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  1. I felt that the styling is too mechanical to the point that it feels overdone. Something is missing. But Rabiya is okay.

  2. Hair is definitely not their forte…

    Rabiya needs big hair…..
    As in big enough to make Shamcey Supsup’s hair in MU 2011 look flat….
    Rabiya needs… Rupaul, Tamy Fae Baker, Dolly Parton …
    BIG ASS HAIR!!!!

    • Not a fan of big hair esp for Rabi who has a small body frame. Baka magmukhang toddlers & tiaras. A wavy or beach wave hair is enough. But whai like most for her is the high pony with soft curls at the ends.


      • @Bonnie

        Joke lang Bonnie, I agree with you….
        Thick modern high-pony Valley of the dolls Ariana Grande realness… I love it!😘

  3. You know what, I will give them the benefit of the doubt that they are “new” to styling pageant queens…. However, what is so unique about styling them versus a celebrity? I honestly do not see any difference.

    The one thing I will point out though is that they seem to be inclined to feature Filipino designers whether they have great credentials or not. So I think they rely of what was given to them to make it work for Rabiya. Ergo, they are willing to take a risk that some might be a miss and some might be hits with that purpose. So with that said, I will say hats off to them.

    Eventually, come competition time, I expect that these two will bring out the best in Rabiya- there is time to experiment and there is time when you need to hit everything to the tee… We shall see.

  4. Let us not overthink everything. Note that the stylist is was only tap after Rabiya won MUPH and has no former experience working with her. Compare to Sam B’s stylist who was with her years ago when she started competing in BBP. Also, all this look are part of the trial and they are looking for possible style that will suit Rabiya the best. They really want to get our POV so they can have a basis on what works well for Rabiya. So instead of giving nonsense comments try to give a more constructive suggestions so they qould come up with a better result.

    • Your comments are more frightening than reassuring. Lol. I hope you are just hypothesizing when you said that “the looks they have been postings are just for trial”.


      They are still in trial and error stage? At this point?

      Haay. What does one expect ba when these so called stylists achievements include styling up…. (hold your breath)…. Jolina Magdangal.

      Venus Rah is right. The overall styling is so dated. The styles they’ve been parading so far look like they’ve resurrected from the war chests of Vida Doria Fashion or Criselda Lontok Closet. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rabiya’s casual look will be courtesy of Mona Kiki (whose tag line was : May Mona ka na, may t-shirt ka pa!). Lol.

      World Peace.

      • Nothing to be frightened Thomas. Just trust the process. The team seems to know what they are doing. As for my comment that they are on trial of different looks, for as long its not yet the competition proper they can do whatever they want. They can always have test looks for Rabi but im pretty sure tyey already have something concrete in their heads.

        PS. I like more adrianneconcept and qurator as stlist for the stars.

  5. I’m not impressed with their styling, mas magaling pa yung stylist ni Samantha Bernardo, sabagay mahirap bihisan si Rabiya

    • This. It’s not that hindi magaling ang stylists. Mahirap talaga bihisan si Rabiya. Maraming artists din na ganyang ex. Bea Alonzo in her early 20s

  6. They have changed Rabiya so much. We see her but we don’t feel herstill inside there. She seems so lost. Her eyes look very sad. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏼‍♀️🙆🏽‍♂️

  7. My take on this:
    1. The responsibility of dressing up and styling Rabiya are given by MUPH to them. I know they know what they are doing. I trust the process
    2. Rabiya is an intelligent and independent woman. She always has the final say what is good for her.
    3. An individual is always entitled to his own opinion. I just have to keep an open mind no matter how hurtful the opinion maybe. It is important to recognize a valid and honest opinion from not. Heed the valid and honest opinion, ignore what is not.
    4. Let us wish Rabiya the best of luck. No matter how much we wanted Rabiya to win, the verdict only rests on the hands of the judges and Miss Universe Organization.

    • Your sense of probity i what I like most about you Ate Serge. Unlike the other commenters here na lahat na lang pinupuna that i throw a bunch of comeuppance at them if only to bring them back to earth. Lalong lalo na ang bitteranang chimp jan na masyoho ang keke at dapat na talagang buhusan ng muriatic acid ang canal nya down there.

