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  1. She’s one of most facially beautiful girls we sent to Miss Universe. Grabe di tayo madalas magpadala ng ganto kadyosang candidate

  2. Asan na ang mga baklang kanal na bash nang bash noon??? Na as if kasama sa judging ang mga nirelease na photoshoots. Mga kanal na hunghang!

  3. Top 21 in random order:

    South Africa
    Puerto Rico





  4. Roommates ba ang Thailand and India? Parang lagi silang magkasama?

    • They are not.
      Thailand’s roommate is a European while India’s is Indonesia
      They might be both very insecure of Rabiya lol just kidding

      • All the candidates are assigned to a group they’re allowed to hang with. They’re not able to just meet anyone of the delegates.

    • Miss Thailand roommate is Miss Singapore while Miss India roommate is Miss Indonesia.

    • Thank you for the info.

      Naitanong ko lang naman kasi ilang beses nasabi ni Rabiya sa interviews na gusto/excited sya makilala ang 2.

      May video na magkasama ang Philippines at Thailand. Wala pa yata ang India at Philippines.

      • May pic na pala ang india at phil na magkasama pero may facemask

    Day 4 Top 21 Leader Board✌️

    TOP 5 Iceland-Philippines-Cambodia-Chile-USA
    TOP 10 Nepal-Australia-Peru-S. Africa-India
    TOP 15 Romania-Mexico-Canada-Venezuela-Armenia
    TOP 21 Jamaica-Vietnam-Indonesia-Colombia-Brazil-Costa Rica

    🌹REPLACEMENT- Armenia


    Czech Rep
    Domimican Republic
    Great Britain

    SILENT SLAYER💪💪Myanmar🌹🌹

    • @ chromed1 Yeah. Nicaragua is really pretty. 🙂

      Barbados looks like Lady Leon, MGDominicanRepublic 2020, doesn’t she?

      I like your Selection! Typical of the better ones – the winner usually coming from the second tier. I can live with a Final 3 consisting of Peru, Nepal, and Sud Africa.

      • Flor, yea i just recently noticed Nicaragua and shes really pretty. LOL@Lady Leon… be nice flor😇💪😎

  6. Pati ang dalawang harap na ngipin ni Rabiya ay Megan na Megan ang dating. He, he, he… So pwede ring pang-Miss World. Go, go, go my dear Kasimanwa Rabiya Mateo sa MU.

  7. I am not really expecting alot when Rabiya won the MUP, isa ako sa nagsabi na Raibya will be lucky sa top 21. But as the MU season officially unfold, Rabiya’s strategy seems working. Alot of international fans want more of her. She is everybody’s top 5, including Osmel, Latin Message board, and others. And just recently Sovereign did acknowledge her transformation and Rabiya is her number 4 atm.

    I am super excited for her. I really notice that she is just enjoying the whole event, and I noticed how back stage videos show how approachable nya. Did you see the illonggas in Florida trying to make a chit chat with her. Very Enduring

    My wish for Rabiya is i don’t want her to be pressured. Enjoy nya lang talaga every moment be her best Connect with her inner power and stregth and everythig will fall in to place.

    bonus na lang ang crown

    Crown or no Crown on the 17th, I am already proud of Rabiya, yun naman talaga ang gusto nya.

    For me, winner ka na Rabiya!

  8. (Imo, Boss ALV will NOT settle for anything less than a win, especially if a cross over… After all, his stable already has ‘house-produced’ queens like Thomalla and Marquez. I did say Rab will get a show business STINT, NOT CAREER… Personally, I’m looking at a perfume model with caress.)

    (@ paul It ain’t happening, dear. Sorry.)

    • Andyan ka naman Flor. Sinabi mo noon na si Rabiya is very plain looking (most especially if she competes in India). Sinabi mo rin noon na this cum laude graduate could not win the MUP title. But looking at her recent pictures, she is chameleon like. Depending on her make up & hairstyle, Rabiya can look like a stunning Indian charmer, a gorgeous Latina, a exquisite Arab beauty, a ravishing (North American/European) brunette, and last but not the least, a lovely Filipina.

      Thomalla has an ATTITUDE and MARQUEZ is KULANG sa GANDA (at maliit pa). Maayong buntag Flor kahit medyo toxic na pinag-uusapan natin this early.

      • @ paul Her versatility in looks was the entire point to all the shoots pre-departure. To prove she could deliver whatever Boss JG’s clients (with EMPIREPh) require… Maayo’ng aga, fren! 🙂

        But that’s the thing – she already has an agent. Of course, Boss ALV will prefer to discover his own. Besides, Ann Palmares is the one tasked with raising the ‘Iloilo’ sash at MWP, not Rabiya. For Ms. Mateo to do any work at GMA-7 will call for some serious ‘inter-Boss’ negotiations.

        I said Rabiya should be Runner-up (at MUP) as she could definitely profit from extensive/intensive mentoring; what I did not see, and I do not think anyone outside her immediate social circle can, was the velocity at which she imbibed the learning! You know me, I detest cramming, like _uck.

        And you wanted Mitch to win… But I digress. The thread was on the feasibility of her crossing over to MWP. She is free to do so. But as things are now, I would assign her to Bolivia. Coolness & love to all who imbibed the sweet wine (maroon) and sour grapes (green).

