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  1. The sketch looks amazing, but this dress wasn’t executed well. What’s going on the top? That blue portion is too loose on her chest. On the picture it looks like it’s supposed to be tight and part of the dress.

    • Another point, should the blue fabric be continious at the back? Because in the last picture, the blue fabric ends in the armpit area, creating illusion that Rabi has a big back.

      • The whole execution was very elementary….the blue fabric became more like an afterthought. It was a good design, but…meh. I like the look# 11 (Orange cocktail dress).

  2. After 16 May, 27 June is the next BIG event. For us here in Philippines, at least.

    I hope one of the leggier Bb.’s gets to wear low-rider flared/bell-bottom jeans with sash-appropriate embellishment… Like the one Britney Spears wore in her music video for “Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman”… Or why not all of them in the Opening Number?!! 🙂

    (Top can be a bolero. Or jersey bra…)

  3. i love the gown. Her pose is ok but it would have been better if she did a right leg-forward, left arm-on-the-waist pose. Venezuelan girls are very good executing this pose.

  4. Parang sobra tela let’s make a gown challenge. And the matchy shoes? Yikes

  5. I am actually appalled by these so called looks of Rabiya.
    The designs are by no means of Miss Universe standard; they look cheap and amateur-ish.
    The styling? Please can someone ban these pair of stylists that is handling Rabiya from the world of pageantry?
    What is going on? I thought that everything will spiral upwards when Jonas Gafud took over the MU franchise and made it as a stand alone pageant but base on what I’ve been witnessing, it’s the contrary.
    Nakakaawa ang candidate natin compared sa iba. Alam mo yung halatang mahirap at purdoy. Sorry about this but it’s true. Reminds me of those Brgy Miss Gay candidates’ gowns that are rented out from a hole-in-the-wall shop malapit sa wet market.

    To Mr Jonas Gafud, please po huwag sayangin si Rabiya for the sake of financial gains.

  6. Nag-sorry diumano si Rabiya kina Misses Thailand and Canada dahil sa pamba-bash ng Pinoy pageant fans sa dalawang kandidata. Eh, si Rabiya din naman, bina-bash mismo ng ilang mga Pinoy. Would she say sorry for herself by experiencing such bashings? Lol.

    Sa totoo lang, because of our two recent victories in Miss Universe and other winnings in other international pageants, Filipino pageant fanatics have become hard-to-please. Tumaas din kase ang taste natin sa pageantry. Gumaling na tayo sa criticism department.

    Anyway, we critique Rabiya’s photos every now and then kase we expect more from her. Ayaw kase nating mawala ang momentum sa Miss Universe by continuously holding the streak. Nadala na kase tayo sa matagal na drought natin sa MU, at dumating pa tayo sa point na hinahanap natin lagi ang Philippine sash on stage kapag coronation night na. ‘Yung tipong mahagip lang ng camera ang kandidata natin, masaya na tayo.

    Ang mga constant commenters naman dito sa Norman’s Blog give fair and objective constructive criticism. May mangilan-ngilan lang na bordering hate at bash ang comment dahil ramdam mo ang pagiging beauty camp infested. Thus, MUP Team should instead lurk here to see what the NB residents say sa improvement o mga paandar ni Rabiya everyday. Mas reliable tayo kumpara sa iba. I-try n’yo kayang magbasa ng comments sa FP kapag ang featured item ay si Rabiya. Maha-high blood lang kayo. Mga demonyita ang residents doon. Hahaha!

    That’s all.

    • Bright jud ka kaayo Manang Ana. Congratulations for such an excellent commentary my dear. Good evening to all.

  7. Mga baklesh! Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt! Maaaring kaya ganyan ang location ng photoshoot eh dahil ayaw na rin nila lumayo pa and got infected with the virus! Remember, sabi din ni Rafa na mag-ingat yung mga may outdoor photoshoot dahil ligwak sila sa Finals pag nag-positive sila!

