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  1. so pretty, Miss Nepal!! Lara Quigaman look alike too.. it’s about time for countries with weak sashes to shine this time.. Laos, Nepal, Cambodia.. 🤞👏😃

    Czech Rep
    Domimican Republic
    Great Britain

  3. this may be the start of our pageant drought. The toxic behavior in social media has been noticed and will be duly rewarded — with no wins. Also, the rabid hunger for a yearly crown does not match the mood of the times. More humility and less flash is needed during a time when friends and family are in hospitals. I know we have gotten winning pageants down to a science, but this may be one year – or a series of years – when the country will be humbled by a lesser known pageant country. 🕊🕊🕊

    • Hija your negativity is the least we need at these difficult times. If there is nothing good you can think of, mag kulot ka na lang. Kikita ka pa!

  4. Been following the updates of Miss Nepal and oh my.. she looks fabulous and clean.
    She has this cute little Ausie twang when she speaks.
    Rabiya is doing great as well but she should interact with the Latinas more just like Anshika.

  5. Pansin not ba mga vecks, mas Reyna c Rabiya kesa Kay Amanda hihihihi 🤗
    I can see the insecurities of Amanda at kulang sa confident kapag kasama c Rabiya😱 walang cherette hihihihi

  6. Nepal looks like Shamcey and Rabiya. Venezuela resembles Sam Bernardo. Vietnam is like a fusion of MG and Sandra. I think those three will reach top 10. One or two may even get to top 5.

  7. Nepal is like Janine T and Shamcey combined. Sa interview na lang magkakatalo kung trained Sya sa A&Q. Pero puede pasar sa Top 10 depende nlang sa EG and walk nya to enter Top 5.
    Rabiya is a sure Top 5 and can be a winner knowing her interview skills🤗👍
    Di natupad Ang pangarap na roommate ni Rabiya c Miss India para makilala nya ng maige Ang lahi ng ama nya😊 I guess her father knows already na nasa Florida na c Rabiya kaya abang na lang tayo guys sa Best Drama episode ng Miss MU2020 sa US TV pa talaga mangyari 😱 Today’s Headline @FYI or Telemundo channel: MU2020 reunited with her father after 15 yrs🙄😆 hihihihi cherette lungs

    • I think Nepal needed little training in her Q&A skills. She doesnt seem to be the type who will give 3 sentences to express a simple thought. 👸🏼😍😘❤️

    • Nepal is a darkhorse and she may just wow everyone. Statusque at ang Fez! This year will also be the Latinas again because of Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela and Peru. Panama is also gaining momentum and less we foerget about Puerto Rico. Ang mga Ps in general malalakas.

      By going thru comments on this page, I cannot help but say that this is the strongest batch since MUO was managed by IMG. There is no clear winner!! What we also need to anticipate is whether Continental elimination will still be applied or not because Asia and Africa and Americas have very strong delegates.

      We should really continue to keep voting for Rabiya coz this is to be certain that she will be placed. Last, the troll accounts on Social Media should be reported immediately para less toxicity sa mga comments ng mga fans kasi talagang may ibang fans na ang titigas nang ulo. Hayz.

  8. Nepal looks like a cross between Shamcey Supsup and Katrina Dimaranan. She’s steadily gaining momentum and I like the pace that she’s going. In contrast, si Vietnam pagdating sa Florida peak agad agada, so baka mahirapan magsustain si ateh at magaya sya sa kababayan nya nung 2015. Anyway back to Nepal, if she continues this pace, a Top 5 placement is really really within her reach.

    Amanda halatang pagoda na. There’s also a rumor circulating na medyo kagulo daw sya at yung team ya kasi di sila magkasundo sa styling nya. Tru or not, i just hope that her team realize when to stop bickering. Pressured na si Amanda as it is so sana wag na nilang dagdagan pa

    • Ang dami nya kasing paandar masyado.
      More on pasosyal pa lately. Baka ikapahamak nya pa.
      Ang top 3 ko pa naman ay Philippines, Jamaica at Thailand


  10. Anshika Sharma reminds me of the model in an old print ad of ‘Shalimar’ I saw in American Vogue.

    (Janick, naman, brings to mind ‘Jicky’).