  8. Eclectic is ok, but there’s a way to have coherence within a spectrum of looks, and this team has yet to find that balance. It’s the one critique I have of their collaboration on Rabiya’s style — it seems scattered rather than thought through, very hit or miss.

  9. Commentators here are very toxic!! They are know all and believes they know better!! They believe they know the what, why and where things should go.

  10. Commentators here are very toxic!! They are know all and believes they know better!! They believe they know the what, why and where things should go.

  11. I’m not impressed coz until now my malaysian and thai friends keeps saying that Rabiya is fashionably inept. One even asked me if ph org is struggling financially. Ganun kasaklap . .I’m specially hating the black bdsm inspired one piece na kauntibg galaw mag shalala na yun di dapat makita

    • Hija ilang Ms U crowns na ba napanalunan nila? Consistent ba sila sa placement dahil magagaling sila?Clap…clap…clap to you and them. Ang galing….

  12. First of all, they are in the fashion industry even before they got tapped to serve as Rabiya’s stylists so it’s not far fetched that they get featured in a fashion magazine for their current project. There is story here and people are curious.

    Second, give credit where credit’s due. So far, they have been doing a tremendous job by bringing out different facets and strengths of Rabiya. Yes, there were misses but majority were excellent. I agree that what we’re witnessing here is an emerging modern queen considering where Rabiya came from and where she is now. She has truly improved a lot in terms of styling, projecting etc. And I’m excited for her next looks.

    Lastly, it’s not easy working and collaborating during this pandemic time. Typically, they would be working with couture collections or with custom designs, meeting designers face to face for fittings, alterations and collabs. This year, however, that is not the case. It also applies with photoshoots. I read that if looks do need to be assessed on-site, stylists will have to undergo strict safety protocols to do so. Stylists go into little bubbles, getting tested, only be around the person they’re working with, and then go home. Pandemic etiquette and safety protocols are absolutely the top priority during this time and it makes their job doubly challenging and tasking. Not to mention the weight of the pressure. So, let’s give it to them, this little feature. They’re helping our Queen and hopefully, we rally behind her and her team.

    Universal Peace.

    • Tulog ka na Mia. Lol.

      I just find it pathetic that Rabiya, who is just in Look 007 (with 93 more looks to go) should be stolen thunder from THIS EARLY by her so-called stylists with this obvious “praise release” — complete with posing and projection galore (in black and white editorial ek ek pa). Just look at the laughable poses of the two (hand on hair, sun glasses and leather jacket).

      Now I fully understand why there have been plenty of “misses” in Rabiya’s look so far – – judging by the clothes and projection of these two pretentious (Rain x Em – – huwaw!!) curators of her looks.

      World Peace.

      • 100 designers, not 100 outfits/looks. 🙂 Some outfits have multiple designers.

      • AbcdeF….U.

        Obviously mahina comprehension mo. There will be AT LEAST 100 LOOKS that these two clowns will feature judging by the “000” digits they are posting. It doesn’t matter if there are two or 1000 designers doing these looks.

        The problem is they are biting more than what they can chew. In short, mayabang.

        Now they are forced to come up with at least 100 looks no matter how ugly, inappropriate, and cheap looking the attires are. Pangatawanan nyo yan ha. Lol. DanDan said it right, eclectic is good, but there is no coherence in Rabiya’s looks. And we are only in 007. 100 designers?! Huwaw. Too many cooks spoiling the broth. Ginawang school project si Rabiya, and the best look will be displayed during Foundation Day. Lol.

        I would rather have 5 reliable designers coming up with 25 cohesive, beautiful looks anytime.

        World Peace.

  13. A wise man once said that the moment you start believing your own press release is the moment you are in trouble.

    This article reeks too much of paid press release. Too contrived and too obvious as self-promotion spin for these two clowns. Delicately painting them as the new messiahs as far as creating beauty queens goes.

    Even the true queen makers that are Aces and Queens and KF were never featured as cringe-y as this article.

    World Peace.

    • You speak the truth Thomas ! These two are just tooting their own horn . Look at them ! Ang baduy and let’s face it Rabiya looks have been so dated. They did a disservice to her. They made her wear that ugly yellow ruched dress ! That style went out 10 years ago . Then there was the bridesmaid dress… and on and on

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