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  1. I love the styling on this one…

    I love the cut, proportion, silhouette…

    Interestingly sexy yet sophisticated..

    The whole ensemble is quite modelesque…

    Good job!

    • Ganun ba talaga ang turn ni Rabiya? Parang kinabahan ako bigla. Sana strategy n’ya lang ito, na ipakita sa kapwa kandidata na ganun ang pasarela n’ya para hindi masyadong galingan ng kalaban. Tsaka, bakit may last-minute practice pa ng rampa sa lobby ng hotel kung saan may mga delegates na? Kulang pa ba ang naging practice ni Rabiya? Haaaays.

      That’s all.

    • I actually like her outfit here. Simple yet sophisticated.
      No drama, no extra fabrics swaying around. Just the pretty and toned Rabiya in a simple dress.
      Love her walk too. Love it.

      • I agree, it looks so much better in motion & up close (especially in the video on the MUP app where you can see it up close as she gets in the van to travel to the hotel).

  2. JawsKuh, daming kudah. C Pia nga at Meowww at ibang winners eh may mga mehhh na damit from day 1 of competition, pero wagi. At least makita ng lahat kung maganda ba sa kanya Ang mga ala country/latina/carnival outfits. Pwehhh sa mga nagmamagaling dito😆 bwihihihi.
    Iba na Ang stylist kapag MU2021 c Rabiya. Pero I’m sure MegaNega n nman kayo kapag Nanalo na c Rabiya🤗🙄 hihihihi cherette lang

  3. Ok na yan kesa kay Miss USA na parang maglalaba lang sa ilog yung outfitan. Hahaha! Walang ka effort effort.

    • I agree. What was she thinking? Saan ba sya galing? As if she needed to be THAT comfortable. I understand na first day lang but this is MU competition proper na (although not judged). Plus the first impression!

  4. I like that Rabiya is showing her easy going relaxed down to earth Personality .
    Peru’s queenly persona may be her undoing .. just like Minorka Mercado.
    Idk if MU is ready to crown a contravida in Thailand
    Mexico maybe mature looking but you can see the easiness and the humility in the way she talks .
    Nepal is breathtaking but Like Mexico and India , I’m not sure her comm skills are good enough .
    SA and AUS are both short but they are pretty with great speaking abilities
    Then there is Chile Bolivia Brazil Romania Czech Republic Indonesia Vietnam DR PR Canada Great Britain Iceland Nicaragua Venezuela and Colombia
    No to USA .. but she will probably make the cut
    So far , I’m not seeing a winner yet

    • @ Fabian Reyes “Mexico… you can see the ease and humility in the way she talks”.

      “… Mexico… I’m not sure her comm skills are good enough”.

      What form of punishment should we give you for contradictory statements, Sir? 🙂

      Ganito na lang. Answer this, for us here – how is the ‘border situation’ going to play in her MU bid? Kasi, halimbawa manalo siya, will she be able to get political backing in the USA for the matter? Alangan naman’g ipagsawala’ng-bahala niya ‘to? Wouldn’t it be incongruous, pa-glamor-glamor siya sa Nueva York, ta’s her paisanas y paisanos attempting for a better way see her like that? Or, will she simply adopt your former President’s convenient generalization of Mexicans, as “BEEP and BEEP”?

      • Pati si Flor Tula hindi na maintindihan kung ano ba talaga ang gusto ni Kuya Fabian. Nalilito na siya Flor dahil until now wala talagang super stand out like in the time of Catriona. Ha, ha, ha…

        Tanungin mo siya Flor kung sino ang pipiliin niya between Canada & Peru? Tingnan natin kung may pagbabago sa stand niya. He, he, he…

        Nag-enjoy ako sa inyong 2 Flor. Magandang hapon.

      • Flor.. I meant Mexico is not articulate enough in English
        But if you watch her interview , u will notice how she talks with ease . She seems very comfortable in front of the camera ..she sounds very natural and humble .

  5. Kalma! Hindi kasama sa prelim scores ito! Kaloka mga baks! Parang ang dami nyo naambag sa journey ni Rabiya!

    • What a comment….

      1. Even if not included in the scoring, there is such a thing as Psy War : your ability to stupefy your competition even before the actual competition. If what we have been showing are questionable, cheap looking, ms. Gay kalentong clothes, how will that build our confidence on Rabiya and cheer her up? More importantly, how will that build Rabiya’s confidence?

      Catriona’s arrival in Bangkok in that Thai-inspired attire continues to be the benchmark in creating impact and noise, and being noticed early on.

      2. Kaya wala kaming ambag, because we were never asked to make ambag. This blog has become the avenue to air our opinion. We are not in any position to physically contribute anything. That is why we are begging those who have the rare opportunity to make a difference (the GGSS [gafud gang , Shamcey supsup ] ) to please be good in what you are doing. In your hands lie the the image and to some extent , the performance of Rabiya.

      World Peace.

      • And your impression to the host delegate’s arrival sir?

  6. Sabi nga ni Shamcey Supsup, “ know when to peak”, So dapat low-key lang muna ang galawan ni Girl, that’s why she opted to wear the pininyahan outfit, an ode to Carla Balingit Pina National Costume

    • Hahaha. That piña costume was also worn by Lara Quigaman when she won Miss International, so let’s just say this ode-to-piña outfit has good agimat energy for winning.

