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  1. Now I figured out what is missing in her poses aside from the smize that says murder … She has not figured out her hand/finger poses…
    To some this comes naturaly but in Rabiya’s case…. she needs to learn it…. She needs to learn the Chinese maiden fingers…. One good reference is the Peking opera hand /finger movements…. and the most basic is the “orchid finger” AKA bird-of-paradise finger position…. She could use this when possing .. like even when she’s just standing there or when doing beauty shots…. Jonas seems to do this naturaly hence I don’t think he is teaching the technicals of it…. it just happens that Janine, Megan, Pia and Kylie does it naturaly as well…. Meanwhile… I noticed KF girls like Julian Flores started doing it since 2014… upto girls like like Sam B who has mastered it…. One interesting case is Mutya Datul, her handmovements are always naturaly positioned that way for some reason….

    • alam mo, wag mo yan pagpilitan… kahit anong exercise pa ang gawin ni Rabiya, di yan makukuha… sadyang panget kasi yung daliri…

      mula sa nilalang na gaya ni Rabiya di nabiyayaan ng magagandang daliri…

  2. Somebody told me Rabiya is a Muslim name which mean Queen. It is her destiny to be the next Miss Universe. You make the chic dress look expensive.

  3. The model is phenomenal. The dress is baduy na naman, ilang looks pa ba yan? Wala namang kakaiba so chaka taste talaga nung stylists. Pero since may ambag sila push lang sa unli promotion. Kahit umabot ng look 365. One year kabaduyan look. Hahahahaha!

    • Its baduy if the commenter doesn’t have sense of fashion just like you my dear.the gown was fabulous and it fits her.for sure u always wore gowns from tiangge that’s why your taste was low class🤣

    • All these presentations seem to draw inspiration from old Regal Films movies where the barrio lass is transformed through many “couture” fittings, makeup sessions and glam photo shoots . 💁🏼💁🏽‍♂️

  4. dapat ang manalo yung maganda kahit walang make up
    at walang retoke

  5. If it is just facial beauty pageant, nobody can beat:

    Philippines (group 1) , Russia (group2) , Curacao (group3)

    I am watching out if Nicaragua can and will zoom up

    Disappointments so far … (I am compiling my list)

  6. This reads very old school Puteri Indonesia to me. The gown is not very modern, but the color is lovely. Rabiya hits all the right notes in her poses 👑💖

  7. Perfection redefined.

    The dress is simply elegant. The color complements Rabiya’s skin tone. The hairstyle is excellent. Earrings and shoes coordinate well with the whole ensemble. The posing and smize are professionally executed. Need I say more?

    If Rabiya maintains this kind of look until the final’s night, then I would not say any piece of criticism to hold everyone’s peace. Para hindi na ako tanungin kung ano’ng ambag ko kay Rabiya. Nakakaloka! Antagal ko ng commenter dito, since 2014 pa, kanina ko lang nalaman na may ambagan pala dito.

    That’s all.

    • Laughs😂😂😂
      The ambagan thingy got me
      Reminds me of college days

      • JPB, ang lakas maka-poorita o low class ang ambagan. Dapat kung sino ang nakakaluwag-luwag, s’ya na ang paysung. Kalerkette henson.

        That’s all.

    • CONGRATULATIONS Ana Winter Lund on your 7th year in this blog site. You have contributed a LOT in terms of excellent commentary, helpful criticism, as well as your witty & funny remarks.

      Magpa-pansit ka Madame. He, he, he… Good morning to all.

      • Bakit pansit? Ayaw mo ba ng Canton? Ohh pansit din nga pala yun hehe

      • Thank you, Paul dear.

        Oh, I love pansit. How I wish you join me whenever I eat my favorite delish. I have tried different version of pansit in the Philippines, namely, Pancit Malabon, Batil Patung, Pansit Lucban, Pansit Cabagan, Pansit Molo, etc., but nothing beats my nanny’s pansit. Precisely because she puts her heart in cooking it. Good morning.

        That’s all.

  8. Not very flatering to the figure but not bad ..
    Idealy worn by someone matronly for a formal event.

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