20 comments on “Exclusive Interview with Manny Halasan on the National Costume of Rabiya Mateo

  1. Some1 just told me that one of the inspirations of the national costume is the plumage of our native labuyo.
    Beautiful indeed…..

  2. Manny Halasan is very handsome. I believe that the NatCos he made for Rabiya is as gorgeous as him and as fine as Rocky.

  3. i fer ha,, the new designer seems to really be a “raw” talent fom the Phils…. I am looing forward to what he comes up with.

  4. puro chaka naman kalalabasan nyan para kay ineng
    puro hype na pasikreto pa
    nganga namab

  5. dapat yung national custome, merong nakalagay na West Philippine Sea.

  6. Ang gwapo lalo na pag nakangiti… crush ko sya hihihi.

    Re costume:
    lumipad daw…
    1. IBON?

  7. National Costume = SHINING🌟
    Pre-lims and Final gowns = ENERGY🔥

  8. That is how one fixes or enhances one’s teeth. Nice smile.

    Excited to see the costume. I think it will be another winged creature or Darna inspired based on the clues. Darna’s shield depicting Philippine map or flag to signify unity.

    World PEace.

    • @ Thomas You mean to say, he has a good Dentist-Orthodontist team? 🙂

  9. Adjectives are ‘scintillating’ and ‘unifying’… I just hope it looks harmonious and fluid.

    Poor beybi boi lost sleep. Two weeks worth. 🙂

    I just want to obsess on Halasan… He looks like Indonesian nobility! If you’ve seen wedding photos of Kevin Liliana, imagine him in that traditional men’s formal INTRICATE garb, including the ornate togs… Is it Sumatera Selatan*?

    LOVE the color of his shirt, which nicely picks up the color of his lips and warms up his clear-if-pale skin. R.O.M. – a synergy of red, orange, and maroon. And the soft, wavy, jet-black hair! If I were not told he was Filipino, I would have just as easily thought he were Swiss, Mexican, or SS*.

    • (Cont.)

      Dili pala symmetrical the fez… One eyebrow arches higher than the other. ‘Perfect imperfection’, ‘ika nga ni John Legend. 🙂

  10. …and this budding Designer had the looks to go as well!!

  11. Goosebumps! It’s as if the torch was passed on from sir Rocky to Manny. I’m so excited to see the fruit of your collab with sir Rocky! Thank you tito Norms for this interview! As usual, you were so in your element again! hehe

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