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  1. Kung c Dodong Este Inday Furne ang gagawa ng EG ni Rabiya ay maghilom nlang ko tingalig masagpaan ko ni Inday😱😆hihihi

  2. I feel like I can relax, knowing that Furne One made Rabiya’s gowns. The gown he made for Bella Ysmael, which she wore during the prelims, was the masterpiece of the competition. The intricacy of the beadwork coupled with the flourish of ostrich feathers, all tastefully done in a muted tone, was a marvel. Although worn in a national pageant, it was worthy of the Miss Universe stage.

    I also have to commend Bella’s styling during the prelims evening gown competition – she was serving Miriam Quiambao realness!

  3. Akala ko unfinished yung National Costume na gawa ni Gathercole?

    And sabi rin eh optional lang daw ang National Costume kaya puede mag-opt out ang candidate?

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Itinapos ng assistants ni Sir G. Ta’s, it’s a collab pala with Manny Halasan.

      It’s admittedly exciting to see what it will be! 🙂

      (Right now, for me, very nice is Nepal’s ‘mountaineer’ though I wonder if the prayer flags could have been a jacket/coat/shawl reveal instead… Ayuma’s ‘komodo dragon’ is outright creepy.)

  4. Filipino talent must shine anywhere — except that MUP has made Ms Mateo into a product endorser🤦🏼‍♀️ She’s no longer a MU candidate. This prissy princess depiction of Rabiya being attended to by stylist and photographers does not suit the times. In a time of a pandemic, it could’ve been tone down only as needed.

    • A beauty pageant winner is suppose to be a product endorser…. That is how & why they are chosen in the 1st place… Why would you choose anyone who can’t be one?

  5. What’s good about Furne Amato is: he knows what dress suits a candidate. Perhaps he took the challenge of dressing Rabiya, so he would showcase to the world, the universe rather, that he could dress a pageant girl. Haute couture designers find it exacting to cross a border out of their comfort zone, and that is to create a dress for beauty pageants. That is precisely because pageant dresses shall always be powerful without actually showing that they are powerful. I remember The Michael Cinco had once said that he is not a beauty pageant haute couture expert. But of course, seeing Michael Cinco’s creations on a pageant stage is always a breathe of fresh air. The fabulousness of his creations is hard to ignore.

    Now, as regards Rocky Gathercole’s creations (may he rest in power), I believe he came up with an avant garde national costume for Rabiya. His posthumous contribution to pageantry deserves commendation, regardless of whether such national costume wins or not.

    I am so excited seeing Rabiya wear couture dresses of these two world-renowned fashion designers. The MU fever is on!

    That’s all.

  6. Wow, I can predict that Rabiya will look like a real alien .
    Very Miss Universe

    • OA na sa styling if you could still call it styling 😭😤😂🙄

  7. Per checking of his creation his designs/creation are mostly on the avante garde side which is extravagant, with so much details. I just hope that the gown he created for Rabi is not overpowering instead will highlight Rabi’s asset and make her look taller. Wishing for a yellow gown. 💛💛💛

  8. reminds me of the previous generation of pinoy designers … pitoy moreno, rene salud, aureo alonzo,..

    they were the michael cinco, furne one, rocky gathercole of their generaton…

  9. The future of Philippine pageantry is assured…. we have so many ‘experts”, the bench is deep: Beautiful and fresh Filipinas, Expert stylists, expert fashion designers, shoe designers, hair stylists, expert critics and bashers… even aspiring National directors and creative artists.
    In fact the Philippines now exports these experts.
    No one has to look too far…someday i hope to see someone say “i was just a commenter on Norman’s blog, see who i am now”.

    • John many of the commenters in this blogsite are real EXPERTS in their chosen disciplines and/or professions. Flor Tula is an “institution” here, a living legend (an art fairy & white lady) and engages in various intellectual, scholarly and academic endeavors. Same with Ana Winter-Lund who is also very intellectual and scholarly in real life. Another commenter who has an excellent academic background is Scorg. He is currently deep working in the corporate world somewhere in Africa. And several others…

      But why they come to this blogsite and post? To relax, to enjoy, to appreciate beauty, to critique (& to bash), and to interact with other commenters primarily because most of the time they are very serious with their respective (real) lives.

