5 comments on “Bits and Pieces for the 69th Miss Universe

  1. I love Nepal’s costume! It depicts her country in an instant!

  2. So the Top 20 would surely be Latina dominated…

    -Puerto Rico


    Dark Horses:
    El Salvador
    Costa Rica

    OMG… it’s going to be a Latina bloodbath!

  3. Mexico is the biggest market for Telemundo so I guess she is the strongest Latina who will likely take it all. It’s been like six years since a Latina won so yeah…

    Let’s wait and see who will peak and who will tumble down the prediction lists once the competition heats up..

    Best of luck to Rabiya! May the stars align for her on finals night

  4. The clear winner to me is Australia. Reppin’ for the shorter girls, she will finish what Guam started in 1982. The thorn in her side will be a Latina because one cannot disregard the fact that it is taking place in Florida, and that it is the second year that Telemundo will be broadcasting the pageant after they terminated their relationship in 2015. The strongest Latina is probably Mexico, followed by Peru, and then Chile. If the composition of the Top 5 will be the same as last year (three Latinas, two Africa and Asia Pacific), it could be the aforementioned countries plus the Philippines or India. As you can see, it’s already a bloodbath!

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