24 comments on “Rabiya in today’s photoshoot for the 69th Miss Universe

  1. Rabiya’s a stand out here. I’m looking forward to her next pasavogues! nagbloom nga talaga sya sa Florida….she’s an image of determination and fierceness!

  2. Rabiya bloomed in Florida. Ang galing ng MUBA make-up artists. They emphasize her eyes talaga.

  3. Puerto Rico looks like the mother of 4 daughters from 4 different fathers … I was surprised how short South Africa is …. and Australia, even shorter than South Africa !

  4. Rabiya has had multiple shoots on a single day… Pagoda ang lola nyo!!! Overall, the consensus now just from the Filipino fans but also the Latinas and those who are keeping a closer eye on the ground is that Rabiya has the captivating aura in her when they see her in groups and photos do not quite give her the justice that she exudes in person.

    However, with her photos being released, she has gotten thinner a slimmer. Take the photo taken of her with the blue Sherrie Hill. Omg her body is at peak perfection right now. With all the movements she has to do going to different shoots, I hope she eats well to get the energy she needs in the final stretch!

  5. I saw an online pic where rabiya was w other 4 ladies namely romania , thailan at canada. Amanda obdam is the fairest of the 5 and I don’t want to say the least coz ayoko mangbasag Ng trip

    • I saw that, too. Rabiya was in the farthest right and I also don’t want to further make the rub.

      That’s all.

  6. Nepal is very raw. South Africa is short. I don’t think they will make it to the top 5. The two might be able to enter top 10, but a bit difficult for them to move further.

    TOP 10: Brazil, Canada, Curacao, Chile, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Romania, Thailand, and Nicaragua,

  7. Hahaha… can you spot Rabiya? O ano, di nyo agad sya nakilala! Amazing transformation di ba? Go Rabiya… wooohhhh Phils.!!!! 🇵🇭♥️♥️♥️

  8. Now it can be told. Rabiya is gearing towards the top. Her chameleonic beauty is extant and her energy is unmatched. She is omnipresent since Day 1.

    TBH, I like how the make-up artists found the correct make-up style on Rabiya. Look at her eyes, they are sparkling! Thusly, I am curious how MUBA cosmetics works on Asian skin. I’d like to get MUBA eye shadows, blush on, and lipstick soon.

    That’s all.

  9. ‘Uy! Bantay-sarado si Admin. Dalawa’ng comment ko na ang naharang in the last ten minutes.


    ‘Pag ‘eto ‘di pa makalusot, alam na…

    (Pansin ko lang. Dahil nga kakukulit nire’ng mga beautician ng MUBA, inilalagay nila mga pangalan nila sa videos nila… Sa Hispano-America ‘ata, ‘e’ ang huli’ng patinig, tulad ng ‘Pipe’ at ‘Kike’. So, may ‘Mike’ na ang bigkas ay ‘mee-keh’? So, sa ‘tin’g mga Pinoy, ‘Miko’, ‘Pipo’, at ‘Kiko’…

    ‘Pepe’ at ‘Keke’,… Which country kaya?)

    My Last2Standing is now Nepal (crown) & SA (1st RU). It will be a battle for ‘Best in 2nd RU’. Bahala na kayo kung sino’ng gusto niyo’ng itapat kay Ate Rab para sa posisyo’ng ‘to… Am now partial to Peru.

    My thinking is still that if Boss JG places his MUP bet too highly in this his inaugural shot at MU (sans BPCI), baka undue pressure too soon… He’ll probably be in this for at least the medium-term; he can use the additional time to work his way to that Fifth. Makita ko lang gowns ni Furne (Top 10), OK na ‘ko.

    (Pero, kung masungkit ni Ilongga ang elusive na 3rd place/bronze medal, malamang may sumalubong na artist’s contract ‘pag balik niya sa ‘Pinas… Kung sa bagay, gusto niya raw maging kontra-bida.)

    • Archetypal Bella Flores ang peg ni Aling Flor… POOR LOLABELS. Bitteranang bitterana ang arrive. My gulay!!!! DUH. : (

    • Look at the way you comment. This is the reason why your comments are not yet published. The owner has the right to screen what commets need to be published. After all, this is his personal blog. If your not happy, make your own or publish it somewhere else in the universe.

      • Agree. Alam mo naman ang mga tanders, gusto pa rin maging relevant sa panahon ng fast-paced technology. Their ways are so jurassic, that you’d rather put them into oblivion! Obsolescence is the tamer word that best describe their shenanigans.

      • @ Chezka Hi, dear. Long time no hear. Oh my, that rhymes. 🙂

        Speaking of obsolescence, ingat daw, huwag basta-basta tanggap ng tanggap ng ‘software updates’ sa atin’g mobile devices… That’s a major smartphone brand. Yeah, I digressed. Hihihihh.

        (I was taught very early on in life, this concept of becoming irrelevant all too suddenly due to the pace of change. @ Lighter, you, @ Luke, & @ scorg should collaborate. You three give a similar sense of elevation. Blogger Man’s space would be all the brighter! We look forward to that…)

    • Aling Flor thanks but no thanks. Wiz ko feel magdabarkads ng tanders. Bad influence ang masyosyonda Baka saang gaybar pa ako dalhin. Dainty, demure Pinay pa rin ako.

  10. And who is this make-up sponsor again?? They don’t know what the hell they’re doing lol. But while everyone else looks like a bad Anjelica Huston impersonator in this photo, Rabiya manages to pull it off I guess because the heavy-handed eye suits her colouring.

  11. Rabiya…. do the pecking Opera hand movements please… study it learn it! By highlighting your beautiful face with your hand positions/movements… that is how you will standout!

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