22 comments on “Ema Savahl Couture: Swimsuit Sponsor of the 69th Miss Universe

  1. My current picks after the arrival –

    Top 3: Curacao, Peru and Philippines
    Top 5: Thailand and South Africa
    Top 10: Brazil, Chile, India, Nicaragua and Romania
    Top 21: Australia, Cambodia, Cameroon, Jamaica, Laos, Mexico, Nepal, Panama, Puerto Rico, USA, and Venezuela

  2. I hope MUO will give the crown to a candidate who will make pageants relevant in this pandemic time.

    Someone who has concrete plans on how to inspire people, cheer families of covid victims.

  3. Lolo Chavit, ipaalala mo Kay Lola Paula na panalunin nya c Rabiya dahil madaling iprocess Ang passport ni Rabiya to American passport dahil American naman papa nya😆hihihi
    Ipaalala mo rin Lolo Chavit na hindi na makakaapak c Lola Paula sa Pinas kung Top 5 lang c Rabiya hihihihi 🤗 cherette lungs👅

    • Dagdag mo pa dyan na kaya nya mag bayad ng instant cash pag nag host ng MU. hahahaha walang utang.

  4. Kinukuha sa swimsuit photoshoot yung mga girls na VaVaVoom at matatangkad!!!

  5. iba ibang shades ng b*lb*l
    ang irarampa ng mga kandidata

    kaloka singit is real

  6. Most impressive so far :
    Dominican Republic
    Puerto Rico
    South Africa
    I have not seen Romania and Czech Republic
    I wonder why Rabiya chooses to try to project a ‘sexy’ image .it doesn’t simply suit her . And the curls just look messy along with her oily face

    • How about Canada? Come may 16, the stars will align to her and she will be the brightest superNOVA⭐ in the universe. That girl is the one to beat. Her beauty screams U-NI-VERSE.💯😂 Peace ya’ll. 🙈🙈

    • @ Fabian Reyes The nice thing with Tirsin and Vavruskova is that they are not trying too hard, which was given in that recent online chat with MU bosses as an important, if vital, quality. 🙂

      Bianca, for certain is being guided by Filipino friends; we already know… Klara, if only for her great beauty and placement as an Elemental Queen in 2019, we can safely assume is also enjoying at least some Pinoy support in some form, maybe ‘fiery’… Imagine kung sumali rin si Alisa Manenok, ‘eh, ‘di lalo’ng nagwarla ang mga beks… Ivana Batchelor, imo, should have been MUGuatemala.

      Don’t worry. Our collective hope for Aurra Karishma to go for a BIG (because I doubt YPI will still accept her) may just happen. Who knows? She might give Indonesia its first World or Earth crown.

    • dapat sa list din ang sarili mo. Isang chimpanzee na walang hugas ang keke, umaalingasaw ang amoy at ang kuto sa bulbol mo nagliliparan ala flying saucer ng alien. That’s my gurl… ay chimpanzee pala!!!!!!

  7. I would love a darker shade of the lavender/purple , … if there is none, I think the red will look sexy

    • @ jaretwrightlover Or, PLUM.


      Look back at the one-piece Mariem Claret Velazco wore in Japan back in 2018, po.

  8. For me it’s between the blue or yellow.

    Yellow has the edge for me if only because it was the color Rabiya wore during MUP preliminaries when she took the Best in Swimsuit award.

    Definite no to the pink, in my opinion.

    I loved the bronze tinge Rabiya had for the shoot at Olivia Quido’s swimming pool. It had just-flew-in-from-vacation-in-Saint-Tropez feels.

  9. Pink is the best color for Rabiya. I am glad it is 2-piece. Rabiya looks stunning in a 2-piece swimsuit.

    • @ serge Aawww… I was going to say, ‘any huwag lang ‘yun’g pink’. 🙂

      Ganda pala ni Nicaragua! Julia Gama is serving Lala Guedes vibes, kalokah.

      My Last2Standing are still Anshika and Janick. THE REAL BATTLE WILL BE FOR ‘BEST IN 2ND RU’. It will be, for me, India/Australia/Philippines*, Sud Afrika, Brazil, Venezuela, Thailand, and… Iceland maybe (I could have said Tirsin but feeling ko ‘di siya paaabutin ng Question Round at EG at Swim lang siya).

      * – This is an interesting triumvirate kasi it’s as if MUO just wants the best Indian candidate, period.

    • (Cont.)

      Now that I think about it a bit more, I am entertaining the possible scenario.

      Sud Afrika will be ‘Best in 1st RU’, like what happened with Demi-Leigh and Green Tamarind*. Pero kung ganito, I will insist na that Nepal wins! Janick, if she finishes 3rd place, will at least improve on her 4th place finish in Poland two years ago. 🙂

      (* – Grabeh, guys! INIT-A, UY… Pero, dami’ng ‘camachile’, the fruity gift of the searing May sun.)

  10. Humahataw si Tacing,,,mukhang favourite siya at very busy! Mukha kasi siyang Latina !!!! Back to back????

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