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  1. Good Sun AM, Herr Universo. 🙂

    Sino-sino po manok ng The Camp this time?

    Sino nga pala ‘yun’g taga-UP din na ina-idolize si Atty. BPM? Na-feature niyo na siya dito dati…

    Ta’s, ‘yun’g bri-nought up (‘ata ni @ C2F) na volleybelle jowa of the Paras (junakis ni Benjie) baller of UP?

    Either of Cassie Chan’s Runners-up at MsCPhl?


    Someone from CTS 2020 will cross over?

    Someone from Bb. Cebu?

    What about the Saniata ti Ilocos Sur? Or the Mutya ti LU (Naguilian, to be exact)?

  2. Good, since any of Rabiya’s runner up wont stand a chance at Miss Universe tbh (Mostly petite looking at mabilis tabunan ang beauty). Hoping someone strong will join

  3. Ms. Prior Commitment should join again, maybe she wouldn’t be cheated on this time lol.

  4. Whatever is the selection process adopted, what us important is that the entire Filipino nation, crazy as it is on pageantry, is carried along. Pageantry is not just about winning international contests for the country. It is a celebration of beauty. It is a celebration of all things good and beautiful in each one of us in all municipalities of this glorious archipelago. It is an acknowledgment that goodness and beauty go hand in hand in advocating a meaningful life. We have seen in the inaugural edition that the Philippines can do it despite the tight restrictions imposed by this pandemic. We have seen the partnership of the local communities, the support of the corporate sponsors and institutions, and the encouraging response of the fans.

    • @ scorg “… Goodness and beauty go hand-in-hand (with) a meaningful life…”.


      You really should mentor pageant noobs, hunny. Send an ad here; Admin will take care of the rest!

      • @Flor, thanks but I don’t need another sideline. Am okay already with making business plans and feasibility studies.

      • @Flor, he writes effortlessly. He has a way with words.. Scorg writes scholarly discourses while yours would have to be the easy breezy, casual, nonchalant style.

      • @Cool Brew, thanks for the compliment. You’re correct on your observation on Flor’s writing style– easy breezy but sometimes with a sting, and at times, with an avalanche of unprecedented wisdom. I

  5. What are the chances that for the identified places by MUPH they already have candidates and tgey just want to formalize the candidacy since the provinces/cities is not into pageantry at this time. Because if they are still into by provinces like Miss USA by state, they should have coordinated first with the provincial government instead of looking for partners.

    • @ Bonnie ‘Yun naman talaga ang set-up sa ‘Pinas… These AP’s are really local head hunters, designers, stylists, and their kith-&-kin, a scheme to bring their ‘wares’ to the Big City and anyway they are quite happy to financially support-bankroll the aspirations of their talents/wards. As I see it, may ‘take’ sila every time may ‘awra’ ang mga alaga nila. 🙂

      And of course, some ladies are actually based in Manila atm and by virtue of tracing roots to the ‘province’ can lay claim to that sash… I think this was your first point? We see this all the time in BBP!

      There are AP’s that take two or more ‘slots’. We saw this last time. More often than not, they are stakeholders in the organization. One of them took FOUR (4). Clue : person is in FLA atm for MU.

      As for your last point, discussed here in the blog last year that the different ‘LGU’s’ (local government unit) are not at the same income level, and that’s why MUPO focused on ‘HUCC’s” (highly urbanized cities and I-forgot-what-that-other-C-means). @ Fabian Reyes added that it was not a water-tight scheme as anyway the likelihood of the pretty lasses concentrating in the bigger towns so unless you’re a model scout searching for an ‘edgy look’ out in the boondocks then no need to literally and figuratively sweat it out. After all, the local ‘bakla’ does the ‘discovering’ and with this we come full circle and right back to the beginning of this comment.