      Chill, chill lang pag may time kay makabuang pod ang real life pag masyadong seryosohin natin. Happy eating your lunch.

      • @Paul, on point! Expert commenters of all shades, shapes and (political) colours come to this blog as they are– makingbthis blog a marvelous hodgepodge of straight talk, gayspak, irreverent one-liners, scholarly discourse, English, pidgin, Cebuano, Ilocano, Kapampangan, what-have-youI This blog community is an everyday go-to by everyday people who in the tedium of everyday work would like to have his/ her OMG or WTF momentsm or just be his/herself in the world of pageantry.

      • Ooops sorry may natamaan ba? Use your expertise well ,not only in your field (hwag puro dada) … surprise! you are NOT the only one from the state U in this site as you always imply

      • Exactly!… thats what i said… many EXPERTS who can share their expertise not only in their fields of endeavor but also in the field of pageantry..

      • Well said, Paul.

        Norman’s Blog is an avenue of intellectuals in their respective fields of expertise, who would love to exchange views and opinions in the goings on in beauty pageantry. I love the fact that we get to convene here bringing our own guile and guts in providing best criticisms relating to beauty pageants the best way we can.

        We have to be grateful that Norman’s Blog maintains its good standing as one of the reliable pageant blog sites in the country. Although sometimes NB’s posts do not spark interest to some, it still gives worthy posts that are timely and relevant to pageants. Moreover, the blog’s author is engaging most of the time.

        That’s all.

      • Dear Ana,

        I love your passive-aggressive attacks on Norman. Lol.

        World Peace.

  10. Oh my gaawwddd…

    I am so excited!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    I can’t wait!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  11. @ Thomas Mdme. SSL is probably busy with that on-line apparel venture she and her husband put up; apart of course from mothering and ‘wifery’… Sabi ko noon, she will only reply if we buy. 🙂

    Ta’s siyempre architect siya, malamang dami projects ngayon kasi tag-init (wala’ng ulan). Will also provide employment for her construction workers… Magkano kaya semento ngayon?

    @ PAQUITA X Then you will look forward to M5’s creations for Stevens and Tirsin. I am looking forward to that fashion course student at CLSU who was brave to do MUCameroon’s NatCos… I have fond memories of the place, with its abundant acacia trees and spacious campus. It makes for a great day trip, as PHILRICE, BPRE, and PCC are along the way. I recall the tilapia ponds…

    Central Luzon State University, Philippines Rice Research Institute, Bureau of Post-harvest Research and Extension (but which goes by a new name now), & Philippines Carabao Center.

    • Dear Flor Tulo,

      Thank you. Ang cute mo mag post ng comments. =) Para kang may dementia – – inputting whatever comes to your mind even if not related to the topic. Para kang nasa tumba tumba while reminiscing of remembrance past. Lol.

      Sana, when the pandemic is over we can organize a small get together with all the other “interesting personalities” here. Just to put a face in those names. Lol. (Wait, why wait for the that when we can zoom?). See you zoom!

      World Peace.

    • Labanan Flor ng mga Filipino designer sa MU. Meron pa isa – si Kirsten Regalado based in the US. She is designing gowns and/or national costumes for Misses Mauritius, Armenia & Iceland.

  12. Wow.

    I have very high hopes for these gowns – considering that those two designers are world-renowned and professionals. Congratulations in advance to Rabiya.

    It is just very unfortunate and dismaying na pinag-lalaruan at pinag-pra pratiksan ng kung sino sinong two-bit designers ang looks ni Rabiya.

    And those two clowns who call themselves stylists (with pretentious names Rain X Em) who are just projecting their repressed kabaklaan looks (no offense meant to baklas) by dressing and styling Rabiya with those ka-cheapan rentals. Ang baduy talaga.

    I am not counting so much on Jonas’ intervention. But Shamcey, dear…where are you?

    Please rescue this Damsel in this Dress. Lol.

    World Peace.

  13. Not A fan, siya yung designer ni Bella Ysmael, blue gown na parang ginaya as gown ni Gionna Cabrera na design ni Alfredo Barraza

    Still prefer Michael Cinco’s creation

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