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  1. If there is something MUO can learn from MUPH, two things stand out–

    ONE: the deconstruction of the pageant architecture to address the challenges of the pandemic and still achieve a viable business operation via corporate sponsorships and institutional partnerships in a regime of the new online media.

    TWO: leveraging on technology to deveop a demand-driven cyber-powered App that will sustain the pageant organization’s connectivity with its followers– ensuring continuing relevance to its consumers and audiences, and possibly forging marketing tie-ups with corporate sponsors who face the same consumers.

  2. OMG! In my past comments in this blog, I was just talking about the possibility of a demand-driven App for a more relevant interactive pageantry. And now it’s a reality with MUPH! A cyber-driven solution to a pageantry’s sustained connectivity with its followers and supporters, using an App technological platform, is another first from the country where the celebration of beauty is non-stop, pandemic or no pandemic! This is another testament to the creativity, innovative spirit and forward-looking stance of the people behind MUPH. The whole pageantry world cannot wait to benchmark another best practice coming from the Philippines. We truly live up to the title of “Pageant Powerhouse”. Congratulations!

    • JB Footwear. O Skin Care. Gowns created by some world-class Filipino designers fpr some contestants. And now this first in Miss Universe and world pageantry’s history– a cyber-driven App for pageant followers! On these alone, the Philippines already shines in MU stage. Rabiya’s win will be a a clincher to this year’s MU grand slam!

    • @ scorg We are very happy for you, dear. You’ll positively enjoy it! Balitaan mo kami dito sa mga chichi na masagap mo… Parang si @ Laila dati. 🙂

      (The application was Finnish in origin… So, “the people behind MUPH” commissioned it?… I’ll bet ang pasimuno ay no less than the org’s techie marketing cutey we all love – fafa MG*.)

      (* – … Huwag na nga lang. Ayoko ma-block, ngayon’g papalapit na MU. Lolz.)

      • @Flor, the App developers are Finnish, when there are so many developers from the Philippines. That was the only dampener! In fact, on a project I am hatching in my country of work, where we want to change our business model towards going direct to the retailers in the countryside (no more layers of distributors and wholesalerintermediaries), it is exhilarating to know that there are so many competent internet professionals in the Philippines that can do the job of Uber-like ordering system, delivery system, inventory management system and collections system!

  3. remember that if Rabiya makes it to the top 21 , rather it’s when & not if, then it will already be a triumph because the streak that started in 2010 will remain intact.

    Then, if she makes it to the top 10, that will be smashing ! If she makes it to the top 5, it will be phenomenal .

    And if she makes it to the top 3 , even if she is the 2nd ru , then that will already be a total victory no matter what …

    Rabiya should just be authentic and show her personality , her real sincerity and it will be shine through on telecast/webcast and evident on stage and the judges will mark 10 on their scoresheets !

  4. AGAIN, ANYTHING BEYOND 20 MINUTES IS UTTERLY UNACCEPTABLE. Kami nga’ng retired, nawawalan ng gana, mga bata (35 and below of age) pa kaya. And this is the ‘digital’ age!. 😦



    MUP app? Show STRONG candidates for 2022! Only then do we bother. Until then, mag-garden…

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