hardly shine in the next six days. It will be swimsuit and long gown…

    4. Zozibini, while the longest-reigning queen, will be least remembered in terms of impact and contribution. At the best, she and her successor will be remembered for being the winners during the time of pandemic. No fault of anyone, just saying.

    5. I am also in favor of no continental winners. Let the top 21 be selected no matter the continent.

    Kudos still to the MUO. Makes one think how Ms. Grand International (with all events prior and post pageant, a grand staging of the pageant – with all the glitter and glamour) was able to pull it through. For all its ka-artehan and cheap gimmicks. Ms. MGI was able to stage a decent, entertaining pageant this year.

    Just my musings.

    World Peace.

    • @ Thomas Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g sinabi ni Roscoe Dickinson, kasi wala’ng Question Round at Prelims Interview ang Manhunt International. He was asked about it, at that Forum that Blogger Boy was also in attendance at…

      He basically said, after even just four days, malalaman na ang natural na ugali. 🙂

      The formula seems fool-proof thus far… And we won once already.

      ‘Yung ‘sub-groupings’ (#1), natural lang ‘yan at ‘di maiiwasan. Siyempre, you will when in unfamiliar terrain search out the familiar… Continuity and commonality make for great societal adhesive!

      • Come to think of it at this pandemic, the famous awards shows received very poor ratings, poor viewership. Come May 16, me thinks that MUO will grab this as an opportunity to be more popular in many regions, largely thanks to the pageant fans like us. What if the headlines on the ff Monday reads something like highest viewership this year, beating EGOT shows. Naks.

        MUO will require lesser publicity afterwards, don’t you think?

    • Sa konti ng contestant ngayon, ang dami ng 21 for the 1st cut. Baka dapat 10 lang. Nung unang panahon, kadalasan naman top 10 agad. Napaghahalata. Tapos yung 10, combined swimsuit and evening gown score to determine the top 6. Then interview round to detrmine top 3 for the final question and last look. Tutal uso naman isolation ngayon. Balik nila isolation booth pero tig iisa uung top 3. Hahahahaha

    • It was all a function of money and COVID status in the country. Thailand has really done exceptionally well in dealing with the pandemic.

      I’ve always questioned how Nawat is able to pull off MGI with mostly Thai sponsors. HE really must be a good negotiator in terms of getting businesses to help. 14 day quarantine is a lot to shoulder.

  30. I am glad that the regional groupings are removed.
    If that is the case, then I prefer that three spots should come from online voting, one from each region.

  31. I’m ok with any format except for the continental groupings which is not very fair to all the other equally deserving candidates who are being left out due to the limited slots.

    Anyway, Rabiya will definitely be in the top 5.
    Thailand will be the El Tocuyo this year. The girl lacks personality and spice.
    Nepal is a good choice too so as Mexico, Peru, Romania and Chile.
    Czeshka is also pretty but she does not engage herself much with the fans.
    What’s going on with USA? Never seen her lately except when she arrived at the hotel wearing some kind of a house dress and sandals with an unmade hair and face.

    • I say this statement every year and I’ll say it again… “If Philippines is not crowned the winner, I want a new country which has not produced a winner yet to take home the crown for her fellow citizens ! ”

      I have a feeling we will have a surprise this year … Iceland or Poland , Curacao or Nicaragua<she is gorgeous and Nicaragua might be the Guatemala of MGI this year which zoomed up to the top 3, Cambodia or Nepal

      • We think alike 🙂

        I want a different country to win, basta deserving. Cambodia o Poland o Iceland o Curacao. Kahit Cameroon, Bulgaria o British Virgin Islands pa yan, basta dapat patunayan nila na kahit hindi sila “powerhouse” eh deserving sila.

  32. This is just gossip from youtube … not a reliable source

    I prefer the continental groupings , but probably because of the small contingent, they should do top 3 or 4 from each group and the wild card will be 11 or 8 … plus the 1 internet winner.

    *For Miss Universe Philippines 2021 , if they are going to hold a pageant instead of appointing , should Kim Layne (former Miss Idaho USA) apply ??? …

    • @ jaretwrightlover RESIDENCY, PLEASE. 🙂

      Last year pa sinabi ‘yan. Why didn’t she come over? ‘Eh, ‘di dito siya magpalipas ng pandemya.

      I would conduct the Online Poll in such a way that fans can select ‘one or two per Continent’, a scheme which could very nicely apply to NatCos. I like several best ‘Trajes Tipicos’ per year.

  33. This format should have been done too for the last 5 MU editions where the best performer are the ones to advance in the semis cut, either top 20 or 15. I’m not also in favor of continental grouping, it’s so unfair to the others. With this format (hopefully to be applied again), I can finally say “let the battle begin!”

  34. Is there a pageant category re: falling into the swimming pool? Lol.

    Good thing our candidate has the grace, poise and yes, two big floaters.

    World Peace.

  35. JawsKuh mga vecks 🙄
    Mukhang maEl Tocuyo c Thailand hihihihi. Wala man lang ganap sa kanya hihihi😳
    C Rabiya parang artista sa Florida at tinitilian at pinipilahan para makunan ng pictures 😱
    Yung feeling ng candidates na Di pinapansin kc nandyan c Rabiya at binibigyan ng importansya 😊
    Kawawa nman sila😲

    • Baka nga kaya binago ang format para wala ng kudaan. At manalo ang santolan

  36. I watched some videos of old MU pageants on YouTube from the 90s in which only 10 were chosen to be semifinalists and they all competed in swimsuit, evening gown and interviews.
    5 moved on to another Q&A and then final 3.
    That old format is much more exciting and the scores were actually shown 😶
    The only thing I found cheesy 🧀🧀🧀 was including little girls in the evening gown segment.

  37. Remember the last Miss USA competition – Q&A had two rounds. One with the questions from the selection committee, and two from their picked topics. Might be the same with Miss Universe.

  38. I really like the “no Continental groupings” for the semifinals. Para naman yung tunay na deserving sa Top 21 ang makapasok. (Tsaka mas exciting manood kapag ganon)

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