    (These are Guerlain fragrances. The former is more recent, the 1930’s if I’m right. It was made to reflect the spirit of the Jazz Age that engulfed Europe at the time… Facially, I think MUNepal is more modern, as an analogy…MUPeru, medyo Old World-ish…I can see these as Last2Standing.)

    • (Cont.)

      If Nepal wins, she can sit as Judge at Kathmandu 2022! 🙂

      Boss Fred Mouawad wants someone beautiful. She can be! Her NatCos, for starters, is clever. Her charity work is very focused – scholarships for select girls at the grassroots – and not some vague-general statement on ‘the importance of education’. I think also that the entire Everest legend can still beguile the American audience… Best of all, like @ JustPassingBy said, A&Q will have at least one protege in the Top 3 (with our ‘Ate’ as ‘Best in 2nd RU’).

      Naalala ko tuloy ang The Camp. All three inaugural wards – Bella, Christelle, & Alaiza – placed.

  11. As I’ve said in my previous post, Nepal could be this year’s spoiler.
    I heard she obtained her degree from down under and also a protege of Aces&Queens.
    I’ve been following her journey and I’m lovin every bits her so far; she is long and lean, pretty face with an elegant demeanor.
    Watch out for her.

    On Rabiya, she looks so much better in motion.

    • Nepal has shot to the top of my leaderboard right now.

      Your description of her as possessing an “elegant demeanor” is spot on. I totally get Isabel Preysler vibes from Anshika.

  12. Ano ba yang Miss Nepal na yan, bakit ang ganda, ganda, ganda, ganda, ganda nya. Parang mas maganda pa sya kesa kay Miss Thailand. Anyways, go Rabiya, have some fun. Sa prelims at finals ka na lang umariba ng bonggang-bongga. Woooohhhhh Phils. 🇵🇭❤️❤️❤️

  13. Hmmm my post about orchid hands/bird-of-paradise fingers was not aproved for some reason…
    Anyway, Rabiya needs to learn the Orchid finger positions…. its used for posing and modeling….
    She could refer to the peking opera hand gestures as refference to how it is actually done so she could apply it soon….

    As for the dirt bags… I wish these shoes were packaged better…. the beautiful boxes I suggested would have been a great marketing tool fbecause the girls would surely have bkept them as mementos forever.

  14. So, tomorrow and Sunday , it’s rehearsals ? or is tomorrow and Sunday prelim interviews ?…
    I know the presentation show will be Thu May 13th … right? I guess on Finals night I will have to use Telemundo instead of channel FYI because it is kind of iffy …

  15. Rabiya is beautiful in motion. There are many misses than hits with her photos, but talking and moving like the ones above, you can see the vibrancy, youth, and naturalness in her. Ang ganda nya with that Ms. Japan clip.

    World Peace.

  16. Aisha looks like Chantarapadit Namfon and Kezia Warow combined. 🙂

    Herr Norms, si Bessana, ano’ng awra niya diyan? ‘Di ba sabay sila ni JB sa eroplani? So, I guess mag-LA-LIVE ang Ashties…

    We also want to see Bernadette Belle… Ta’s, ask Werner if we can see Natasha, please.

    Of course, sina Tirsin, Vavruskova, Stevens, and nice if El Salvador & Colombia can greet fans, too. Sarita Reth, kaya? Also, ‘yun’g NatCos ni Angelee (Cameroon) dumating na, po?

    ‘Yun’g Chelsea Tayui ng Ghana, baka puwede’ng mahagip man lang ng fansign…


    • (Cont.)

      OMJuice! Si Lassasima of Laos… In orange Sherri Hill. G-A-N-D-A. 🙂

      Maceta del-Castillo in beast mode. Dress fits her like a glove. Moves like a fluid-seasoned assassin. Kung makatingin, tila ay papatay.

      ‘Yun’g isa’ng RU ng MUP, DAPAT isabak sa either Costa Rica or Nepal! No, I’m referring to neither Miss Prior Commitment nor the Roxas scion. Ngayon mo fully ma-appreciate beauty niya!

      • @ Bert Good Saturday morning po, Sir Albert A… Regards to Ernie. 🙂

    • Nepal is excellently styled. I almost do not recognize her. She is one of Rabiya’s closest competitor

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