  6. To be honest id rather send bella for the 70 MU this year and use the resources for the 71th MU

    • Beautiful yes but imagine her beside Veena of Thailand or Maria of Colombia, she wont stand a chance there

  7. Is it too much to just send Bella to MU 2021???
    U can’t have a better candidate than her

    • @ Fabian Reyes True. Knowing her, ‘di na uulit ‘yan… Ball is in MUPO’s court! 🙂

      ‘Pag isinabak ‘yan, wala’ng kokontra. Wala’ng away ang mga bakla, as with Rushton… Best of all, magnet for high-end sponsorships. Like you said, won’t get any better, as there is no comparable
      substitute for the short-term. AND FURNE AMATO DID HER PRELIMS EVENING DRESS.

      Well, maybe, @ paul will say she isn’t too beautiful. Boy, pukaw na mo! Breakfast is waiting…Lol.

      • Sori Flor at naglamyerda ako buong araw.

        Correct, Bella is kulang sa ganda. Class lang. Pero hindi naman ito ang hinahanap either ni PS or JM.
        She is not as well charismatic kasi nga sosyal.

        So ano na ngayon ang pwede kay Bella? MPE and Miss Earth kasi I have this feeling na magugustuhan siya ni Lorraine. Bagay-bagay sa environmental advocacies and programs ng ME.

      • @ paul Well,… Bella did accept that project with WWF. So, yeah I guess she could… 🙂

        To be fair to her, I did ask Mr. Tinio here in the blog long ago if she’s snobbish. He said she wasn’t, so we take that as truth after all he met these ladies in the flesh. And being an industrial psychologist, he should know better… I don’t mind elitism. What is problematic is bad manners and insensitivity, which do not seem to be the least bit applicable to the Roxas scion.

        Paola Madarieta Ortega is an excellent example of someone manor born but whose humility will immediately disarm. MUP was made all the more RICHER experience by her participation!

        I D-E-M-A-N-D THE INCLUSION OF… CORTESI. DO IT. Let her choose from the 19, reside there NOW, para masimula’ng ma-acquaint siya sa lugal at locals. I-conceptualize na rin ang ‘Beyond the Coastlines’ video niya. DO NOT WASTE TIME! Admin, hustle (2x).

      • (Cont.)

        Blogger Sir, I saw a news clip on your FB page that discussions-if-not-arrangements are begun to have Iloilo City host the second edition… No surprise there. And that ‘Ashties’ are at the forefront.

        Which probably means Bessana will provide the swim wear. Which could add weight to Sorsogon’s ‘continuing-where-she-left-off’. Kung sa bagay, she’s a Bessana muse. 🙂

        Ta’s, sino kaya’ng cutey-pie ang Field Host for the MUP app? Last year, it was that Runner-up at MrChinatownPhl. This year, it’s Andre Brouillette… Puwede kaya one of the following naman?

        1) Don Tan, the 2nd RU at MrChinatownPhl 2020.
        2) One of the guys who sang ‘Kalawakan’ (Cecilio, Damiles, & Montillano*), kung sino man sa kanila ang may ‘good comm/public speaking skills’. Para naman ‘di sila tuluyan na’ng malimot…
        3) That TALL guy that starred in the latest Jollibee film series (for Mothers’ Day), who looks like JR Valentin and George de Lumen combined.

        (* – Alam na nu’ng Admin sa kabila’ng blog kung sino type ko.)

      • (Cont.1)

        Please ask Bessana to reference MU 2002. Kung ‘di pupuwede ‘yun’g one-piece na ‘tanga’, then the lingerie-style two-piece design used for that edition looks tantalizing enough. 🙂

        Cortesi should be hairstyle-d either like Demetra Eleftheriou or Cynthia Lander.

        P.S. Will Sharifa Akeel join? Still with KF? So, if ever, it will be KF’s first attempt there?

      • (Cont.2)

        Or, puwede rin naman’g Cynthia… Luster. REALLY short hair, daig pa Hakkenson at H’Hen Nie!

  8. Excited for fresh faces to make it into the finals just like what happened to Rabiya and Bella ending up as the final two in last year’s MUP.

