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  1. i love the app and i’ve watched the episodes….you can really see how Rabiya has improved since she won MUP…sobrang heartwarming ng episode 3 where she reflects on her journey and how it is slowly unfolding as she departs for Hardrock hotel. I’m so excited on the coming days and to think 10 days lang…loving and appreciating the person of Rabiya. As early as now, thank you for working hard to represent our country well.

  2. her training is bearing fruit … tutelage of Shamcey is a great advantage !

  3. Kahit neighborhood lang, game rumampa si baby. Good luck and keep safe, Rabiya.

  4. The arm holding the crown looks edited to look muscular… WHY?!… Kinda weird cause her other arm looks thin and frail….the assymetry/disproportion is sending the wrong message IMO.

  5. tito norms, is she wearing furne one in that top “following rabiya” promo photo?

  6. The top picture, something doesn’t look right on her arms. Don’t they edit/review before they release photos? It appears the right arm looking much bigger than mine. What gives?

    • You made me LOL!

      “It appears the right arm looking much bigger than mine.” Kesehodang “much bigger than the left arm!” Ikaw talaga ang comparison 🙂 Love you, Dino!

  7. I have downloaded the App on that day that it was mentioned in the virtual Press Conference. It is a pioneering and novel initiative in pageantry to keep the followers and supporters connected to their idol in real time all the time. I have to admit I have not yet fully explored the App, but at its face value I know this is something other National Directorates of MUO or even of other pageant organizations must benchmark on. I hope to see in the near future a connectivity between the organizers, corporate sponsors/institutional partners, and fans on some advocacy projects and even fund-raising initiatives.

    Big congatulations to MUPH on another first in pageantry history!

  8. Blogger Master, so lumalabas nito, kanya-kanya’ng app ang mga ND’s… 🙂

    TPN has for Manding, too? And YPI for Ayuma?

    Nice and bright-sunny in Flo-ridah… Na-contact niyo na si Mdme. Des (Verdadero-Abesamis)?

    (Ta’s, yun’g kapatid ni Kirsten Regalado, C-U-T-E. Feature mo siya sa PN’s, ok po?)

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