    First time din ni Rabiya to be out of the country! Baka malay natin may nanood na ibang lahi habang kinukunan siya and she don’t find it comfortable! Oo nga, kasama yon kung manalo siya as MU! We cannot expect her to be as comfortable as Pia and Catriona dahil nga promdi-promdi and virgin na virgin pa itong si Inday!

    The good thing is, she’s starting to fit the bill on what the MUO is looking for based on the previous post of Norman! Blessing in disguise na rin na hindi masiado nag-push through advocacy niya! Let her innocent demeanor work to her advantage all throughout the finals night!

  8. This recent Nova-Benj-Pinoy fans issue just shows na basura ang KF. I never liked KF (except for some girls like Angelia Ong), pero sa ginawa ni Benj and Kenneth, mas nabigyan ako ng reason not to support them. All out support ang mga Pinoy, including A&Q kay Sam, pero gusto pa ng KF hilain pababa si Rabiya.

    Basura naman talaga yung mga racist Pinoys na inaatake abg skin color ni Nova. I personally don’t find Nova pretty (because of her features), pero I never attacked her skin color. Ang pangit lang dun is last year pa pala ang mga comments na yun, pero pinost ni Benj 2 weeks before Miss Universe. Ang galing. Ang dumi maglaro ng KF. Nawala respeto ko sa kanila.

    • I agree.. bat ganun mag-isip KF?…
      Halatang sila yung mahilig mangbash ng mga commenters dito accusing us( I included) to be pawns of Jonas or Aces for criticizing KF girls….
      Hello, lahat ng girls criticize ko kahit anong camp… E sa hindi naman talaga marunong sumagot alaga nyo.. personalan na agad?! Tsk tsk…

      • Pare-pareho lang kayo. Magkakaiba lang kayo ng style of bashing. At the end of the day, all of you are bashing here and there.

      • @Lighter

        1st of all, Criticizing is different from plain bashing…. I am not part of any camp & I do bash some girls featured here but it is due to their personality regardless of camp affiliations. Everything else I say here is constructive criticism. Kahit kelan, I never accused other commenters for being pawns of whatever camp they are afffiliated with… Not my personality at all. 😊

    • When someone is trying to pull you down, it just means they’re already below you.

      I guess KF is just resigned to the fact that when it comes to head-to-head competition at Miss Universe & Miss World, they really can’t compete w A&Q’s results. So they have to resort to sabotage to assuage their insecurities.

      At the same time, there’s no place for cruel & racist comments that dehumanize other country’s representatives.

      As for this outfit, I’m just glad Rabiya is quick & engaging when it comes to Q&A because unless Rain x Em will still surprise us, she won’t get far on style.

      Speaking of KF, I’m not familiar with Rain X Em’s other work as stylists but right now, based on what we’ve seen so far, their taste is KF levels to me.

      • In terms of KF vs A and Q in MW, I think medyo tie2 lang sila. Medyo may edge lang si Aces because of Gwendoline and meghan. Erase the two and they are equally similar. Carlene and Maria Karla is from KF and they placed during the dark ages. (2001-2009) and produced an MI too. Yun lang bumulusok ang Aces after 2010.

  9. Not a fan of the dress. It looks tight on the top. Tgen the slit is too open. Even the color combo and fabric is not working. As for the hairstyle, i think the execition is messy to think this is just a basic ponytail. The same goes to the make-up its too basic. I hope they would come up with an evening look. So far most of the Florida shoot are day time look. I would love to see a night time look.

  10. No matter what they say about this photo. She looks perfect and gorgeous. Her outfits are outrageous to some but most of us it is sophisticated, stylish and classy. Let us accept the fact that most of her generous donors have to tighten their belts due to pandemic. Traveling to USA is not free and it needs a lot of resources, hotel accommodation, transportations, and food, etc.