  9. Take note of the NINETEEN (19) AP’s-in-demand… Ang wala diyan, taken/reserved na…

    (May ‘Eastern Samar’. I’ll bet it will be taken by Basiano’s Manager/Handler. And that part of the country has the highly-skilled Nick Guarino to do NatCos!)

    (Wala’ng ‘Sorsogon’. IT MEANS GALLERIA WILL CONTINUE FROM WHERE SHE LEFT OFF. Wala rin’g ‘Iloilo’, which could indicate Keshapornam Ramachandran will finally get her wish…)

    Or, kung papasok ka, you will be matched with a candidate from one of these places. OK lang? 🙂

    (May chichi na may taga-BARMM na sasali… Is that #9, #13, or #14? Clue : sumabak sa kanya’ng International the day after her National, and won.)

    • For BARMM poss8ble it will be Lanao de Sur. Unless one the member province already has a partnership with MUPH. Basilan, Tawi Tawi, Maguindanao and Sulu.

  10. so, will Bella Ysmael apply again ? this must be disappointing for her if she is not getting appointed…

    They have to come up with a delegate by October 1st … I guess the appointment route is still going to be in their pockets as a Plan B , just in case you know …

    • Question lang. Why disappointing when Bella’s reign and contract as 1st runner-up nly covers 2020. She is the back-up in case Rabiya wont make it. It doesnt mean she is still priority 1 in case MUPH decides to appoint MUPH2021. She should not assume that way, its still open for everyone in case appointent will made.

    • @ jaretwrightlover The announcement does NOT explicitly say that the winner of MUP 2021 will go to Costa Rica in December… Maaari’ng Nepal 2022… At puwede pa rin si Atty. Patitay. 🙂

      @ Bonnie 1 year (October 2020~October 2021) lang contract nina Bella? Wasn’t it two (2)? ‘Yun’g nauna’ng naibalita dito sa blog (last year) was two… UNLESS, Boss JG decided to cut short.

      Kung sa bagay, kahit paano Batch 2020 has paid for its keep. There’s Telle’s GSM calendar, for starters. Then, Bella’s many high-end/profile endorsements (such as Mega Magazine & WWF). Of course, Gumabao pranced joyfully on ‘Wowowin’… And Hakkenson is now a GMA-7 ‘artista’!

      BUT EVEN THEN, there is nothing to prevent the reimposing of more-than-one-year-contracts to future/following batches. This is ENTIRELY the discretion of the organization. Kaya, maganda rin kung may lawyer friend ka to first clarify the terms. Kung ayaw mo, DON’T SIGN/JOIN. Anyway, the Applications for MWP and MPE are in progress… Mutya lang ang wala, as their Ad went.

      @ THROWBAKLA Fees… Last year, one of us shared each candidate allegedly was asked for a standard 25k Php ‘joining fee’. I wonder if they were issued receipts. Perhaps BIR should check?

  11. They need this to survive. No show, less sponsors ek ek, less fees and so on. 🙂

  12. I think this is a wiser move for MUP since the nationals in itself is already a great training for our future representatives whether in the Miss Universe Competition or other pageants.

  13. Ayan, to the members of the Quality Assurance Committee (you know who you are) who convene here regularly to scrutinize our queens and their style & training squads with a magnifying glass, this is an opportunity for you.

    You have already perfected the art of the critique. If there were Palanca awards for pageant critiques, many of you would be 1st prize winners.

    Perhaps it’s now time to step away from your keyboards & make … ambag* as a pageant professional irl for the MUP system.

    *kakaloka word of the week

    • Nice one. They are all professional scumbag crab critics. 😀

    • Quality Assurance Committee… aka ‘Intellectual Elite’?

  14. Wow! . So excited about this. A very good move by MUP. Holding pageant to select our bet to 70th MU is so much better than merely appointing someone. A way of showing that MUP is giving importance to MU thus increasing our rep chances of winning

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