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  1. Small bun suits her.. I’m imagining her having this hairstyle during the finals EG segment.. and the ponytail during the intro and possibly the SS round.. those styles are clean and refreshing for her, for me i tends to direct me more at her face.. Still, it depends on her total presentation whether these styles will suit her gown and her moves. this look reminds me of demi again (and olivia culpo) during the finals. I think tito norms also posted before a dinner or lunch with rabiya. she’s in white top and denim pants having this small bun look as well.

  2. (Toledo Med Cebu just flopped… Based on the vast majority of feedback.)

    (Hope the company has a smart-agile DCT*)

    (* – Damage control team, usually the ‘elite force’ of the Marketing Group, composed of the more seasoned/well-connected members)

  3. If they only followed Pia’s and Shamcey’s advice: “you should know when to peak” 🤓🇵🇭

  4. Rabiya sa pelikulang , sa mga kuko ng agila hahaha.. awkward ng hand gesture…

    • @Andy

      I agree, I guess she just does not naturaly have the bird-of-paradise fingers like Pia, Catriona, Kylie, Megan, Mutya and Sam B…. I guess genetics really comes into play…

      She might at least file the edges/corners of her long nails to make it look more human and less of talons/dog nails…. 😬

    • The pose showing her back is ok. But the pose with the hand touching the head is awkward.

  5. This style suits her, classic with an edge. Less is truly more.

  6. So far yung mga favorite outfits ko are yung mga simple lang. I agree with the negative comments about her boob job. I love Rabiya, pero masyado lang talaga mataas yung boobs.

  7. Ang ibang mga baklang palagang nag oobserve sa boobs ni Rabiya, inggit lang kayo mga vhaks kasi si Rabiya, may hinaharap..eh kayo, kahit anong tingin nyo sa hinaharap, hindi pa rin kayo tutubu-an ng totoong boobs!

    • @Bobita

      Di rin teh.. I’m a dude but I actually have a nice looking chest… More aestheticaly apealing, I might add. 😁

  8. I like this one…
    Am just not a fan of her boob popping out on one side….. She should’ve chose to place the implants under the muscle for a more natural look like most celebs(Britney, Mariah, etc.)

  9. I like this one…
    Am just not a fan of her boob popping out on one side….. She should’ve chose to place the implants under the muscle for a more natural look like most celebs(Britney, Mariah, etc.)

  10. The attire is just right. It fits her perfectly. Something that one wears for cocktails, i guess. Hindi naman pang evening gown so, I think tama lang.

    Look at the face of Rabiya (2nd and 3rd photos). Beautiful. Especially her eyes. The fake eyelashes look soft and natural on her. And her lips (if not emphasizing the two front teeth) are luscious. Maganda sya talaga. Even her coloring here is perfect. Her hair-do (ang tanda ng term..hair do. Lol) , he hairstyle here is classy.

    Now for the bad part (and yes, there are bad parts. Lol):

    I have said it before and I will say it again. FREAKY boob job. Look how high her cleavage are. The mounds are even higher than her armpits. Lol. I have yet to see natural boobs higher than one’s armpits.

    And sad to say, her fingers. They are short and stubby pala. Parang kamay ng bata… batang lalaki. Lol. The fake nails do not help at all.

    I hope she and her team will be creative enough to to make her do other poses than:
    1) masakit ang ulo ko pose;
    2) ituwad ang pwet pose;
    3) look at my boobs pose;

    World Peace.

    • Why so much hate for Rabiya’s Boob Job ?

      Catriona also did Boob job ( compare photos from MW to Miss Universe – 32 B to 34 C size change).
      Appreciate Rabiya.

      • Dear PN4,

        I hope your reading comprehension is good. But I will repeat it again for the second time around (ayan, repeat na, again pa, second time around pa. Lol). I have nothing against enhancements per se. What is bad is the BOTCHED boob job they did to her. Look how weird her boobs are : Parang bowl na dinikit sa dibdib nya. I do not care if Catriona had a boob job – or had veneers to manage her gummy smile. Obviously, her enhancement were not bad that people NEVER talked or made an issue out of it.

        That is the difference my friend.

        World Peace.

      • Kase shunga ka ang TAAS ng LAPAT ng Silicone sa dibdib nya. Catriona on the other hand obviously have bigger frame kaya bumagay. I know for sure that Toledo Med Cebu did her boobs. I don’t like it either. Very fake looking. I bet ipapatanggal din nya yan eventually like Maui Taylor, Rica Peralejo Michelle Madrigal and so on.

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