  11. Jusmiyo! Anong klaseng taste meron tong mga to? This is not Phenomenal. SMH. 😩😩

  12. Give up na ako ! Tito Norme no offense but the reactions to these looks are mostly negative . The intensions are good but the executions are off . Meanwhile Amanda is casually wearing Dianne Von Furstenberg . I know it’s not about brand names but my gosh Rabiya deserves better. Baduy from head to toe.

    • Totally agree! And to those saying not to worry because this is not being judged… of course she is being judged — like, every day! Hello, her looks are all over social media! It may not be the prelims or final night judging but that does not mean you cannot be at your best all the time. Look at all the other delegates — every day they are looking their best even though they are not in Florida yet. It’s a competition and you need to start before you even get there. Every impression counts.

  13. If only her home org, M(Ilo)2x, was granted exclusive say in her garments pieces, 🙂

    (We now have a CLEAR idea of Boss JG’s business model. You guys ready to endure a few more years of this?)

    Decent, excellently-crafted ‘Filipiniana’ would have sufficed! 😦

    LOOK AT THE ‘TERNO’ THAT WON THE ‘CAMEL AWARD’ FOR AUREO ALONZO… Or the black one worn by ‘Pongkan’ as her Earthly reign neared its end… Baka ini-respeto pa tayo ng mga kapit-balay. Just heighten the hemline for a hint of youth… Look how Patis Tesoro did it, at that show that featured a budding/rising-at-the-time Furne One (now Amato).

    • Aureo Alonzo, Patis Tesoro – Classic at sosyal ka talaga Flor! Yayamanin.
      Furne One – Avant-garde, award winning and world class! Ika na Flor Tula ang ISA sa mga Diwata ng Sining ng ating paaralan. Ha, ha, ha…

      • @ paul Here’s the thing…

        We all have our competencies. That’s the reason why at the tertiary level of education we are granted some degree of choice… The hope is that we are able to make a good living out of that activity or task we are good at, AND ENJOY. WORK MUST BE A JOY, NEVER A BURDEN.

        I think that in the quest for mastery-if-not-excellence, we try too much/hard to be ‘different’, as a way to establish a ‘personal statement/signature’, something to ‘set us apart from the others’.

        The problem with this mindset is that it might give the impression that it is possible to short-circuit the process, to cut corners, to achieve acclaim as quickly as possible. The result is that we end up with a generation of ‘specialists’ who might not have even mastered the basics! This particular dress looks very much in that regard; it looks amateurish, period.

        Why not just a full-on ensemble in ‘hablon’, for that matter? Na’riyan na rin lang ‘yun’g tela… 🙂

        @ Venus Rah raved on Manding’s DVF… Luxury brands came to be where they are precisely because they CONSISTENTLY deliver basic pieces crafted impeccably. With them, it never looks like you’re ‘dealing with a fashion school undergraduate still searching for an identity’.

        It’s totally fine to be renowned for the ability to reliably put out well-crafted garments that can be mixed and matched at the discretion of stylists… We are not forced to confine ourselves to always be avante-garde/against-the-grain/more-than-the-usual. ‘Plain’ does NOT automatically mean boring. My point – Pinoys suck, in general, when it comes to ‘alta moda’ kasi all these kids like to make are outlandish looks, na for all you know ‘di pala kaya’ng gumawa ng simple’ng RTW. KASI WITH GLOBAL BRANDS, IF YOU CANNOT MASTER EVEN BASIC STUFF, YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS DOING HIGH-END MATERIAL.

        I saw this quote on FB a few years ago… “Children are told to color within the lines, and adults are expected to think out of the box”. The way things are in the world right now, I get the sense that it’s the reverse, and perhaps not always to advantage… 😦

        (Basta ako, like @ Cool Brew, I enjoy being old. “Kung kailan tumanda, ‘tsaka kumerengkeng” is my motto now. I think too many young ones let loose with casual ideas poorly executed is sad.)

      • … And you don’t get the patronage of the First Lady for her ‘Filipiniana’ if you’re no good.

  14. The dress is good, but the hairstyle is off. Rabiya also seems so uneasy in front of the camera, as if she is not comfortable with the people around her. Is there somebody bothering her there? Does she miss her loved ones here in the Philippines?