      • Anyway Flor, I would love to see Rabiya and Bella compete together for MWP. Tingnan natin kung sino talaga ang matira-matibay. Michelle Gumabao is also still eligible to join MWP for its (I think) two titles this year (last hurrah).

        Or Bella Ysmael and Rabiya Mateo to MPE next year. Why not? He, he, he…

  9. Very, very pretty. If she does not win the MU crown on 17th, then MWP is the NEXT BEST OPTION. Being a Megan lookalike in the pictures above, JM will surely like her for MW for her stunning facial beauty and excellent communication skills. Only ‘beauty with a purpose project’ is lacking..

  10. Rabiya just kicked all her competitors aside.
    I’m loving what I see day by day.
    I also love Mexico and Peru.
    Where are Indonesia and Thailand
    Australia strikes me as over confident and mayabang. Sorry.

    • Just saw Missosology’s new post-arrival hot picks posted on Twitter 7 hrs ago. (5/9/21)
      Check out the full list of our Fifth Hot Picks below:
      Our pool of experts and correspondents are one in saying that there is no clear winner yet in this group of amazing women. The arrivals and the registration and fittings are proof that it is still anyone’s ball game.

      1 India, Adline Castelino
      2 Mexico, Andrea Meza
      3 Puerto Rico, Estefanía Soto
      4 South Africa, Natasha Joubert
      5 Romania, Bianca Lorena Tirsin

      6 Philippines, Rabiya Mateo
      7 Venezuela, Mariángel Villasmil
      8 Australia, Maria Thattil
      9 Brazil, Julia Gama
      10 Thailand, Amanda Obdam

      • India as 1? Hmmm well no doubt she is pretty but she was obscured by lesser known candidates during the first two days. She can’t even walk and her accent when she speaks is bothersome.

      • Check out the full list of Missosology’s 5th Hot Picks Post-Arrival


        There’s is no better way to up the ante but to make our Fourth Hot Picks! Our pool of experts and correspondents are one in saying that there is no clear winner yet in this group of amazing women. The arrivals and the registration and fittings are proof that it is still anyone’s ball game.

        However, given how this lady survived Covid-19 and managed to fly more than 8,000 miles just to represent her country in the biggest pageant stage is enough proof that India’s Adline Castelino is in the game to win the game. Despite the difficult situation that her country is facing due to the pandemic, Adline brought her A-game in Florida, enchanting everyone with her renewed confidence and unassuming beauty during arrivals. There is no doubt among our panel of experts that Adline has what it takes to be the winner, especially with her dedication to her causes closest to her heart.

        Also worth keeping an eye on are Rabiya Mateo of the Philippines and Mariangel Villasmil of Venezuela. These two delegates from the powerhouses of Asia and Americas are definitely giving the rest of the candidates a run for their money. Both well-trained and exuding the Miss Universe glow, we expect these two ladies to make it far in the competition.

  11. JawsKuh mga vacklang fangit 😱
    Yung 2 gown na gawa ni Inday one amato can be described in one word, “Energy” daw hihihi 👅
    It will create a new trend of fashion in the beauty pageant industry daw kunohay mga bayot nga bisugo😆 hihihihi
    It’s something different din daw kaya matulog na tayo ng mahimbing dahil paglabas pa lng ni Rabiya sa stage ay nganga na Ang mga judges with a perfect 10 scores ba Ang mangyayari sa EG competition hihihihi. Avangannnn🏆😆
    Top 1 in EG + Top 1 sa interview = kailangan pa bang imemorize yan. Hihihihi cherette 😊

  12. She’s very pretty!!!!!

    ***on to a different topic, I just saw a post on yahoo regarding Ms. Canada Universe post about some racist comments coming from Filipino fans. This is disturbing and it’s embarrassing that this behavior has been highlighted on mainstream social media!!!***

  13. somebody’s goin to get into trouble if this is a leaked video … I don’t like people doing these kinds of things in a fierce and prestigious and lucrative competition … Rabiya is a great delegate regardless of any leaked video or not …

  14. Anes? Mga Baklesh?

    Mali nanaman ba ko sa suggestion kong high bun for Rabiya?

    Diba? Bagay sa kanya? Although hindi ko gusto earrings! Pang pok-pok!

    Isa na lang che-chekan ko sa aking wish list?

    Black Evening Gown sana!!!!!!!!

    • @claire

      True, in my opinion, Any pearl stud, dangling or drop earings would have been so much better instead of those hooker hoops….

      But maybe they are resserving those looks close to the finale….

    • i noticed that her MUBA makeup looks very dated. Her hairstyle seems to have been altered by the MUBA team as well. Quite noticeable.

  15. Wow.. lookin good…
    She looks like a cross between Megan Young and Venus Raj…

  16. So far Rabi registered well in the unofficial shots. Lets pray it will continue with the official Fadil photos. Also, let us hope that her movements are more precise coz there are unofficial videos that shows her actions esp. walk and turns are a bit unsure. It did not look good and translate to audience that she is not prepared and a bit nervous. #aribarabiya

  17. Seriously Rabiya looks amazing in this photo and Derek Munoz ( i.derekmunoz instagram) the Make Up Artist looks handsome too.

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