  7. You can feel the excitement of the MUP team now that the competition is at the official starting line.
    This is when they will see if their hard work will pay off. And for Mama J, to send off his first MUP representative under the franchise that he now co-owns & co-directs, I’m sure it’s a mindblowing & proud moment for him to experience, to see this dream realized.

    Rabiya looks radiant & I wish her the very best luck. To live up to the legacy of A&Q at Miss Universe & the expectations of the Pinoy Miss Universe-mad fandom must carry a lot of pressure. But Rabiya is a fighter. We saw it at MUP, where she didn’t wilt in the face of competitors who were taller or who had more privileged socioeconomic backgrounds. Rabiya never gave up. She believed & took a chance on herself & her dreams–and rose to the occasion. I hope she will enjoy her Miss Universe competition journey. May the very best odds be in her favor.

    As for this arrival outfit, well, I’ve been inclined to give the stylists the benefit of the doubt, to understand pandemic-related limitations affecting things like fit, etc. I have not wanted to participate in the rage fest the comment section here has become every time photos of Rabiya’s looks have been released. But it’s becoming inescapable–the taste level just isn’t there. Mimi Milin, they are not. But at least we’re assured that evening gown will be couture & elegant. And that’s where it will really count. Surely the stylists can’t / won’t botch that up.

  8. Rabiya shines when dressed up with tapered and simple designs.
    No to those excess fabrics please.
    Best wishes Rabiya! I know you will do what you did during MUPh and that is to surprise everyone.

  9. Enjoying thoroughly the arrival pictures and videos … Rabiya also of course

    OMG but have you seen Nicaragua video OMG !!! she can throw a strike and everyone else will tumble down … OMG watch out watch out for this one !!!

  10. I still trust Jonas will do the magic when it really matters .

    • Ano ka ba? May dala pa nga syang tambourine. Ano naman ngayon? Ang mahalaga she is safe, healthy and ready to begin her journey. Pwede bang maging masaya na lang tayo for her. Hindi man lahat gusto sya maging rep ng Pinas, nandyan na yan. Ipagdasal na lang natin sya at suportahan. #aribarabiya

  11. Rabiya girl,

    May you have a memorable journey in Miss Universe. I believe you will give the best version of your self in the competition, but don’t forget to enjoy. Be your authentic self most of the time. Connect with your co-candidates, be relatable and significant. The crown is yours to lose. But believe that the ultimate destiny maker is the One Above. He knows the desires of your heart. If you get the crown, that is designed for you and God has a purpose beyond you holding the title. And if not, accepting defeat is more than winning the title itself.

    At the onset, Filipinos have already felt the victory in Miss Universe, our most favorite beauty pageant of all time. That is because we got our ‘Pinoy talent’ indelible mark in the brand. That already made us proud! Thus, bringing the fifth Miss Universe crown home, through you, is a surplus.


    P.S. Whoever dressed you like that must have got a poor fashion taste. The last time I checked, you were supposed to go to Hollywood, Florida, to represent our country in Miss Universe and not in a ballroom dancing competition. Your hairstyle is also a meh.

    That’s all.

    • Dear AWL,

      I really like the way you make himas- hampas. Be it to Norman or Rabiya. Lol. Passive-aggressive tawag jan. The better approach should have been himas-hampas-himas. You could have ended nicely though.

      In your first two paragraphs – – you were like a fairy god mother wishing her all things bright and beautiful. Rainbows and unicorns. I was starting to imagine little girls singing “you are my star” while reading it.

      Then suddenly, your P.S. turned you into Cinderella’s bitchy step mother. That’s when I started hearing the song “Laklak”. Lol.


      Rabiya looks more appealing in those photos. Relaxed and candid. Unlike most of her poses / photos na pilit. If we are elite, she is pilit. Lol.

      Ballroom dancing and piñata references made me laugh today. Yeah, the attire made her look like she’s auditioning for the movie Angry Birds.

      World Peace.

      • Thomas Dear,

        The style I did was a “good news-bad news” thing. Ending a statement in a negative tone sounds better and is impactful. Besides, the recipient would love to read good news first before she gets the shock of her life.

        At any rate, I always say what I mean. I avoid sugar-coating. But, I am not the type of person na maka-kontra lang para masabihang magaling.

        That’s all.

      • AWL Dear,

        Himas :
        You are right, readers would like to know good news first before delivering any bad news. And you are very aware of that.

        Hampas :
        But ending it on a positive note without necessarily sugar-coating smoothens the bad news you are delivering by offering some kind of encouragement or hope. It is called “sandwich approach”. Effective during Performance Appraisals.

        I agree with you, there are many here who are MEMAs. (Mema sabi lang). Ko kontra without acknowledging any good points of Rabiya and her Team.

        World Peace.

  12. GLOWING! After all those poorly executed photoshoots, have they just taken us for a ride? Sweetest deception ever then, and boy am I glad.

  13. 2021 will be about TEXTURE. As ‘bumpy’ as the (surface) topography of a coronavirus, spike protein mutations and all.


    Boss JG is H-A-P-P-Y. Behind the mask is one exulting boy. I want to give him sloppy kisses.

    (Boss JG, appoint mo si JBdS for MHI 2021, ok po?)

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