    If I am not mistaken, Rabiya’s series of photoshoots are done with her team with whom, I presume, she has built rapport. With that, she should have more fluidity with her moves, projections in front of the camera, and the way she converses with the photographer.

    If she poses a la royal queen, she looks awkwardly timid and reserved. If she gamely projects a la model, she looks slutty. I can’t find a balance in there! I hope the photographer helps Rabiya on how to strike a balance in her poses. It’s not too late.

    That’s all.

    • Ana baka napagod na. Buong araw na photoshoot. Make up, hairstyle, bihis, shoot! Then another one hanggang sa maghapon paulit-ulit. Kapoy kaayo manang kaya halata sa facial expressions and bodily movements. Ha, ha, ha… Hayaan mo na hindi naman kasama ito sa judging.

      • Sana nga Tita Paula Sugar (chas) hindi maubos ang energy ni Rabiya. Baka kase come Miss Universe competition, bagot na s’ya. Sayang lang ang effort. Well, baka nga rin naman sa competition proper, eh, pasabog to the max ang gagawin n’ya. Let’s wait and see.

        That’s all.

  15. Shot next to an ordinary looking house
    What’s the point?
    It’s not graded .. so it’s ok

  16. Ironic that Look 10 is nowhere near a rating of 10.

    The sewing and construction may be clean but I really, really, really have to question the aesthetics and taste of Rabiya’s so-called stylists. The look is so 80s by way of Karimadon, Vida Doria and Criselda Lontok Fashion.

    The vibe, so amateurish. It’s as if teacher of arts and crafts asked her 100 students to come up with different looks that will be displayed come Foundation Day.

    This is a classic case of “Too many cooks spoiling the sinigang”. I wonder what is wrong ba with having lang five reliable, experienced designers to come up with just 25 elegant, modern and cohesive looks?

    Oh well. I think that in exchange for talent fee for the designers, they have been promised to be featured in this Look Book. So us viewers must just endure the misses and enjoy the hits.

    World Peace.

    • Hoy Tomas very familiar ka kina Karimadon, Vida Doria and Criselda Lontok. Siguro lagi ka sa SM at Rustan. At malamang halos magkaedad lang kayo ni Flor Tula but definitely younger than Serge. He, he, he…

      • Di naman. Yun kasi mga favorite ng mommy ko. Di pa naman ako ganun katanda. Lol.

        Paul ilang taon ka na ba? Si FlorTulo at si Sergio? Friends ba kayo and do you know each other personally ba?

      • Si Flor Tula halos magkaedad lang kami. Nagkaabutan pa kami noong college because we belong to the same school although hindi kami nagkita. Si Serge inamin niya na he is older than me probably by a decade. Dito lang kami sa blogsite nagkakilala including Scorg. But Scorg is a lot younger than me and Flor. In Summer of 1994, I watched the MU in our dormitory but Flor was unable to see Sushmita crowned as MU because she was on vacation in Bohol. He, he, he…

  17. I think innately baduy si Rabiya. Kaya ang hirap niyang bihisan. No elegance, no mamahalin awra. And very poor composition of her photos.

  18. sorry but I can’t help but notice her two bunny like teeth in most of her photo shoot.

  19. Sorry but definitely NOT high fashion! GAWD!!! Poor Rabiya!!! Victim of UGLY high school project!!!

  20. Blogger Boss, kung ‘yun’g poolside ‘Pinoy Send-Off’ ang ginawa mo pa’ng #010, puwede pa. 🙂

    • @ Norman Oh, #011 is it? 🙂

      I LIKEY A LOT. Good length (mid-calf). Classic silhouette. NICE togs (are those her ‘Jehza’ pair?), too.

  21. I think innately BADUY si Rabiya. Kaya ang hirap nya bihisan. No elegance, no mamahalin awra. And very poor composition of her photos too.

  22. I think the hair should be let down … it will look great !

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